621-Fake power

 On the shell of the Wicked Turtle--

 Naga jumped back as she grazed her cheek with the that Misa held out.

 Without hesitation, Misa stepped forward, her jet-black fingertips closing in on Naga's eyes. She grabbed her wrist and held it down with the power of the Lion of Perdition.

''So the magic of the can't disappear when it attacks.

 Naga said as she just barely tightened her grip on Misa's wrist.

'What's wrong with that?'

 Releasing magic power from the fingertips of the grabbed hand, Missa drew a magic circle.

 It's a good idea to be able to have a good time with your friends.

''The Holy Cannon Cross-Headed Bullet (Lael Fenon).

 A holy cross shell hit Naga and exploded with a flourish. Her arms, which had been protecting her head, were burnt to a crisp as her counter-magic on the spur of the moment didn't make it in time.

 Without a moment's pause, Misa fires a series of .

 While jumping back, Naga deployed her anti-magic. The cross shells landed one after another and their defenses were chipped away.


 The lion's left leg glowed jet black. As Naga kicked her leg out to the side like a whip, the black water blade flew towards the mass.

 <If you hide and dodge it with the Deep Evil Play Divine Hiding, the Lion's Disaster Abyss Annihilation Water Blade (Allo Zestat) strikes the carapace of the disaster turtle.

 Sputtering, the shell was cut off at an angle.

 As if searching for the mass that had disappeared from existence, Naga flashed his magic eye.

''You received a blessing magic from the Celebration Holy Heavenly Lord.

 It's a good thing that you're able to do this.

It's true that the Sacred Cannon Crossing Bullet is effective against us as well. But no matter how much you are a spirit born from the lore of Anos, lore is still lore. Even if you add the Blessing of the Celebrated Celestial Lord, it's still nothing compared to the Lion of Perdition.

 Misa didn't answer, looking for an opening for Naga.

 She said as if she could see right through it.

'You're waiting for Anos, right? I think he's going to get us out of this situation if we just buy ourselves some time. I doubt it will work out so well.

 Naga lightly raised the lion's left leg and drew dozens of magic circles around it.

''Even if you don't uncover that spirit magic trick, I don't really have to go along with you.

 Her gaze is directed at the Demon King train that is slowly circling the airspace.

 Like a rainstorm, a series of black-green flames were shot out.

 A cog cannon was released from the Demon King train, but the difference in its own power was too great. The black-green flames swallowed up the carriage without defying the barrage.

 The flames rolled up with a thunderous sound.
 However, in the next moment, Naga's gaze turned grim.

 <The Disaster Flame Industrial Fire Scorching Cannon (Ziol Bezgum) was slashed through.

 The ones who appeared on the other side were the Ginalena Dolls armed with the Sword in Armor Miseiolios.

 They were sent by Eleonor, who saw that the place was lacking in strength.

 <They are positioned above and below the Demon King's train, on both sides of the train, keeping an eye out for the silver water ships of the Naga, the plague turtles and the hunting nobles.

''Did you think the Demon King's ship would be easy to drop?''

 Naga turns around at the voice that echoes from behind her.
 But it's a decoy echoed by magic.

 Misa, who appeared in the opposite direction, thrusts the fingertips of at Naga's back.
 With her back turned, she folded her upper body and with the left leg of the Black Lion, she kicked it up.

 A cannonball of holy crosses shot out of Mass's left hand. Naga flipped and blocked it with the anti-magic of her right hand.

'You have no tricks, impostor.

 Naga's left leg touches Missa's chin. Backing away, Misa dodged it.

 At the same time as she thrusts out her left hand , Naga's leg, which was kicked up, falls off her heels.

 A thunderous sound resounded, and Naga's heel kicked off Misa's left arm.
 The arm was stained with bright red blood and a large hole was drilled into the shell of the disaster turtle.

'It's going to be useless for a while,'

Not really.

 <With the magic of , Misa created a sword and gripped it with her bloody left hand.
 The Naga jumped up and unleashed a spinning kick. While defending herself with the sword, Misa retreats back, but the tip of the sword is shattered as she dares.

 With the momentum, Naga spins around. This time, a kick from the prosthetic leg struck Missa.

 When the Sword of the Masses was regenerated, it immediately released a holy glow. <The Deep Sacred Separation (Rhyd), which was deepened by the , had created a holy sword of the deep world class.

 With that sword, when the prosthetic leg was received, the blade slightly bit into it.

 Naga kicked Misa's body with her black lion's leg while floating in the air.

 Unafraid, she swung out the holy sword that was bitten into the ankle of her prosthetic leg.

