622-Two promises

 On the silver water ship, the magical bombardment was concentrated.

 The Barzalondo squadron is putting up a barrage of arrow bullets and deploying anti-magic and magical barriers. But in terms of physical quantity, they are overwhelmingly outnumbered.
 The anti-magic and magical barriers are being chipped away and countless holes are opening up. The flames and arrows are hitting them, and the damage to the ship's hull is increasing.

 I'm going to be the first to say that I'm going to be the first to say that I'm going to be the first to say that I'm going to be the first to say that I'm going to be the first to say that I'm going to be the first to say that I'm going to be the first to say that I'm going to be the first to say that I'm going to be the first to say that I'm going to be the first to say that I'm going to be the first to say that I'm going to be the first to say that I'm going to be the first to say that I'm going to be the first to say that I'm going to be the first to say that I'm going to be the first to say that I'm going to be the first to say that I'm going to be the first to say that I'm going to be the first to say that I'm going to be the first to say that I'm going to be the first to say that I'm going to be the last. He closes in on the giant turtles and Hyphorian ships, dropping them under a single blow.

 But there is no end to it.

 Since they are on the front lines, both Eavesino and Hyphoria are sending in their forces one after another. No matter how powerful the Spiritual God and Human Sword, which has demonstrated its true value, Ray's magic power won't be able to last if he drops everything.

''- Mainmast repair complete!

 A voice rises from Balzarondo's ship.
 The main mast that was hit has been recreated with the sailors' creation magic.

 Balzalondo immediately gives the order.

"Turn your course to Iwezeino. Full speed ahead!

Yes, sir!

 The silver water ship steered wide.
 In that direction was Rey, who had dropped the disaster turtle.

 As the ship approached, he landed on the bow.

''We're heading to the . On that side, the hunting nobles can't bypass the hunting nobles to come after us. The more we attract the beasts, the more the conflict should slow down.

 Barzalondo says to Ray.

'It's a gamble as to whether or not the Phantom Tribe will come after us, though?

'The ship won't last long anyway. If we don't do something about the wicked Isaac before he falls, we won't be able to stop this war.

 With the sails full, the silver water ship accelerated.

 The main mast has been repaired, but the hull is already in tatters. The sailors are desperately working on first aid, but there is a limit to what they can fix in the middle of battle.

 The phantom tribe standing in front of us is showering us with a concentrated fire of fire. The ship creaks and creaks even at its own speed, though it fends them off by concentrating its counter-magic.

 It would be doubtful that they would even be able to reach the plague.

 But still, Barzalondo is looking straight ahead.
 As if in response to his thoughts, the silver water ship increased its speed rapidly and broke through the siege of the phantom tribe.

 The ship sailed at full speed and passed through a large rainbow of dark clouds.

 Passing through the merging area where the two worlds intersected, they entered the realm of Ewezeino.

 The cold air, so cold that even magic barriers and anti-magic couldn't prevent it, chilled the interior of the silver water ship, and a fierce storm made the sails flap.

 The illusory beasts and the illusory demon tribe chased them from behind like a swarm of straw.


 To further provoke them, Balzalondo fires an arrow.

'Shoot! Stoke their craving!

 The gun gates of the silver water ship opened and let out a flurry of holy gunfire.

 The more Ewezeino's troops were drawn in, the less engagement on the front lines.
 Perhaps because they were wary of the Spirit God Human Sword, quite a few of them were focused on them, despite Ray and the others' concerns.


 Barzalondo jumps up and gets on top of the main mast.

'What's the matter with you?'

 Ray asks as he flies a white rainbow slash and kicks off the swarming phantom race.

'It's the holy ship Eltopheus,'

 It was the mother ship of the Hyphoria.

 With a delay, Ray could see the huge ark heading towards the Ewezeino side as well.

 Its path is the same as their ship.
 Is it chasing us, or is it aiming for the ?

''Who's on board?''

'Sir Leowulf I can then see the magic of the Lord of Heaven...'

 Barzalondo replied as he turned his magic eye on the Holy Ship.

'And the Holy King?'

There's no sign of him. But perhaps they're not there. If the Holy King moves away from the border, Ewezeino's predatory behavior will proceed. The only person in Hyphoria who can stop that thing is the Lord of Heaven, besides the Holy King.

 Although the Holy King's figure has now disappeared from the view shared by the Demon King Academy, the power of the has not diminished and continues to block Eavezeino's predation.

 There is no mistake in seeing him in the vicinity.

''Are you saying that the Holy King has sent the Heavenly Lord towards Ewezeino...?''

 Barzalondo's expression just said it was odd.

''Maybe it's the decision of the Celebration Saint Heavenly Lord, but it doesn't add up. He should have been trying to fish out to Hyphoria because if he fought in Ewezeino, he wouldn't stand a chance against the plagues...''

 Ray questioned that.

 The slow-flying holy ship, the Eltfeus, had indeed stepped beyond the area where the two worlds intersected and into the realm of Ewezeino.

 It was still far enough away from the Barzalondo ship that it would be easy to prevent it from releasing an arrow. Eltopheus did not increase his speed as it was, but was gently following us as if he were exploring our movements.

