Inside the pitch-black cave, the glow from the Spirit God Man Sword lit a faint light.
 However, that world is dark to all intents and purposes.

 The one in front of them was the Prior King of Hyphoria, the Ordoff in his changed form.

 His muscles, which were once strong and muscular, are now skinny, his limbs look like twigs, his skin is sore, his eyes are focused.
 His skin was sore, his eyes were unfocused, and his ears were distorted and deformed.

 How long had he been imprisoned here?
 His appearance tells me that this was not yesterday or today.

 Balzarondo draws a magic circle and Ordov is enveloped in a warm light.

 But - it doesn't heal.

 The exhausted body of Ordov and his magic power, which seems to be disappearing at any moment, do not show even the slightest sign of recovery.

''........Eeeeeeeeeeeeee, it's sluggish!

 A white light shoots out from Baltzalondo and the entire cave shakes with a gogogoggle sound.

 <I'm going to pour all the magic power I can into the Total Demon Cure (Aye Sheal).

 This is a bubble world. It's also on the verge of destruction. Even though it's a recovery spell, if he puts all his energy into it, it will affect heaven and earth.

"Father, help me now--

 Ray grabbed his arm as he was about to use his full strength .

'What are you doing? Regardless of the fact that it may affect the bubble world somewhat--

 Slowly, Ray shook his head from side to side.

 With a somber expression, he stared straight at Baltzalondo.

'It's too late,'

 At those words, Balzalondo turns a straight face.

 How could he not understand? He is a warrior of the deep world. He is a warrior of the deep world, and he has tended to many.

 Crouched down beside the fallen Ordov, Barzalondo used .

 Ray was looking into the abyss of the Prior King with his magical eyes.

''A sharp magic bullet is biting into the root........ It's only because of that magic bullet that the root source has barely collapsed. If it was right after it was shot, there might have been something we could have done about it, but.......

I know that much!

 Saying as he shouted, Barzalondo stared at the magic bullets pierced into Ordov's root source with a sad expression on his face.

''.........This is the .......It's the magic bullet magic of Grand Admiral Gigi Janes, who has two people and no one to use it in the magic bullet world Ehrenesia......''

 Ray is slightly surprised.

'You've been shot deep into the root, but at the end of the day, there's no way to save yourself.

 While saying this, Baltzalondo did not rest his hand on his recovery magic.

''But my father--my father--the great prior king, Ordoff the Brave! He is a real hunter who has passed through many battles and has never succumbed to a beast. He has worked miracles time and time again!

 Looking into the depths of his father's abyss, which showed no sign of recovering, Barzalondo still said.

'You can't lose! There's no way I'm going to be defeated by a wound of this magnitude.......!

 With such a momentum that he uses up his magic power all at once, Barzalondo exercises without regard to his impersonality.

 A dazzling light envelops Ordov, but there's no way to heal him now when the root cause has been gouged out that much.

 Ordoff has already taken half a step towards destruction.
 Even so, he poured in all the magic power he could muster, as if he couldn't give up.

 Ray turns his gaze to Evans Mana.

 The holy sword that can cut off fate, however, is silent in this place.

 Its essence is still the sword.
 No matter how powerful it is, no matter how much power it regains, it cannot redeem its perishing roots.


 Barzalondo gasps.
 Slightly, he heard a voice.

 He heard it, with his face to his father and his whole body to his ears.

 A muffled, inaudible whisper.
 But it was certainly Ordoff's.

 A few tears seeped from Balzarondo's eyes.

'....Yes, yes, father! Don't worry With the blessing of the Blessed Holy Heavenly Lord Eife, I am sure. Will you endure the voyage to Hyphoria?

 Only slightly, Ordov moved his eyes.

 His trembling, outstretched hand, however, turned in a different direction from Balzarondo.

''Where.........is it.......? Is there.........?

 He can't see.
 In his eyes, he doesn't even see his son in front of him.


 Balzalondo took his father's hand gently.
 Then, sending a
"Here. Balzalondo is here. Father.

 A few seconds too late, Ordov said.

"....I'm sorry I can hardly........hear.......

 A weak voice, as if it was about to snap at any moment, resounded in that place.

 <Even the thought communication (leaks) cannot reach him now.

''But.........I miss......the light.......''

 An empty eye was gently turned to the Spirit God Human Sword.

 Only that light, the symbol of Hyphoria, would not be mistaken even if he lost his five senses.

 Ordoff knows nothing of the Militia world.

 There is no other owner of the Spirit God Man Sword except Rebrahard.
 It would be a no-brainer to think so.

''I knew you would come, but after all, you are the true Saint King.

 Ordoff squeezed out a scratchy voice.

 It was as if he was wringing his life out of it.

 Ordoff tried hard to reach out for another hand.
 It was shaking, not moving as it should.

 Barzalondo looked at it and bit his lip.
 Red blood dripped and plopped down.

'....Father. Here, my brother--

I remember.

 Ray gently took Ordov's hand.

'I want you to rest assured, Father. I will never make a mistake in that vow.

 Ray says, in a Lebrahardian tone of voice.

 I'm not sure if that came through, but I thought Ordoff smiled slightly.


 Balzarondo bowed his head to Ray as if to show his appreciation.

 The Spirit God Human Sword gently illuminated the three of them.

 From what I remember of Luna Artenon, it is the tradition of the hunting nobles to leave a will to the Order of Heinriel when they die.

 <The Holy Will (Baseram) is magic for that purpose.

 You made it impossible to use the Testament by destroying Ordov too late.

 Grand Admiral Gigi Janes?
 No, no matter how unique, magic alone cannot determine this.

Revahard I have a final message to tell you.

 Slowly, Ordoff draws a magic circle.

 The one he is trying to use, wielding his nearly depleted magic power, is the .

''Father such weak words as 'the end'...................''

 Barzalondo says.

 He was struggling to hold back the tears that were about to spill out of his eyes.

 He gasped at his father's words.

''........what.......you don't have to say that........rest assured......''

 Nodding repeatedly, Barzalondo took his father's hand in his own.

 The weak magic circle was completed.

 A magic line connected between Ordov and the two men.
 Fragments of memory slowly flowed in.

 There, images from the past resurfaced--