600-Causes of rust

 Galungzest Hunting Palace. The Great Mirror Room.

 The Holy King Lebrahard was explaining the operation to defeat Isak.

''--But even if we are able to successfully catch the plague, it will be extremely difficult to retreat to Hyphoria. In the Silver Sea, if the ship is destroyed, it's as good as stopping. We can't compete with the speed of the plagues. The previous king also suffered considerable damage in the battle of retreat from Ewezeino.

 Duke Garunzest Wisdom listens politely.

'Therefore, I will draw Ewezeino to the very edge. We'll wait until we're close enough to Hyphoria to be able to retreat, and then we'll set up there.

Once you fail, though, there will be an inevitable clash with Ewezeino?

''That's why it's also easy to fish out the phantom beasts. If you miss that opportunity, you won't have a chance to eat the Prey Spirit Cup.

"Isak wouldn't give a mook a second glance if he could catch a phantom beast or a phantom tribe?

 In response to my question, Lebrahard replied.

'If we can lure the phantoms into Hyphoria, even if the plagues do not come out, there is the Blessed Saint Eulopianes. That authority, the Blessing of St. Eulopianes, which is originally used to welcome the inhabitants of other worlds into Highforia by consent, works well for the beast.

So you can make me a resident of Hyphoria without my consent?

 Rebrahard nods.

'It's a blessing to release them from their craving and turn them back into men. They beasts have a habit of attacking in packs when their companions do that to them. The Woe is no exception.

Habit? If the dignity of my people is trampled on, I suppose it's only natural. You, too, would go to the aid of the hunting aristocracy if they were made a prey spirit cup.

'I suppose it's because we have the reason to stay on our feet that we are people. Even the hunter aristocrats who have become the prey spirit cup are not willing to sacrifice their hyphoria for their own sake.

 Smoothly, Rebrahard explains.

'I didn't say bless the beasts. I just meant to make it seem so, that they will come after you with an unquenchable craving.

Do you think?

 If he doesn't come after me, there is no reason for this man not to do so.

'Well, then, Your Majesty, Your Holy King. I'm going to be ready for anything.

 Duke Galungzest Wisdom used a fixed magic circle and transitioned from this place.

''Headmaster Anos. I understand your point. I have the same desire to reduce the damage on both sides. But I can't weigh their dignity against this holy sword world.

'The point is to stop Ewezeino, right?

 I told him and turned on my heel.
 Arcana followed suit.

'What can I do to help?'

I will question Isak directly. I'll ask him directly.

 He rides on top of a fixed magic circle and sends his magic.

I don't think he'll answer.

'Then I will stop it with all my strength. If Ewezeino stops, draw your men.

 Thinking for a moment, the Holy King said.

'If even the beasts stop, there is no reason to fight.

Then you should know better.

 I say as I activate the fixed magic circle of transference.

'A blessing is not something that can be forced upon you,'

 He complied with a straight face and said, "I'll keep that in mind.

"I'll keep that in mind.

 Me and Arcana transferred from that place.

 We came to a boat landing. Immediately, Arcana and I flew through the sky and went straight up to the black sky. I linked hands with Arcana and used my
 After putting up a magic barrier and blocking the silver water, he flew directly in the direction of Eavezeino.

''Will everyone be okay?''

I can see it. With the silver-lighted rails, we can connect the magic wire.

 Badyloua and Ewezeino are in the same direction until the middle of the road. Right now, we're flying over the rails that the Demon King train laid down from Badyloua.

 We share our vision with the magic line of the Demon King's Army (Guys), which is connected to it.

 The thing that came into view was the rainbow water lake.

 I'm going to be able to have a look at the same thing.

 The one leading the way is Silk. She's not in a hurry, she walks leisurely, stopping occasionally to listen to the murmuring water.

 Then she repeats the process of walking again.

'Silk. There's no time to relax. Can't we hurry?

