611-Fang to bite

 The Disaster Abyssal World Eavezeino - Territorial Sea.

 I heard a roar.

 Fierce, maddening, and hungry. Dozens of phantasmal beasts were flying through the Silver Sea and attacking the Hyphoria fleet.

 The Silver Sea raged with countless screams of wooden spirits as they tried to eat the prey spirit cup.

 A magic circle was drawn in front of the silver water ship, and a shining storm of wind stirred the silver sea.

 That holy wind blocked the beast's vision and disturbed its hearing.

 The gun gates of the silver water ship opened and a magic circle was drawn.

 From there, a holy cross cannonball was fired.

 Dozens of ships fired in unison, quickly swallowing the phantom beasts and chipping away at their phantom bodies. Even though they are incorporeal beasts, the hunting nobles are their natural enemies. I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

Take a stance. I'm going to focus on the turtle in the rear.

 Duke Galungzest sends out a thought transmission to the fleet.

 On the deck of the silver watercraft Nepheus, the hunting lords and ladies guard their sacred bows with arrows.


 Like a rainstorm, holy arrows flew in and pierced the magical barriers that the turtle had set up one after another.

 Immediately, as if to counterattack, a number of magic circles floated around the turtle.
 Huge rocks were shot from there.

 The magical bombardment and arrows shattered the rocks, but the momentum did not diminish and they turned into countless pieces that landed on the Hyphorian fleet.

 The magic barrier was pierced and several pieces of debris pierced the hull of the ship.

''Bombardment hit. Damage is minimal! Lord Galungzest, I can't see any damage to the turtle! After all, in their territorial waters...!

'No, sir. It's all right. Our mission is to fish out the beast. If it thinks its fangs can reach us, it will follow us anywhere.

 Without moving, Garnzest said.

'Keep your distance and retreat. Don't let the arrows die out. But try not to hunt insubstantial phantom beasts as much as possible. Lure as many of these beasts as possible into your hunting grounds.

You--I'm sorry...!

 The hunting nobleman who tried to reply vomited blood.

 The tip of a sharp parasol pierced its banked sides.

'Lure you in?'

 The parasol is pulled out and the hunting nobleman collapses in place.

 Aboard the silver water ship Nepheus alone was the Lion of Perdition--Costoria Arzenon.

 He carries an item similar to himself in the rocks pierced into the hull of the ship. <He used the "Bashtz" and replaced it.

"Don't think you're going to fall for that cheap trick.

 Kostoria opens the parasol.
 The umbrella itself turned into a magic circle, and through the six parent bones, a black-green magic bullet was created at its tip.

 The parasol rotated vigorously and six magic bullets were fired in all directions.

 The shells that were fired attacked several silver water ships that had taken up positions around them.

 They couldn't avoid it, and were blocked by magic barriers, but the power of the was amplified and reflected back, attacking another ship.

 As they were too dense to avoid, the fleets kept a large distance from each other.

 Once again, Kostoria drew a magic circle on her parasol.

'O lion of destruction of Arzenon!

You'll regret coming aboard alone!

 The surrounding hunting nobles all held their arrows at the ready or drew their holy swords in unison.

''Oh yeah.''

 Spinning the parasol around, Kostoria shoots the Black Hell Repellent Magic Bullet (Rail Freel) wildly.

 Both the hunting nobles who rushed forward with the holy sword in their hands, the holy arrows released, and their archers also bounced off of the black-green magic bullets.

 However, they were not the target of Kostoria's aim.

 The countless magic bullets that reflected diffusely in the hull of the ship collided with the flying hunter nobles again and changed their trajectory.

''Die. Hunter.

 Everything, from the enemy's position to the location of the bullet, must have been calculated thoroughly.
 As many as sixteen magic bullets amplified their magical power and attacked Duke Garunzest at once.

 A moment later--.


 Countless magic lines spread out around Garunzest.

 It was as if it was a path of light. As if to follow it, his holy sword was pulled out and released.

 Sixteen slashing sounds resounded at once, and the bounced rebounded reflected off the ship, colliding with each other and canceling out.

 And by that time, Eikoh had already stepped in front of Kostoria.

