613-Road for two

 Combined area. Empty.

 At the stern of the silver water ship, Rey and Baltzalondo looked at the enemy before them.

 Floating in the sky was Naga, the Lion of Perdition of Arzenon.
 For a moment, her body seemed to twitch, and then she dove headlong into the air.

 A black leg kicked out with a roaring magic power.

 Ray cut it off with the Spirit Godman Sword.

 It's a good idea to be able to have a good time with them.

 With the belly of the holy sword, Ray caught the blow.

''Interesting thing to say. Do you think you're going to make it out alive against both Ewezeino and Hyphoria?

 Naga smiled as she pushed gingerly with her legs to contain the Evans mana.

 Eight inevitable chakram flew from behind her, slicing through the wind.

 They must have been thrown beforehand.
 Her aim was Ray. 

''It looks like you've re-sharpened your Evans Mana, but I wonder how far you can go with it, not being a resident of Hyphoria.

 The black particles emitted from the lion's legs writhed like a living thing, grabbing the Spirit Godman Sword firmly and trying to block Ray's movements.

 Quickly, the inevitable chakram struck Ray in an arc from the Naga's back.

 While keeping it in sight, he quietly exhales.


 A flash.

 A white rainbow gleamed, and then one of Naga's legs was severed.


 She loses her stance and falls as she turns to look at him in surprise. One leg is trying to regenerate, but it's a wound inflicted by the Spirit God Human Sword. It won't heal so easily.

 With the returning sword, Rei held the Spirit God Human Sword right beside her.


 A slash like a white rainbow slashed through the sky. All of the inevitable chakram that was in front of him was severed, and the three calamity tortoises that were behind it were cut in half.

''As expected of the symbol of my Hyphoria--''

 From behind Ray, Garunzest's guardian sword attacked him. With his bow, Barzalondo was able to catch it.

 However, it was not good enough in close combat. The moment he was about to push back, Garunzest received it away as if he were using his power.
 His legs kicked away Baltzalondo's banked belly, which was slightly off balance.


"But without the rainbow path, the Sword of the Spiritual God and Humanity will never reach its true potential.

 With a glint in his eye, the witch's eyes flashed as he rushed into Ray.

''Would you like to give it back? It is the sword that His Majesty the Holy King should have!

I'm sorry, but I can't do that.

 Wearing a pure white light, Ray swung a slash at Garunzest.

 It's not just a matter of time before you get to the point where you can get your hands on it.

 The secret of the guardian's sword is the Ken.
 The two swords overlap each other to create an incomparably strong protection.

"There's no room behind you this time. Lord Galungzest.

 The red arrow of Balzarondo, released, closes in behind Garnzest.

 He flicks it off with a single guardian sword.
 However, without letting the gap between the twin swords' defenses crumble, Ray shoved Evans Mana with all his might.

 As expected of the Duke of Eiko, he couldn't hold it down and Garunzest was driven out of the silver water ship.


 As it was, Ray swung down the Evans Mana. With the wind knocked out of him, Garnzest fell with great force, and his body was slammed into the earth.

 Ray glares at Ewezeino's Disaster Tortoise and - the Holy King Rebrahard standing on the earth.

'Both sides, draw your troops.'

 Like Barzalondo, Ray so flew .

 Lebrahard looked up at him in the sky while establishing a boundary in .

''--Ray Grandsdry, was it?

 He said in a calm voice, without getting upset.

'I understand your point. But isn't that a little rash?

 The ground and the sky. The ground and the sky.

'Think about it. It is the holy sword that I left at the head of Militia. What does it mean when you use it against us?

 He speaks in a logical way.

A head of Militia has his place. You can't use the excuse that one of your men is out of control. If you further attack my sword world, it will be regarded as the rebellion of the reborn world Militia, is that okay with you?

 Plainly, Lebrahard threatened Ray.

 If the decision of one person alone would involve the world back home, there was no one who wouldn't shy away from it.
 That's probably why he thought that.

'Ray. Are you sure you're not going the wrong way with the head of state?

 As if to shake his resolve, Lebrahard says

'The former head, Anos, rode alone to Ewezeino to stop the predatory practices of the calamitous world. But this is how the conflict began. That's the reality. It's all well and good to talk about your dreams, but is risking the world for it the right path for your head of state to take?

"Dreaming"? What are you talking about?

