625-Road of courage

 Despite this body being frozen by the violent cold air, the calamity shot through by the raging lightning bursts with vigor.

 The .

 The reason why there is no major damage to the world is because all of its power is concentrated at the source of Isak the Plague Man.

 A dazzling purple light rages inside him and his body is launched into the sky.

 That's when.

 It is not blue, nor is it purple. Another pure white light intervened in the rivalry magic.

 It was a rainbow.
 It had become a sphere and was enveloping Isak's body.

 It was like a ward, binding him there.


 In the direction that Isak looked, he saw two ships.

 Ahead of him was the silver water ship Nepheus of Baltzalondo. And further behind them was the holy ship Eltfeus.

 It was the Celebrated Holy Heavenly Lord Eife that released a white rainbow.

 It must have been aimed at him. The moment Isak showed an opening.
 Even now, the is still rampaging at his roots. Otherwise, it wouldn't have hit him so easily.

 And it's the same for .
 The momentum of the deep layer of great magic released by the calamity hasn't waned and continues to freeze my body.

 I can't raise my arms as much as I'd like.

"Blessed Lord Jesus Christ!

 While bound by the spherical rainbow, Isak flies a .

'I told you to bring Ordoff to me, didn't I?

 On the deck of the Holy Ship Eltopheus, Eife returned the mournful look.

'....How great but never-ending is the woe is me, wretch. The time has come for the former king Ordoff to end his days of battle. It is my duty as the celebrated Lord of Heaven to protect Hyphoria so that he can pass away in peace.

 A white rainbow hangs over the holy ship Eltopheus.
 As if to resonate with it, the rainbow that enveloped Isak was glowing.

 The holy magic power swelled up even more and strengthened its restraint.

 The source of the magic power wasn't the Celebrating Holy Heavenly Lord or the Holy Ship Eltopheus.

 It was the Holy Sword World Hyphoria.

 The five hunting palaces that were built. From there, like a white rainbow, holy magic power is being sent to this Disaster Abyss World Eavezeino.

''The power of the Holy Sword World here and now. Celebrate the name of the Holy Heavenly Lord and our righteous path to seal the great disaster - the blessing of the Holy Hyphoria.

 Through the five-fold white rainbow, the magic of the Holy Sword World gathers on the Holy Ship Eltopheus.

 That pure and blessed magic power that cannot be felt even a single cloud, is probably a limited order that can only be used in the Holy Sword World Highforia.
 But now, Highforia and Eavesino are connected to the earth.

 Even if not perfect, I stared that I could send that authority to seal the great disaster. And so they were looking for an opportunity to hit it.

'O beast of woe! Blessed art thou, O beast of woe!

 A huge magic circle was drawn in front of the holy ship Eltopheus.
 As soon as it seemed to change like a turret, it shot out a white light.

 The white light, as if it were a road, extends towards the plague.

 Isak does not move.
 No, he can't move.

 In addition to my
 <Even the Disaster of Frozen Prison shouldn't be able to show its true value to the fullest when dealing with the Lord God of the Holy Sword World, his natural enemy.

 The Blessing of St. Hyphoria, its brilliance goes straight to Isak the Plague, and--!

 It was prevented just in time.


 Celebrating Holy Heavenly Lord Eife exhales slightly.

 The Blessing was interrupted by Baltzalondo's ship.
 Surrounded by light, the silver water ship completely lost control. The ship began to disintegrate in tatters.

'Lord Baltzalond, the rudder is no longer working!

I'm sorry. We can't have any more fighting...

I wish you good luck.

 Two shadows jumped out of the falling ship.

'Well done for getting me here! Let's finish the fight and go for it! You must live! That's an order!

 Barzalondo said a few words to his followers.
 Ray lined up beside him.

 They stood as if to protect the plagues and looked at the holy ship Ertopheus in the distance.

 Balzalondo readied his bow and aimed at the celebrated Holy Heavenly Lord Eife.

