615-Ideal and reality

 Hyphorian airspace.

 The Badilure workshop ships were flying with a plume of smoke. It was forming a formation with the eight silver water ships of Hyphoria, heading towards the engagement zone.

 The magic circle painted on the ship showed the situation in the combined area, where the Disaster Abyss World and the Holy Sword World intersected.

 Hyphoria, Ewezeino, and the Demon King's Academy of Militia were engaged in a fierce three-way battle right now.

''--But it's insane, isn't it?

 In the ship's workshop, Bellamy, the former head of Badyloua, said.

'The world has rammed into us. We can't stop now," he said. What has happened to you and your friend here, Balzalondo, as well as to your leader?

 Her mallet was impaled on the floor.
 The destroyed floor has been reconstructed and a prison has been created.

 Trapped inside are one girl and two children. They are Eleonor, Zesia and Ennesone.

'Hey, Eleonor,'

 The prison is sturdy.
 There are multiple layers of anti-magic as well.

 Still, Eleonor would understand that they could break it if they were on their own.

 And that if they did so, they would immediately engage Bellamy.

'I won't say it was your fault. A soldier obeys his superiors. A lot of unintended consequences.

 As he said it, Bellamy walked to the front of the jail.

"I'm old enough to know better. I'm too old to be swinging a gavel at a kid on my lap.

 She crouched down and patted Zecia's head through the bars.

'Zecia, do you want to fight your grandmother?'

 Zesia shook her head from side to side, buzzing.

 Bellamy's face fell into a crouch and he laughed.

"Don't worry. My grandmother will take care of it, won't she?

 With that, she turns her gaze to Eleonor.

'You're prisoners of war. We won't do anything bad. Isn't that right?

 If you don't get out of this prison, I'll treat you well no matter if the Demon King Academy loses. So, it would mean that you have to stay quiet.

 Eleonor made a thoughtful expression.

''Well Bellamy. We are.''

 As if to interrupt his words, Bellamy stood up quickly and turned on his heel.

'Enough of old people dying.

 At that moment, an explosion sounded loudly and the workshop ship shook.

 Bellamy sent magic power to the
 Black smoke was rising from the eight silver water ships that were flying around them.

 One after the other, the ones haunting the silver water ships were the Illusionary Demon Race of Eavezeino. Even though it was a place where the order of Hyphoria worked, they rushed in without a care in the world.

 They quickly climbed onto the deck of the ship and attacked the sailors.

''Let go!''

 Quickly, the hunting nobles returned fire with sacred arrows.

 The countless arrows, blessed by the order, accelerated and pierced all the way through to the demon tribe.

''Finish it!

 The hunting nobles drew their holy swords and closed in on them in a single step. They slashed the arms, legs and necks of the phantom tribe.

 But it didn't stop.

 Mud-like liquid overflowed from the severed parts, and it took the form of replacement arms, legs and necks.

 An illusory body.
 The possessed phantom beast is giving power to the phantom tribe.

 No, that's not all.

''What are these guys........''


 No matter how much they slashed or shot through with arrows, the Phantom Demon Race would not stop.
 No matter if they lost their legs or arms, as long as they had their roots and their magical power, they rushed forward like beasts.

 They pounced on the hunting nobles, roaring as if they had forgotten what to say, and bit them with their fangs.

''Gu, ah, ah, ah........!

 Biting off the shoulder, the phantom tribe devoured its flesh.

 The hunting nobleman shook it off with all his strength.

''You! You've finally gone mad with craving! Animals! You can't win a war by abandoning reason!

 Not with a sword, not with magic, but with a bite.

 It didn't seem like the very best attack, but every phantom race bit the hunting nobles one after another.

 It was as if the beasts would do that.
 As if a phantom beast would try to give flesh to the prey spirit cup.

 Driven by their craving, the Phantom Demon Race just kept on rushing in.

''Oh dear. That's not very good.

 Bellamy, who was watching the situation, spilled out his words.

The only thing that's different about them is their numbers, no matter how much of an advantage they have on the Hyphorian side. We'll be out too.

 The voices must have been transmitted throughout the ship via .
 Immediately, one after another, the ironmongers of Badyloua have transferred there.

 Most of the blacksmiths carrying mallets were women and old men.

'We'll take care of them one ship at a time. Don't get caught off guard.

""Yo, witch master!"

 The old blacksmiths shouted and jumped up in

 Eleonor stops Bellamy as he jumps up.

'As promised, we'll fight Ewezeino ourselves. Just cover me, Ironfireman, and I'll be fine.

 Bellamy's dumbfounded gaze pierces Eleonor, who has a serious expression on his face.

'Don't start talking nonsense,'

 With a sigh, she says.

'You and Militia are going to tell me not to kill those beasts, aren't you? You can't have more lives if you fight like that.

Still, we're the only ones who will die. I won't bother Birdiloure.

 Zesia and Ennesone nodded widely.

'That's fine until we get rid of those phantoms over there. And then what do you do? In the last battle, the Lion of Perdition, the Five Holy Lions and the leaders of the Demon King's Academy are having a good fight. You know what I mean, Eleonor. I can't let you guys go free.

 Bellamy rises slowly in his flight.

If you take one more step out of that prison, then it's up to me, as head of the Vadilua, to finish you off.

