609-Blessing for who

 Holy Sword World Hyphoria. The Galungzest Hunting Palace.

 In a room lined with large mirrors, Ray and Baltzalond waited.

 When they returned to Hyphoria, they took the Prior King Ordov with them and had an audience with Rebrahard. Immediately the celebrated Holy Heavenly Lord Eife was called in and the healing of Ordov was begun.

 In order to maintain a clean magic field, the two were excused from their seats.

 A heavy silence follows.
 Barzalondo just stares into the void with a stern look on his face.

 A short time later, the fixed magic circle of transference was activated.
 The one who came was Lebrahard.

''His Majesty the Holy King.

 Barzalondo immediately rushed over.

'Where is the first king?'

'It's still Rainbow Lake. It's not a good idea for Aife's power to mix with other magical powers. Just stay away from it for a while, okay?

So you can fix it?

 Barzalondo asked as if he were hanging on for a moment.

 Lebrahard did not open his mouth immediately.

'Well it will be a couple of days,' he said. As far as Eife is concerned. Let us ease your pain and give you some peace.

 Barzalondo turned over and clenched his fists.

 The nails that bit into it tightly dripped blood.

'........Is there no way to........

'My father may sleep here in his native land. A proud and brave man. Lord Balzalondo's efforts were not in vain.

 So Lebrahard said in a complimentary manner.

"Ray. "Thanks to you as well, Ray. "And thanks to you, your predecessor did not have to pass away in despair.

 The circumstances at the time of the discovery of Ordov have already been conveyed by Barzalondo. Lebrahard bowed lightly to Ray with a mournful expression.

'Maybe we can still save him on the Militia world.

 Ray cut him off quietly.

'Is it
 Lebrahard asked. Ray nodded and explained.

'It's impossible for him to fully reincarnate with his roots in that state, though. Still, maybe we can only connect with his thoughts.'

'I've done some research on the reincarnation world Militia. <The magic of reincarnation (silica) is a limited order that can only be used in Militia. A dead person takes on memories, inherits power, and is reborn as a new life.

 Lebrahard says matter-of-factly.

'Do you know which world the new life will then be born as an inhabitant of?'

I don't know.

 Ray replied.

 As far as I know, Luna was the only inhabitant outside of the Militia World who used .

 But in her case, her fate as a resident of Ewezeino had been cut off by the Spirit Godman Sword before that.

 What would happen to a pure other world dweller when he or she used is an unknown quantity.

''My guess is that they will probably be reborn as inhabitants of Militia.

 Lebrahard said.

'That is to say,
 Lebrahard turns his gaze to look into Ray's mind.

'If it were possible to be reborn without any risk, everyone would choose it. But what could be so convenient in this Silver Sea?

 He says as if to ask the question.

'I don't think so. Because there is no such thing as reincarnation in any deep world. And Militia is an imperfect world without the Lord God. If that's the case, then the reincarnation you speak of might just be the birth of a different person with the same memories, the same thoughts, and the same powers. That could be a relief for the weak.

 Calmly, as if just telling the truth, Lebrahard speaks.

'We, the hunter aristocracy, are different. We have one life. We have one life. We cannot start over. That would lighten our lives so far.

"Even in our world, we had to go through some hardships before we got our hands on a reincarnation (silica).

Sorry about the language. 'No disrespect to your religion, but it's just that we have different values. It's just that you and I have different priorities.

 As if there was no room for debate, Lebrahard assured him.

'Besides, if word gets out that the former king Ordoff has been reborn, all those who cannot avoid death will head for the reincarnated world of Militia. After an eternity, Hyphoria will be gone and will be taken over by the world of Militia.

 <If the transfer of fire dew occurs through , then it is indeed so. The reincarnation world Militia can summon the inhabitants of various worlds and take the fire dew without a fight.

'The Prior King would never wish to create that opportunity. You understand, don't you?

 Keep the world alive rather than the individual.
 With a head of state, that would be reasonable.

"My king is a proud and brave man...

 'Potentially,' muttered Barzalondo.

'I'm on the verge of destruction, and I still think only of this Hyphoria... I have no wish to reincarnate in my own cuteness...'

 He seemed to encourage Lebrahard, but his eyes were full of anger.

