604-Beyond the rainbow

 Holy Sword World Hyphoria. Night.

 An explosive sound of magic and magical power colliding rang out in the workshop at Rainbow Lake.

 Placed on the anvil is the Spirit God Man Sword, dyed red by wrought fire (renka). Ray grips the hilt tightly in order to hold down the black sparks that are pouring out.

 Out of the corner of his eye, there was Silk.
 It had just recently been flung off and was on its buttocks on the floor.

 The sturdy front cover is stained with black rust, which is beginning to eat away at her roots as well.
 It wasn't the kind of wound that could be healed quickly, even with the use of recovery magic.

''Silk. It's not a good idea to have a good time. You should get rid of that rust once.

 Balzarondo said calmly.


"...I see. Sparks and sparks....

 The words didn't reach Silk's ears.

 She mumbled and muttered something and stood up with a white bright mallet in her hand.

 Then, she looked straight at the Spirit Godman Sword.

 Ever since she started forging, it's been the same. It was as if the outside world was blocked out, and that was all she could see.

 The sword, the fire, the water, and the sound of the rumbling hammer were all that was left of the silk world now.

 Not even her own body was on her mind, she had been fighting the black rust for almost a day and night already.

'Ray. I'll go harder. Hardest.

 With a serious look on his face, Ray complied.

'Yes, sir.'

 Wielding the White Brilliance Hammer Wiselhan, Silk reduced the magic power to nothing.

"The white glittering hammer, the secret depths come--

 A pure white light bunched up and focused on Otsuchi's striking surface.

''-- !

 The Wizelhan is smashed by the Spirit God and Human Sword Evans Mana as hard as it can. With a roar that pierced my ears, a great deal of black sparks poured out.

 The torrent of destruction, far stronger than the previous one, is a torrent of destruction. Despite this, the silk was not blown away this time.

 The black sparks collided with the black sparks, offsetting each other.

 Initially, what Silk was trying to do was to make the range of the blows as thin as possible, scraping away the rust little by little.

 However, the rust on the Spirit God Human Sword contained enough power within it to destroy the world. No matter how thin and thinly he struck it, it was not as if it could be held back.

 Therefore, Silk changed his mind and decided to calm them both down by colliding black sparks with black sparks.

 <The Wizelhan struck with the Sword Striking Training Steel was fixed in place, and the vibrations struck the Spiritual God and Human Sword again and again.

 By skillfully changing its angle, power and speed, he was able to control and offset the black sparks that overflowed out.

 This would not be a realm that an ordinary blacksmith could reach.

 As Bellamy, the former head of the Blacksmithing World Badyloua, admitted, she was definitely a rare talent.


 Slightly, Ray frowned.

 The Reishinjinjin Sword goes out of control, and Silk pulls the Wiselhan.

 The sparks can be offset by the sparks, but they are knocking out the rust all at once, putting an unimaginable load on Ray's arms.

 Like Silk, Ray's hands, which have been exposed to the flying fire sparks, are burned and, above all, covered with black rust.
 He was already nearing his limit and couldn't hold down the Spirit God Man Sword.


I'll be fine. I'll hold him next time...

 Exhaling a long breath, Ray gripped the hilt of the Spirit Godman Sword with his black, rusty hands.

''Let's go.''

 Silk raises his wizelhan.

''-- ''

 Fierce sparks flooded out as the white shining hammer struck the Spirit God Human Sword. The magic power swirled violently as it clashed with a violent bang.

 Biting his back teeth, clenching his hands and pouring all of his magic power into it, Ray holds down the holy sword.
 It stayed that way for a few dozen seconds, and once again Silk raised his wizelhan.

 Three times, the Holy Hammer strikes the sword.

 Gradually getting the hang of it, the amount of sparks overflowing increases, and the whirlpool of magical power generated during the offset increases, hurting Ray's body.

 With a clatter, the Spirit Godman Sword began to tremble on the anvil.


 As expected, is Ray any tougher?

 The wear and tear on Silk, who must strike the mallet with meticulous care, is also great, but Ray's body is damaged as he continues to hold back the impact.