''Heavenly Lord. Please draw. This was not the path of strife that the previous king wanted! Our great and brave man was aiming for the true rainbow path, a path that was more righteous than the rainbow path!

 He sent out a leaks.


 Softly, Eife's voice rang out.

'The words of the great Prior King should be responded to with respect and trust. If the Prior King Ordoff has shown us the true rainbow path, is it worth trusting him with the path of the Holy Sword World?

 With a firm intention, she continued.

'But now he is not here. I will not leave the fate of the Holy Sword World in the hands of someone who is not here. Miracles happen to those who show courage and continue on the path.

 A man who isn't here can't perform a miracle.
 That's what Eife would say.

''I have inherited the path of the Prior King Ordoff!

 Barzalondo raised his voice loudly.

 At his words, the plague man twitched his eyebrows.


 Isak snapped lightly, despite being bound by the shining rainbow.

'Can't you do it? Son of Ordoff.

Of course.

 Turning to Isak behind him, wary of the oncoming holy ship Eltopheus, Barzalondo replied proudly.

'Therefore keep your fangs in, woe to you, woe to you. The oath of the prior king, Ordoff, I shall fulfill.'


 Isak asks.
 Barzalondo gave him a slight questioning look.

'Did you find them?'

 Peeking out his fangs, he laughed.

 Blue cold air erupted around him, swirling to freeze the rainbow light that bound him.
 Whether it is the blessing of St. Hyphoria or not, this is his navel-gazing, the disaster abyss world of Eavesino. There is no reason why I should not break my bonds.

"Do we have a deal? If there's no true rainbow path, we'll crush Hyphoria.

 Barzalondo bit his back teeth and said in a squeezing voice. 

'....not yet. But I will find it.'

 'Kukuku,' the disaster man chuckled.

'Good? Then show me that you're an a**h*le enough to carry on that old man's fantasy.

 Isak's magic power rose rapidly. The overflowing cold air further lowered the temperature of Ewezeino and quickly transformed it into an extremely cold world.

 Still, the rainbow blessing continued to bind him. The pure white glow was even more dazzling.

 The holy ship Eltopheus was closing the distance. The rainbow bridge from Hyphoria stretched out, and the order of the rainbow extended to the Disaster Abyss World.

 That's why the authority of the Celebrating Holy Heavenly Lord Eife is being strongly demonstrated.

''Is it too late for you, Woe is me. Bless thee with the blessings of all spirits.

 Eife spread her rainbow wings.

 The magic circle was drawn again in front of the Holy Ship Ertpheus, and a divine light was released.

 Like a meteor, the blessing of Saint Hyphoria loomed again.

 Even the silver water ships of the hunting nobles who possessed the same kind of magical power were all but sealed off from their power. If it hit the plague, the effect would not be their fault.

 However, one man jumped out.

''The Spirit God and Human Sword, the secret depths of my heart is five--''

 A white rainbow gathers around the Holy Sword. With his Evans Mana at the ready, Ray confronts the blessing of the Holy Hyphoria head on.

''-- !

 Ray slashed through the rainbow brilliance like a meteor with Evanescence Mana.

 The divine light that was emitted was transformed by the secret depths of the Spiritual God and Human Sword, creating a rainbow sword - a rainbow blade on Ray's back.

 It transforms the magical power of the severed authority.
 Behind Ray's back, two or three more rainbow blades are added.

 Perhaps, there is a limit to the amount of rainbow blades. If it exceeds that, it will not be possible to prevent the blessing of Saint Hyphoria with the .


 Ray prompted, and without missing a beat he replied.

'I know!'

 Drawing his bow, Barzalondo took aim at the celebrated Holy Heavenly Lord Eife.

 Baron Leo Wolfe drew his sword to greet him. If he didn't break through his defenses and shoot through Eife, the Blessed St. Highforia's blessing would not be stopped.

