601-Prey spirit cup

 Me and Arcana were flying in the flesh over the silver-lit rails laid out on the Silver Sea.

 There were no major problems so far for Ray, Misha and the others in Hyphoria. We haven't been able to get a clue about Ordoff, but we'll have to try to get to Iron Fire Island first.

 The magic line through the silver-lit rails will have some time lag and limitations, just like inter-world communication, but it's acceptable.


 As if suddenly aware, Arcana says.

'There will be no rails in the direction of Ewezeino from here.

No problem.

 The two-rate sword was clothed with and the blade was run.

 With a flash of evening darkness, the silver light rail was cut into three pieces.

 One of them is the rail to the Holy Sword World Highforia.
 One was the rail to the Blacksmithing World Badyloua.

 The last one was a short rail with no destination. It was amplified by the effect of the , and the rails stretched back and forth as fast as they could.

 The three rails were connected, forming a trigram.

 If you fly with the dual swords of the , the silver light rails will continue to grow forward.

 In that direction, the disaster abyss world Eavesino is located.

''What will I talk to the son of disaster?''

I just wanted to know why you moved Eavesino.

'He said he would destroy Hyphoria if we didn't bring Ordoff with us. I think he wanted to show that it wasn't a threat.

 That's highly unlikely, but

It may have something to do with your oath to Ordoff.

 If we don't find anything on Iron Fire Island, we're out of ideas.
 It might be best to check with the other party to find out what the vow was about.

"Will you tell me honestly what you are going to do?

Well, no questions asked.

 He didn't seem like the kind of guy who would talk about it if it had merit.
 If it piqued his interest, or something like that.

 If the plague victims are not willing to talk, as I told Lebrahard, Iwezeino will have to stop them with all the force he can muster.

 To do that, we need to find out the principles at work.
 There's not much time to do that.

 Me and Arcana hurry as fast as we can and fly over the silver-lighted rails as fast as we can.

 Eventually, as dawn breaks on the small world, a Hyphoria scout ship appears at the edge of our vision. It noticed us and loosely steered away.

'This is the Highforia Hunting Academy, Marquis Legheim. We've identified the insignia of Pablo Hetara. I would like to inquire as to your affiliation and purpose.

 A marquis. You're one of the Five Holy Marquis.
 It's no wonder you don't have any spare strength in the area of Iwezeino territorial waters.

"Militia's Head of the Reincarnated World, Anos Voldigord.

''I've received word from His Majesty the King. Are you really going to talk to this scourge? Once you get into Ewezeino, there's no guarantee you'll make it out alive.'

I'm worried about you. It's you who mustn't go into Iwezeino's territorial waters by accident. We can't take care of these phantoms when they sense the cup.

 If I didn't slow down and passed through the spot in one go, the was cut off due to the distance between us.

 A black, murky silver water came into view in front of me.

 Without hesitation, I jumped into it and aimed at the silver bubble ahead. The visibility was poor, but as he flew towards the center, a thick dark cloud appeared up ahead.

 It's a warding that covers the Disaster Abyss World.

 If it was my first time seeing it, it would be a bit bone-chilling, but once I entered it, the urgent point was known.

''Griping Magic Hand (Rayon).''

 He thrust his two-ruled sword into that dark cloud he once passed through and kneaded it around and around. The thick dark cloud swirled around and a hole was made in the center of it.

 A small amount of light from the silver light leaks out.

 After wielding the two-rate sword and connecting the silver light rail to the disaster abyss world, I use the right hand of the to break into the interior.

 If you go down the Black Plight, you can see the sky.

 The sun was rising, but the rain clouds were covering everything. 
 The temperature is far cooler than when I was here before, and it's raining down in a downpour.

 The huge puddle seen below - the Abyss of Craving - had frozen over.

 Raindrops that should have been flowing into it pooled on the ice sheet and were cooled by the cold air, turning it into a block of ice. The rain that was pouring down froze above the Craving Disaster Abyss, forming a giant pillar of ice.

 The ground shook violently as the earth rumbled and shook violently.
 The ice pillar crumbled and turned into a glacier as it drifted downstream.

 They crushed trees and structures in a matter of seconds.

''How can it be so wild now that the Lord God and the Head of State have awakened?''

 Sadly, Arcana stared at the devastation of the calamitous world.

 And that's when.

''--Do you have a measure for everything?