''Guardian Sword (Shugokken), Secret Depths 2--''

 Aiming at the forehead of the oncoming Garunzest, Kostoria thrusts her closed parasol straight out.
 Perhaps she was anticipating the movement, but she was faster than Eiko's sword.

 As Galungzest's holy sword shone dully, Kostoria's parasol slowed down with a crunch.

 Its tip, aimed at the forehead, was slow and unmoving, and Galungzest's blade, wielded late, cleaved the neck of Kostoria first.

 Blood poured out of the neck of Kostoria, who retreated in the nick of time.

 Garunzest, who took a large step forward as a chase, caught a doll without both legs at the edge of his vision.

 At the same time as Coastoria's magic, a woman's voice rang out.

'-- Born of the craving of obsession, the inevitable chakram. It will never stop until it hits its prey.

 Replaced with the doll is another Lion of Perdition, Naga Arzenon.

 She was in a wheelchair and ejected a black chakram. Without turning around, Garunzest popped it back as it approached from behind.

 Kostoria and Naga focused their black-green flames and showered Garnzest with crossfire.

 The Duke of Eito prevented it with his anti-magic, taking a momentary break and reducing the magic to nothing.

''Secret Depths II--En.

 The guardian sword dully glowed, and the that was released at high speed slowed down.

 The Naga's magic eye flashed and instantly saw through the abyss.

I'm not going to be able to get a good idea of what I'm talking about. But--''

 Galungzest avoids a crossfire.

'I wonder how long it will take him to use his next secret depths?

 Once dislodged, the inevitable chakram changed its trajectory and came up behind Garunzest.

''The guardian sword, the secret depths of the--''

 The two remaining holy swords are lowered at the Duke's waist. Reaching out, he draws the other patron sword.


 Chakram slowed down, and without a moment's hesitation, Garnzest cut it off in both directions.

 Without a moment's pause, he intercepted the , which was fired from two directions, with his two guardian swords.

''The secret is one--''

 Galungzest makes two circles with two sword tips.


 Due to the power of its secret depths, the is reflected.
 Naga used anti-magic and Kostoria spread her parasol to block the black-green flames.

 Against the two lions, Garunzest looks at them and neatly holds the two guardian swords in place.

''My sword is the path that protects the Holy King. This protective path, there is no way to break it with a beastly style.''


 Kostoria unfurled her parasol and dangled six magic bullets.

''As expected of the strongest swordsman in Highforia. But do you think it's okay for you to keep dealing with us?

 Just as Naga said, a number of turtles swimming in the Silver Sea spat out a dark cloud from their mouths.

 It quickly pushed back the Sacred Hunting Ground (Rase) and this time it took away the view of the hunters.

 Suddenly, a violent sound of water rang out, and the silver water began to swamp the Hyphoria fleet.
 While the rudder was ineffective, the magical bombardment of the phantasmal tribesmen who jumped out of the Disaster Turtle poured down.

 The anti-magic and magic barriers of the silver water ship Nepheus broke and the hull of the ship was hit one after another.

''Please do not underestimate them. Even without my command, the hunting nobles will not be defeated by the beasts and others.''

 A moment earlier than the Eigon told them, Naga and Kostoria began to move.

 <Both Naga and Kostoria simultaneously released the "Rael Freel" and the inevitable chakram.

 Garunzest effortlessly prevented them, but Coastoria shot out one after another, and Naga mass-produced the inevitable chakram.

 The chakram that will chase you endlessly if you let it go, and the magic bullets that amplify the magic power with each reflection. Even with the two guardian swords, they couldn't cut through all of them, and the number of chakram and magic bullets continued to increase every minute.

 On the Hyphoria side, there was still one of the Five Holy Barons, Marquis Legheim.

 Even without Garunzest's command, they were not immediately killed by the Phantom Demon Clan and continued to retreat in a controlled manner.

 A great number of magic bullets and chakram. The onslaught of the Lion of Perdition, Kostoria and Naga, however, Garunzest had successfully prevented the onslaught.

 The brilliance of the sword is worthy of the name of the Duke.
 In the face of that ironclad defense, he has yet to receive a single scratch.

