618-Witch weapon

 Inside the Badyloua Workshop ship.

 The long, red-black five claws - lion-black claws (shishikoku-so) Angelv was being received by Eleonor's wards.

 Bobonga's magic power is tremendous, and you can hear the creaking sound of the creaking.
 If he gingerly applied his strength, more cracks would appear.

 It could break through at any time.

"Just for now--

 Eleonor speaks to Bellamy behind him.

 You can see the sky through the huge hole Bobonga has made. The silver-water ship is studded with demons, and the hunting aristocrats are fighting back in the face of their sheer size.

 It's only a matter of time before the ship falls. It's just a matter of time before the ship falls.

We should join forces to fight off the lion and demons. If we don't do something, we'll all get hurt.

It'll be easy to join forces, won't it?

 Bellamy says with a sarcastic look on his face.

'And what do you do after that? You want to start a "we" or "you" or "you"?

There's no after.

 Eleonor replied as he stared at the black claws that were trying to break through the wards.

''Our brave men and the Demon Lord will surely stop this war before then.

It's a good thing to trust the head of your own world. "It's a good thing to believe in the head of your own world. Hiforia believes that she can hunt the plague, and Iwezeino is going to eat Hiforia. We're not going to take it easy.


Why are you babbling on about it?

 Red-black particles swirled with Bobonga's voice, and the black claw's magical power increased.

''You may die all together! Small fry!

 The shattered into pieces as the Angelv penetrated the wards.

 Eleonor, Ennezone, and Bellamy were on the verge of evading the black claws.

''Bellamy, we are...!

'Zecia is.......sweet......but I like it.......!

 Unarmed, Zesia flies through the air and plunges into Bobonga.

 He grins, his lion-black claw angervu glowing.


 Without even listening to Bellamy's restraint, Zesia accelerated further.

 Black-green flames are scattered over a wide area. Zecia flew in a wide detour to avoid it and landed on the floor. She charges at Bobonga as she dives into it.

 Bellamy drew a magic circle and thrust his hand into it.

'Reality ... not so sweet ... then ...'

 The magic power builds up in his fist and Zesia runs.


 A moment's interplay, Bobonga's lion black claw angervu stabbed into Zesia's chest.

 As if to lower his gulp, Bobonga peeked out a smile.

''You kid. Don't think you're going to die easily. Double the amount of licking and rotten imitation you did in the rank and file battle--''

 He starts to say, and his gaze turns stern.

 Light spills out of Zesia's chest.
 Several holy swords were blocking Bobonga's black claws.

''Lick........I don't......!

 Kicking off the black claws with her foot, Zesia bounced back and put her feet on the floor.

 In her right hand, she held a holy sword that glowed in scarlet.

 Compared to that of the shallow layer world, it possessed an order of magnitude more magical power. It was the blade forged by the Blacksmithing World Birdilure as its former head, the witch of the Yorozu Workshop.

''You can't beat a child at all.

 With a sigh, Bellamy said.
 She threw the holy sword over to Zesia in the nick of time.

'What about it? You old b*tc*!

 Bobonga opens his mouth and draws a magic circle there.

 Along with the magic circle drawn with both hands, he fired wildly at Bellamy, Eleonor, and Zecia with the , the , the , the , the .

 When Zecia held the scarlet holy sword, dozens of holy swords were replicated in the air and flew in the air as if they were dancing.

''You're a green young man, aren't you? Don't lick the old man.''

 The black-green flames released in another direction were cut off by Zesia's holy sword in every way. 

''The Scarlet Xiang Gleaming Sword (Hishoukouken) Enhaletia. Bobonga, I'll teach you a lesson. The true power of the Iron Fireman.

 Zesia kicked the ground.

'I'm going........!

 As the enharetia in her hand shone, dozens of replicated swords spun around and flew through the air, encircling Bobonga.

 In the case of the Sacred Sword of Light Enharetia used to use in the past, she could only move the replicated swords properly by making them work in conjunction with her movements.

 However, the Scarlet Xiang Gleaming Sword Enharetia that Bellamy had reforged flew as if each of them had a will.

''I'm telling you that's not the case!

 Bobonga grabbed the replicated sword of light with the lion's right arm and crushed it with a gagging grip.

'He'll twist and crush every last bit of it.

 One after another, duplicate swords slashed at Bobonga, but none of them were blocked by his right arm. Zesia moved around while holding the enharetia, looking for an opening for him.

 For a few seconds, when the battle had reached a stalemate, Bellamy flashed his magic eye as if on alert.