 Barzalondo says impatiently.

''In order to reforge the Spirit God and Human Sword, the water quality is important. Even the Rainbow Water Lake is very different from place to place in that, so it will take some time to find it.''

That's what I need you to do. The date has already changed. We have two days before the plague comes to Hyphoria.

 The plague came to Pablo Hetara yesterday evening, and now it was midnight.

 Isak said he would wait three days, but politely, he didn't necessarily wait until evening. Barzalondo was right, and it would be better to think of the grace as two days left.

'There are some things we can manage and some things we can't. If you're so sure, tell me where the water quality is good.

It wouldn't hurt to know that.

 Her lips twitched in disapproval.

'Don't mind me. My lord is on his way to Ewezeino.

 Singh said plainly.

''...What? I mean, is that rather okay?

'We have to worry about Izaak the Plague, don't we?

 He assured her so.

 Silk reacted dubiously, but he reconsidered the idea and eventually started walking again.

 It was an hour of exploring the perimeter of the lake.

 Silk's ears twitched.

 Immediately she entered the shallow water and scooped up a handful of it.
 Putting it back into the lake again, she listened to the sound of it hitting the water's surface.

'I found it.'

 Silk went further offshore and dipped into the water up to his waist.

 He drew a magic circle and took out the white glittering hammer Wiselhan from it.


 Swinging the wiselhan with both hands, Silk took a great leap. He swung his holy hammer down on the surface of the water, breaking the water and breaking the bottom of the water.

 Then the crushed earth is deformed and a square hut is formed. Two chimneys sprouted up.

 The broken water returned to the ground and covered the building.

 Only the two chimneys peeked out of the water.

'We'll do it in here. Come in.

 Silk went inside through one chimney.

 Ray and the others followed him into the hut.

 The only thing that seemed to have been made was a box, and the room was empty.
 Silk drew a magic circle on the floor.

 The equipment of the workshop that had been stored in the hut emerged from the magic circle. The tools and magic swords from Badyloua's cave are exactly the same as they were in the hut.

''Then, Ray........was it? Since you're handling the holy sword, can you help me?


Put all of Hyphoria's magical coal in the iron furnace over there. Slowly.

 Ray turns his magic eye to the coal yard.

 It seems to be lined with coals of different origins, and the magic power emitted is slightly different. He selects a Hyphoria magic coal from there and places it in the iron furnace.

 Meanwhile, Silk was fiddling with a dozen or so pipes.

 She listened and turned one of the plumbing valves. Then the water from the rainbow lake is fed into the water trough.

 She continues to turn the valve on the rest of the pipes.
 The water flowed into the vat, but the intake was different.

 While listening to the sound, Silk fine-tunes the valves.

 Then the surface of the water began to glitter and glow in seven colors.

''........a little too much.......''

 Muttering that, Silk squeezed the bulb.

 The light on the water went from seven colors to three - red, green and blue only.


 She spun the holy hammer around in her hand and reduced her own magic power to nothing.

''The White Brilliance Hammer, the secret is two--''

 The spinning wiselhans stir the light and water.

''-- ''

 Not a single splash of water rose, but the light and water stirred.

 The three shimmering reflections mingled with the three colors and turned to white light.

'Ray. Are you done?

Is that all right?

 Silk looks at the magic coal laid out on the iron furnace.


 As he said, Silk reduced his magic power to nothing and raised his white glittering hammer.

"The White Brilliance Hammer, the secret is one--

 He slammed Wiselhan into the magic coal as hard as he could.

''-- ''

 As soon as one of the magic coals shattered, it burst into flames and spread to the other coals.
 And once again, if she struck the coal with the flames again, the firepower increased rapidly, as if forging the flames.

 With an exhale, she looked back at Ray.

'The process of reforging is simple. First, put the holy sword into the iron furnace. It reacts with the wrought fire and the sword turns red. With the Wiselhan, it knocks out the sparkling rust. Put it into the brench to replenish the magic power it has lost. He puts it in the iron furnace again. I repeat the process, and then I use Arzenon's claws to finish it off.

