627-Unreachable words

 <The Abyss of Craving has attributes that conflict with the inhabitants of Hyphoria.

 Its water would be as poisonous to them as it was to the inhabitants of Highforia. The holy ship Eltopheus was no exception, its hull collided with the water's surface violently, and it crunched and sank.

 Baltzalondo and Rey, who were above, fly and dodge the huge column of water that rose up. The water current swallowed the calamity Isak.

''-- You're not a hunter, are you?

 The water column immediately froze and shattered with a crack.

 Ice crystals fluttered in the sky.
 Isak the Plague Man peeked out his fangs and emitted blue magic power from his entire body.

 The spherical rainbow that covered him - the blessing of St. Hyphoria lost its brilliance and froze.

 Ertopheus, the holy ship, had sunk into the , which weakened his power, or he had accumulated magic power in order to break its bondage.

 When St. Hyphoria's blessing froze completely, it shattered and dissipated.
 The demonic eyes of the plague man glittered.

''Who are you?''

 His fierce gaze was thrust straight at Ray.
 Unmoved, he returned his usual refreshing smile.

''Reincarnation World Militia. I'm Ray Grandsdry of the Demon King Academy.''

You're one of the misfits Naga mentioned.

 The plague man looks into Ray's abyss with his evil eye.

 Is he on alert? No, it's more of an interest.

''Isn't it a masterpiece that Hyphoria's Spirit God Human Sword is being robbed?

We were not robbed.

 Barzalondo dismisses the words of Isak the Woe, with aplomb.

'Ray Grandsdrie was chosen by Evansmana. His courage and righteousness have been recognized as worthy of being the owner of the Holy Sword.


 With fangs peeking out, the plague man laughs ferociously.

 The flailing fellow's posture is that of a beast pouncing on its prey.

'Let him wait!

 Sticking out his outstretched hands, Barzalondo says.

'We have come to stop this conflict. 'Woe is me, Isaac. I would like to set up a meeting with you.'

You can ask him, son of Ordoff.

 The blue magic power erupted and Isak flew.

 He headed straight for the Abyss of Craving.

''-- after crushing Aife.

 The plummeting plague.
 However, as if to block his path, a white rainbow sword flash ran through the air.


 The Spirit God Human Sword and the Disaster Fang Ice Palm (Garmunk) are clashing with each other.
 Just as he was anticipating the situation, Lei had jumped in there.

''I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to listen to you.

How did you do that?

 He meets the beast's gaze with a soft stare.

'Even with all my strength.'

 Isak smiled ferociously and jumped back.

 Immediately afterwards, Balzalondo's arrow passes through the place where the plague had just been. The arrow that seemed to miss bent and attacked the retreating Izak.

'You don't believe me, do you?

 Grabbing the red arrow lightly, the plague freezes it.
 The ice shattered and it dissipated in the area.

It's an old story. Our men once drove a fleet of Hyphorian ships into Ewezeino. Just as dozens of hungry monsters emerged from the Abyss of Craving. As soon as they saw the Prey Spirit Cup, they were immediately bitten.

 Isak approaches Rey while tearing apart the Baltzalondo arrows released one after another with his claws.

 He slashes at the fingertips of the blue Ice Palm of the Disaster Fang and his Spirit God Human Sword.
 The sparks of magical power are violently scattered and the aftermath churns the atmosphere.

''You can't save yourself if you think straight. When you come to Ewezeino, the mummy hunter will only become a mummy. Both the Celebration Saint Heavenly Lord and the Five Holy Barons have given up. It's because the hunter Nijiro, who became a prey, told them not to come. But--

 Dodging Ray's slash, the calamity stabbed his right hand into his side.


The old man is here. He's coming alone to rescue his friends. He used his holy sword to cut down the beast inside your body and let the hunter live.

 The wicked man laughs.
 As if the event wasn't funny enough.

 <Ray's body begins to freeze due to the Calamity Fang Ice Palm (Garmunk).
 At the same time, three root causes were frozen at once.


 Balzarondo draws his bow.

 From that position, he is dressed just as Isak is using Ray as a shield, but regardless, he releases an arrow.
 Accelerating like a meteor, it passes through Ray's side with the precision of a needle hole and pierces Isak's abdomen.

 However, only a few millimeters of the arrowhead entered the beast's body. Isak grabbed the arrow with his left hand.


 Without missing the opportunity to loosen up slightly, Ray swings down the Evans Mana.
 Isak catches that white rainbow slash with his left hand.

I'm not the only one to have my fangs on Hyphoria's throat. I've been attacked by thousands of beasts, tens of thousands of disasters, billions of despairs...

 Blue cold air swirls around and tries to freeze the Spirit Godman Sword. Regardless, if Rey pushes the Spirit Godman Sword in, the cold air slices through and blood seeps into Isak's palm.