 The phantoms outside were about to board the workshop ship.


 From the magic circle, Bellamy pulls out a scarlet flag.
 The stick is as long as a spear.

"Sword in Armor, Sword in Banner, Miseion. It's your weapon of choice. If you look into the abyss, the banner will teach you how to use it.

 Eleonor takes the mizeion offered to him.

"Giving it to you is a terrible gamble, but hey...

 Once Bobonga is defeated, Bellamy and Eleonor will be completely hostile to each other.
 It wouldn't be a good idea to hand over their weapons for later.

 Taking that risk, she took the gamble.

''I'll stop you, I swear!

 One of the phantom tribe has boarded the workshop ship.

 It extended its ferocious claws and approached Zesia, who was facing Bobonga, from behind.

''I'm going to go!

 The flag swung down, drawing a scarlet magic circle.

 It curved the space and blew the phantom tribe out of the workshop ship.

 However, one after another, the phantasmagoric tribe boarded the ship through the gaping hole.
 There were roughly twenty of them. Behind them, there were more than one hundred demons and five tortoises in the sky.

 As soon as they perceived Eleonor as an enemy, they immediately attacked him.



 <One hundred and twenty-two storks flew up from the womb of Ennesone Eleonor. Ennesone's body shines and the wings on his back extend farther and farther.

''Eucharistic Refinement (Eriol).

 The stork's wings descend on the thousand holy water balls that appear, and girls that look very much like Zesia are born.

 There are about 200 of them.

"I'm going to fight off the demons, Ginarena!

 Eleonor flapped the military flag in his hand wide.

 As the flag seemed to glow scarlet, the body of the glowed in the same color.

 What the Armored Sword Army Banner produced was a scarlet holy sword and holy armor.
 Each sword and armor glowed in resonance with the other swords and armor.

''Gunzei Gaikeng, Misei Orios. The more the wavelength of magic is tuned in, the more the number of tuned in swords and armor, the more powerful they become. It is the ideal armament for a puppet master.

Do it!

 Two hundred Ginarena dolls attacked the Phantom Demons all at once.

 Of course, each of them are more powerful than the Phantom Demons of the deep world. However, even so, Bellamy's armoured sword, Miseiorios, was still powerful.

 Even if it is defeated, the Pseudo Noriki Dolls (Ginarena), which can produce magic as long as it is still in the possession of its magical power, abandoned themselves and approached the demons and quickly defeated them with the sword of Miseiolios.

''I'll drive out the phantom tribe on the silver water ship too!

 <Using the Eriol, Eleonor sent them to the Silver Water Ship, creating more Pseudo-Christian Dolls (Ginarena).

 A total of one hundred thousand of them.
 If there were that many of them, the war situation in this area could be reversed.

 The problem was--.


 Bobonga gathers magic power in his black fingernails.

 Duplicate swords of the Enhaletia are thrust into his body one after another, but the black-green blood corrodes them and doesn't seem to care.

''Don't get carried away, you mooks!

 The red-black magic power concentrated and it drew a magic circle.
 The workshop ship rattled and fragments of the ceiling rained down.

 <An grade magic power was about to be unleashed.

''Xecia, don't let it fire!

 Swinging down the armoured sword military flag Mizeon, Eleonor drew a magic circle. <The magic power of the Root Source Nativity Mother's Womb (Enne-One Eleonor) was gathered.

''Sanctuary Feather Cutthroat Cannon (Enne Trias)!

 The stork's wings danced and a shell of light shot out. It hit Bobonga's banked belly, but the black-green blood still corroded it.

 It wasn't without damage.

 But he threw away his defenses and focused on exercising his great magic.

''I won't........!

 Zesia dives in and skewers one bobonga after another with her replicated sword. Blinding it, she leaps up and flashes a real-life enhancer in both of his eyes.

 But just in time, she lowers herself down and Bobonga dodges it.
 It was only a few hairs that were cut off.

''It's because you cut off my hair, you g--ga--gah!

 Bellamy jumped down from his dead spot and used his full strength to smash the magic coal and the magic hammer into his brain.

 <The magic coal burns up vigorously with the "Dantan Renka" and the flames scorch the source of the guy through the wound.

 However, he still doesn't fall down, smiling eerily as he bleeds.
 There was a completed magic circle in its black claws.

 The magic power is raging and red-black particles overflow out in a thud.

''The Lion's Disaster Abyss Destruction Black Ball (Becerra Endo Anzeos).

 The magic of destruction has been shot.