626-Falling ship

 Silence ruled the place.

 Baron Leo Wolf, and the hunting nobles gasped.
 Even Isak the Plague Man opened his eyes slightly and looked at the place where the red arrow was.

 Red blood dripped from the arrowhead.

 It had indeed shot through the abdomen of the Celebrated Holy Heavenly Lord Eife.

''Heavenly Lord!

 On the deck of the Holy Ship Ertopheus. Leo Wolfe rushes up to the ship, changing his hue of blood. He keeps his eyes on the Lord's wounds, wary of Balzarondo's bow.

 Exhaling lightly, Eife looks up.

 When the Celebration Holy Heavenly Lord gently held his hand over the pierced arrow, it disappeared into thin air with a glittering light.

 Just when Leo Wolf was peeking out in relief, the holy ship Eltopheus shook slightly.

''Sho, the top of the barrier was hit!

"I'm picking up a ship approaching from the black skies. That's....

 The hunting nobles on the deck turn their magical eyes to the black skies.

 A beautiful castle with wings descended rapidly at an unseen speed.

''It's the flying castle ship Zelidhavenus!


 The voice of the Cutthroat King Erdmead rang out in the sky.

 The one who is running Zelidhavenus is the Founder Faris Noin and the students of the Demon King Academy.

''Behold, behold, behold! That ark ship is mobilizing all of its magical agencies to bless the plague man Isak. In the realm of evezeino, using that authority is such a big job. Tsuma-ma-ri!

 Inside Zelidhavenus, Erdmead grins.

''Now, you guys can break through with your own strength. That's exactly what Good Timin Guuuuut!'' 

Turn it into a beehive!

 At Leo Wolfe's command, the hunting aristocrats on deck fired their arrows in unison.

"Creative Arts Architecture (Astrastella).

 Both wings of Zelidheavenus are redrawn by Faris. The newly created wings are as majestic as a sharp blade.

''They won't hit!

Bastards! That's how the ship works! The beast is still more docile than you!

 The flying castle ship flew in all directions and gloriously slipped through the arrows that were released like a rainstorm.

 Faris Noin said.

The holy arrows and the sharp wings. The beauty of a brave warrior painted in the sky.

Did you hear that, you motherf*ckers! They're not only going to give you war training, they're going to give you art training as well! If I can hit a perfect score here!

 The Cutthroat King points to the holy ship Eltopheus in the great mirror with his staff.

''It's one, direct line to the future Demon Emperor!

"....this isn't good, d*mn it...! I have no idea what the teachers are saying!

If anything, it's a straight shot to hell!

 The students are blurting it out, but they are building up their magic for the moment.

 They are trained. They are just barely useful, which is why the Cutthroat King brought them from Pablo Hetara.
 And so, Eife and Isak were looking for this perfect opportunity to stop the movement.

''Lord LeoWolf. Deploy the entire magical barrier. There is a danger that one layer alone could be breached...!

No. That ship is fast, no doubt, but that's all. If it's a ship to ship collision, we're at a disadvantage. If you can get past the magical barrier, you can't bring this Eltopheus down.

 Baron Leo Wolf replies calmly.

''Their goal is to rescue the plagues. They want to diminish the power of the Lord of Heaven and Eltopheus and weaken their blessings. Then we cannot relax the blessing of St. Hyphoria even for an inch.''

 Glaring at Zelidhavenus, who was coming towards him, Leowulf said.

'Lure him to the hunting grounds. Stop for a moment and I will cut you down.'

Copy that!

 The shooting of the hunting nobles has changed from trying to finish off their prey to hunting them down.
 They knew that they wouldn't be able to hit it, but they were limiting the flying castle ship's places to avoid it.

 As befits the name of a hunting aristocrat, the way they hunt down their prey is something they are used to.
 As expected of Farris, he can't fly freely with this.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this.

 The Cutthroat King's goal is a close battle between ships. The best way to attack Zelidovenus, which is inferior in terms of magic power, is to use its speed to take advantage of its speed to get away from the attacker.

 When he sets his sights straight on Eltopheus, the flying castle ship accelerates at once. The next moment, the huge hull of the holy ship Eltfeus was approaching faster than the ship's speed.

 Did he know that he was being targeted for close combat? Preparing to receive a blow, in order to shift the timing of the attack, Leo Wolf surged the ship.

 He wouldn't let it leave and would just hit Eltfeus.

''Kaka kaka! They can read our playbook!

 Erdmaed glares at Ertpheus with amusement.

 As Faris waved his magic brush, a magic circle appeared on either side of the students.
 They thrust their two magic swords into it and gripped the hilt tightly.

 The magic swords passed through the magic circle and connected the two wings of Zelidheavenus.
 It could directly contain the magic power of the students.

''d*mn it, I knew we were going to hell...!

It's not gonna work on those big-ass ships... and we're only half as likely to get it right as we are to get it right the first time...

 The Holy Ship Eltopheus is closing in on us.

"Half the time? No way, no way, the only way to cut that thing down is to use unanimous magic in a moment's time.

 Eldmead blows up.

 The students gulped and swallowed their spit while sending magic power to the sword.

