619-Trump doll

'Zecia! Fly!

 At the same time as Eleonor's words, Zesia jumped up in
 Eleonor quickly drew a magic circle.

 As the wings of the stork danced, the sacred barrier against the demons became a wall for Zecia.

 However, Bobonga's Black Ball (Besella Enudo Anzeos) destroyed the barrier and pressed on to Zecia.

 As Xessia continued to run away, Bobonga raised his deformed right arm and tried to extend his black claws.

''Hm. Did you think you could escape?''

Don't look at me like that.

 With a thud, magic coal shot into Bobonga's body, and Bellamy swung his magic chase wide.

''-- !

 The flames envelop Bobonga and scorch his body.
 But he doesn't falter.

'Get out of the way!'

 The deformed right arm is waved in a horizontal cleave as if it were squeezing. When Bellamy dodges it by jumping back, Eleonor's
 Even though he was hit by all of them, Bobonga extended his lion's black claw with all his strength.

''Heavy Devil's Hammer, the secret is four--''

 With a ding, Bellamy's foot slams into the floor.
 The weight of that magic mallet rapidly amplifies.

''Heavy striking kneading sword!

 In the black claw, a magic mallet was swung down and slammed into the floor.

''Nuh, goo........!

 Bobonga exerts himself to lift his right arm.

 However, the black claw held down by the mallet is unable to move, as if it were carrying a tremendous amount of weight.

"Don't cut off your right arm, Eleonor!


 Four "Ginarena" dolls are created, armed with the armoured sword Mizeioriorios.


 The dolls came straight down from above and swung their swords down at Bobonga's shoulders.

 He met them with his left arm.


 Fresh blood was scattered.

 The two  The blades sliced through flesh, reaching to the bone, but not yet to sever.

''You little fish!''

 A rattling and trembling sounded, and the right arm, which should have been held down by the heavy mallet, moved slightly. With a grim expression on his face, Bellamy wielded his magic and physical strength and tried to hold it down. In the next moment, the heavy mallet shattered into pieces.

 Bobonga spins his whole body and flicks off the two that were attached to him.

You first, kid! They'll pay for the pecking order!

 With a bizarre obsession, Bobonga glares at Zesia in the sky above.

 She continues to avoid the . No matter how much anti-magic is destroyed and how many times it is avoided, that black ball will relentlessly chase her everywhere.

 It probably won't stop until it destroys its target.

 Bobonga thrusts his right arm out in the direction of Zesia's progress as he flees at full speed.

 From the black deformed right arm, a black claw extended languidly and grazed Zecia's side.
 Bright red blood poured down from the sky like rain.


 Eleonor screamed and went to her rescue.

 At the same time, Bellamy threw a certain object at Zesia.

''--Use it!''

 Zesia catches the object that flew at her.
 It's a red straw doll. It was wrapped with a disastrous steel wire.

I've embedded Bobonga's hair in it. If you hammer a nail into that thing--

 When Zesia landed on the ground, Bobonga plunged into her as if to say she was waiting for her.

 The is pouring down from overhead, destroying the several wards that Eleonor has put up.

''Don't think you can escape,''

Running away...

 One of the duplicate swords that had been flying in the air turned into a five-inch nail, and the Scarlet Xiangling Sword Enhaletia that Zesia was holding in her hand turned into a hammer along with the light.


 The red straw doll's shoulder - a five-inch nail in the base of her right arm, and Zesia hammered as hard as she could.


 And then the red straw doll raises a voice that sounds familiar from somewhere.
 At the same time.


 Bobonga's legs stopped as he was making a mad rush.
 Blood was pouring out of the base of his right arm.

'The Parrington doll's curse will work, won't it? After all, the source of the former head of Luzendolt is the material - hey!

 Quickly, Bellamy ejected the magic coal from the magic circle.

 Bobonga turned around and opened his mouth wide.


 <The Disaster Flame Industry Fire Burning Cannon (Ziol Bezgum) swallowed the magic coal and a huge explosion occurred. Bellamy, who quickly put up an anti-magic, was blown away however.