 It's a big risk to do the Celebration Saint Heavenly Lord to Ewezeino.

 No matter how much we have the mother ship and the Five Holy Barons as our escort, if we were to be attacked by a calamity, the worst thing that could happen was that Hyphoria would lose the Lord God.

 In other words, there's a reason to make the Celebrated Holy Lord head for Ewezeino, even at that much risk.

''I wonder what he's after...?''

We can't turn back now anyway. Our goal is disaster.

 If we turn back, we will meet up with the Holy Ship Eltopheus.

 The battle will not end, no matter how hard they try to defeat the celebrated Holy Lord.

 But if the plagues pull up their troops, Hyphoria will not want to continue the conflict with more damage.

 As Balzalondo had said, stopping the plague is paramount.

'Is there any way to convince him?

There is no such thing.

 Once and for all, Balzalondo assured him.

'But we must make sense. Isak the Woe is waiting for his predecessor, Ordoff. He will never be able to replace his father, but he must be told that someone else has followed his dream.

 He jumped up from the mainmast and landed on the bow where Ray was.

 Gazing into the distance, Balzalondo fired an arrow. It tore through the sails of the silver water ship Nepheus, which was chasing him, and took its legs. The enemy ship slowly slows down.

'I alone would not be enough for words,'

 With a thoughtful look on his face, Barzalondo turns around.

'Can you help me, Ray?'

I'm trying to help you. But what do you think?

 Ray says to Baltzalondo, who shows a questioning look.

'I don't think those heartless words will ever reach Isak.

 Lei shot a sharp gaze at the calamity turtle that was approaching the silver water ship.
 A white rainbow glow gathered on the Spirit God Human Sword.

''I'm just an outsider to the Disaster Abyss World and the Holy Sword World that have been fighting for so long. No matter what I say, it's just irresponsible and self-serving words.

 As he said it, he flashed his Spirit God Human Sword.

 The white rainbow slash slashed through the sky and cut the pursuing calamity turtle in half in two.

''Even if your words are poor, isn't that your role as the successor to Ordov?''

 Ray thrust the Spirit Godman Sword Evansmana into the deck as if to offer it to Barzalondo.

 In order to convince the plague man, he first needed to have the power to deliver those words.
 Then he would decide that he was the one who was worthy to hold that holy sword.

 However - Barzalondo kept his gaze on the holy sword and did not pick it up.

''Well if it wasn't for the heart in your words,''

 In a voice that sounds like it's been squeezed out of his mind, he says

'I'm sure my father would never have looked so at peace when he collapsed in the middle of his ambition.

 Ray gives me a mournful look.
 A slight blot of guilt.

'I couldn't...'

'That was ... a labor of love for the dead. No need to be ashamed of yourself for not being able to speak before your dying father.

I don't think so.

 Barzalondo said in an unwavering tone.

'The words you spoke then may have been a labor of love for the dead. ─ It is possible that the words you spoke were a plea for the dead, but I do not believe they were empty words. Your beliefs were certainly contained in those words. The world may be different, but it had the aspiration of one who has been walking on the right path.

 Still, Balzalondo gazes at Ray's face.

'In Hyphoria, the former King Ordov is praised for his pride and courage and called a brave man. The same goes for you, my lord.

 Ray rolls his eyes slightly.

'Ray. Born into a different world, proud and brave. I was impressed by the true rainbow path you spoke of.

 Balzalondo says emphatically.

"This is the path that Hyphoria has always dreamed of," he said emphatically. Hence.

 In a sincere voice, he appeals.

'I believe you. If you say that you are irresponsible if you are not a resident of Hyphoria, then I take full responsibility for your words and actions.

 With a single-mindedness, faith in your own heart.

'I am not strong enough. I am unable to think, and even my conscience is lost. Even if this holy sword were to choose me, I have no right to draw it at the earliest. However.

 To stay on the right path, he says

'I only know what needs to be done now.'

 The Spirit Godman Sword Evansmana emitted a glow and illuminated Ray's body.

 Balzarondo knelt on the spot and said to him.

'You are not a resident of my world. That is why I ask you to lie down and ask you to show me the way. I ask you to lie down and show me the way. I want you to fight with me! For the sake of the world I love!

 Even if he hadn't asked, Ray would have gladly lent his help.

 Hence, Barzalondo bowed deeply.
 He had to blame himself for the whole battle.

'This holy sword is worthy of you, my lord. I want you to protect me from the righteousness of our path, which was dreamed of by the previous king, Ordov!

 After a moment's pause, Lei quietly took the hilt of the Spirit Godman Sword and pulled it out and released it.

''-- Two promises have been made.

 Barzalondo looks up.

'First King Ordov, and then Baltzalondo, I made a promise to you.

 Ray held out his hand.

 Balzarondo took it and slowly stood up.

'For the sake of my comrades in the Holy Sword World, I will fight to the end, risking my life. To defend your, the righteous path.

...thank you.

 They made a promise and looked forward.

 Soon, a huge pool of water whose surface was frozen in front of them - - came into view.