612-Reason for life

 The Disaster Abyss World Eavesino transformed limpidly.
 It was as if it was the head of a fierce beast.

 The silver bubble with its ferocious fangs was bitten firmly by the Holy Sword World Hyphoria.

 The blue sky and the cloudy sky intersected--

 Rainbows and raindrops mingle.

 The ice sheet and the earth collided...

 One way or the other, it's Hyphoria being crushed.
 The blue sky is covered by dark clouds, rainbows are drowned out by raindrops, and glaciers crush the earth.

 The disaster abyss world is swallowing up the holy sword world.

 The land of Hyphoria was slowly losing its original shape, but there were two people standing on it.

 The Holy King Lebrahard, who carried the Holy Sword.
 And Hyphoria is the Lord God, the Celebrated Holy Heavenly Lord Eife.

 The two of them did not even try to pull back a single step as they intercepted the huge silver bubble - the disaster abyss world that was coming towards them.


I hope it's all right. Just as the head of the head, Anos, had reported, the Disaster Abyss World is driven by craving. This is not a clash between silver bubbles, but an act of predation to the preying spirit cup. Therefore, we have about a day and night to wait for the Holy Sword World to be completely swallowed up.

 Celebrating Holy Heavenly Lord Eife spreads the wings of his back wide.

 The rainbow light shines warmly on the Holy Sword World Highforia.

''There is no reason why the Holy King of Hyphoria cannot be prevented.

 As soon as Eife said that, Lebrahard drew a magic circle and put his hand in the center of it.
 The one pulled out is a red and white holy sword.

''Shukuseirei-ken Eldramex. 

 When the Holy King said his name, red and white particles overflowed from his holy sword.

 The shimmering sacred radiance drifting around covers the entire area.

 For a moment, his magic eye flashed sharply, and then the Celebration Sacred Sword Eldram Ex was solemnly raised to the heavens.

 A holy light rose up, breaking the sky and piercing the black skies.

 A divine light swelled up like a burst of light.

 Rebrahard spun the Celebration Sacred Rite Sword around and around. A pure white path that dispelled the darkness was constructed in the earth and sky of Hyphoria, as if to draw a boundary line.

 Immediately afterwards, the disaster abyss world bites into it with great vigor. A great number of glaciers and dark clouds were rushing in from that world like a raging wave.

 But they could not pass.

 The pure white path that Lebrahard had constructed was blocking the glaciers and dark clouds with a thunderous bang.

 If the silver bubbles had collided with the momentum, it might have been difficult.

 However, what the Disaster Abyss World Eavezeino did was only a predatory act against the Preying Spirit Cup. This is different from a clash of matter with matter.

 Therefore, it is reasonable that a magician with the appropriate magical power can stop a phantom beast from being hunted by magic.

 <The Breaking Evil Sacred Sword Royal Dao Goddess Raybold Angelum was creating a barrier to the disaster abyss world that was about to prey on Hyphoria.

''In the name of the Holy Heavenly Lord Eife, bless my Holy Sword World!

 Eife uttered that and exerted her own authority.

 Shining wings bless Hyphoria, and several pure white rainbows hang over the glacier and dark cloud-covered world.

 Their light dispels the darkness and melts the ice.
 But even so, the Holy Sword World Hyphoria did not completely return to normal.

''--Aife. How much was taken away?

 With his divine eye, the Celebrating Holy Heavenly Lord looks into the depths of the Holy Sword World.

'One-fifth of Hyphoria has mingled with one-fifth of Ewezeino. Yet, they have not been preyed upon unilaterally, and their orders are antagonistic to each other.

 The two silver bubbles are in contact with each other, and now the Holy Sword World of Highforia and the Disaster Abyss World of Eavesino are connected to each other.

 Four-fifths of each other's territory is normal, and the order of the world works in each of them.

 The remaining one-fifth. In the area where the two worlds meet, the order of Hyphoria and Ewezeino is now fighting each other.

 If the resistance is weakened, even slightly, the evezeinos will swallow the High Foria even more, and the balance of order will tilt towards the world of the calamity.

