606-Oath of the far away

 It is the memory of young Ordoff.

 A vow made on a distant day, hidden in the background of history.

Pull! Pull!

 The Silver Water Holy Sea.
 Dozens of silver-water ships, full sails and full speed, galloping at full speed.

 With the blessing of St. Eulopianes, the Hyphorian fleet of ships that had tried to rewrite the order of Ewezeino were daringly repelled.

 They were forced to fight a desperate battle of retreat, with the disasterous Isak chasing them everywhere at their backs.

 The king of the mighty beasts. He showed no fatigue as he tirelessly chased his prey around without sleep, and his magical power showed no signs of even diminishing.

 As if a huge disaster had befallen them, many ships had sunk and many of their compatriots had died.

 Nevertheless, the hunting nobles, who continued their desperate retreat, returned to the territorial waters of Hyphoria at the risk of their lives.

''The Celebrated Holy Heavenly Lord Eife has already returned to Hyphoria!

 The then Duke Alphonse gives the orders from the silver water ship.

"Pull back into the silver bubble, and the wicked will not be chased...

Calamity approaching!

 A report came up from a subordinate who had been staring at the Silver Sea with his demon eyes.

 Duke Eiko calmly commanded his troops.

''Prepare to fire, set up your bows!

 A magic circle was drawn on the gun gates of the silver water ship, and the hunting nobles guarded their bows with arrows.


""Holy Leaf Arrowhead Hunting Ground (Aziz Freya)!"

 Countless leaves of light dance from dozens of silver water ships.

 The leaves of those trees spread out around them, creating a territory for the hunters.

 At the same time, the arrows and magical gunfire released at the same time were blessed and accelerated, falling on the crowd of phantasmagoric tribesmen who were chasing them.



 With a lazy voice, countless arrow bullets froze in an instant.

''Calamity, cold, and hell (Pays).''

 Cold air poured out of Isak's body, and the silver-water ship quickly froze.

 Its sails froze and its retreating speed was halved.

'Open fire! Melt the ice!

It's too late.

 Duke Alphonse Eiko's expression turned grim.

 In front of him, the frozen ship was shattered into four pieces. It had been kicked to pieces by the plague man.

 He went straight through the ship and dropped another one. This time it recoiled and bounced back.
Two ships were destroyed.
 Bouncing around like a ball, the plagues wrecked one silver water ship after another.

''Not yet!''

 Raising his voice, Alphonse inspires his troops.

'Retrieve the deserted hunters! Surely His Majesty the Holy King will come running in to slay the Lion of Perdition. Until then--



 It was a momentary occurrence. At close range of Duke Alphonse, there was the face of the plague man with a fierce smile on his face.

''You did your best for all of the five saintly dukes (stomachs) to be killed.


 Blood was spat out of Eiko's mouth.

 The blue hand of the Ice Palm of the Calamity Fang (Garmunk) was gouging out Eikon's body.

 The cold air that poured out of the plagues quickly froze the ship and the hunters on board turned into ice sculptures.


 Duke Eiken grabs the plague hunter by the arm.

...You are also a companion, Woe is me. You won't be able to escape at this close range.

 The light of the root source explosion begins to leak from its body. By closing off the possibility of the future, it is gathering all the magical power that the root cause possesses.

 The disaster victim looks at the situation with a cold demonic eye.

''What does that leave you with, my dear?

Are you afraid to die, woe to you. This is my honor, this is my rainbow path! On behalf of Heaven, I hereby impose my justice! Destroy, King of Beasts!

 Alphonse's magic power explodes up.

''Celebrate the Sacred Root Light Annihilation Explosion (Aguila Gavell)!

 All at once, the light popped - but it was cut in half.

 The light that was flickering weakened, and the was forced to stop.

 The fate of that magic was cut off.

 The one who appeared was the Holy King Ordoff, carrying the Spirit God-Man Sword.

'Let my people go, Isaac.


 Isak lightly lifted Duke Alphonse's body and threw him off the ship.

'I've been waiting for you, old man,'

 Ordov faced the plague man straight on.

 As if Isak had noticed something, he looked at Ordov's left arm.
 It was torn to shreds and stained red with blood.

 I've been working on my recovery magic, but it seems to have little effect.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

I'm sure the scars left by the lion of doom will not heal quickly. You know that one arm isn't enough to fight with me.

 Carelessly, the plagues are closing the distance.

'The fleet is destroyed. The Five Sacred Dukes are a worm's breath. Even the relied upon Celebration Saint Heavenly Lord is in tatters for defending you.''

 He stopped at close range and brought his fierce face closer.

'So? What miracle are you going to perform today?

I lost.

 Isak's expression was laced with annoyance.