 As it is, he swings his sword away and blows the plague man away.

 Immediately, he turned himself around and drew a magic circle of in front of him.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that Ordoff is a miracle worker with a single, foolishly stubborn belief. If he didn't, there wouldn't be any more Hyphoria in the Silver Sea.

 A magic circle was drawn in all directions, blocking Ray and Baltzalond's escape route.

 A myriad of sharply pointed blue icicles (icicles) appeared.


 Ray returns the word to the plague.

'You say you will come? He's about to perish.

You don't know an Ordov. Your balls are going to fall into ruin.

 From the magic circle surrounding the two men, a blue icicle is fired from the magic circle.

 The countless number of is intercepted by Rei with .

 Multiple flashes of white rainbow swordsmanship ran through the air, and countless icicles were sliced apart in an instant. The cold air gushed out and covered the sky.
 As if to pierce it, Balzalondo's red arrows aimed at the face of the plague man.

 As he froze it with his , the lei that jumped in slashed through Izak's chest.

 Fresh blood is scattered and the two sides look at each other.

''Sure, I don't know anything about it.

 Ray slashed up the Spirit God Human Sword. Isak caught it with the left hand of the Ice Palm of the Disaster Fang.

 The white rainbow and cold air ravaged each other, and blood dripped from the palm of the plagues.

It's not a matter of time before you'll be back in the game. It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get your hands on a new one. Even in the midst of despair, he continued to wait for hope.

 In response to Ray's feelings, an enormous amount of magical power flooded out of the Spirit God Man Sword. Gulpily, he pushed the sword up and popped the calamity's left hand.

''To fulfill my vow to you,''

 The Disaster Man thrusts out his right hand with 's right hand. Ray struck it away with the Spirit Godman Sword in a big way.

 The red arrow fired by Barzalondo pierces the empty heart.

''Woe isak!

 From behind him, Barzalondo's voice flies out.

'My father is not coming! He has entrusted me with everything! Inheriting the dream of the great prior king, I swear to you, this Count Barzarondo, that I will find the true rainbow path. And if I cannot find any other path than to hunt the beasts of Ewezeino, then take your life! Is that not enough?

Yeah, that's not good enough.

 The red arrow that should have pierced his heart, however, froze and dissipated.

 . The possibility of touching the source of the calamity had arisen, and thus its future was frozen.

''The one weighed in the balance is the Holy Sword World of High Foria. Your life doesn't even come close to matching it.

What do I have to offer you that makes it worth it?


 The calamity laughs mockingly.
 I could see the color of disappointment in his eyes.

"Can't you find the true rainbow path without knowing that?

 Barzalondo was at a loss for a reply.

 Cold air erupted from the calamity's entire body, and it formed several chunks of ice.

'You can't be a fool, son of Ordoff--'

 Isak ejects a chunk of ice.

 Balzarondo turns wide and dodges it. However, anticipating the direction to evade, the calamity closed the distance at once.

''--It doesn't look anything like my father!

 Faster than Balzarondo could turn the arrow, the plague man's right hand was dyed in , the plague man's right hand was dyed in .

 The moment the blue fingertips touched Baltzalondo's body, Ray jumped in with a tail of light from right beside him.

 The Spiritual God and Human Sword, Secret Depths 2-- .
 A stab like a meteor pierced Isak's anti-magic and magical barrier and pushed out with great force.

''Anos should have told you. Like the True Rainbow Path, there is an invisible craving in this world.

Don't wait to find out.


 Breaking through the magical barrier of cold air, the tip of the sword pierces my shoulder.

 The white stab that rainbows in the sky is frozen by the authority of the calamity Isak, .
 However, the power of the Spirit God Human Sword has not been completely erased.

 The Holy Sword World and the Disaster Abyss World have attributes that make them natural enemies of each other.

 The Spirit God Human Sword Evans Mana, which possesses the power of the Celebration Holy Heavenly Lord Eife, is cutting off the possibility of a frozen future.

''--I'll find it here! You don't know, you crave it!

 The blade pierces the root of the disaster.
 A moment later--


 Isak slammed his five claws, clothed in ferocious magical power, into the Spirit God Man Sword.


 The rainbow in the sky was slashed open and a sound like space bursting was the sound of a tree spirit.

 A pure white light popped and Ray's body was blown away.

 If he managed to regain his position in the air, Baltzalondo lined up beside him, his bow at the ready for the chase.

'Maybe I'll say something similar, that big a**h*le.

 The calamity claws flashed, and Isak peered out his ferocious fangs.

'But it's light.

 Muscles flailed and cold air gushed out of the disaster man's entire body.

'You know what I'm talking about. If you're going to interrupt me from the side, you can't tell anyone, Militia non-conformist.

 The plague pounces head on.
 Ray and Balzalondo attack it with swords and arrows.

 The 界殺殺の鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮鎮。