Sasha gave her a questioning look and twisted her head.

'I'd like to ask you to elaborate a bit more, but I'm wondering if it's fair to say that you're the Lord God of Hyphoria and you don't think you deserve it?'

It's a bit of a long story to answer correctly.

 Celebrating Holy Heavenly Lord Eife peeked at the three of them so.

''It's okay.''

 Misha said.

 Then Aife turned on her heel.

'This way,'

 Moving to the next wheelhouse, Eife drew a magic circle on the wall.

 It was the entrance through which Misha and the others had entered. Blessed by the divine light, a ward was constructed in the space that had been connected.

''Henceforth, no one from the hunting palace will enter this holy ship, Eltopheus,''

 Having said that, Eife turned to the three of them.

''Do those people know how to select the head of this Holy Sword World Hyphoria's leveling head - the Holy King?

"Sword of the Spirit God and Man, Evans Mana.

 Misha replies nonchalantly.

'Whoever pulls it off will get the right to the Holy King's throne.

 In order to save Luna Arzenon, Lebrahard drew his Spirit Godman Sword and released it. He became the heir to the throne and succeeded his deposed predecessor, Ordoff, as the Holy King.

''It is justified. The Sword of the Spirit God and Man is a holy sword blessed by my authority, St. Evans Mana. I have the divine eye to see the rainbow path, and as for the Sword of the God-Man, it has the power to see the rainbow path of this Hyphoria.

'The rainbow path was the embodiment of human conscience. What are the rainbow pathways of Hyphoria?

 Mass asks.

'Though it is difficult to put into words, it is, as it were, the embodiment of the world's conscience. It is a signpost of the world's conscience, a signpost of the world's righteousness, doing what is good, what is appropriate, and what is right in relation to the other world. Please understand that the rainbow path in the world is a signpost for that.

Does this mean that Hyphoria is the way to a better world?

 Eife nodded at Sasha's question.

''The Spirit God Human Sword Evansmana selects the kings who will lead Hyphoria. All of the previous Holy Kings who have surpassed Evans Mana have not been caught up in selfishness, but have followed their conscience and reason and have done everything in their power to make this world right.

 The fact that Barzalondo had the hilt of Evans Mana means that he is a vessel for the next Holy King.

 He may not be smart enough, but he is a righteous man. He's willing to sacrifice himself and help his men. If he has the support of those around him, he'll be a good king.

 It makes sense that he was chosen by the Spirit God Human Sword.

''I don't understand, but Evans Mana is your authority, right? If the successive Holy Kings have been that committed, doesn't that mean you're not worthy of the Lord God?

''Well that was once the case. Now my mind has diverged from Evans Mana. No, even this divine eye is separated from it.

 Heartbreakingly, Celebrating Holy Heavenly Lord Eife said.

''The present Holy King Rebrahard. He is the one chosen by the Spirit God-Man Sword. Even in my divine eyes, I can clearly see him going down the rainbow path in a majestic manner. My order shows that he is definitely on the right path. And yet--

 Aife gently places her hand on her own chest.

'This heart feels a stirring in his justice.

 Misha blinks twice.
 Then she asked softly.

'Eife. What do you think is wrong with the Holy King?

 Slowly Aife shook her head from side to side.

'Unfounded. Rebrahard has given his body to Hyphoria as much as Ordov has. Although he has tried to find the cause of this buzz, he has never once been consumed by self-interest. He is simply striving for the right path.

 Sure, it's the rules that are strict, but it's not outrageous either.

 Although the Militia world is a bit eye-catching, the fact that it's a bubbling world is probably a major factor.
 After all, they also allowed Militia to enter the St. Upper Sixth Academy.

''Hence, the only problem is my mind.''

 Eife says.

"There should be no conflict between the mind and the order of the Lord God. It is not the right way to deny the king you have chosen without cause.

 She silently lowers her eyes.

'Blessed are those who walk the right path. That is the order of Hyphoria. If I, the Lord God myself, continue to deny the rainbow path, it will eventually distort the order of this world.

 Misha and Sasha's expressions become grim.

'I--maybe I'm starting to break down.

Would you like to see it in person?

 Aife nodded at Misha's question.

'Ordoff has served the Holy King with distinction, an undeniable Hyphorian hero. Now, if you look at him with this divine eye and think his justice is wrong, it is clear that I am broken.

What if it doesn't feel wrong?

 Aife kept her mouth shut.

 Then, after thinking for a while, he said

''........unthinkable. Because the Spirit God-Man Sword has chosen Rebrahard. Therefore, I would like to ask Ordoff what I should do.

 As the Holy King who once ruled over Hyphoria, the Celebrated Holy Heavenly King must have full confidence in Ordoff.
 He says that if he can see him, he will be able to find a solution.

Bartsalondo also said that his brother had changed, and that Rebrahard had not gone crazy?

 When Sasha questioned him, Mass said.

'Even so, it's only the difference between having a crazy mind and having the god's eye.