 The rain in that airspace froze in the blink of an eye and turned to sleet.

 When Arcana looked up, she saw the plague-stricken Izaak floating there.

There are fish that can only live in the dirt, and there are beasts that can only think for themselves in the desolate world.


So, this is the normalcy of Ewezeino?

 <He turned his evil eye to the Abyss of Craving.

"I heard that if you don't wake up, the inhabitants of Eavesino will lose their reason and will be ruled by craving, so you are freezing the Abyss of Craving to prevent that from happening.

 The raindrops that fall here are the craving of the people who are drawn by the Craving Abyss.

 The order of Isak the Plague Man must be freezing it and suppressing the effects of the Craving Abyss.

"It's freezing on its own.

 Slowly the disaster comes down and shares my line of sight.

"I do what I want. My people are here because they want to. No more, no less.

 The fact that it freezes on its own is, well, not a lie.
 This man's half of a man is the Lord God. The order that is being brought to this world is not the kind of thing that can be controlled.

"What about Ordoff?

 As if to cut to the chase, the disaster victim asks.

'Unfortunately, I'm not a resident of Hyphoria.

 'Tsk,' says Isak, clicking his tongue.

'What oath did you take with Ordoff?

I'm not doing this for you.

 Isak said as he spat out.

'Is that oath involved in what's driving Ewezeino?

What's it to you?

 The demonic eye that revealed the killing intent glittered and a cold air gathered on his right arm.

 Immediately, Arcana readied herself to be on guard.

 I asked further questions amidst the hint of an immediate reaction.

'Why was Ordov hiding you frozen in Hyphoria?

 The killing intent faded from that glaring demonic eye, and another emotion was revealed.

 It's interest.


 The plague man stared at me silently.

 After a few seconds passed, he showed his fangs and smiled slightly.

'Come on.'

 The plague man draws a  Me and Arcana built a magic circle with the same technique and transitioned at the same time.

 My vision turned white, and in the next moment, a room with miscellaneous chairs abandoned appeared.

 A water screen was stretched over the outer wall, and the outside was reflected on it.

 What was visible was the research tower of a phantom beast agency made of the shell of the thunder shell dragon Jeldnula.

 Is this inside the Eavezaino's ship?
 <It seems like it's drifting through the Abyss of Craving.

 Which means that the only part of the water that's frozen in the plague order is the surface of the water.

"Woe is me?

 I hear a familiar voice.

 A woman in a wheelchair walks into the room.
 It's Naga Arzenon, the Lion of Perdition. When she sees my face, she's immediately incapacitated.

'I thought you left so suddenly...'

 'Uninvited guest,' she said, as if to say.

'I wonder what this means?'

I ran into him out front. I was bored.

 Naga was taken aback when she heard the disaster man's answer.

''I don't think it can be a coincidence, though. I think it can't be a coincidence that I, Bobonga and Costoria all warned them that Anos might turn against them, but they didn't listen to what they had to say. We're going to have an all-out war with Hyphoria in two days, what does the disaster victim want?

Shut up!

 Isak throws two chairs to me.

'Don't sit down,'

 He grabbed a chair and sat down, leaning his back forward.

 Me and Arcana sat down as well.

'This is a pretty good ship.' 

He's the biggest and baddest turtle in our family. It won't budge when the hunter's ship hits it.

 I guess that's what he's prepared for for his battle with Hyphoria.

 Naga is sighing as if she's tired of it all.

 She told me to limit my options.

 But from the looks of it, it's all probably Isak's three chests.
 This man won't keep you back, no matter how inconvenient it is, as long as you don't consider your opponent an enemy.

'Do you know about the Prey Spirit Cup?'

'You mean the less-than-thirsty species that phantoms are meant to nurse?'

 Such is the case with the hunting aristocracy of Hyphoria.

 By nature, they are strong in reason and poor in craving, making them suitable for the vessels of phantasmal beasts.

 Hence, this was the beginning of the conflict between Ewezeino and Hyphoria, which has continued to this day.

No beast can resist the appetite. They are always hungry. When they are on the verge of starving, they leave their territory and go in search of their prey.

 The Woe Man says.

'That's how our order works. This silver bubble is a single beast.'

'You think Ewezeino itself acts as if it has the instincts of a phantom beast?

You're a smart guy.

 With a fierce smile on his face, Isak announced.

'Ewezeino is moving because he's hungry. He's dying to eat the Hyphoria.'