''Stand back, Leowulf.

 Slightly, Leowulf frowned.
 His lord's life was probably inexplicable.

''........But, Heavenly Lord.''

"His arrow shall not strike me.

 As if to expose himself, Celebrating Saint Heavenly Lord Eife slowly stepped in front of Leo Wolf.

''Because of the hesitation in his heart,''

 Eife flaps her wings loosely, as if to bless her.

 Then, as if in tandem with it, Barzalondo's body glows and a rainbow path appears from beneath his feet.

 The righteous path in the Holy Sword World of Hyphoria extended not to Eife, but to his backbone, the plague-stricken Isaac.

 Barzalondo bit his back teeth with a grim expression.

'Your conscience knows it is right to avenge the plagues. That hunting the beast is what the hunting nobleman is really about.

 As if to admonish him, Eife said.

'My dear, child of my world. I understand your desire to follow the path of Ordov. When time permits, I would have liked to have a chat with you. But we must not choose the wrong person to aim our arrows at. We must not fight.

This Baltzalondo will not be lost!

 A red arrow shot out of its bow.

 It went straight ahead like a light, fiercely and fiercely, and it came close to the tip of Eife's nose, slightly grazing her cheek and piercing the deck of the ship.


 Barzalondo's eyes widened in disbelief.
 Aife smiled benevolently.

'That is your way. You are a noble hunter and aristocrat. Your good heart is with the Holy Sword World Highforia.'

 The blessing of Saint Hyphoria is released once again from the holy ship Eltopheus.

 Ray slashed through that torrent of light with the Kaitenkouha. However, the blessing cannot be killed. The brilliance, which had gained far more momentum than before, pushed him down and he clenched his teeth.

''No! Before I was a hunter and aristocrat, I was the son of Ordoff the Prior King. My path is beyond that which my father walked!

 Several arrows were guarded, and one after another, Balzarondo let them go.

 However, none of those arrows hit Eife, who didn't even try to defend herself.


'You are a kind hunter. You're caught between mourning for your father and your own conscience. Will this conflict lead you to a more just path?

 The rainbow path of Barzalondo glowed even more brightly.

 Illuminated by the path, Isak the Plague, in the midst of the vortex, watched the situation from the sidelines with somewhat cold eyes.

 Disappointing, or as he put it, a farce.

'My dear child of my world. I do not blame you. For you have merely lost your way.

 As if to say that he would accept the mistake, Eife spread his arms, exposing his defenselessness to Baltzalondo, who held his bow.

 If he's not lost, he should be able to shoot through this body, he said.

''No...! I am not lost...!

 Barzalondo's hands tremble as he draws his bow.

 In his vision, he can see the rainbow path.

 A brilliant, righteous path.
 It is indeed a sign to avenge Isak the Woe.

 For Balzalondo, who to this day has unquestionably forged ahead on the rainbow path, it would be irresistible not to follow that path.

 What is wrong and what is right?

 That is what was clearly visible to these hunter aristocrats.

"There is not a single thing in my mind that would cause me to wander...


 Ray opens his mouth while preventing St. Hyphoria's blessing with the Spirit Godman Sword.

''Is it bad to be lost?''

 Softly, he asks.

'We're looking for a new path. If we make a mistake, we can turn back. Let's be brave and move forward.'

 He smiled.

 He didn't inspire or tow me, he just spoke softly.

'As many times as I can get lost,'

 It was as if a possession had fallen from his face.
 At the same time, the arrows released at the same time flew at a speed that was not reflected in the magic eye.

 Seeing its trajectory, Leo Wolf stepped in front of Eife and pulled out his holy sword.
 The Fusion Sword. That sword that fused with everything, however, could not slice through Barzalondo's arrows.

 As if Leo Wolfe had expected to protect it, the arrow's trajectory changed and dodged the blade and went straight through the abdomen of the Celebrating Holy Heavenly Lord Eife--!