'You can take this head with you. So back off this place.

Congratulations. You think they're going to keep their word on that? You perish, Celebration of the Lord of Holy Heaven perishes, and Hyphoria perishes pathetically.

 With fangs peeking out, the plague man laughed.

 But there was no hesitation in Ordoff's eyes.

'Fight and perish. Fight and perish, like a hunter.'

"I have often wondered why I should hunt the beast.

 The plague is silent.
 He just stares at Ordov.

'When facing the beast, I always see the rainbow path before me. Brilliant is the conscience of man, his righteous path.

 Despite the fact that he was tired of hearing this, the plague victim would not kill the defenseless Ordoff.

'I've been fighting,'

 Ordoff turned away.

 The plague did not try to pounce.
 He just looked at the Holy King as he walked loosely.

'We have followed this conscience and continued to hunt the beast. The beast eats us and brings great mischief to the Silver Water Holy Sea. We speak to them but they do not understand us, and our only blessing is to hunt them. On that righteous path, I pressed straight ahead.

 He turned around and faced the plague man again.
 Then he replaced the Spirit Godman Sword in his reverse hand.

'But every time I hunted the beast, it left a lump in my heart.

 When magic emanates from him, a shining rainbow path to the plagues appears.

 Fight, he says.
 It gleamed brilliantly, as if appealing to the beast to hunt.

 On that pure white path, Ordoff thrust his holy sword into it.

'Is this conscience really mine?'

 Straight away he asks.

 To the King of Beasts, his sworn enemy, of all people.

'Isak. Was the path I've been on really the right one?

 Exhaling coldly, Isak said.

'Nonsense. Now you want to whine about it?'

No, it finally dawned on me. Hence the confirmation.

 Ordoff turns a warlike expression on his face.

'Take this head, Isak. This is my battle. I want to find a truly righteous path to the end, for the pride of the hunting nobility.

You're boring, old man. That's the last thing you want to hear. That's a little disappointing.

 The wretch spat it out.

 The prey that does not resist is worthless.

"Mostly because you're dead, who's going to know for sure?

 Then Ordov laughed.

'A worthy one stands before me.

 Isak closed his mouth.

'If you realize that you are not the beast that you are, then I have won.

 The wretch did not move.

 He didn't even kick Ordoff's words out of his mouth, just stood still and thought.

''Hey ...''

 The disaster victim asks in a wild tone of voice, "What did you notice?

'Notice what?'

 As if intrigued by Ordov's words, the plague man asked.

''--Evezeino's ringing.

 Ordoff replied clearly.

''Perhaps the Abyssal World will start trying to devour the Hyphoria. The Disaster Abyss of Craving, which is united with Eavesino, is the source of this. The phantoms and demons are driven by the disaster abyss to derail their craving. The same is true of the world of disaster. We have tried to quench their craving with the blessing of St. Eulopianes. But--

 Taking a quiet breath, he said.

''I've been wondering. If there is enough blessing in the Celebration Saint Heavenly Lord to quench my craving, doesn't he have the same power over us hunting nobles as he does over the beasts?

 Ordoff asks, as if the lump in his heart that he has been feeling for years has turned to doubt.

 To himself and to his nemesis, who stands before him.

'The craving of the beast is a bad instinct, the hunter's reason is a righteous conscience. 'Who decides?'

 Again Ordoff asks.

 In his own mind, as if searching for an answer.

Is my reasoning here and now really mine? To find out is the true rainbow path.

 He looked at the plague with straight, unclouded eyes.


 Calling out his name, he asked more questions.

'Is the craving you have here now really your own?'

 Hah," said the disaster victim, laughing lightly at his words.

''Of course I have a craving for it.

 Cold air drifted from Isak's entire body.
 It engulfed the entire ship and spread to the surrounding silver sea.


 He grinned.

 Unlike his previous ferocious grin, it seemed terribly innocent.

The true rainbow path is an interesting one. It's just that you hunters have been wrong for so long that you're losing your mind!

 The plague man's body froze white, and even his order and magic began to freeze.

'What are you doing?'

Go to sleep. I'm sleepy.

 Slightly, Ordov rolls his eyes.

I don't want you to sleep. If you really have a true rainbow path, change your hifolias while you're at it.

 Laughing fiercely, Isak peered at his fangs.

'When you wake up, I'll come see you. If you're wrong, it's the rest of the day.'

What if I'm right?

 A chuckle escaped the disaster man's mouth.

I brewed some of my best booze in my house the other day, in the best barrels. It'll be ready when you wake up.

I'm not a good communicator.

 The icicle was completed and a voice echoed from the cold air that drifted in.

'--Drink. You big a**h*le.