602-The waiter didn't come

 The Calamity Abyss World has begun to move to devour the Holy Sword World, huh?

''If Hyphoria is the Prey Spirit Cup, will eating it give Ewezeino incarnation?

I don't know.

 Peeking through his fangs, Isak says

'I've never eaten one.

 Phantasms don't have a body, but Ewezeino itself certainly exists as a silver bubble.
 If they are to be incarnated, what will happen?

 Given that the phantom beasts would take over the body of the preying spirit cup, at least Hyphoria would be taken over by the evezeinos.

 Perhaps that order will be lost as well.

''Before I go to sleep. "The plague was foreshadowed on the Abyssal World.

 The plague man began to speak.

''Holy King Ordoff noticed this and came to the Disaster Abyss World with the Yozu Workshop and the Hunting Righteous Academy. He hasn't moved yet, but only that big idiot who has been hunting phantoms for years seems to know that Ewezeino's reaction is the same as that of a phantom in front of the Prey Spirit Cup.

 Ordoff must have had a good insight into the phantom beasts and the phantom race.

 It wasn't clear if he even saw that they were going to eat the Hyphoria, but he at least sensed the signs that Ewezeino was starting to move.

 So he was the first to make a move.

'What happened to Ordoff?'

I can't do anything with e-vezino. They came in with their guns blazing and we crushed them. The troops fell back without being able to check out Iwezeino.

 If that had been the end of it, the plagues would not have been put to sleep.

'But they didn't run back to Hyphoria. They set up a camp outside the silver bubble and tried to get the Celebration Holy Heavenly Lord Eife to bless Ewezeino.

 He tried to bless the disaster abyss world itself, or.

'The blessing of St. Eulopianes?'

It's good for the world.

 Naga said.

 'That's what Hyphoria claims to do, to make the abominable world of Plague Abyssal World walk on the right path.

'In other words, the blessed Abyssal World of Ewezeino will be repainted by the Hyphorian order. Early on, Ewezeino will disappear and become one of the silver bubbles owned by Hyphoria.

 Eavezeino would lose his craving and would no longer have to worry about being eaten by the Hyphoria.

'When that happens, I stared at Ewezeino as if he would stop.

You weren't sure, apparently. Maybe that's all they had in mind.

 No wonder they were repelled by the plagues before they could investigate Ewezeino.

'So that guy didn't fare so well either. It would take at least a day and night to bless the entire Disaster Abyss World.

 It must have been difficult to continue blessing in Ewezeino's territorial waters for that long.

 If it seemed easy, the conflict between the two worlds would have been settled a long time ago.

'We crushed the troops of hunters stationed in the territorial waters and drove them away as they fled. After three days and three nights of hounding, Hyphoria was in sight. The hunters are wrecked. The Iron Firesman can't fight. We knew their world was going to end.

 The man laughs as he remembers, giggling.

"Until Ordoff said something funny.


It's a stupid thing. He's an a**h*le. I'm going to take it up a notch. I'm going to bed with him if he doesn't make good on his word.

 Izaak's sleep would have weakened the order of the evezeino and extinguished its craving to devour the hyphoria.

 Therefore, it was not until the plagues awakened that Ivezeino tried to move again.

'What do you mean by promise?'

You wanna hear it? Bring me Ordoff.

 Isak said, as if he wasn't going to talk about that much.

'Hmm. Then we'll talk about that later.'

 As I uttered that, the calamity shot through me with a glance.

''Are you still there?''

'This was before Ordoff. Why are you guys fighting with Hyphoria in the first place?

 Languidly, Isak ruffled his blue hair.

'It's a pain in the ass. Why would I want to punch a disgusting bastard?

 As if to say he was tired of this kind of question and answer, Isak replied in a curt reply.

'If it was just a fight, we wouldn't be fighting for our lives.

If you're going to die, you're going to die.

Your friends and your people.

 He looks up.

 He doesn't say anything, just stares at me fiercely.

'If you know the emptiness of it, shouldn't you put your fists down?

 To the Lord God and Head of Eavesino, I say.

"This will not end," I say to him. "The tragedy will repeat itself, one after the other.

"Phantasms eat the nobility.

 The wretch said.
 He had a much colder demon eye than before.