 In other words, in order to stop Rebrahardt's
 If the Hyphoria side could hold this place, they could also bless the Disaster Abyss World and take away the silver bubble of the Ewezeino, on the contrary.

 This combined area where the two worlds intersected was neither the Holy Sword World nor the Disaster Abyss World.
 Order is not on either side, and only one's own strength will decide the outcome.

''You were right not to stop him from going to Eavesino.

 Lebrahard stared into the distance.

 Amidst the dark clouds, the hunting nobles and the phantom tribe were engaged in a fierce battle over a single silver water ship.

 Magical gunfire was flying and the Disaster Turtle rushed forward, ready to be hit.

 Aboard the ship in the middle of the whirlpool were Duke Garunzest Eiko and Kostoria.
 The silver water ship Nepheus continues its retreat to enter Hyphoria's territory.

'If the Lion of Perdition of Arzenon falls into our hands, the plagues will not be able to suppress their thirst and will come towards the Hyphorian side. If that happens, it will not be impossible to destroy them.

 The Naga's is released.

 Swallowed by the black water vortex, the silver water ship Nepheus melts into a sludge. However, Duke Garunzest had escaped from there in the nick of time.

''--That's why I said Anos might turn to the enemy.

 Naga blurted out, chasing after Garnzest.

 However, a number of hunting nobles rushed in, ready to crush her ball, and blocked her path.

 Even if they weren't an enemy, they could buy a small amount of time. If even the captured Kostoria could be taken away to the Hyphorian side, then they could win.

 Believing that, they head towards the Naga.
 The path was colored by the conscience of the hunting aristocracy, the rainbow path.

 While their allies were connecting time with their deadly resolve, Duke Garunzest Eiko carries the skewered Kostoria with his guardian sword.

 He flew through the dark clouds with a vigorous , and in doing so, he took off at once to the airspace where the order of Hyphoria extended.

''Your Majesty the Holy King.

Good work, Lord Garnzest.

 Garunzest slowly descended to the Celebrated Holy Heavenly Lord Eife on the ground, and then to the Holy King Rebrahard, who was on the ground.

 Instantly, the earth lit up.

 A single silver water ship flew through and crossed between Lebrahard and Garunzest.

 They were only slightly late in dealing with it due to the ships on their side.


 Galungzest pulled out one of the guardian swords from Kostoria, and the secret depths of his body, with 2 , beat away the red arrows that were approaching in front of him.

 As the silver water ship left the airspace as it was, as if pulled by something, the Coastoria was pulled out of the guardian sword and flew towards the ship.


 There was a red arrow stuck in Kostoria. There must have been a magical thread attached to it. As if reeled in, Kostoria was kidnapped by the silver water ship that came in.

 Garunzest's magic eye caught the archer in its stern.

 The same hunting nobleman.
 That's why they were able to show their full strength in the area where the order of Highforia extended.

''Lord Balzarondo. What do you think you're doing? This is a simple act of treason.

 Galungzest uses leaks.

"Cease your struggle.


 Barzalondo flies a thought transmission (leaks)
 Throughout the area.

"Both sides must cease hostilities!

 His voice rang out loudly.
 Pulled by a thread of magic, Kostoria was collected by Baltzalondo's ship.

'For the honour of my father, the earlier King Ordoff. For the true rainbow path he aimed for. We cannot avenge the plague here. Nor can we destroy Hyphoria! This is the wrong path!

 Their words were empty, and they were being consumed by the skies of the two worlds.

 The battle rages on and on, with neither the phantom tribe nor the hunting nobles listening to each other.

 There was no stopping it.
 Baltzalondo himself knows that better than anyone else who has uttered such words.

 Nevertheless, he resolutely put his point to both sides.

'Draw your sword. Keep your fangs in. Otherwise, I will have this Balzalondo to deal with!

 Doggone it, Balzarondo's ship rocked. A shield of chains smashed through the bottom of the ship, and it wrapped itself around Kostoria.

'Thank you for taking back Kostoria, Count.