 The black rust is eating away at him, and the vibration of the blows from the mallet and the shock wave caused by the collision of the black sparks makes it impossible for the Spiritual Goddess Sword to hold it down at a glance.

 Just when Silk was about to pull the mallet halfway through, as if he had reached his limit

Don't worry about it. Just hit it as hard as you can.

 Next to Rey, Balzalondo gripped the hilt of the Spirit Godman Sword.

''The two of us can withstand any amount of impact.

 The fact that he owned the hilt meant that he was also the one chosen by the Spirit God Man Sword. Even if he gripped the hilt tightly, he would not be rejected by the Holy Sword.

''It will help.''

There's no need to thank me.

 They look at each other briefly, and they both grasp one hilt.

 For a few tens of seconds, after enduring the violent shaking that occurs, Silk pulls the mallet again and swings it down without a pause.

 After doing that a few times, he puts the Spirit Godman Sword into the rensui and makes up for the lost magic power. He heats it up hot again with wrought fire, places it on the anvil, and strikes the sword with the wizelhan.

 As first explained, the rest of the process is repeated.

 Silk, Ray, and Balzarond's consciousness was focused on just striking the sword.

 Soon, a change began to occur in the Spirit Godman Sword.

 An unprecedented glow began to leak from its sword barrel.

 A light that was still whiter than white, shimmering like a rainbow.
 It was truly a white rainbow that was emitted.

 Every time the white glittering hammer is swung down, the rust falls off and the brilliance increases in a flash.

 And then--!

 Silk, who had been striking his sword single-mindedly, lowered the white shining hammer to the floor.

 He drew a magic circle and took out Arzenon's claws.

''Let go.''

 As Silk had told her, Ray and Balzarondo let go of the hilt.

 She gently touched the sword barrel of the Spirit Godman Sword and placed her arsenon claws on it. As if to repel, white sparks scattered.

 Tracing her claws, she sharpened the blade in one fell swoop. The sparks of fire flooded out of the sword to the point where she could no longer see it, but she didn't stop to rest her hand.

 The more she sharpened, the more brilliant it became, and the more she sharpened, the more Arzenon's claws were being scraped away.

 Then, just when she thought a large amount of sparks had been sent out, the nails were cut in half and spilled out of Silk's hand in tatters.

 She let out a small breath and said faintly.


 Silk lifted the hilt and blade of the Spirit Godman Sword and quietly placed it in the vat of kneading water.

 Immediately, a dazzling light illuminated the workshop.
 From inside the vat of water, the Spirit Godman Sword emerged by itself.

 It was the same as in Pablo Hetara's case.
 Surrounded by that radiance, Rei and the others are isolated in a space of light.

 I saw a white rainbow that wasn't there before.

 Directly below it, Evans Mana is there, and a woman in the garb of a king stands there.
 She held a manacle in her mouth, a brush in her right hand and a wooden letter in her left.

 It is Dionatek, the Heavenly Spirit King.

 She moved the brush slowly.

''To the end of this rainbow path........''

 A serene voice sounded.

''........There are people waiting for help.......''

 The space of light disappeared and the area returned to the workshop again.
 At the same time, the Heavenly Life Spirit King disappeared.

 A white rainbow is released from the Spirit God Human Sword towards the sky.
 It passes through the chimney and creates a pure white path that seems to draw a straight line.

 Ray slowly looked up at the sky.

''Is that...?''

'The rainbow path. The Heavenly Spirit King Dionatek must have told us to go beyond that.

 So Barzalondo replied.

 They stepped out of the chimney and out of the workshop.
 The rainbow path led across the sky and beyond the black skies.

'.........the destination seems to be outside of Hyphoria.......'

 Barzalondo says.

'Let's go,'

 Ray sends a
"Ellen. "Ellen, can you move the train? I've got somewhere to go.

"Copy that! I'll be right out!

 Ellen replies.

'Mass isn't around, though, and it's hard to get on the train with cover,'

 Ray says with a slightly troubled look on his face.

'Don't worry about the mess later. No matter what happens, I'll take care of it.''

 Singh says.

 ''If there are people waiting for help, we can't take it too long.
 Another day has passed since the Heavenly Life Spirit King tried to tell him that.

