Badyloua Iron Fire Island.

 It is an island in the Sea of Hyphoria, and is an autonomous territory of Badyloua, which is allied with the Holy Sword World.

 Currently, a workshop ship resembling a hedgehog is moored in the island's harbor.

 There were countless sounds of hammering metal.

 It was the sound of magical steel being struck.
 In the ship's workshop, Bellamy the witch was reforging Zecia's holy sword Enhale.


 Raising his goggles, Bellamy placed the holy sword in the water trough.

'You don't want to get old, do you? In the old days, this kind of work would have been a piece of cake.

 Bellamy says as he turns his magic eye to the holy sword and listens.

''........Baba........are you tired.......?''

 Zecia walks over and looks up at Bellamy.

'Oh my gosh, are you worried about me? That's a good boy. It's all right. The old lady is a first-class blacksmith in Badyloua, despite her appearance.

 She boasted that she was proud of it, as if to reassure Zesia.

''Sweat ... a lot ... a lot ... why don't we take a break ... ...?

 Huffing, Bellamy laughed and crouched down to make eye contact with Zecia.

'Look, Zecia? You are warriors. You will fight for us when the Ewezeino soldiers come, won't you?

 Kokoro Xecia nodded and clenched both fists.

''It's up to you.........!

 Snickering, Bellamy laughs.

We ironborn are fighting before the war begins," he said. I don't think I can rest when you guys are going to the front lines. The disciples are working hard on their weapons.

 Just as Bellamy said, the sound of magic steel hitting can be heard everywhere from the workshop ship.

''The more good armor we make, the more our friends will survive, you know?

 Bellamy stroked Zecia's head languidly.

'Here, let me give you this. Come look around the island.

 Bellamy drew a magic circle and took out a key.
 There were about a dozen of them of various kinds, all connected to a metal loop.

'We can go anywhere with this. It's all about exploration.

"A game of exploration.

 Zesia's eyes sparkle.

''........Baba and the treasure.......I will find it......!

Oh, thanks, buddy. I can't wait to see what they find.

 When she said that, Zesia spun on her heel with an increasingly motivated face.

''Enne.......I'm going.......!


Oh, hey. You can't just go in there!

 Faster than Eleonor could stop them, Ennesone and Zesia jumped up and headed out of the chimney.


Ha-ha. Haha, let's not be too hard on him. There's not much in the Iron Fire Island, you know. I wouldn't mind a little exploration.

 To Eleonor, Bellamy said.

'But is there any room I'm not allowed to go into?

Hey, I just moved the rest of the stuff over to the workshop.


The Holy Sword World may clash with the Eavesino, you know. When the time comes, you'll have to be prepared to run away.

 The hunting aristocrats must prevent the clash of Iwezeino at all costs, but from Bellamy's point of view, they can't share their fate.

 If there is a magic tool for communicating with Ordov, it should have already been moved to the workshop ship.

 But there are many ironmongers on board the ship to fight Ewezeino.
 It looks like it won't be easy to find them.

''Well Anos-kun told me that Bellamy wanted to ask Ordoff for help, right?

 Eleonor cut in boldly.

 After a moment of a straight face, Bellamy shifts her gaze to the water trough again.
 As she looks into the depths of the holy sword, she says

''Well, yeah. Rebrahard-kun is excellent, but he's less experienced than the previous king. With the two of you together, I'm sure you won't be afraid of Ewezeino.''

'Is the reason we can't contact you is because the Holy King has nailed you to the wall?

 Bellamy took the holy sword out of the water trough and put it in the hot iron furnace.

''I don't have any means of communicating with Ordoff in the first place. If only I had that, I could secretly talk to him behind the scenes, but...

 Bellamy peered into the depths of the holy sword as he listened to the sound of the flames.


 Bellamy looked up as if he suddenly realized what was happening.

"Do you think I know where the Ordovs are?

I thought it would be nice to know.

 Eleonor bleeps and holds up his index finger.
 He would be nervous inside, wondering if he was being enlightened.

 Bellamy laughed as if he could see right through it.

'If you think I'm lying, look for this ship anywhere.

 It was an unexpected word, or maybe it was an unexpected word, and Eleonor was puzzled.

There's some things I'm not allowed to say. But there's no tomorrow if we don't survive. There's no point in lying to the people who have your back. If you don't have any suspicions, you're going to get off your ass.

 I don't think Bellamy is lying.

 Her words and actions so far have been to protect Badyloua and her people through and through.

 There is not much of a reason for her to hide her communications with Ordoff when she even agreed to silence Hyphoria and reforge the Spirit Godman Sword.

''........Are you sure about this?''

Yeah, go ahead. You'll have your weapon ready when you get back.

 With that, Bellamy places the holy sword on the anvil and begins to hammer it with his mallet.

 Eleanor bowed her head in a bow and walked out of the chimney in
 Misa, Misha, and Sasha were waiting in the island's harbor, waving at her as she flew through the air.
 Eleanor landed there.

'What's the situation with Zecia and the others flying to the workshop over there just now?

 Sasha asks curiously.

'To put it simply, we're going to play exploration.

You want to go on an expedition?

 Misha nodded her head.