 The severed prosthetic leg flew through the air, and the kicked-off mass bounced a few times over the shell. A black bruise floated across her chest where the Lion of Perdition had struck a blow.

 After landing, Naga dives into the fallen Misa, as if to say that her prosthetic leg was only somewhat shorter.

''Spirit magic--''

 An enormous amount of magical power is released from Misa's body.

 She has a tradition of the tyrannical demon king and has inherited the power of the great genie Reno, but it is a magic formula that she cannot fully control, even though she wields her magic and spirit. It is a great magic that mimics the power of the spirits of the deep world.


 A wooden letter and a brush appeared in Misa's hand, which was held by the Heavenly Life Spirit King Dionatek. Missa quickly wrote on the wooden letter.

 Wound worsening, he said.

 Instantly, a crack appeared on Naga's prosthetic leg as she jumped in.


 Black-green blood gushed out of his right leg as the wound spread, and Naga was slammed onto his shell.

 Loosely, Misa gets up.

 The wound on Missa's chest, which was kicked by the lion of doom, has also spread and blood is pouring out.

 But Naga's wound is deeper.

 The effect of the wound on the prosthetic leg would not be so great.
 Misa aimed at the lion's right leg, which Ray had wounded with the Spirit Godman Sword. The Spirit Godman Sword is a holy sword used to destroy the Lion of Perdition. Once that wound is opened, it will no longer be able to display its true power.

''I've won!''

 Mass pointed the Holy Sword of the Deep Sacred Separation (Rhyd) at the Naga crawling on the ground.

'What do you think?'

 Naga smiles, as if the game is not yet won.

 Misa loosely raised her holy sword and swung it at him.

 There is a roar that pierces the ears with a jizzy jizzy. Naga had caught the blow with the lion's left leg.

''Did you think you couldn't move anymore?''

 She falls over with both hands and dispenses the holy sword with her legs.

 She spins the lion's legs around in an inverted position, aiming at the slightly staggered mass.

 Reacting to that magic, Misa disappeared in . However, the Naga closed its eyes, as if it had already seen through the seed.

 If you look at it, the power of the spirit that disappears from existence won't be activated if you don't see it. At the same time as Misa's figure appears, Naga's kick is released.

''--Destroying Water Blade (zestat)>tttt!

 A blade of black water that contained the power of destruction gleamed. The vicious left leg, which was so vicious that it could even cut off space, hit Misa.

''--You pretended not to notice that your figure was hidden only when you were looking at it in order to ensure that this blow was struck, right?

 Naga, who opened her eyes, her gaze soured slightly.

 , Mass had received it with the Holy Sword.

 No matter how she used
 Softly, Misa smiled and drew a magic circle.

 Poof, poof, poof, and there the rain begins to fall.

''With the excellent sword, the Heavenly Life Spirit King Dionatek, and the blessing of the Celebrating Holy Heavenly Lord, now, what do you think you can do?

 The figure of Mass turned into a mist and disappeared.

 Immediately, a downpour of rain poured down.

 Even though Naga stared into the magic eye, she couldn't discern where Misa was.

 From each drop of that rain, he could see the magic power of Misa.
 Naga tried to break away from the rainy place immediately, putting all her strength into the lion's left leg and kicking it as hard as she could.

 Naga flying like an arrow. However, at that moment, the raindrops that fell from above his head turned into a mass.

''The correct answer is--the Spirit God Human Sword Evans Mana.

 A flash.

 The holy sword wielded by Misa increased in power by and slashed the base of Naga's left leg.

''........Ah, gah, ah, ah, ah!

 The lion's left leg is cut off and a large amount of blood gushes out of the Naga.

 It is not black-green, but red.
 The blood of the lion of perdition, overflowing from the source, is sealed in.

Though they are all imitations, nothing more than fictions.

 The holy sword forged by Bellamy, the witch of the Yorozu Workshop, was inhabited by Dionatek, the Spirit King of Heavenly Fate, and was born through the blessing of Saint Evansmana, the authority of the Celebrated Holy Heavenly Lord Eife, the Sword of the Spirit God and Man, Evansmana.

 Misa made the holy sword of and superimposed the blessing of the Celebrated Holy Heavenly Lord that he had received beforehand.

 By doing so, he was able to recreate the pseudo Spiritual God and Human Sword Evans Mana.

 Of course, its power was several levels inferior to the real thing.
 Nevertheless, it was still powerful enough for the wounded Lion of Perdition.

''--You are less than an imposter, aren't you?

 There was no longer even enough strength left to fly, or the Naga fell in the direction of Ewezeino.