624-Ruin thunder

 The Disaster Abyss World was screaming--

 <The Gulmunk and the Deep Source Death Killers collided, sending blue cold air and black particles scattering sparks.

 My countless rounds of the Doguda Azbeda Azbedaar fire from my guns, engulfing the disaster victims and burning the icy land.
 The Jizenzweis from the disaster man attacked my body, and the towering iceberg was chopped off from all sides.

 My fist scrapes his flesh, and his claws gouge my roots.

 The demon king's blood poured out in a gush, and even the raindrops that poured down corroded in an instant.

 A hundred palms are exchanged and a thousand spells are applied to each other as he and I chip away at those five bodies. Isak, the plague victim whose magic eye glows like a ferocious beast, is smiling as if he can't help but enjoy this battle.

 <"The plague of frozen hell. With the power he possesses, this abyssal world is extremely well protected.

 Although it has been bombarded with magic that would have destroyed it several times to make change if it were an ordinary world, its fundamental order has not been damaged.

 Nevertheless, in the long, deadly struggle, the earth has cracked open, dark clouds have been blown away, and glaciers and icebergs have been blown to pieces.

 Like the plague man, who can get through with a weak attack, this disaster abyss world is not protected from all attacks.

 Perhaps that is the key to breaking through his absolute protection.

''The Rio Edrum.

 If you draw a huge magic circle on the icy ground, black water will flow out of it. As it turns into a pond, a fountain rises from beneath the feet of the disaster victims.

 It is just like a black waterfall flowing backwards.


 Isak froze the , which is nothing more than the magic of the bubble world, easily with only the exhalation that accompanied his vocalizations.

 Immediately, the ice broke into pieces and icy dust danced about.

 Then each particle of the shattered ice dust began to wriggle as if it had a will and formed a magic circle.

 Interlocking magic
 It's not just a matter of time before you use it, it's also easy to be detected by an opponent with a good magic eye.

 However, the Deep Conditional (Lent) combined with the Deep Seal (Drum), as long as the conditions are met, the magic formula itself will activate the magic.

 Since the magic to be activated can be hidden, it's extremely difficult to detect it on first sight. This time, the magic circle drawn by Hyokijin using the Deep Condition (Rent) is


 Ten of these could be me, surrounding him.


 A hundred black fingertips gouged out his five bodies.
 One of them aims at the source of Isak's root and runs like a flash of light.

 But in the next moment, one of the freezes and shatters.
 At the very least, the fingertips that were supposed to pierce his chest were not even allowed to touch his skin.

''Your feet are stopping.

 Isak's left hand grabs my arm, his claws digging deep into my flesh.

 He smiles ferociously at me, as if to say he's got me.

'Don't eat--Jiz Enzaze.

 The blue magic power concentrates on the frozen claws of disaster. He didn't dare to avoid the possibility of 'Bevsed' in order to ensure that it strikes the source of my roots.

 The five claws that cut through the world shimmered.


 The claws tore through my skin, tearing through flesh and bone with ease, and then they tore through my roots. A great amount of the demon king's blood poured out, and even then it was too powerful to corrode.

 Not only did it injure the source of the root cause, it also killed this body in an instant.



 It's not just a matter of time before you get your hands on a new one.

"You just shake me off with all your might, that's funny...

 The plague man landed on the ground with his hands and feet like a beast.

 Just before he was about to take a bite of the calamity claw, he threw him into the air and lost his stance. He slightly deflected his aim at the source.

"And what's even more interesting is the source of your problem.

 He stared at me with a furious smile.

"There aren't many people who can take a claw to tear the world apart and then stand there with an unconcerned expression on their face.

 The icy demon's eye shines sharply as if it wants to look into my abyss - the source of my annihilation.

''Are you really the lion of Arzenon's destruction?


 It released a purple light and drew a spherical magic circle.
 With his right hand, which was stained by the evening darkness, he grabbed it and compressed it.

''I am the Demon King of Tyranny--''

 Purple lightning condensed in my hand, illuminating the disaster abyss world with a violent lightning bolt.

 The outpouring of purple lightning drew ten magic circles, which combined to form a single giant magic circle.

''That's Anos Voldigord!

 He fired an unfinished deep magic, .

 He attacked the disaster victims with an extremely slow speed, but he dodged it effortlessly and stomped wildly on the ice sheet.

 The land in the surrounding area was fragile and shattered, losing its footing.

 <I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make the most of this opportunity.


 My body was blown backwards even as the demon king's blood flowed out. As if in pursuit, he flashed both claws.

''--Jiz Enzaze!

 The blue magic power concentrates on the frozen claws again.

 However, I landed on the icy ground a few moments earlier than his attack and shot ten magical arrowheads at my feet.

 The claws stop.
 It was the magic of the Two Rulers, the Demi-Returned Arrowhead.

 The first one,  The dull thunderbolt illuminated him from behind Isak and extended his shadow to my feet.

 <The Shadow Sewing Arrowhead (Demire) sews the main body together by stitching the shadows together.