'But, Your Majesty the Holy King. You know the dream your predecessor wished for.

 Quietly, but with a passionate thought in his heart, Barzalondo said.

'Is it really right for us to walk down this rainbow path we see before us? Is it truly the right way to hunt the beast and bless Ewezeino?

 Stepping forward, he pleaded strongly.

''If we want to repay the will of the First King, shouldn't we stop fighting them immediately and take out Grand Admiral Gigi, who fired a deadly shot at the First King Ordov?

 As he said this, Balzalondo walked straight to Rebrahald.

Isn't this the true rainbow path that my father has requested? Brother! Why do you leave the magic bullet world of Ehrenesia alone?

"It's true that the Demonic Deep Source Piercing Mallet is the Grand Admiral's magic. There's no one else who can use it. As far as we know, no one else does.

Are you going to be happy about being number one in the pecking order?

I'll need some hard evidence. <I'll have a copy of the testament before I go through it.

"Sit tight until my father perishes? Don't you want to say one last thing, to tell them the cause is done?

 Barzalondo grabbed the Holy King by the chest.

'If I have only one life, I will not let my father pass away unceremoniously! Have you forgotten how proud you are of your hunting aristocracy?

"You can't protect the world with your pride.

 Balzalondo's spirits were dampened by the muttered words.

'The true rainbow path is not as sweet a path as you think. Under no circumstances has Ewezeino violated the laws of Pablo Hetara and declared war on us. Blinded by dreams and pride, we must avenge it or it will not be shown to us.

 Lebrahard said clearly.

For that, I will help you, even if the Grand Admiral is my father's avenger. If we have solid proof that the magic bullet world of Ehrenesia has violated the laws of Pablo Hetara, then and only then will we stand.

 The Holy King squeezes Barzarondo's hand.

'Don't let your emotions get in the way. The strictest laws and the reason that obeys them are justice. I, as the Holy King, must follow this righteous path.

 With a bewildered expression, Barzalondo looked at the Saint King in a daze.

''Didn't........your brother.......inherit the oath he made to our father......shouldn't he have inherited that dream......?

I trust you'll understand.

 Shaking off his brother's hand, Barzalondo turned on his heel.

'Then it is not polite to bow to our dying father!


There's no more to talk about!

 Walking at a great pace, Balzarondo rode a fixed magic circle.
 Sending his magic power, he shifted.

 Rey followed him and stood on top of the magic circle.
 Before transitioning, he turned around.

'Who was hiding Ordoff's whereabouts from you?

'It is not advisable to foment civil unrest unwisely.

"Even though it seems that your Lord God doesn't know?

'The more she is upset, the more the world is shaken. Ordoff the First King is that big.

 When he heard that much, Ray shifted.

 His vision turned white, and in the next moment the rooftop landing appeared in his view.

 There, Barzalondo was waiting for him.

'Can you get the Demon King train out?'

 He asked, apologetically.

'I don't mind, but what are you going to do?'

 Instead of answering the question, Barzalondo uses
'Where to, Sir Balzalondo?

 The hunting noblemen on guard on the rooftop gathered in a trickle.

''We just want to see my father. The Holy King ordered us to keep people away from the Rainbow Lake. Don't pull out.


 Including the words, Balzarondo descended toward the lake.
 Ray followed him.

 Soon, a white glow came into view.

 Ray's magic eye saw a fantastic rainbow bridge from the heavens, a fantastic rainbow water lake that gathered glitter and light.

 At the center of it all, Ordov was laying himself down to make a bed on the surface of the water.

 His body is debilitated and he remains unconscious.
 His clothes have been replaced with brand new ones, but his battered body still has not recovered.

 Beside him was the Celebrating Saint Heavenly Lord Eife.

 He gathered rainbow light on his two wings and blessed the Rainbow Water Lake with the palm of his hand.
 His healing power was gently enveloping Ordoff.


 Noticing their approach, Eife said.

'You must not come here. Because of the disturbance to the blessing.

I'm aware of that.

 Balzarondo and Ray landed on the surface of the lake.

 Seeing this, the Celebrating Holy Heavenly Lord folded his wings and stopped blessing them.