"Huntsmen and noblemen hunt beasts. We're the predators, they're the hunters. This craving is telling us to eat our prey.

Do we have to eat to survive?

 I ask.

'If you need a replacement for the Prey Spirit Cup, you can get it for him.

"Do you eat meat to live?

 The plague man asked back.

 He smiled ferociously and said, "You eat it because it's good.

"You eat it because it's so good!

 My gaze and his gaze collide, causing sparks to fly silently.

"Even if you don't give flesh to a phantom beast, it won't die. It's all about craving. They are not going to eat a bunch of hunter aristocrats. In short, it's not their bodies that are hungry.

 The plague man pokes his head with his index finger.

'I'm thirsty, you know.

 No wonder Barzalondo and his friends call the inhabitants of Ewezeino beasts.

 But it doesn't add up.

"You don't seem to be so blinded by reason.

 The disaster victim rolled his eyes slightly and let out a chuckle.

'This guy can't live without lying.

 Isak refers to Naga.

"Costoria is jealous. Bobonga is jealous and Bobonga is vindictive.

 He turns to me.

"My people have always been somewhat insane. Maybe it's the fact that the head of the god and the head of the company are both out of their minds that's the problem.

 "Kukkuu," he says with a laugh.

He laughs and says, "That's good. Do what you want to do, the way you want to do it. I don't care if you're crazy or not. If you want to cheat, lie, if you want to be jealous, if you want to be jealous, if you want to be obsessed, go ahead. If that's how you want to die, then that's what you want, isn't it? I don't want to tell you that pretending to live in peace and quiet is the way to live.

 With caustic words, Isak affirmed the craving of the lions of perdition.

 Their life is to satisfy their own desires, even if their actions lead to tragedy.
 It is not good to stop doing that and just have life.

 Indeed, the plagues are probably the masters of this plague world.

'The Hyphoria people are the opposite. "The Hyphorians are the opposite: they defy instinct, trust their conscience, and follow the rainbow path with reason. They are more interested in justice. But beyond reason, there's madness.

 With his hands on the backrest, the man looks at me, motionless.

They were born to be crazy about righteousness, and we were born to be crazy about craving. We're just doing what we want to do. But that's not what Hiforia thinks. They hunt in the name of justice. All in the name of "we're crazy beasts.

 Spitefully, Isak says.

'As long as we're on the rainbow path, we're the only ones who are right, face to face.

 In Hyphoria, the rainbow path is the embodiment of the conscience of the hunting aristocracy, and it is considered a righteous path.
 At all times they walk that path with courage.

 When they hunt the beasts of Ewezeino, they will see the rainbow path in the eyes of the hunting nobles.

 They have believed in their absolute righteousness and have hunted.

 Even Barzalondo, at first, when he learned that I was the lion of Arzenon's destruction, abandoned the dialogue and tried to hunt.

 Regardless of what craving I possessed, if I was judged to be a beast of Ewezeino, I would be killed without question.

 Neither the innocent nor the infant would be any different.

'I don't like it. I don't like it, I want to crush it. That's just what I thought.

 Why are you fighting with Hyphoria?
 I suppose the answer to my question is what you just said.

'Did you intend to destroy the Lord God and the world and take the rainbow path away from the hunting nobles?

 Isak smiles.

'You're a good guess, aren't you?'

 Ewezeino, who eats the hunter with craving.
 Hyphoria, which hunts beasts with reason.

 The conflict between the two worlds is still deeply rooted.
 Their reason and craving deny each other's way of being.

 But once the plagues lent their ears to the words of the Holy King Ordoff, the head of Hyphoria, and fell into a long sleep.

 There was indeed a clue to the dialogue.


 I asked.

'What if I told you that I would find a way to keep your craving intact and find a way other than to fight with Hyphoria?'

 Ha, the disaster man laughs it off.

'I wonder?'

 He turned away, as if he had no intention of getting into the conversation.

 Out of the corner of his eye, there is a screen of water.

 On the screen is the sky of Ewezeino.
 The craving that has been drawn in has become a torrential downpour.

 Far away, further out in the black skies, Isak turned his magical eye to the other side of the black sky.

 An old friend with whom he had sworn an oath is waiting to visit--
 It seemed that way.