 Two for each hand, foot and body.
 Even for the strongest of the deep world, this is a curse that makes it impossible for them to move a single muscle.

 But--even so, the plague moves.

 Without regard to the five bodies that were sewn together creaking, he forcefully flipped his body and sent a claw strike at the that floats bluntly behind him.

 The entire space, the purple electric field was slashed apart. The thunderbolt disappeared and the shadows shrank.

 <I kicked the ground before the guy who was freed from the Shadow Sewing Arrowhead (Demire) turned to face me again.

 The ominous magical power swirls around my whole body.

 The first step--


 I stepped through his shadow.

 <The deep magic of the Two Pretenders that was raised to the bottom in the Seven Steps of Nirvana Conquest (Giri Eliam Naviem), however, was unable to stamp out the root of the plague victim Isak, only his shadow was frozen.

''I see--I could read the clue.


 Without a moment's pause, his arms ran.

 The calamity claw pierced my chest and tried to gouge out the source of the root - just in time, he ticked off his second step and sewed both of Isak's arms together with the
 The arm of the plague man is corroded by its curse with destruction.

'The freezes that future that may touch your roots,'

 <The Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Ash Demon Cannon (Egil Groene Angdroa) and the Two Ritual Shadow Treader (Dagdara) pierced his protection and tried to destroy the source of his protection.

 But the moment the possibility of touching the source arose, its future was frozen before it.

 <Before the Extreme Prison Realm Annihilation Cinderella Artillery (Egil Groene Angdroa) or the Two Ritual Shadow Steps (Dagdara) could hit it, the possibilities would be plucked out.

 Magic had no effect, and all that remained was the result of being frozen.

 Hence, a weak attack that couldn't reach the root cause could hurt him.
 This was because if it wasn't a blow that reached the root cause, the wouldn't be triggered.

 The working in the Disaster Abyss World has similar characteristics. If there is a possibility of damaging the order of Eavesino, its future will be frozen.

 That's why his calamity claws can inflict world-ending wounds on the enemy alone without harming the world of evil.

''In other words, there's no way to stop it.

 He laughed belligerently.

 The claws of Isak's legs froze blue and kicked out.

 While catching it with his left arm, he carved out a third step.
 <With the Arrowhead, you sew both of his feet together.

"No evil is unstoppable.

 The fourth step--

 I draw a purple electric sphere magic circle and grab it with my right hand, which is dyed in the evening darkness.
 A violent lightning flashes, dyeing the disaster abyss world all purple.

 I drew the magic circle of the
 He deepens the unfinished .

 I thrust my fingertips into his banked belly and slam that annihilating purple electricity directly into the root cause.

"You won't be swallowed up by disaster if you try to touch it, tyrannical demon king.

 The woe that must not be touched. That's the right of Isak the Plague World is the Lord God, Isak the Plague Man.

 Even the possibility of Shi-Den is frozen, and icy dust dances around him.

 And that's not all.
 An unprecedentedly cold magic power emanates from his entire body.

 Everything that has been frozen in the Disaster of Frozen Prison has turned into ice crystals and descends to this place, drawing a magic circle.

 Due to the collision between him and I, the world that had been shaking violently stops.

 No - it has frozen.

"Hyogakuhazard Rinseki Rinseiten Kajiwara (Shivira Evion Balmourde).

 Blue ice crystals blow like a blizzard around the calamity.

 Everything - is frozen.

 Anyone who comes into contact with the ice crystal of disaster freezes not only objects, but also magic, time, order, and even the source of the misfortune, causing all things and all activities to cease.

 <Even my body, which is invoking the Seven Steps of Nirvana, is covered by the ice crystal and freezes every moment.

 Probably his deepest great magic, which incorporates the authority as the main god into his magic formula.


Don't try to touch it, just touch it already.

 <The Calamity of Frozen Prison has the power to freeze future possibilities - it cannot freeze the past that has already passed.

 The fifth step--

 Using the Origin magic , he sends the annihilating purple lightning to the past a few moments ago.


 Suddenly, the calamity couldn't even avoid the purple electricity that had occurred in the past. Going back in time, he had already fallen victim to the magic of his destruction.

 Like a storm, the raging thunder of destruction raged.

 A tremendous amount of purple lightning pierced the root of the disaster man's body again and again, tearing the anti-magic to shreds.

 He laughs with a look of frenzy on his face. He must have sensed our aim.

 <The Ice Hell Disaster Rin Rendition Final Heavenly Frost (Shivira Evion Balmourde) hasn't stopped either, and it eats away at my body, releasing a cold disaster to stop even the root cause.

 However, I don't care if it's not, I'm going to focus the Deep Palm Demon Ash Ashburst Purple Annihilation Lightning and Fire electric field on the source of the guy.

 Then, I grinned as I compared patience.

''Did you think that just because it's the past, it's not possible?''

 The thunderstorm of destruction and the ice crystal of disaster swallowed the two, swelling the world into two halves.