 Once again, Zesia drives a five-inch nail into the Parrington doll, and blood flows out of the base of Bobonga's arm.

''Gu, noooo........so what's the matter with that.......!

 He didn't care and stuck out his injured right arm.

 The black claws of the Lion of Perdition extend. Zesia tried to evade it as quickly as possible, but it was slightly slow. Its right chest was pierced mercilessly.


 Red blood bled.
 Black claws pierced her roots.

'I've got you. I've got you. It's over.

 With a merciless pronouncement, Bobonga looked slightly above his head. All of Eleonor's was shattered, and the descended.

 Zesia, who was pierced by the black claws, has no way to avoid it.


 Desperately, Eleonor flies through the air, but it can't keep up with the Black Sphere of Perdition.


 While being sewn up by the black claws, Zesia raises her hammer.

 However, the was faster.
 It fiercely bared its fangs into the young body, with a hint of cold destruction in the air.

 A black light flashed and darkness covered the ship's interior.

 If the lion black claw angervu pierced its root source and its black ball of doom struck directly, it would be completely destroyed.

 However, Zesia was safe.


 Bellamy, who jumped in between, used his entire body as a shield to catch the .

 The anti-magic, the anti-magic that was strung out, shattered easily and blood poured out of Bellamy's entire body.
 The black ball that took a direct hit rampaged through her body, destroying its roots in a crumpled mess.

 Her destruction is at hand.
 Despite this, Bellamy smiled wryly.

''Well you got it........''

 With fighting spirit in her eyes, Zesia swung the hammer down as hard as she could.
 All possible magic power was concentrated there.

 As the five-inch nail pierced even deeper into the Parrington doll, Bobonga's deformed right arm flew off from the base with an eerie scream.

 The duplicate swords of Enhaletia flying in the air pierced through the detached right arm and Bobonga's body one after another.


 Wobbling, Bobonga's body tilted and fell to the floor.

 Quickly, Eleonor's wards surrounded the deformed right arm and Bobonga in layers, isolating them both.

 Bobonga couldn't move.
 He put all of his strength into his body and tried to shake off the restraints, but his injured body couldn't break the wards.


 The lion's right arm, which had been cut off, still moved.
 In an attempt to break the warding, a black-green magic power was emitted.


 As Zesia drove a five-inch nail into the Parrington doll, the deformed right arm slowed its movements. Immediately, Eleonor layered the wards on top of each other.


 With his blood-rushed demon eyes, Bobonga glared resentfully at Zesia.
 Her expression was tainted with humiliation.

''My dear...! 


 A hammer was shot and a five-inch nail pierced the Parrington doll.


 Furthermore, multiple layers of Eleonor's wards were layered on top of each other, and even their voices were cut off.

 If they continued to use the Parrington puppet and continue to re-stretch the wards, they would be able to neutralize it for a while.

''.........Oh dear.......''

 With a thud, he sat down on the spot and Bellamy fell on his back.

 By separating his right arm, the disappeared and he was barely able to survive.

 However, the root cause of the injury caused by the power of the Lion of Perdition would not recover quickly.
 Any more battles would be impossible.

''I'm getting old.......I'm getting ya'll....

 When the approached Zesia, Bobonga's right arm was already on the verge of being detached.

 With Bellamy's power, it would have been possible to do that alone.

 If only he could leave Zesia to die.


 Thoughtfully, Zesia ran up to Bellamy.

 Eleonor softly descended from the sky.

"...you've won...

 Bellamy said.

But playing bobonga with me won't make a difference. It's just going to cause more damage.

''We'll win everything. The Lion of Perdition, the Five Holy Kings, the Holy King, the Blessed Sacred Heavenly Host and the Calamity, they'll all be defeated. Our people will defeat them all.

 Kokuri Zesia nods and holds up her enharetia.


 With a wounded body, she turns on her heel.

 The battle outside is not yet over.

 Eleonor turned her gaze to the in battle on the silver water ship and raised the armored sword military flag, Miseon.

''No matter what kind of enemy we're up against, our Demon King's Army is always undefeated.