 I could see Naga's figure on the approaching disaster turtle.

'I'll give you a lot of shells in return.

 <The Disaster Flame Industrial Fire Scorching Cannon (Ziol Bezgum) fires wildly, creating a wind tunnel in the hull of Nepheus' ship.

 At the same time, Naga pulls the chain shield as hard as she can.

 Then, not only the Coastoria with the chains wrapped around it, but also the silver water ship is pulled.

 This is because the thread of magic power connected to Coastoria is tied to the silver water ship.

'Nuh-uh! Full speed retreat!

Okay, understood!

 Like a tug-of-war, Naga and the silver water ship pull each other's boats toward the Coastoria.

 However, the lion of perdition's physical strength is tremendous, and the ship is being pulled towards Naga as fast as it can.

'.........Hey.......how to help.......!

 The words escaping out of Kostoria's mouth as she is pierced with arrows, wrapped in chains, and pulled from both sides in frustration.

'Don't be selfish. Do you want to be a resident of Hyphoria?'

I don't want to do that...

Then you'll have to be patient.

 In one fell swoop, the Naga pulled the chain and the silver water ship lost control and rammed into the merging area where the two orders met.

 Not wanting to let that happen, Garnzest quickly jumped in and cut the chain in half.

'I won't let you.

 Naga and Garnzest simultaneously make their way to Kostoria, who is thrown into the air.
 Her body is wrapped in chains and she can't move as much as she would like.


""Got it!"

 At Baltzalondo's command, a thread of magic was pulled, and Kostoria's body returned to his ship again.


Take the shot! 

 At the command of Naga and Garnzest, magical fire rains down from the Hyphoria ship and the Ewezeino disaster turtle.

 Barzalondo's silver water ship, which has been subjected to relentless concentrated fire from both camps, is being destroyed without any way to do anything about it.

''Mainmast hit........!

Hull loss exceeding 40% of hull plating, sir!

No more, Lord Balzalondo, no more!

 Garnzest and Naga are closing in on the silver water ship as it falls in flames.

 Their target is Baltzalondo.

'If you've lost the rainbow path, I'll give you the lead, Lord Baltzalondo.

Really, who's going to tell me to stop fighting now?

 The two of them, who wanted to use each other, probably made a plan to take care of him first and then collect Kostoria.

 It's not a matter of a long-distance battle, but if they were this close, Balzarondo's strength would not allow him to surpass them head-on.

 However, he couldn't hand over Coastoria to either of them.

''Come on! I am the prior king, son of Ordoff. I will never pull the trigger!

 He has long since decided on a place to die.
 Even though he had no chance of winning, his pride would not allow him to retreat.

 The lion of perdition and the Eiko, which was quickly approaching, and the Eiko.
 The black lion's legs and Garunzest's guardian sword flashed simultaneously.


 The surprise spills over.
 It was Garunzest's.

 The two guardian swords were barely caught by Barzalondo with his bow and arrows.

 And the white rainbow holy sword prevented the Naga's black lion's feet from being blocked by the white rainbow holy sword.

''.........Spirit God Man Sword.......Evans Mana......''

 Eikoh muttered.

 The one who broke in between was Ray Grandsdry.

 It was a Demon King train with a small number of passengers, and they must have managed to catch up with him.
 As if to warn the Holy Sword, Naga and Garnzest took a slight distance from it.

 After landing on the ship, Ray landed back to back with Balzarondo and paid attention to Naga and Garunzest.


 Over his back, Barzalondo gives a puzzled look.

 He wants to ask why he bothered to jump into a dead land that would turn both worlds against each other.

'Because you're probably right,'

 Ray said plainly.

'I thought you and your father, Ordoff, were right.

But I have no reason to ask you to risk your life to help me...

There's someone in front of me who might be able to help.

 The Spirit God Human Sword shines dazzlingly.

 The holy sword, which had regained its original brilliance, released a powerful magical power in response to Ray's intentions.

 Over his back, he smiled.

''If you forsake this, you're as good as lifeless.