620-Snow falling from heaven

 Dark clouds and white rainbows cross the sky...

 Sasha and Misha, one of the Five Holy Barons, were facing the Marquis of Legheim.

 In the distant black skies, the giant battleships of the magic bullet world of Ehrenesia were setting their sights on Kostoria, who was trapped in an ice cocoon.

 Both the Legheim and the black-sky battleship in front of them, both showed no signs of moving, and they remained in wait, as if waiting for the two to emerge.


 Misha nodded in response to Sasha's voice.

 The appeared in Sasha's eyes, and the appeared in Misha's eyes, and its magical power shook the airspace.



 A dark sun wheel and a silvery white moon appeared in the sky. They slowly overlapped each other, and the < Sun of Ruin>Sarge Eldnave was chipped away.

 Black skies. Multiple magic circles were deployed on the battleship's main gun. A vast amount of magical power gathers there, and blue particles ripple out.

 The sights of the main gun are aimed at the two authority moons and the sun.

 The blue magic bullets that were released flew in a straight line with a roaring sound and pierced the Sun of Ruin and the Moon of Creation.

 The moon and the sun became magical particles as if they had lost their strength and were disintegrating into pieces.

 As soon as he saw the opportunity, Legheim moved.

''Holy Supremacy Demonology (Liments).''

 Countless magic lines run around him. They are reminiscent of roads, intricately intertwined to form a certain shape.

 Two gates.
 To be precise, it was a magic circle in the shape of a gate.

''My magic path creates the enemy's demon gate.

 He raised his crossed holy sword as if to superimpose it on the magic circle at the gate.

''Demon Gate Destruction God Ice (Aieleks)!

 Legheim swung his holy sword down.

 The pure white ice and snow shot out with great force towards Sasha. She glares at its magic with her .


 Misha says.

 <The Demon Destruction God Ice (Aieleks) didn't even bother with the Demon Eye of Doom, and pressed in front of Sasha's eyes.

''Ice Shield!''

 Misha intervened between them, and the ice shield created by blocked the white ice and snow.

 Without a moment's pause, Legheim charged in.

''Demon Creation Divine Flame (Orthoflare)!

 <White flames shot out from the Gate Magic Formation of the Sacred High Demon Dao (Liments) and clung to the crossed holy swords.
 When he swung it down, the ice shield was easily severed and Misha's chest was slashed open.


 <At the , Kisu Sasha glares at him. Although Legheim is momentarily burned by the black sun, the white ice immediately freezes it.

 <It's the Demon Gate Destruction God Ice (Airex).
 Paraplegic and ice snow falls from Legheim's body.

 Misha and Sasha retreated heavily and got away from him.

''The magic circle at the gate will create our weakness.

 Misha said while directing his divine eye at the magician's circle of the gate of the that Legheim is deploying.

It's a good thing that you can't get through with ordinary powers," she said. It cannot be broken through with normal authority.

It's tricky. As long as we're being held overhead by an Elenesian battleship, we can't use the .

 <It will take some time for the total solar eclipse of the Creation Moon and the Sun of Doom to occur.
 Before that, the battleship's main guns would fire on both sides.

 In the world of Militia, they would have been able to withstand it, but here, their order could not be fully demonstrated.

 On top of that--

"The Magic Deep Discharge Wave Gun

 As soon as the two men stopped, a magical bombardment was released from the Elenesia's battleship. The magic bullets, which are powerful enough to gouge the earth and change the terrain, are aimed straight at Kostoria.


I know!

 Sasha, who flew as if she had been shot out, lifted the ice cocooned Kostoria with her magic power, and it was out of the line of fire of the magic bullets.

I knew it was coming!

 Sasha stared at the "Demon's Gate of Creation Flame" that was shot at Misha and annihilated it with the Devil's Eye.

 The Demon Flame, which specializes in Misha's weaknesses, is vulnerable to Sasha's authority. However, perhaps anticipating this, Legheim was rushing towards Misha.

''There is no way to escape from my magic path.

 The shield made with creation magic was ineffective.
 Misha quickly put up anti-magic and magic barriers on the spur of the moment.

''Holy ten swords, the secret is lacquer--''

 The holy sword twinkled and a flash of crosses raced by.

''-- !

 Anti-magic and magical barriers were slashed and fresh blood scattered from Misha's five bodies. Sasha's eyes were dyed with anger and she rushed into Legheim.

 <Although she unleashed the Eye of Doom, it was drowned out by the Demon Gate Destruction God Ice (Aieleks).
 Sasha flew at the pure white ice, which was still closing in on her, and sent the ice cocooned costoria flying.

 The cocoon of ice cannot be stopped by Misha's authority, the "Demon Destructive Divine Ice (Aieleks)".

 Continuing to plunge into it, Sasha draws a magic circle on her right hand. It's a magic magic formula that incorporates the --.


 She thrust her jet-black fingertips out to Legheim.

 <With the Holy Ten Swords clad in the Demon Gate Destruction God Ice (Aieleks), he receives the attack.
 However, the power of the attack is very competitive.

"Other than the power of the God of Destruction, it seems that this isn't an evil gate.

If you like, I can build you that magic gate too.

 Turning his magical eye on Sasha's , Legheim again deploys his , the Holy High Magic Way.

 The moment countless magic lines ran, Snow Moon Flower became a blizzard and attacked. Legheim retreated and dispelled the snow and moonflakes with .

''Misha, are you alright?

 Sasha approaches her sister's side while pulling Kostoria closer with
''........The wound is shallow. But.........

 Misha's chest, which had been slashed by the secret depths of the Holy Ten Swords, had a cross scar on it.
 And there was a bright white light running through it.

''You are all poor lambs who have wandered into the hunting grounds.

 Legheim says while holding up his holy sword wide.