'Heavenly Lord,'

 Barzalondo looked straight at the Lord God of his own world.

'I have heard what you have told the men of Militia. I understand that the Lord of Heaven thinks himself to be broken.

 For a moment, with a blank expression on his face, Celebrating Saint Heavenly Lord Eife said.

''........Yes. Make no mistake.''

How did you feel about seeing the King ahead?

 Eife turns her divine eye to Ordov, who is lying on the surface of the water.

"Ordov is unconscious and therefore cannot see anything. Therefore, you will not see anything.

 Celebrate Holy Heavenly Lord Eife says.

 In her unconscious state, she would not be able to see Ordov's rainbow path from the original.

 She wanted to find out what she would think of him now, but this was not possible with Ordov in this state.

 However, such things didn't seem to be on her mind, and Eife just stared at Ordov the First King sadly.

''It's a sad thing that I can't save Ordov, who saved the world so many times...''

There's only one way.

 Balzarondo cut him off.

 Aife looked up quietly.

'....Is that sincere?

His World.

 Barzalondo looks at Rey.

'In the reincarnation world of Militia, it is possible to reincarnate the former king, he said. Your memories will be gone, but your thoughts will remain. If it is the Lord of Heaven, we will be able to meet again one day.

 Barzalondo says.

'His Majesty the Holy King is against it. He says it's not good for Hyphoria. But I don't think it's the right way to go.'

 When Bartsalondo objected to the Holy King, the Blessed Sacred Heavenly Father responded with a warm gaze.

''Then what is the right way?''

"I am a man who can only hunt beasts. I don't know. But I do know one thing for certain. I will save the First King and save the world. That is the right and proper path, and if we abandon the First King here, we will miss the path.

 Celebrating Holy Heavenly Lord Eife slightly lowered his divine eye.

'I cannot see the rainbow path before you. That's because you are lost.

I have no idea...

 As he was about to say it, Barzalondo shushed him.
 He knows that there is no way to deceive the Lord God of his own world.

You were chosen by Evans Mana to be the next Holy King. You were selected by Evans Mana, the next Holy King, and you hold the most important words of the current Holy King.

 In a tranquil voice, Eife tells us, "But if you are lost, your words will never reach you.

'But if you are lost, your words will never reach you.

 Barzalondo draws his lips together.

 He disobeyed the Holy King's order and reincarnated the previous king, Ordoff. He believed it was truly the right thing to do and should have called on Eife, but he couldn't shake the slightest remaining hesitation.

 It would not be unreasonable for a dweller of the Holy Sword World, and that would not be unreasonable for someone with the status of the Five Holy Barons.

 It is a good thing that you are not the only one who has the ability to do this.

''I don't think you're wrong,''

 Slightly, Barzalondo turned around.

'If it was the fate of this world that my desire to save my father was unreachable, then this holy sword should have been born to break it.

 A light gathers in Ray's hand and the Spirit Godman Sword Evans Mana appears.

''I will help Ordoff. If it causes the fire and dew to shift from Hyphoria, the Demon King of our world will never allow Militia to talk about taking over Hyphoria.

 Barzalondo's eyes widen.

 His eyes, tainted with astonishment, caught a glowing, pure white rainbow--

 It was a rainbow path.

 From Ray's feet to Ordoff's body, his shining path led straight to his body.

 'Save him,' as if this world were a blessing.

'I promise,'

 Barzalondo nodded widely as his hesitation was cleared.

 As he turned forward, a rainbow path appeared, as did Ray, leading to Ordov's body.

'Another wielder of Evansmana,'

 Sternly, Eife said.

''I've heard the stories. Chosen by the Holy Sword, though born in another world. I thought the mystery of it was due to my being broken, but now I have renewed my thoughts here and now.

 Opening her arms, Eife enveloped Ordov in a sacred light.

 It gradually turned into a small ball of light and slowly flew to them.

'Your kindness, your strength, and your courage, which Evans Mana has recognized and therefore blessed you with. Just because you were born in a different world, you must be unmistakably brave.

 The Celebrating Holy Spirit Lord placed his fingertips on his own chest.

'The blame is all on me.'

 She said.

'I leave it to you. I beg you to save the soul of Ordov.