614-Three-way battle

 A giant tortoise in the sky...

 On its shell, Naga Arzenon was sitting.

 He is using on the severed black lion's right leg, but there is no sign of healing at all.

 It was due to the wound inflicted by the Spirit God Human Sword. That Holy Sword is immensely powerful against the inhabitants of the Disaster Abyss World - especially the Lion of Perdition of Arzenon.

 It will take a lot of time for the wound on his right leg to heal.

''........During the Silver Water Order War, I was still being swept around by the Holy Sword, but it's something that can grow in such a short period of time.

 Naga drew a magic circle and put her hand in the center of it.

 What she took out was a prosthetic leg.
 As she attached it to her non-recovering right leg, she stood up quickly.

'Rise, please.'

 Following his instructions, the calamity turtle slowly began to rise.

 Naga looked up overhead.
 Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the Demon King train that Ray had come on.

 Its speed was slow and the anti-magic being deployed was weak.
 Since the only occupants on board were fan unions, they were not able to fully demonstrate their performance.

''Let's start with the easiest place to drop it first, shall we?

 Countless magic circles were drawn around the Disaster Turtle and aimed at the Demon Train.

 A large number of flames were fired.

 Immediately, the Demon King's train changed its course.

''Jessica, evasive maneuver!

I can't do it!


 With the screams of the fan union, which was inspired by the wood in the engine room, the magic bullets were hit by the Demon King train one after another.

 The anti-magic is whittled away in the blink of an eye, and the body of the train vibrates violently.

''Dah, barrage! Shoot back!

Ready to fire, sir.

Fire in rapid succession, fire in rapid succession.

 The girls fired a series of .

 However, the disaster tortoise was getting closer and closer to the demon train, which was so focused on the magic bombardment that evasive action was neglected.

 The Naga on the carapace drew four magic circles and aimed at the engine room of the Demon King's train.

"Ziol Bezug.


 With a graceful voice, the black fingertips slashed through the four magic circles.

 Fresh blood poured out of both arms of Naga, who quickly jumped back with her left foot.

''Oh, you've noticed the
 Landing in front of her was a girl in a betel nut black dress, Misa in her true body.

 Quickly, Naga looked into her abyss with his magical eyes.

''I didn't see you in the last pecking order battle, did I?

 Naga and Misa confronted each other while releasing their magic power.

 Their demon eyes flashed and they were alerted to each other's every move.

''Could it be the power of the spirits that were disappearing? It's strange, then. Your magic is very similar to Anos's.

 Softly, Misa smiles.

'There's nothing strange about it. Because--'

 In a moment, the mass disappeared from Naga's vision.

 No matter how much she elaborated her magic eye, she couldn't even perceive its existence.

  Using the power of the Yin Wolf Gennuru, which disappears from existence as long as you look at it, Misa took the Naga's back.

''I am a spirit born in the lore of the Demon King of Tyranny.

 The spirit magic is lifted and her form reappears.

 Quickly realizing, Naga quickly reverses. But even before that, the black hand of the black is thrust out--!


 On the ship in Balzarondo.

 There was the figure of Kostoria Arzenon, whose body was cancerous with a shield of chains.

 Even if I jumped up, I would be dragged by it.

 In order to escape from there, she would first have to deal with the magical threads and chains.

 She gritted her back teeth in humiliation as she stood still, unmoving. It seemed that she decided to wait for Balzarondo and Ray's vigilance to leave the ship.

 Before long, Hyphoria's ship and Ewezeino's Disaster Tortoise made a pincer attack on Balzalondo's ship.

 The ships were four in total.

 As the magic fire erupted all at once, Balzalondo's attention was drawn outward and Ray was a few meters away from the ship.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

 Eight jet-black eyeballs floated around her, drawing a magic circle.

"Ziol Bezgum

 The black-green flame was focused on a thread of magic power.

 In the blink of an eye, it burned out and Coastoria jumped up with the lion's magic eye in .

 However, her body is still bound by the chain shield.


 At the sound of Barzalondo's voice, Ray, who had dropped the two disaster tortoises, turned around.

 A magic circle was already drawn on the eight eyeballs. It was aimed at the chains that bound Kostoria herself.

 An outpouring of black-green fire engulfed her.

 With it, she intends to burn out the chain shield that restrains her.


"...why...? What is this?

 The chain shield was still alive and well, and still bound to Kostoria's body.

 Out of nowhere, a wall of ice was created around her, preventing the from being used to prevent the from being used to create the .

'Cocoon of Ice'

 An indifferent voice sounded.

 What Kostoria saw was a girl with a divine eye like the moon - Misha Nekron. With the "God's Eye of Genso", she created a wall of ice in the blink of an eye and covered Kostoria's body with spherical ice.

d*mn it...!

 <He tried to melt the ice with , but he couldn't escape as it was created one after another.

 The icy cocoon further restrains Kostoria's chained body and seals her from escaping with .

 If she had used her claws, the trump card of the Lion of Perdition - the Lion's Umbrella Claw (Shishi Sanso) Vegarv, she would have been able to shatter the ice, but right now she was bound by the chains and her body could not be moved.

 She continues to burn the icy cocoon from the inside, with a resentful look in her eyes.

'Thank God I'm tied up,'

 Sasha flies through the air and gently touches the ice cocoon.

You can't just destroy them, but you tell them to stop. It's really annoying how reckless our demon king is.

 While blurting out that, she smiled belligerently.

 Then Misha sharpened her gaze as if she noticed something.

''Sasha, up.''

 Immediately, Sasha looked up at the sky.

 Further beyond the dark clouds drifting in, there was a ship located in the black skies.
 It is a huge battleship with thick armor and a long turret attached to it.

 It did not belong to Ewezeino or Hyphoria.
 The battleship was adorned with an emblem of fire.

 It is a ship from the magic bullet world of Ehrenesia.
 The commander of the ship is probably Guy Ambared, commander of the First Abyssal General Army.

 As you can see, the magic circle was deployed on the main gun, and an enormous amount of magic power was gathering there.

 A blue magic bullet was fired at Kostoria.

I'm going to cancel it out!

 <With the , he glared at the magic bullet and focused the black sun on it.

 However, the magic bullets didn't even defy the authority of the God of Destruction Averniu, the magic bullets pierced through the black light and destroyed the ice shield that Misha had created, pressing right in front of the two of them.


 Misha sent the ice covered Coastoria right beside her, and Sasha broke away from the scene.

 Immediately afterwards, the blue magic bullet that rained down pierced the turtle below and made a huge hole in the earth.

''Holy cannon crosshairs (Lael Phenon)!

 As a follow-up, this time the crosshairs fired from below hit Misha and Kostoria and exploded.


 Sasha exclaims, changing her hue of blood.

''It's ... okay,''

 Quickly, Misha created an ice shield and staked out an anti-magic.

 However, as expected, she couldn't be unharmed, and blood spilled out of her hand in trickles.

''Is it only to protect the beast?''

 The one who ascended into that airspace was a hunting nobleman with a crossed holy sword in his hand.

''Your actions threaten the safety of Hyphoria.

 The righteous path in this holy sword world - the rainbow path - appears before him.
 ''Justice is mine,'' the man said.

''One of the Five Holy Barons, this Marquis of Legheim, will execute a death sentence on behalf of the Heavenly Lord.