 But that's not so different for Kostoria and Naga either.
 The defensive Garunzest is on the offensive and has been unable to deliver an effective blow to the women.

 The two camps are in a stalemate, despite the fact that the battle is getting more and more intense. Both sides are probably waiting for an opening, waiting for a deadly opportunity.

 Several tens of minutes passed, but the situation did not change - the intense rivalry continued for several hours.

 And then, the time had come.

 Countless rained down on Garunzest's head, with countless chakram reflecting wildly.

''The guardian sword, the secret depths of the one-- .

 Galungzest rebounded from the and offset the falling .

 In the midst of all this, countless chakram came at him this time.

''-- Secret Depths 2, .

 As he passed through the gaps in the chakram that had slowed down with a thud, Eiko Garunzest slashed through them.

 As all the surrounding chakram fell, a doll with no legs appeared at the edge of his vision.

 Garunzest gasps and opens his magic eye.

 At the same time as Naga's voice, the doll and her body are swapped.

 She appears at close range and removes her prosthetic leg and draws a black water magic circle with the black lion's toes - and is on the verge of kicking it out.

 Quickly, Garnzest reduced her magic to nothing and used her two guardian swords as shields.
 The Naga's foot touched the sword's barrel.

 I'm not going to be able to avoid it because the toes are already in contact with each other, even if the guardian swords that extend the arrival time of the attack are used with 2.

 In order to use the First Secret Depths, he must make a circle with his sword.


 The Naga kicked straight through the black water magic circle and black-green water flooded out in a thud.

 The splashes melted the deck of the ship with a thud, and in less than a second, the silver water ship turned to water.

 The surrounding silver-water ships avoided the black vortex that was spreading like a raging wave at full speed. Several ships were swallowed up and the hunting nobles escaped in a desperate manner.

''We were caught off guard just because we saw Hyphoria. It's boring.''

 In a silver sea of swirling black water, Kostoria flies in with her wheelchair.

 Her prosthetic eye is pouring into the silver bubble that is close at hand, the Holy Sword World of Hyphoria.

 It was already right under her nose as the hunting nobles were fighting a retreat.

''I can't believe you don't understand that Sister Naga dared to come here.

The guardian deity of the guardian swords, the secrets of the inner sanctum is two and one.

 Naga and Kostoria turned their gazes steely.

 The one that echoed was Garunzest's voice.


 The black-green splash disappeared completely.

 Crossing the two guardian swords, Garunzest had received the .

''Coastal! Step back!

I'm sorry, sir.

 In the blink of an eye, Garunzest closed in on Kostoria, who had completely let her guard down, and pierced her body with her two guardian swords.

''--You're too late.''

...of this...

 Kostoria abandoned her wheelchair and pulled a parasol out of the magic circle. She waved it at Garunzest, but the secret depths were slowed down by two.

''Garunzest Eikon!

Well done!

 Garunzest jumped into his subordinate's silver water ship, Nepheus, as he flew in, piercing the corstoria.

'To Hyphoria!

'Ha! Full speed ahead! 

 With Galungzest and Kostoria on board, the silver water ship headed towards Hyphoria at full speed.

 Naga chased after them, but countless arrows flew in and pierced their bodies.


We the Hunter and the Aristocracy have won, sir.

 With a look of conviction on his face, the Duke of Wisdom said.

 But Naga smiled.

''You are strong yet honest, Eiken-san. Although the man I dealt with before was mean-spirited and hard to deal with.

 There was an eerie sound of water.

 It was reminiscent of a violent flood, like a tsunami, like a flood.

 The territorial waters of Hyphoria are raging.
 It's as if this is the territorial waters of Ewezeino.

You're so busy fighting us that you have to let go of your magical eye. Where do you think Ewezeino is right now?

 A thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, and an explosive sound rang out.

 A huge silver bubble, clad in a dark cloud, was reflected in Eikon's eyes.

 The evezeino, which accelerated with great force, swallowed every last one of those who were in the middle of the battle inside that world, and like a ferocious beast, plunged into the holy sword world of Hyphoria--!