617-Secret Oneness

 The distance between the two sides is narrowing.

 Already there is within the distance of Garunzest. With that sword technique, the blade would fly in the blink of an eye. But he still doesn't move even slightly.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this. Although you'll be able to see the magic eye on his every move, Garunzest still didn't try to take the lead.

 Shin's feet stopped.
 He loosely raised the Corpse Flame Sword Galagudos.

 A stance that threw away his defense and leaned toward the attack. There are gaps from the chest down. However, the Duke of Eiko did not take advantage of the invitation, and is only defending himself with his two guardian swords.

 Singh gathers magic power into Galagudos' sword barrel.

"The Hemios is a sword for protection. If it strikes out on its own, it will lose its way.

 If you try to seize an opening in Shin's mind, you will also have an opening in yourself.
 Therefore, no matter what the enemy does inside the interval, there is no choice but to wait.

 Shin saw that daring to let the enemy take the initiative is the set stone of the Holy High Protection Way (Hemios).

''As you say. However, the extent to which you have poured all your energy into your attack will not be enough to destroy my protective path.

Is that right?

 As soon as he steps in, Shin swings down the corpse flame sword.

 The blade with enough magic power on it, the moment it touches the guardian sword that was about to receive it, the
 A dull sound resounded, and at the same time Galagudos dug into the guardian sword barrel. It's a good idea to be able to have a good time with your friends.

"--The secret depths of the sword are two, and it's long.

 Garunzest strikes down the corpse flame sword that has been extended before contact with it with another guardian sword.

''The guardian sword, the secret depth is four--''

 He held out his broken guardian sword.
 Shin saw the pause and lowered his body slightly.


 The severed guardian sword restores itself and its blade pierces Shin's side.

 Despite being cut off at the root, Shin held the blade down with his body and raised his magic sword. Garunzest jumped back, but a grim expression immediately appeared on his face.

 He sensed the heat directly behind him.
 Flames surrounded the two of them, blocking their path.

 Shin's magic power had turned to nothingness, and its roots grabbed the demon sword.

''The Corpse Flame Sword, the secret depth is one--''

 Flame swirled around Galagudos, and its sword barrel burned red. That magic sword forged by Silk Mueller emitted unimaginable magical power, reminiscent of the hell of the flame there.

''-- ''

 The body of the sword turned into a flame and danced around.

 It's a good idea to make sure that you're not going to have to worry about the fact that you're not going to be able to get a good deal more than you think.

It's the second of the two guardian swords.

 Garagüdos's slowed him down.

 However, that flame is slow but sure to block Garunzest's path. The flame that dances loosely is steadily chasing down the guy.

''I wish I could have been there.

 In the midst of the guardian's secret depths about to be activated, even the other guardian's sword shines brightly and becomes a barrier to the Flame Dance.

"Secret depth combined, Enken.

 The two sides' secret depths collided, and sparks of fire scattered violently.

 Shin pushed his blade in and Garunzest crossed his guardian sword and stepped on his foot.

 <The was chipping away at Garunzest's protection every second, but it was unable to attack it.

 There are cracks in its protective wall.

 Despite the fact that it is about to shatter into pieces if you push it, it continues to prevent the flame's sword barrel as it is.

''Wonderful magic sword, wonderful secret depths.''

 Garunzest gives a thin smile.

''But in swordplay, I had my day, didn't I?

 Garunzest uses his two guardian swords to repel the flaming, transforming sword barrel.

The depth of the sword is very deep. "The depths of the sword are very deep. This is the first time the technique we have mastered and the swords of the same attribute have made it possible for us to create the ultimate in secrecy.

 The roaring was completely dealt with, and Garunzest's guardian sword cracked open Shin's chest.

 --The Secret Depth of Harmony.
 <The extends the time for the attack to reach, and the builds a strong magic defense wall.

 By combining them together, Yan Jian not only extends the time for the attack to reach, but also the time for Jian to be destroyed.
 This is why Galagudos' Flame Dance failed to break through the shattered barrier.

