610-Lord and servant

 Reincarnation World Militia. The deepest part of Delsogade.

 In a spherical chamber, a demon train and a silver water ship were parked.
 After leaving Hyphoria, Rey and the others flew through the Silver Water Holy Sea at full speed to get here.

 The preparations for the reincarnation have already begun.
 A magic circle was drawn in the center of the room, and Ordoff, the First King, was lying there.

 By his side, Ray held out his hand and sent his magic power.

 Barzalondo and his followers, with a tense look on their faces, were concentrating their magical eyes on the technique.


 Barzalondo speaks up.
 He cuts him off quietly, an apologetic expression on his face.

''What I cannot accomplish in Hyphoria I know it's rude, but my father is the great prior king, Ordoff the Brave. If you are going to perform reincarnation magic, I would like to ask the best magician in Militia to do it.

 Smiling, Ray replied.

'I am. 'In root magic, I can draw more power from
 Barzalondo looked surprised for a moment, then lowered his head.

'I apologise for my disrespect. Take care of my father.

 Ray nodded.

'The roots of Ordov are on the verge of destruction. Even if I try, it's fifty-fifty if will succeed. I'm going to borrow the power of the Spirit God Human Sword and the order of this world.

 With that, he turned to the gates of the Divine Realm.

 A long stretch of waterway, beyond which shone a divine light.

 As the dazzling, blinding lights gradually faded away, Baltzalondo gasped as if he had noticed something.

 There were four gods standing on all sides of Ordov.

 One was a woman with a long cloth wrapped around her body.
 She had long, straight hair and a light green divine eye.

''Wenzel, God of Birth, I come to you for friendship with men.

 One is a wise man wearing a garment of flowers and grass, a cloak of leaves and a crown of wood.

'Dilfred, God of Deepening, I have come to answer your summons.

 One is a man wearing a white cloak, turban, and curved sword.

"Anahem, god of the end, guess what.

 One is a bard with a feathered hat and a long flute in his hand.

'Transmutation god Guietenarus, you wanted to see me?

 They are the four Juri Shishin, who govern the fundamental principles of the root in the world of Militia.

 After the battle with Eques, the world was reborn. They, the four Juri Shin, also reincarnated and became gods with love in their bodies and kindness to others.

 They watch over the world and sometimes reach out to those who live in it.

'I want to reincarnate him. Can you help me?

 Rei says so.

 Then Dilfred, the god of deepening, shines his "God's Eye of the Deep" and looks into the abyss of Ordoff the First King.

 He looks into the depths of Ordov's abyss, which is about to be destroyed at any moment.

If you interfere with the magic bullets that pierce so deeply, the root form will collapse and be destroyed. We need to carefully and deliberately use our reincarnation (silica) without moving the magic bullets. We must delay samsara and halt the collapse of the root cause.

Thank you.

But there's something wrong with this human being, isn't there? Isn't that just out of order?

 In a singing voice, Gietenarus, the god of transmutation, says.

'Ordoff is not a resident of this world, you know.

 Ray explained succinctly.

'So it's the outside world the Demon King hypothesized. The abyss is much deeper than we assumed.

 Dilfred says with a curious look on his face.

'Kudos to you, my dear. There's no way to escape this anahemic authority.'

Yes, I think Anahem is right. It will be fine. <I think that with the use of reincarnation (silica), his roots can be put on our order.

 Wenzel, the god of birth, said.

 Ray turned his gaze to Barzalondo.

 After a few seconds of - but heavy silence, he nodded his head in a determined manner.

 Along with the light, the Spirit God Man Sword appears in Ray's hand.

 He thrust it into the magic circle that was drawn on the floor.

 Ordoff's body is enveloped by the warm light leaking from the magic circle.

'The root of it all is from birth--'

 Wenzel, the god of birth, raises his azure shield.

'--the first drop of it will soon become a pond and a mother sea. My sweet child, please wake up. Nativity Life Shield, Avrohellian.

 A pale light enveloped Ordov's body as her order slowly penetrated its roots.

'After her birth, the roots deepen further--'

 With the staff in his hand, Dilfred the Deepening God chants as if in silent prayer.

'In the forest of spirals the traveller knows this leaf is deeply lost and shallowly enlightened. The bottomless, the bottomless, you are still the bottomless. Is it the end of the spiral traveler's eternity to sink to the bottom of the thought? It's a labyrinth. Deeper thoughts, bostum.

 A red tree leaf appeared on Ordoff's left chest.

 It sent the order of the Deepening God into every corner of his body.

''After deepening, the root will grow old and eventually come to an end--''

 The cries of the Koento Guzelami echoed eerily.

It is a tower on the sand that Unura builds.

 Dust swirled around them.
 Dimly visible, like a mirage, was a huge sand tower.

'With a single sound of Guzelami, everything crumbles and withers away.

 Ordoff's body turned to sand and was swept away by the wind.

"Let us sing. "Let us sing. "Let us sing. It's like the wind, and sometimes like a bolt from the sky. Tenpenshinsinteki Idi Doroend.

