616-Equestrian sword

 The land where the world of disaster and the world of the Holy Sword meet...

 The Demon King's right hand man, Shin Reglia, and Duke Garunzest Eiko were confronting each other.

''White Yang Sword Roses.''

 When Garunzest reached out his hand, the holy sword was summoned with white sunlight.
 He retrieved the one he had just thrown.

 Then he leveled Roses' sword barrel and raised it to eye level as if to inspect it.

''It's puzzling.''

 Garunzest mutters to himself.

 His magic eye shines sharply and he is looking at the blade. The holy sword, which emits a radiance like the sun, has a slight shadow. It's not a good idea.

''Your magic power is estimated to be in the deep twenty-one layers at most. Even if that magic sword was a master craftsman's masterpiece, it wouldn't be enough to prevent the explosion of the sun.

 He lowered his holy sword and looked into the abyss of Shin with his magic eye.
 He must be wary of that trick that the White Yang Sword broke the secret depths.

''Does your sword technique have some secrets?

Would you like to find out?

 He said quietly, and Singh stepped out loosely.

'With that body,'

 At the second step, he accelerated at once, and Shin closed the gap between the two. From the lower level, the Corpse Flame Sword Galagudos sprinted from the lower level, as if to cleave his face.

 Unmoved at all by Shin's gait as if he had no preliminary movements, Garunzest swung down the White Yang Sword Roses from the top step.

 The two sword flashes intersected and one of them was struck away.
 It was Garunzest's White Yang Sword Roses.


 Quickly returning his sword, Shin thrusts out his corpse flame sword.

 While staring at the blade, Garunzest sees through it and dodges it. When his stance has slightly collapsed, Shin's magic sword follows him.

 In the kesa-kake, a flash of light flashed.

''The secret depths of the world have arrived--Ken.

 The Galagudos swung down, Galungzest catches it with the protective sword's protective wall.

 However, the moment it collides with the blade, the power of the corpse flame sword increases like an explosion and Garunzest's guardian sword is pushed in.

 He quickly let go of the White Yang Sword Roses and pulled the guardian sword out of its scabbard. He applies the other guardian sword to the guardian sword that is in a clash of wits and crosses it.

 As it was, he pushed back with vigor, and as if to brush it off, Shin drew his sword and took the time to do so.

 The two men stared at each other quietly.
 Garunzest holds one holy sword above his head and the other in front of his chest.

''........I see. <''It's a deep strike (Zelos)?''

 As soon as he guessed, Garunzest instantly turned to attack. Without hesitation, he steps into Shin's space and swings his guardian sword down.

 At the same time as Shin strikes it away, another guardian sword thrusts into the vacant copper. However, Shin twists and turns and catches it with the Sword of Flame.

 Left body. Right body. Thrust. Thrust. Kesa and left kesa. Thrusts. Shin deals with the onslaught of twin swords with a single sword.

 It's a good thing that you're not going to have to worry about the fact that you're not going to have to worry about the fact that you're not going to have to worry about the fact that you're not going to have to worry about the fact that you're not going to have to worry about the fact that you're not going to have to worry about the fact that you're not going to have to worry about the fact that you're not going to have to worry about the fact that you're not going to have to worry about it.

 In the midst of an unstoppable storm of swordsmanship, however, he kept a cool face and took a further step.

 The interval shrank, and the two sides' strikes became more and more intense. Dealing with the guardian swords that ran at transformational speed, Shin saw the moment when the twin swords crossed, and struck off the two holy swords at the same time.

 Shin approaches the defenseless Garunzest. But it was an invitation. Taking a step back, the guy quickly regained his stance and thrust out his guardian sword to frustrate the onrushing Shin's stance.

 Shin's body blurs like a shimmering flame and disappears in front of Garnzest. Disillusioning his enemy with his gait, he had taken the back of Eiko.

''The Holy High Protection Way (Hemios).''

 When Shin swings down his magic sword, the magic line of the protection path appears there. As if tracing that line, Garunzest's guardian sword runs and receives the power of the corpse flame sword.

 Reversing, if he flips and swings his other guardian sword, Shin retreats and dodges.

 The distance between the two men is now far enough away from the sword.

 Still, Eiko gazes at Shin's face.
 He wavered and lowered his twin swords.

''I am one of the Five Holy Dukes, Eikoh Garunzest. I pride myself on being the best wielder of swords in Highforia.''

 In the midst of the battle, however, Garnzest politely came forward.