''Our success rate is less than ten percent! Kaka Kaka, I'm not saying you're going to die. I'm as good as dead now!

 Without even a pause for exclamation, Eltfeus's magical barrier loomed in front of them.

 The students were selflessly putting all the magic power they could into it.

''d*mn it!!!!''


 Along with the spirit, the drawn technique is
 Because of the lack of magic power, they can't handle it in an ordinary way. Therefore, the method of using magic in a group magic is taken to use magic only at the moment the attack hits, just like Shin.

 If it's only for a moment, it's possible to activate the
 The success rate is not great, but the concentration of the students who are facing death is extremely high.

'Be beautiful!'

 Faris' signal is given. The students align their breathing and use the . The magic power is transmitted from the magic sword through the magic circle to the wings.

 The sharp wings collide with the magic barrier of the holy ship Eltopheus.

 A bashful sound could be heard and the magical barrier in front of me was cut in half.

''Don't relax. One more shot!''

 Preparing for the magic barrier to be breached, Leo Wolfe let the holy ship Ertopheus ram into Zelidheavenus as it was.

 No matter how good a flying castle ship is at turning, it is not something that can be avoided at this time.

 There is only one course of action, and that is to cut through the holy ship in front of you.

"The beauty of a brave warrior, here.

 With a twirl, Zelidhavenus spun around, and the wings of the slashed at Eltopheus.

 A line ran across the huge ark.
 The hull of the ship shifted and fell languidly to the ground.

 But it's shallow.

 <The wings of the only cut off a part of the deck, and its blade did not reach the root of the ship.

"Ka ka ka ka, one more turn!


 Leowulf, who had already pulled out his holy sword and released it, had closed the gap to Zelidheavenus.

''The reconciliation sword, the secret depths are two--''

 The holy sword that ran to slash through the deck assimilated with a part of the holy ship Eltopheus and turned into a huge blade.

''-- !

 Before Zelidheavenus could cut the ship, the massive blade sliced off its wings.

 As it was, the flying castle ship collided with the holy ship Eltopheus.

 In terms of strength, that one is far superior. The crumbling Zelidovenus is being rebuilt with the Creative Arts Architecture (Astrastella) and barely retains its original form.

Sorry for the disturbance.

 Leo Wolf says to the Celebrating Holy Heavenly Lord.

''In this case, the Silver Castle Founder is a rat in a sack. As for the rest--''

You're the rats in the sack.

 At the sound of my voice, Leowulf and Eife's gazes turned stern.

 With a gulp, Eltopheus began his descent.

''Is this...?''

"Sir Leowulf! The rudder won't work! The ship is descending of its own accord...!

"No, it's not a... fallen...!

 It's a 'thought communication' (leaks) from the wheelhouse.
 As if he had just realized it, LEOWOLF shouted out, "Bottom of the ship!

Bottom of the ship! Militia's head is sticking up!

 Hmm. You've come to your senses.

 I knew that Eltfeus could not be defeated by Zelidovenus. It's a diversion. <The wings of Zel Zel Zel Zelasz had a chance to break through the magical barrier and land at the bottom of the ship.

"Full speed ahead! Shake it off!

"I'm doing it! But the drag--whoa!'

 I accelerated gingerly, grabbing the bottom of the ship as I wielded the holy ship Eltopheus.

 With that beat, Zelidheavenus left the airspace.
 The students were nearly depleted of magic power. They won't be able to fight Eltopheus any longer.


"You're going to hit the ground... It's that time of year, this Eltopheus...

"No, it can't be... that's... that's...?

 With the bow of the ship pointing downward, the huge hull of the ship falls headlong into a downward spiral. The thing that came into view was a tremendous pool of water filled with the rain of Eavezeino - .

''--Assimilation Increase Blade!

 The holy sword thrust into the deck becomes a huge blade and is thrust out vigorously from the bottom of the ship.

 <He catches it in the palm of his Profound Source Death Killing (Bevsed) and grabs the blade in a limp grip.

''Just when I needed a handle.

 Grabbing the blade sticking out of the bottom of the ship for a long time, I swing the ship around and around.


 Leowulf held out, but several hunting nobles were thrown into the air from the deck.
 In the wheelhouse, I wielded my magic power and tried to control the ship's attitude.

 I spin the ship around and around and around some more, tearing off all the magical wings that are trying to stabilize it.
 Its up and down and left and right sides are swapped dizzyingly, and the inside is violently shaken.

''Nah...! Oh, oh, oh........!

A monster!

 Even if they were hunters of previous battles, they had never experienced being swept around the mother ship, or a series of screams came from Eltopheus.

''We don't want those two to be disturbed.

 <The blade of the assimilation increase snaps off. I chased after the holy ship Eltopheus, which flew away with great force, and grabbed the bottom of the ship again.

"You're going to have to stay with me.

 I fall headlong into the Disaster Abyss of Craving, which can be seen directly below.

 The holy ship Eltopheus releases its magic power downward to resist it. Black particles spiral on my arm.
 It twisted the force to rise and further accelerated the fall.



"'Ugh, ahhhhh!

 With a dappaaaaahhhh, he slammed the holy ship Eltopheus into the with great force, raising a column of water that pierced the dark clouds.