'More importantly, Bellamy said there's no way to communicate with Ordov. He said he didn't care where you looked.

''Well it seems unlikely, but we can't afford not to check...''

 Sasha looks at her sister's face.
 She nods her head.

'Well, we're going to look for a ship.

 Misa says.

'Well, I'm going to check out the workshop on the island while I catch up with Zecia and the others.

 Eleonor waved his hand and flew up into the sky.

 He crossed a large fence and landed in front of a building that towered within it.

 The sturdy-looking door was open.
 Zesia and the others must have unlocked it with a key.

'Zesia, where are you? Enne-chan?

 Eleonor sends out a thought transmission (leaks).

'.........it's a dark place........!

 A voice comes back from Zesia.

 Eleonor enters the workshop.
 The area is already dimly lit.

 There is a fork in the road on either side and a staircase leading to the basement in a direct line.

 All the ironmongers who were already here must be on the workshop ship. There was no sign of human presence and it was quiet.

'Where is this dark place? Underground?

I don't....understand...

'Hmm? How could you not understand?


It's not even close!

 Eleonor was shouting in a way that was unintentional.
 It's no wonder that you are already lost when you thought you were headed there just a few minutes ago.

''........I'll find the treasure.......!

First, we're gonna meet up with you. We're gonna meet up with you. Okay, okay? 

 With a troubled look on his face, Eleonor followed Zesia's magic down the stairs that led to the basement.
 It was intricate inside, and it was difficult to join Zesia as she moved around.

 Because it was an added bonus, Eleonor included Zesia and Ennesone to look for a communication magic tool, and then searched for it himself.

 After walking around the workshop for an hour or so--


 Zesia's voice could be heard.
 <At the same time as the thought communication (leaks), a fleshly voice is also heard. The distance is close.

''Zecia? Are you there?


 Hearing those words, Eleonor changes his blood color.

''What's the matter with you?!''

 As soon as she shouted, she was running in the direction of the voices.

 When she passed through the open door, she saw Zesia and Ennesone behind the bars.

''........We're trapped.......!

I can't get out...

 They say as they grab the bars.

'It's unlocked for all intents and purposes!

 Eleonor raised his voice to the two men who had been locked up in their prison themselves.


 She entered the prison and looked around curiously as she entered the prison.
 Then she twisted her head curiously.

''........Why is there a prison in the workshop.......?''

 As if that bothered her, she draws a magic circle.

''Ah, Balzarondo-kun? Why is there a jail in the Iron Fire Island workshop?

 Then a voice immediately replied.

'Iron Fire Island used to have a prison to hold the criminals of Hyphoria. It has been remodeled and used, but it must be a remnant of that.''

 The bars are rusted and the interior walls are flaking off in places.
 There are no signs of use for a long time.

 After being handed over to the autonomous territory of Badyloua, this prison must have been left unremodeled and unattended.

I see. So it's not that strange.

 Eleonor took Zesia and Ennesone's hands.

'See, now that we've met up, you can't go off on your own anymore.

It's up to you..........

Ennezione will be fine!

 The two men said innocently enough.
 There was no sign of remorse.

'Just answer me,'

 As she was leaving the prison, Eleonor suddenly stopped.

 Her demon eyes caught a minute amount of light.

''Hmm? What is it...?

...is there anything...?


 Eleonor smiles bitterly at Ennesone's words.

'As expected, I don't think it's a treasure.

 As if absorbed by the light, Eleonor turns his gaze to the walls of the prison and moves closer.

'It's much smaller than a pseudo-root, but it's like a pseudo-root... only with thoughts...'

 Eleonor touches his hand on the wall of the prison.

''Sanctuary Cutthroat Cannon (Theo Trias).

 The shells of light that were shot out dug into the wall.
 Rattle and rubble crumbled down.

 Something that looked like a school emblem was buried in the deeply carved wall.

''.......What is it?''

 Slowly, Eleonor takes it in his hand.


"My name is Hornet Crichton. To the honor of my family, I die and leave here the truth.

 A voice echoed.

'Wow, what? Magic.........?

'I thought Sir Lebrahard had committed a mortal sin. ''He broke the Spirit Godman Sword, lost his sword barrel, and even hid the information. His actions deserve a severe punishment. And so do his men.''

 The trapped thoughts remain there.

 Eleonor listens with a puzzled look on his face.

'But I didn't kill him. There is no way I could kill them, not with our power. Rebrahard's squad is too strong. No matter how much they try to catch you by surprise, they will never be able to match you in strength.''

 His voice hit me earnestly.

'There were those who thought they were in the way. And he used us. The criminals have been hiding, but we've got a lead. We were able to snatch the insignia from him and leave him with the holy testament.

 What we are hearing now is probably the voice left by the Testament (Basselam).

 It means that the owner of the voice has already died.

Tell. Go to King Ordoff and his successor, Lord Lebrahard. I was wrong. The goal of the enemy was to steal the rainbow path of the next Holy King and set Hyphoria on the wrong path. ''There are those who have orchestrated this end.''

 Eleonor looked again at the school emblem.

 Adorned on it was a design of waves and bubbles.

 It is the school insignia of Pablo Hetara.

'Hermide the Hermit. That is the name of the enemy that I have grabbed.