 The two secret depths have been fused together and are more effective than using them at the same time.

''- There aren't many people who have slashed their swords to this extent one-on-one with me. Before I put the finishing touches on you, I will ask you one question.

 Lowering his two guardian swords, Garnzest asked straight away.

''Would you be willing to receive the blessing of the Heavenly Lord and serve His Majesty the Holy King?''

 There is not a single cloud in his eyes.
 He must be buying Sin's sword skills and seriously inviting her to join him.


 With a bloody body, Singh held Galagudos at the ready.

'I have no intention of serving a feckless king who can't even fulfill his promise to his father.

No problem.

 Garunzest responded to the answer with a straight face.

'An insult to His Majesty the Holy King, you may atone for it with your own body.

 Having said that, he quietly held up his guardian sword.

 After all, there is no sign of striking out.
 It's a good idea to be on guard against the wounded Shin, and he intends to cut them down with his protective path.

 Shin stepped forward again and drew a magic circle.
 The one he pulled out with his left hand was the Flowing Sword Artocoraster.

 For a moment, he turned his magic eye to warn it.
 Without missing the opportunity, Shin wields Galagudos.

''The Corpse Flame Sword, the secret depths are two--''

 Three alter egos of the flame appear to divide from Shin's body. They are the flame body. Every one of them is holding a sword of flame in their hands.

 The main body Shin and the three alter egos pinned down Garunzest from front to back and left to right.

''-- ''

 Four blades attacked Garunzest at the same time.

"The Holy High Priestess Protection Road (Hemios).

 Countless magic lines ran and Garunzest spun himself around. <The guardian swords sprinted and drew a circle as if following the Sacred Highway of Protection (Hemios).

''Secret inner union, .

 's blade slowed down and bounced back as soon as it touched .
 The flame blade struck the three flaming bodies and destroyed them. Shin, who lowered himself to avoid them, thrust out the Corpse Flame Sword Galagudos again.

''The Corpse Flame Sword, the secret depth is one--''

No matter how many times I try, it's the same thing, sir.

 The flame (Homura) spiraled out of the corpse flame sword and the two guardian swords simultaneously released their secrets.

 The stubborn caught the transforming flame blade.

 In the midst of the clash between the secret depths, Shin raised his left handed Ryukkol Asta sword.

''The breakaway sword, the secret depths are one--''


 Countless magic lines ran around Garunzest again.

 The path of the sword to protect.
 It did not point the way to block the Flowing Sword.

 However, Garunzest was in no hurry.

''After all, it's a magic sword from the Shallow World?''

 Perhaps deciding that the shallow layer world's flowing sword couldn't be deep enough, Garunzest completely ignored it and concentrated on catching Galagudos off-guard.

 Let him cut the flesh and cut the bone.

 He would catch the Flowing Crushing Sword with his body and intend to cut through the root of Sin.


"The Flame of the Dead, the union of secrets.

 Garunzest's eyes widened.

 As yet, has not tried to prevent it from happening.

 However, his whole body stood on end.

''- .

 A thin water mirror appears in front of Garunzest.

 Droplets of water fall and three ripples are made there. Immediately afterwards, the sword's blade undulates like a flame and burns down the water mirror.

 With a bang, Garunzest's hand burns, and the guardian sword crumbles in tatters. It turned to ashes in the blink of an eye.

 That holy sword, which had been destroyed by burning at its root, could not even be regenerated at the earliest.
 No, even if he could, he wouldn't have any of that power left in him.


 Wobbling, Garunzest's body leans and falls forward.

 <The source of his root was cut to pieces by the and continues to burn.

 Striking his body on the ground, Garunzest, with an expression of disbelief, looks at the residue of the .

'It seems your protective path was still lacking.

 Shin tucked the Flowing Collapse Sword into the storage magic circle and drew his treasure sword, Ailuarou, instead.

''The path Hyphoria is taking may be the same.

 The sword flashes drew a pentagram, and Garnzest was enclosed in the gem.