623-Devil and disaster

 Let's go back in time a few moments...

 <Black flames roared and burned in the Craving Abyss.

 <The tortoise I was riding on was instantly reduced to ashes by the Aegil Groene Angdroa, and the people who were struck by the direct hit were enveloped in jet black flames.

 This is the fire of the apocalypse that destroys even the things that should be indestructible. However, in the next moment, that fire froze.

''...This time it was the magic of the First Demon King Amr.

 The ice shatters, revealing Isak the Plague Man from within.

'You're doing it,'

Stay back, Arcana.

 As she said this, she evacuated towards the surface of the Abyss of Craving.

''To take a proper bite and be unharmed.

 Black particles gathered in my hands.
 A seven-fold spiral trajectory and the fire of the apocalypse appeared in my palms.

'Show me the trick.

 <He fired two shots from the Egil Groene Angdroa Cannon at the plague victim, Izak.


 When he sneers, blue cold air erupts from his body.

 Not even trying to avoid the straight-line apocalyptic fire, Isak comes straight at you head-on.

''Uncover it!''

 <The Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Ash Cannons (Egil Groene Angdroa) approached the plague victim Izak. But before it could make a direct hit, the black flames spread.

 And then it instantly froze.

 In the blink of an eye, he was close to me.

"The Ice Palm of the Plague.

 A blue, frozen palm attacked my shoulder mouth.

 I drew my two-rate sword and drew a magic circle on the sword barrel.

''Hand in Hand Demon Hand (Rayon).''

 The sword, stained by the evening darkness, slashed at the palm of the plague victim.

 <The Ice Palm of the Plague Fang (Garmunk) is scattered by the Palm Griping Demon Hand (Rayon), and the blade of the two ritual swords digs into his palm.

 Concentrating my magic power, I blacken my left hand.

 Jet-black fingertips crushed his collarbone and pierced his flesh.

 Blood poured out in torrents.
 Isak didn't care and even smiled.

''Hm. <If I was unscathed by the Aegil Groene Angdrolais, this finger wouldn't pass.

 His blood quickly freezes and freezes my fingers.

 However, the wound is definitely there.
 <The Deep Source Death Killing (Bevsud) wounded me, while the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Ashburst Cannon (Egil Groene Angdroa) does not wound me.

 That must be the trick to his power.

Then how about from this distance?

 Black particles of seven spirals raged from the fingertips that pierced the calamity's body.

 As if to detonate inside his body, he fired the , the Polar Hell Hell Destroying Ash Cannons.

 Even the surrounding water turns to ashes as the disaster victim Isak bursts into flames in black.

 But the next moment, all of the flames were frozen again.


 The demon's eyes caught Izaak's face, laughing unharmed.

 Quickly, his legs started to move and his knee dug into my banked belly. Without a moment's pause, he kicked this body up. It's a good idea to have a good time with them.

 The plague is chasing us.

Come on," he said. If you're concerned about Eavesino, you don't need to be.

 His Ice Palm of Disaster Fang clashes with my Bevsed, sending sparks of blue and black.

 The power of the two are at odds with each other.
 However, the enormous amount of magical power flares up behind the calamity and he goes much faster.

 Isak is still pushing me up faster than the light. I can see the surface of the water as fast as my eyes can see. The surface of the water is covered in a thick layer of ice.

 I'm not going to be able to get a good idea of what I'm talking about, but I'm not going to be able to get a good idea of what I'm talking about.

 He draws a magic circle with both hands.

 Its claws freeze and the blue magic power concentrates. The world of the disaster abyss rattled as if in sympathy with the Lord God, and a stormy wind swirled around.

''Kai-satsu-sa-soo, Jizenzaze.

 With his ferocious fangs peeking out, he wields his five claws.


 The space is severed, and the claws tear my body apart at the distance.
 The demon king's blood poured out from the source.

 Claw marks were left behind in the sky that reached far beyond the horizon.

 Without a moment's pause, the calamitous claw of my left hand is swung down.


 An azure claw strike speeds by.
 Black blood erupts from my body and the sky is torn apart by five claws.