What do I do?

''I want you to hold down the Spirit Godman Sword when you beat the rust out of it. Maybe it was too exposed to the magic power that was in conflict with the Spirit God Man Sword. The broken Spirit Godman Sword couldn't purify it and the rust accumulated. If you strike it out, all the sealed power will flood back in at once.

 Smiling, Ray shushed him.

 Two thousand years ago, he must have had an idea of what in the world the Spirit God Human Sword had been slashing at.

''That sounds ... a bit tough.''

 With a serious look on his face, he faces the Spirit God Man Sword.

''Let's begin.''

 Ray nodded and held out the Spirit Godman Sword to Silk.

 She takes it.

 Whether it's because she's an Iron Fireman or the thick glove's characteristics, the Spirit Godman Sword, which chooses its owner, doesn't bare its fangs to Silk.

 Silk puts the Evans Mana into the iron fire furnace.

 It is heated by the wrought fire, and the holy sword turns red as fast as it can. Quickly, Silk places it on the anvil and spins the hilt around and points it toward Ray.

 He held it down with both hands and Silk swung the white glittering hammer down.

 A moment later, the rattling Evans mana goes out of control and Ray's hands are lacerated. The black sparks that flew out became particles and popped at once.


 The silk was blown backwards.

 The raging black sparks easily penetrated the wards Barzalondo had put up, creating countless holes in the blacksmithing workshop. Water from the lake flowed in at once.

''Are you alright?''

 Singh held Silk's shoulders in his arms.


 As if Singh's words had not been heard, Silk immediately walked out and smashed the floor of the workshop with a holy hammer.

 With that, the hole in the workshop was sealed up at a glance and the water drained away.

 She slammed the white bright mallet on the Spirit Godman Sword again.

 But this time, there was only a metallic sound that rang out.

''No ... no ... deeper ...''

 As if by trial and error, Silk strikes the Holy Hammer on the Spirit Godman Sword.


 A voice rang out from the chimney.

 It was Misha, the one who had popped up.


 Balzarondo jumped up and out of the chimney.

 Sasha and Mass are there too.

'Have you found out where the First King is?

"Not yet. I think there may be a clue on Verdilua Ironworks.

 Misha says matter-of-factly, and Sasha continues to speak.

'I heard that only Ironfiremen are allowed in there, could you ask Bellamy for permission?'

...Iron Fire Island is a self-governing territory of the Vardilua. Bellamy, the former head of the island, is the prior king's comrade in arms. He could have bitten off a piece, but if he did, he wouldn't let us enter.

On the other hand, if they say no, doesn't that mean they are suspicious?

 Mass said, and Barzalondo nodded.

'Well that's true but...'

 And then Misha looked up at the sky as if she had noticed something.

 Flying in the darkness was a hedgehog-like workshop.
 It was the ship of the Birdilure.

'Here it comes,'

The question is, how best to get it out of your system?

"Uh, Misha, Misha, are you there?

 I receive a
 They are on board the workshop ship in Badyloua.

 Misha made sure everyone could hear it.

'Here we are. What's wrong?

'Oh, yeah. Zecia's spoiled and says we're going to see Birdy Lure's somehow island while we're at it, but we can't afford it, can we? It's bad for people over there.'

"I don't care. I don't care. I haven't even finished the weapon yet. Hey.

"Grandma and........Zecia.......good friends........

"Ennezione is a good friend of mine.

'Oh, yeah. You're good friends. Oh, come on, you can't take two of us in, you'll fill my grandmother's lap. Look, I see it. That's the island we're going to, Grandma's island.

 Misha and the others look at each other as they hear the sweetest voice they've ever heard.

''Well who was that voice?''

 Barzalondo raised his eyebrows and said dubiously.