''All right.''

 I heard a whistle.

 I looked up and saw the Demon King Train departing from the Galnzest Hunting Palace and running through the air.

 Ray and Barzalondo floated up in and headed for the Demon King's Train.

''Ray-kun! I'm opening the door to the engine room.''

 The door to the engine room opened.
 They entered through it.

 Himka and Casa were sweating and throwing coals into the fire room with a shovel.
 Since they were not used to it, they couldn't generate much speed.

 Realizing this, Barzalondo approached and extended his hand.

'I'll take over.'

Eh.........oh, please.....

 He accepted Casa's shovel.

'Course to that rainbow road. Full speed ahead.

""I understand."

 At Ray's direction, the demon train entered the rainbow path and rose straight up that way. In no time at all, it rose to the black skies and went straight out of the Holy Sword World of Highforia.

 The rainbow path stretched on and on in a sea of shining silver.
 There, a silver-lit rail was laid and the Demon King train ran.

 A silver water ship with Balzarondo's men on board came by and ran alongside it.

 A few hours later, what they saw before them was a single small world.

 But the glow was darker than the silver bubble they usually saw.

''There's ... no silver light. It's like a bubble world.......

 Barzalondo said.
 Ray asks him, a grim expression on his face.

'The rainbow path seems to lead over there, but did I say we're not allowed to go in there?

'In the laws of Pablo Hetala, yes........ Even the common sense of the Silver Water Holy Sea says that it is undesirable to interfere with the bubbles. This is because if someone with huge magical power like us enters the unstable world, we don't know what will happen.

 Barzalondo draws his lips into a straight line.

'I don't need to risk it, even you. We'll go on our own.'

 After a moment's pause, however, Barzalondo said.

''No ... do not doubt the guidance of the Heavenly Spirit King. I believe this is the right path, even if it means breaking the law.

 Ray nodded.

'Course forward to the bubble world. Full speed ahead.

Copy that. Full speed ahead.

 The Demon King train picked up speed quickly and entered the bubble.

 It fixed the silver-lit rail and descended down the black sky.

 The sky that they arrived at was pitch black.

 Currently, it was midnight in Hyphoria.
 Considering the same here, it's not unnatural for the sky to be dark, but there isn't a single light on the ground.

 No, on the contrary, there was no sign of human presence.
 The existence of life was infinitely scarce.

''It's dying.... it must have lost most of its fire and dew. I hear that's not uncommon in the bubble world.

 Barzalondo says.

'I'm coming out.'

Ray-kun, we're leaving. Engineering, open the door!

Copy that.

 The door to the engine room opened and Ray and Balzarondo flew out into the sky.

 Then the Spirit Godman Sword in Ray's hand begins to shine again.

 A rainbow path appears in front of them.
 That white rainbow led to the ground.

 Ray and Barzalondo looked at each other and nodded their heads in agreement.
 Flying through the sky, they continued down the rainbow path.

 Eventually, they came into view, halfway up the mountainside.

 There is a cave of sorts.
 The entrance to it was set up with a sturdy looking door with a magic circle painted on it.

 It was quite old.

 Barzalondo tries to unlock the door.
 But it did not open.

'....The door to the bubble world won't open...?

 Inexplicably, Balzalondo raises an eyebrow.

 I'm not sure who could do such a thing in this dying world. I suppose I didn't wonder.

'It doesn't sound like it's something that's just happening.

 Ray sets up his Evans Mana and exhales in a huff.

 A flash. The door cracked in half and crashed down with a clatter.


I know.

 The two walked into the cave, elaborating on the magic eye.

 The inside is dimly lit.
 But it doesn't seem to be that large.

 Pitter-patterning, Ray stopped and listened.

 He heard a groan.
 With his Spirit God Human Sword, he illuminated the interior.

 You're going to be able to find out more about the best way to get the most out of your newborn.
 He is exhausted and has almost no magic power.

 It's a very good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.


 The next voice that spilled out was not that of the old man, but that of Barzalondo.

 He opens his eyes to reveal his astonishment and gasps in disbelief.
 His hands tremble and sweat runs down his cheeks.

 The words spilled out with a plop.