 Both claws gouged out the source of the root. Even the blood of a demon king cannot attenuate the blow, it is not surprising that even this deep world could be fatally damaged by the blow.

 But you're safe--.

"Gars Void.

 I'm not going to be able to get a good idea of what I'm talking about.
 They were fired from all directions, leaving no time to avoid them.

 I'm not going to be able to get the same kind of results as you.

 In less than a few seconds, a huge ice tombstone had been constructed in the sky.

''The Disaster Abyss World isn't soft.

I didn't take it upon myself to keep this world from collapsing.

 A purple lightning runs across the icy tombstone.

 With a thunderclap, a crack runs through the ice and everything shatters into pieces.

 <Lightly shaking off the remnants of the Mad Fang Ice Pillar Annihilation (Gars Void), I fly my gaze over to the plague man.

''Since you're unexpectedly strong.

 He laughed like a wild animal.

"Not good enough for you? The Mad Titan of Militia.

 His face was like a mixture of joy mixed with madness.

 Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the moment when the claw marks he had just put on the sky froze.

'If it had been Ewezeino before Isak the Plague Man woke up, this world would certainly have been damaged by the earlier plague claws.

 Slowly I descended and stood on the icy ground where he was.

'But although it looked like it left claw marks for a moment, the disaster abyss world was unharmed - similar.


 With a nonchalant look on his face, he asks, "What do you think?

"You and I, who were unharmed by the Aegil Groene Angdroa.

 The reason why he was unharmed by the direct impact of the apocalyptic fire and this abyssal world was not injured by the calamitous claws is probably due to the same power.

 There was no pretense of building a magic circle.

 I'm not sure if it's the right thing to do as the master god of the disaster abyss world.

"The Calamity of Frozen Prison.

 He said, peeking out his fangs.

 'That's probably the name of the authority you're using.

'Guess what kind of misfortune has befallen you? "Guess what kind of trouble you've got in store for me.

Well, that may not be necessary.

 Stepping on the icy ground, I took a step forward and headed straight for Isak.

 Just as I was reading that, his claws freeze blue.

 The World Murdering Claws of Jiz Enzens Bayes--



 With the two swords, you strike away the claws of your right hand and step on his shadow without pause.

 <He should have been able to step on the source of the disaster due to the power of the Dagdara, but the plague man didn't even waver.

 Instead, his shadow freezes.


 He struck down the wielded calamity claws of his left hand with the two-rate sword. The trajectory of the claw changed just before that moment. The aim is my shadow.

 Isak tore it apart with the entire ground.

 <It's a very good idea to have a good idea of what you're doing.

 But just before I could, I released the Dagdara.

 The earth pops off, but I'm unharmed.

"Deep Source Death Kill (Bevsed).

 His face is sliced open with a black hand blade.

 His forehead cracks open and blood turns the earth red.

"I don't know the reasoning behind this, but it seems that the plague of the frozen prison can't protect against weak magic.

I wouldn't give you a hundred times the chance to eat me with this kind of magic, but hey!

 The ground began to freeze, freezing my feet and the two ritual swords.
 The left hand that gouged out the earth used the , the Disaster Fang Ice Palm.

 Immediately, he raised his hands and swung his claws as if to pinch me.

 But before it could hit my body, it stopped dead in its tracks.

"-- Wave Body Cover Reveal (Veneziara)

 A few moments earlier than he was frozen, the body of possibility had taken off there. And it received both of his claws.

 He focused his magic power on the fingertips of the black .


 His foot goes for my side. I ducked slightly to avoid it, but the aftermath of the kick ripped the flesh off.

 I cut his shoulder with my black fingertips without a care in the world.

 As the blood of both sides spatters, Izak and I look at each other.

If a thousand is not enough, then ten thousand - and if that is not enough, then ten thousand. I will carve a wound in your body until you make a sound.

Hmmm. It'll be fun. Try it.

 When I sneer, he laughs ferociously.

 As we smeared each other's return blood on our faces, me and Isak unleashed a hand palm--