 She puts the goggles on her head into her magic eye and says, "Please be quiet.

You'll be quiet. You guys don't want to die for the head of state's stupid ideals, do you?

 Bellamy flew briskly and went through the chimney and out of the workshop ship.


 One of the Iron Firemen flies over to Bellamy.

"One of the northern ships is in trouble. Let's start there--

 A moment later, Bellamy's vision caught sight of a shadow flying in at high speed.


 Faster than that iron fireman could sense the danger, the black deformed right arm gouged out his side. Both the magic barrier and the anti-magic that was quickly put up were torn apart like breaking paper.

There's a whole bunch of hunter's henchmen lurking about.

 The Lion of Perdition, Bobonga Arzenon.

 He kicked the Iron Fireman, who had begun to wobble and fall, to his feet and knocked him down to the earth with great force.


 Raising his spirits, the three ironmongers slammed their hammers into the bobonga.

 The three blunt weapons, which seemed to weigh as much as a small castle, but the lion's right arm effortlessly defended them.

''What is that feeble attack?''

 Swinging his unusually long jet-black right arm, Bobonga cleaves the three Iron Firemen.




 The old blacksmiths, who are not good at fighting by nature, have no power to stop Arzenon's Lion of Perdition, and are dropped to the ground with just a single blow.

 While looking down on them, Bobonga draws a magic circle as a chase.

''A vulnerable race with no ability to do anything but strike magic steel.

Oh, yeah?

 The moment he turned around in the direction of the voice, Bobonga was struck by the dozen or so magic coals that were ejected, striking him all over his body.

''Gu, nuh-uh...!

 Bellamy raises the mallet in his hand with all his might.

It's the first in a long line of heavy demon hammers.

 The giant hammer is swung down at Bobonga.


 Da, gagagangs, the heavy magic mallet was smashing the magic coal at the same time while hitting Bobonga.

 <Under the power of , more than a dozen coals burned up at once, and super hot flames enveloped his body.

''Your face looks softer than the magic steel, though.

 Furthermore, magic coal is ejected from the magic circle, and Bellamy unleashes .

 With a dull sound, the magic coal burns more and more.

 Even though there is no furnace, the flames are tremendously hot, breaking through Bobonga's anti-magic, burning skin, searing flesh, and scorching bones.

 Except for its deformed right arm--

'Where's the white mallet? With a little hammer.

 Bobonga's right hand grabs the heavy mallet.

 A dull sound of "Mishu, Mishu, Mishu" could be heard.

"Do you intend to fight me, workshop witch!

 Bishissshhhhh, the heavy mallet shatters into pieces.


 Bellamy drew a magic circle and pulled out a new mallet. Bobonga held Arzenon's claws in his hands.

'Stupid power!

 Bellamy swung the mallet down. However, its red claw easily severed the handle and pierced her banked belly.

 With the same momentum, Bobonga pushed the Bellamy into the air and smashed it into the Badyloua workshop ship.

 With a thunderous sound, the outer wall was smashed through and finally stopped as it entered the interior.

'Hm. That's about it?

Well ... well ...

 Bellamy smiled thinly as his claws pierced his body.

''Well you're blue, boy. Do you think you've already won? You don't know a fight until the source of the fight is gone.

 Again, Bellamy draws a magic circle.
 Bobonga slices through it with his left arm, and from behind him, the mallet that had just severed the handle flies in.

 He deploys a magical barrier.
 However, the flying mallet avoided it and shattered a pillar that was nearby.

 In an instant, the room transformed limp and countless pillars were thrust out towards Bobonga. A holy sword was embedded at the tip of it.


 Bobonga swung his deformed right arm, shattering the approaching pillar and knocking away the holy sword.


 Black-green flames shoot out from the magic circle he has drawn.

 Bellamy jumps back and crushes the floor with a mallet taken from the magic circle.

 Then, the floor stretches out farther and farther, and Bellamy rides it to avoid the , , the Disaster Flame Industrial Fire Burning Cannon.

 He raised the mallet with great force.


 Bellamy frowned in pain and the mallet spilled out of his hands.

 A baby tortoise had bitten his leg and hand.
 He must have let them in when he breached the outer wall.

 If you looked, you could see several hatchling turtles around Bobonga.

 Showing a creepy smile, he held up Arzenon's claws.
 Then, a red-black magical power overflows from it.

''Lion-black claw (shishikoku-so) Angelv!

 Arzenon's claws lodged in the black deformed right arm, and five long, jet-black claws grew.

 It grew languidly and pressed closer to Bellamy, who was bitten by the Child Disaster Tortoise.

 Countless feathers descended, and they turned into sacred boundaries.

 The lion's black claws that grew out were blocked by the , jizzy and intense sparks.

 Bellamy rolled his eyes.

 Eleonor, Enneone, and Zesia were standing in front of Bobonga as if protecting her.


 With a frustrated look on his face, Bellamy looked at the three men who had come to his aid, his enemies.

"I think it's a fool's errand," he said. I'll bet you that's what I would have thought all along if he hadn't saved me. I'm assuming it.

 Bobonga's black claws gain even more momentum. The black claws sparked as if they were trying to break the wards with a bang.

 In order to counter that, Eleonor poured more magic power into the wards.

You're not the only one. In our world, that stupid ideal was stronger than any reality.