 A requiem begins to be heard from the flute of Guetenarus, sending out the dead.

 A glowing Ordoff floats up, quietly and slowly moving from demise to transformation, not letting the magic bullets interfere with it.

 The Deepening God Dilfred often gazed at the source of it.

''--About two days to reincarnation.

 He says, "Potentially," he says.

'If things go in the right order, at the boundary where the end turns into a transformation, the source of Ordov will shine for the last time. Or it will be possible to exchange words with it.

 A sigh of relief escaped as the tension that had been building up eased.

 Barzalondo's men brightened their expressions and nodded to each other.

'Deep thanks,'

 With these words, Balzalondo thrust his sword into the floor.

'I, Balzalondo, swear by this sword that I will repay you for your kindness.

 He turned himself around and showed Ray the Order of the Five Swords on his uniform.

"After I am gone, I want you to retrieve the Order of Heinriel. I leave you my all, the Holy Will and Testament.

 Ray looked at his face.

 It was a look of determination, a look of determination.

'That's ... not an auspicious story, is it?

There's no guarantee you'll get out of there alive.

 Turning on his heel, Barzalondo heads to the silver water ship he himself has come aboard.

 The hunting nobles were already lined up in front of it.

 Stopping, Balzalondo faced his followers straight on.

'I must go.'

 Loudly and unapologetically, Barzalondo announces.

'In the honour of my father, the earlier King Ordov.

 Looking at each one of them, he spoke to his followers.

''The Disaster Abyss World Eavesino is accelerating and is about to plunge into our world. Hiforia will meet it with all her forces to stop it. But - we cannot strike down the plague here and now.

 With pride, Barzalondo declared.

'Of course, I cannot destroy Hyphoria. For the sake of the true rainbow path that my father aimed at, I must stop Isak the Woe and the Holy King Rebrahald. Even if I have to pay for this life.

 The hunting nobles were not informed of the situation.
 But still, they were all serious and listened to the Lord's words.

'If they knew the true intentions of the former King Ordoff, they would have many allies on their side. But it will never be done with the pride of my father. The great father was righteous, and he revealed it to a limited number of people until the end of his life. I must protect him.

 Heavy words wooded the room.

'It's an isolated battle. There's not a single chance in ten thousand to win. And--

 Once Barzalondo fired his magic, a rainbow path appeared there.

 But the path does not lead to the silver water ship he is facing, but to Ordov.

'The rainbow path tells me to take care of my father. Rebellion against the Holy King cannot be the right path. But still.

 Clenching his teeth, he pleaded sincerely, as if to shake off his reason.

'I must go. Even if the Holy Sword World Highforia shows that there is no justice. I am the only one who must follow the path of the previous king, or I will never be able to face my reborn father.

 To his followers who are lining up, Barzalondo says

'You will remain here. A hunter and a nobleman who has strayed from the path of righteousness will no longer have a title.

 For a moment, the squires looked surprised.

'The Baltzalondo Corps is disbanded as of today! This is the last order. Tell future generations of Hyphoria that there was a foolish man named Count Baltzalondo!

 Barzalondo walks alone through the line of followers to the silver water ship.

 His eyes hold a deathless resolve.

 In his chest, he holds the pride he has inherited from his father.

 He heads for the place of death.

 But - he is unable to get on.


 Barzalondo is sending his magic to the silver water ship.
 But it doesn't seem to be responding.

 It seems he doesn't know how to lower the ramp.


 One of the squires laughed.

'I shouldn't. My Countess can't take down a single ramp.'

Yeah, he really can't leave me alone.

 The hunting nobleman drew a magic circle and instantly the ramp came down from the ship and opened the magical barrier to board.


 Before Balzalondo could reply, one by one, the followers went up the ramp.

 Balzalondo looked up at the scene in dismay, as if he had been struck with a false impression.

''........Wait, wait, wait!

 After a few seconds, he yelled out, as if unexpectedly.
 But they didn't stop.

'Yeah, I told you to wait! What the hell were you guys doing? I ordered you to stay here!

'I'm sorry, Lord Balzalondo. I can't hear that order.

 The hunting nobleman turned around and said clearly.

 Not a single one of his followers was willing to board the ship.
 As if it was the same as always, the hunting nobles continued to board the ship one by one.

You didn't abandon a single one of them. You never abandoned a single one of them, not even those two pretenders.

'Are you asking us, the proud Earl's followers, to do something that would make us abandon our Lord?

Most likely, you can't start a ship by yourself. Lord Balzalondo can't.

 Barzalondo looked up at his men.

 They all looked at him as if they were ready.

 Balzalondo looked down and said in a voice that seemed to have been squeezed out.

''I'm ... sorry. Die for me.........''

 His men laughed slightly.

'I knew from the moment I got on this ship that this day would come.

Let's go. If we don't hurry, the hunt will begin.

 Nodding, Barzalondo went up the ramp.

 Then he said proudly.

'Get the ship out! Stop the war between Ewezeino and Hyphoria!

""I understand!"

 As if in response to their feelings, the silver water ship flew up into the Militia sky with great vigor.