 Eife said she could see Lebrahard walking proudly down the rainbow path. If he was wrong, the situation would be even more serious.

 The rainbow path is probably the root of the Holy Sword World. If her divine eye, which should be able to see it, is out of whack, then there may have already been a mutation in the order.

''How long has Eife's mutation been occurring?''

 Misha asks.

'About fourteen thousand years ago now.

 In a pure voice, the Celebrating Holy Heavenly Lord speaks.

'Having drained Evans Mana, Rebrahard has lost his sword-body and returned to Hyphoria. By law, he is not allowed to remain silent about Evans Mana. But no matter who questioned him, he stubbornly refused to say what had happened. Not even to his predecessor, Ordoff.

 I can't say that I've helped the Abyssal Princess of Disaster, if you will.

 It is not hard to imagine that Rebrahard kept his mouth shut in order to protect Luna Arzenon.

'I did not charge Lebrahard with a crime. Because I saw the brilliant rainbow path in his path. Shortly thereafter, the previous king was deposed and Rebrahald ascended the throne. Little by little, my mind and my order began to diverge.

It wasn't until your accession that the Lebrahards changed?

 Mass asks.

'Because upon his accession to the throne, all his men were massacred.

 Misha rolled her eyes, as if surprised.


'I didn't blame them, but some took it as the wrong message.

'As long as you can see the rainbow path, the Lord God can't get your hands dirty. So you think it was right for you to cover yourself in mud and condemn him?

 Aife nodded.

'His men didn't speak in secret either, and they got their comeuppance.

 Following conscience and reason is considered a virtue in Hyphoria.

 But justice, too much of it, can do no good.

'The criminals came forward openly. Many wanted their extreme punishment, but it was Rebrahard who admonished them. As the Holy King, he did the right thing.

 Eife says, her eyes glazing over slightly.

'Then he changed. In an effort to be more righteous, he laid down a strict set of laws for all to follow and believed them to be just.

 A sad voice falls into a plop.

'Perhaps Lebrahard thought he had lost his men because they had disobeyed the law.

 So you believe the law is justice.

 Or maybe he even regretted helping Luna Arzenon.

If that's what happened, it doesn't seem so unreasonable.

 Sasha said, and Misha nodded next to her.

'And it feels so wrong...'

 Sasha looked flabbergasted as she was about to say it.

'What's wrong?'

''Well I thought it was a bit odd that Lebrahard was enthroned about fourteen thousand years ago, and then there was that incident, and then little by little Eife thought something was wrong with him, didn't she?''

 The Celebrating Holy Heavenly Lord nodded.

''Didn't Ordov come back to Hyphoria once in a while?

"Because of the peace in Hyphoria, I spend most of my time in the Holy Ship Eltopheus. One of my goals is to expand the territorial waters of Pablo Hetara and to recruit a small world to the League of Academies.

Was it Rebrahard's idea?

''Yes. Because it is his ideal that the entire Little World of the Silver Water Holy Sea will be able to execute good justice if they enter the Pablo Hetara.

 At least the conflict itself would be reduced.
 Even if there is a dispute, it can be settled within the rules of the silver-water pecking order game.

 Everything is a far-reaching goal again, though.

 But is it a coincidence?

 His son, Barzarondo, and the Lord God, Eife. It seems to me that he is trying to separate those closest to Ordov from Ordov...?

So it's true, then, that Ordov's ship doesn't have any communication magic tools?

'The inter-world communications of Hyphoria are all done with the magical tools I have blessed. Not one of them communicates with Ordoff.

 Sasha puts a hand to her head and thinks about it.

''Well then the only other thing I can think of is...''

You got a spell from another world?

 Aife nodded.

'There's one thing on my mind. Since Hyphoria has a treaty of friendship with the blacksmithing world of Badyloua, this silver bubble has the autonomous territory of Badyloua.''

 The Celebrating Holy Heavenly Lord draws a magic circle and displays a map on it.

''Badyloua Iron Fire Island (Tekkato). There is a magical tool for inter-realm communication in that location. I am not allowed to enter there without permission due to a pact...

I suppose that means we can sneak in, don't you?

 At the words of the Mass, the celebrated Lord of Holy Heaven nodded his head.

'Did you ask Rebrahard if he could communicate with Ordov?'

 Misha asks.

'Isak the Woe is aimed at Ordoff. He asked me to leave the Prior King in charge. I must prepare for the approach of Ewezeino.'

 It could be taken as if there is a means of communication.
 But why bother using the magic tools of Badyloua?

'Alright. Our Demon King is looking for Ordoff anyway, and we can tell him about you then, right?

Big thanks. In this time of urgent need for fire, it is difficult for me to help you publicly. At the very least, I will give them the magic of blessing to break through the difficulties.

 Misha nodded her head.

''...Blessing magic?''

 Instead of answering, Eife unfurled her rainbow wings.

 When it seemed to emit a glow, a dazzling light shone on Sasha and the others, blessing each of them.