'Would you please tell me your name and your title in Militia?

"Sin Reglia.

 Quietly he announces his name.

'I have no title. My lord, you are the right hand of the tyrannical demon king, Anos Voldigord.

Greatness with the sword, Lord Shin.

 This is the manner of a hunter and aristocrat to the powerful, and Garunzest praises it.

It's a good thing that you're not using fire and dew as a catalyst. To compensate for this, you only use it at the moment of a slash.

 <Zelesus is a magic that makes blows and sword strikes go deeper and deeper. In other words, you don't have to always use it.

 What Shin does is to activate it only at the very moment the blade touches the ground, a moment after the slash.

 By doing so, he is able to use the , which consumes a lot of magic power, to engage in a battle.

"So I turned to the offensive, but you have completely dismissed my sword and defended it with a deep strike.

 During combat, the enemy is always moving. It's easier said than done, even if you only use your attack at the moment of slashing. Even more so when you are on the defensive. The enemy uses all sorts of tactics and attacks a mixture of truth and falsehood.

 If you don't have a clear view of their strength, speed, magic and order, it will be impossible to prevent them from making a momentary deep attack.

 If the timing of the attack was wrong, even for an instant, you would not be able to catch the opponent's holy sword and you would die. Moreover, it must be coordinated with the sword fight.

 <If you are distracted by the
 That task, which is far more difficult than simply preventing a sword, was done by Shin with ease.

''By the order of His Majesty the Holy King, I have to take care of this as soon as possible, but even compared to the swordsmen of the Holy Sword World, he is exceptionally skilled. It seems that this is not a prey that can be finished off in a hurry.

 Galungzest held his two holy swords at a leisurely pace.

'I will deal with you with all of my protection.

 The offensive spirit disappears from Eiko.
 His stance is reminiscent of an unwaveringly huge mountain.

 Until now, the order to drop the Spirit God Human Sword to the Highforia side would have been the top priority.
 But the fellow who saw Shin as a formidable force switched his attention to focusing all his energy on the battle at hand.

 There was not an inch of space in that twin swords.
 It's just as the word "godo" implies, self-defense is the true essence of his sword.

 If Shin doesn't strike out, there will be a stalemate.

 But the Demon King Academy with few personnel. Based on Shin's ability, he must have stared that he would surely set up a plan to defeat him and turn to cover the others.

 And in fact, Shin walked into Garunzest's interstices without hesitation.

 Countless magic lines are constructed around Galungzest.

 Shin swings down the corpse flame sword Galagudos. <Garunzest receives a blow from the
 The moment the blades collide with each other, Shin reverses himself around.

 As if taking advantage of the impact of the blow away, he sinks down and strikes at the feet of Eiko.

 However, that too is blocked by the guardian sword.

 From a low stance, this time Galagudos' thrust aimed at Garnzest's jaw.

 Just in time, he evades it and closes in on it even more, flicking Shin away from his shoulder with a hit to the body.

 Not missing a moment of separation to the sword's spacing, Singh, who replaced the corpse flame sword in his left hand, shimmered the blade from Garunzest's blind spot to his head in a horizontal cleave.

 However, the magic line of the Sacred High Protection Way (Hemios) ran and a guardian sword appeared to pass through it.

 A gurgling sound rang out, and Garunzest received the attack that should have been invisible.

 Shin lands and turns his magic eye to that magic line that is slowly disappearing.

''......... seems to indicate the path the sword should take.

That's right.

 With the two guardian swords at the ready, Garunzest looks at Sin.

To protect himself, the Sacred Highway of Protection (Hemios) points to the protective path of the sword. No amount of power, no amount of speed, and no amount of tactics will get through to me as long as I have this righteous path.

 Perhaps it's a well-ordered sword path.

 Coastoria and Naga. The protection that surpassed even the attacks of two of Artsenon's lions of destruction is no ordinary thing.

 <The blade that passes through the Holy High Protection Road (Hemios) is faster, sharper and stronger than ordinary. On top of that, there are no blind spots, and combined with Garunzest's skill, it is truly an iron wall.

 There are not many people who can break the completely defensive Eiko.

''Is this the right way of the sword?''

 Shin stepped out again.

 With a wavering sword tip, he headed towards Garnzest without hesitation.

 He said, ''That protective path, let me confirm with this thousand swords if it is really correct.

''That guardianship, let's find out with this thousand swords if it is really correct.