''You will never escape.''

 As if in resonance with the Holy Ten Swords, the cross scars on Misha shone brightly.

 Then, a myriad of cross lights appeared around the two of them. Up, down, left and right, it completely blocked their path and turned into a cage to confine their prey.

 Furthermore, the Sacred Supreme Demon Dao (Remembrance) Gate Demon Law Formation appeared in all of those cross lights.

''This is the [Hunting Ground Cross]

 <The Demon Gate Creation God Flame (Orthoflare) and the Demon Gate Destruction God Ice (Aielex) appeared one after another from the Gate Demon Law Formation and covered the cage of light.

 And the cage began to narrow around Misha and Sasha. The pure white ice snow and flames intertwined with the snow and flames were getting closer and closer to the two of them.

 Even if Misha blows snow and moonflakes and Sasha scorches it with the black sun, the cage does not budge.

 Sasha gently took Misha's hand.

''I'll pry it open with
 Nodding her head, Misha looked up at the top of her head.

'That's the thinnest part, right there.'

 Sasha tightened her grip on her hand.

 A moment later, they plunged straight to the top of the cage.
 Sasha's fingertips turn jet black. <To the thinnest part of the , she strikes with all her strength.


 There was a buzzing sound and a flurry of white fire and snow. She gritted her teeth and pushed her arms into the air gingerly, thrusting her jet-black claws into the air.


 A black fingertip pierced the cage and I could see the sky slightly.

 The sky was filled with dark clouds.

''Demonic Deep Flowing Wave Artillery (Berenizia Noin)''

 The main gun was fired from the Elenesia's battleship.

 Blue magic bullets poured down from far away and shot through the two people who were trying to get out of the cage with the entire Hunting Ground Cross.

 A blue light exploded and stirred the atmosphere.

 A storm of wind and flames swirled around and blew the whole area away.


 With the blood descending from the holy sword, Legheim flipped his body around.

 If he tried to descend as it was--.

I'm sorry.


 The moment he turns around, both of Legheim's hands and feet are frozen by the Snow Moon Flower.

''Did I think it would end with a single cannon shot?''

 He saw the two girls standing in the center of the blast flames.
 Their uniforms were tattered, and although they were injured, it wasn't so much as a fatal wound.


 Wearing white flames all over his body, Legheim melted the ice of the Snow Moon Flower.

''Demon Creation God Flame (Ortho-Flare), Demon Destruction God Ice (Aielekus)!

 As soon as he unfreezes and gets free, he shoots out white fire and white ice and snow.

 The twin sisters who greeted him were holding each other's hands.

''Deep Demon Ice (Shade).''


 <A deep magic that incorporates does not deepen, these two magics come at the top of the list when using the .

 Even so, it's not powerful enough to approach the Sacred Sword World's Great Deep Magic.

 However, there is more to these women--

Jae Geum.

 By combining magic power of different wavelengths, a strong magical reaction is created, and the basic fusion magic, called mixed assimilation, raises the original magic power more than tenfold.

 <The deepened deep mark (drum) is incorporated, which combines the deep magic with the deep magic incorporated in it, creating a magic reaction that is an order of magnitude higher.

 The magic that served as a barrier against the previous "Demonic Deep Flowing Wave Artillery (Berenizia Noin)" was

"[Deep Demon Ice Demon Flame Conflict Wave]!

 The flame that hides the darkness and the ice that harbors the demon intersect.

 The magic wave of a single silvery ice flame swallowed the Demon Gate Creator Flame (Ortho-Flair) and Demon Gate Destruction Ice (Aielex) that Legheim unleashed, destroying the Demon Gate Demon Law Formation of the Sacred High Magic Way (Liments) to pieces.


 The voice was drowned out by the imminent ice flames, and the swallowed Legheim.
 Its entire body was frozen at the same time as it was burned, and even its root source suffered frostbite and burns at once. The freezing and burning had been repeated many times in an instant.

 <The was powerful, but Legheim's could create that weakness.

 Hence, the two of them were hiding their hands until the last minute.

 Legheim, who was hit by a direct hit of magic and fell, was unable to even take a passive position and crashed hard into the ground.

 As if he had let go of his consciousness, he fell there limply.

'Cocoon of Ice.'

 With a snap, Misha blinked twice and the covered Legheim in a cocoon.

 This will make it impossible to resist for a while.

 Just then, there was a cracking sound of ice.
 When Sasha turned around as if in a state of shock, she saw that Kostoria's arm had been thrust out, breaking the cocoon of ice.

''You did it.........''

 A displeased voice sounded, and Kostoria opened her hand.
 Inside, there was an eyeball. It's a lion's magic eye.

 It is the Naga's annihilation magic.
 <The magical eye of transcription is the duplicate of the Naga's annihilation magic.

 At close range, Sasha shines the Doomsday Demon Eye. But it is slightly slow.

 Just as the doomsday magic was about to be released, the floating lion's magical eye suddenly froze.

 With a flutter, a flutter, a snow and moon flower descended from the heavens, and the outstretched hand of Kostoria was frozen.


 Her voice of frustration is shut off and she is once again trapped in an icy cocoon.

 The she is currently transcribing is the black water of destruction.

 Its effects can be widespread, and if she uses it while trapped, she is in danger of destroying herself as well.

 Moreover, Kostoria is not the original user.
 As long as she is in the ice, she can't shoot without a fight.


 Curiously, Sasha turned to her sister.

 She flew to her side and shook her head from side to side with a shake.

'It wasn't me.'


 Misha couldn't afford to use the snow and moon flower.
 But it had indeed fallen from the sky and protected Sasha.

 They looked up above them.

 Far out in the black skies, the Elesia battleship that should have been there had taken off out of the silver bubble.