 At the sound of his voice, Lebrahard sharpened his gaze.

 He didn't expect me to interrupt him here.

 If the head of the head of state approves of Ray's actions, then it's the same as if the reincarnated world Militia had turned against Ewezeino and Hyphoria.

 It's not a wise way to go about things in the normal course of events.

 But there are things that can't be grasped otherwise.

 I created my magical self there through a magical wire that connects to Ray.

I'm not going to let you get away with it. I'm not going to be able to say that I'm a good friend of yours.

 Lebrahard's gaze pierces my magical body.

 No, he's not the only one.

 The Illusionary Demon Race of Ewezeino, the hunting nobles of Hyphoria, and the Iron Firemen of Badyloua. All of the people in this battlefield are turning their gazes towards us.

''It is not he who walks behind me. The path he walks is my high road. The path I walk is his high road.

 I send out a thought transmission that echoes throughout the battlefield.

"No matter how far we go, no matter what direction we go, our paths are always aligned.

 I said, as if to declare war on Ewezeino and Hyphoria.

'There is not a single weakling under my command who would laugh at the thought of stopping this vain struggle.

 Lei showed a slight smile and held up his Spirit Godman Sword.

''If you want blood, come at me. Disaster Abyssal World Eavesino, Holy Sword World Hyphoria.''

 The magical body with its arms outstretched swayed like a shimmering flame.

''The power of our Demon King's army will be carved into its skull.

 After saying that, my magical body disappears in a huff.

 Immediately, Lebrahard moved.


 He calls out to the Lord God of Hyphoria behind him.

''Can you seal the Spirit God Human Sword?''

''The current Evans Mana is the sword forged by Bellamy, the witch of the Yorozu Workshop, and it holds the power of the Heavenly Spirit King Dionatek. I guess the limit is to draw it to the Hyphoria side and reduce its power by half.

It's okay with me...

 Lebrahard sends a leaks.

Sir Galnzest.

 A magic circle was drawn, and then Duke Garnzest Eiko transferred to it.


'I cannot move to stop the predation of Ewezeino. Can you drop the Spirit God Man Sword into Hyphoria's territory?

If you can give me just 10 minutes of your time.

 Two magicians are drawn, and then Baron Leo Wolf and Marquis Legheim appear.

'Ewezeino's attention appears to be on the wielder of Evans Mana. By three of the Five Holy Barons, we will take care of things.

You're in charge.


 Quickly, Garnzest and the others run towards the combined area.

'Lord Leo Wolf, Lord Legheim.

 Racing across the earth, Garnzest looked up at the sky.
 In the distance, the silver water ship of Baltzalondo floated in the distance.

'First, we will drop that ship. Lord Leo Wolf from the ground, and Lord Legheim from the sky, drive the wielder of Evansmana to the Hyphorian side while eliminating the enemy.

Yes, sir.

 Legheim and Leowulf headed in different directions.

 Duke Galnzest Wisdom stopped in place and looked at his target, the Baltzalondo ship.

 Smoke was already rising from the silver water ship Nepheus.
 The hull of the ship is so badly damaged that it can't even be extinguished, let alone repaired.

 He pulled out one of the three swords he had lowered.

 It's not the guardian sword he was using earlier. However, it contains a powerful magical power.

 When I loosely swing that holy sword, a shimmering light begins to gather on my sword body.

"White Yang Sword, the secret is Riku--

 The light swelled more and more, and the surrounding glacier melted into a sludge from the heat.


 Garunzest throws a white sun sword.

 It emits an order of magnitude of heat and is like a pure white sun.

 In an instant, the rain pouring down evaporated as the Bakuyou plunged towards the silver water ship Nepheus.

 At that time, a ray of sword flashes rushed past.

 The swollen pure white sun was cut in two halves, causing a huge explosion on the spot without hitting the silver water ship.


 Garunzest's eyes glowed.

 Amidst the fumes and flames rising, there is a man walking towards him.

 In his hand, he held the Galagudos, the Sword of Corpse Flame forged by Silk Mueller.

''Didn't you hear it?''

 He stopped and the man - Singh - quietly opened his mouth.

'My lord, you have been ordered to cease trifling with each other.

 He loosely points the tip of Galagudos' sword at him and tells him.

'It is the decision of the Demon King of Tyranny. If you do not wish to die, you may drop your sword and surrender.'