598-Unexpected wish


 One of the five holy barons, Baron Leo Wolf's voice echoed.

 Sasha and Misa braced themselves while hiding in the next cabin.

 If they were seen, it would be troublesome. They would have no choice but to intercept him as he stepped in and take him down before his true identity was known, or else they would have to flee.

 Misha looked up at the ceiling.
 There is a slight gap.


 The three of them looked at each other and nodded to each other.

 Mass used spirit magic again and the three of them atomized and headed for the gap in the ceiling.


 In a moment - a blade was thrust out of the ceiling and pierced into Misa's body.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.


 As a chase, the blade extended from the ceiling and swung down.

 Quickly turning themselves around, Missa and the others landed on the floor.


 Sasha turns around.

 The tip of the broken sword was lodged in Missa's chest.

 Oddly enough, the blade had begun to assimilate with the skin. She is using recovery magic, but there is no sign of healing, and the wound is slowly spreading.

 The sound of footsteps echoed.

 Leo Wolf enters the ship's cabin.
 For some reason, the blood of the mass was dripping from the holy sword he held in his hand.

'It's responsive, but there's no figure. You are one to use interesting magic.'

 If you try to see them with your demon eyes, it is the spirit of God's Concealment that erases their existence. Due to the spirit magic with this characteristic, the Deep Mischief Divine Hiding (tithejane), Misa and the others are not reflected in LEOWOLF's evil eye.

 It's a good idea to make sure that you have the right information.

"But that's just your bad luck. My mind's eye sees into your hearts. You may disappear, lose your magic, or cease to exist, but you can't erase your heart, that's human nature.

 Waveringly, Leo Wolfe held his holy sword.
 A moment later, his magic power turned into nothingness.

"The reconciliation sword, the secret depths of the two--

 Misha and the others kicked the ground and broke apart in three directions. The one who dispersed their aim and didn't get attacked, the one who didn't get attacked, was the one who calculated to defeat Leo Wolf.

''-- !

 The holy sword stabbed into the floor.

 Immediately after, countless blades extended from the walls and floor with no place to escape, skewering the bodies of the three people.

 The two feathers on their clothes were slashed, and the effects of the disappeared.
 They appeared.

''You can increase your blades for the amount of matter you assimilate?''

 Mass smiles wryly as the holy sword stitches her body together.

'Tell me your name and your affiliation. What is your purpose?'

 Hmph, Misa laughs.

'What's so funny?'

You can't scare the shit out of me with all the acupuncture you give me.

"...I see. I understand.

 With a sharp look in his eyes, Leowulf readied his sword.

 Then he kicked the ground.

''First, I will cut off your bare head!

 Immediately after, the countless blades that were skewering Missa and the others shattered all at once.


 While Misa and Leowulf were talking, Sasha used the Devil's Eye of Doom to chip away at the protection of the holy sword, and Misha used the God's Eye of Source Creation to create a fragile substance.


Let's go!

 <The ship's cabin was transformed into a castle of ice by the Divine Eye of Genso. A strong boundary was created to prevent the magic from being transmitted to the outside world.

 Without a moment's pause, the < Sun of Ruin> floats in Sasha's eyes.

 That gaze pierces Leo Wolf and irradiates the black sun.

"The reconciliation sword, the secret depth is one--

 Straight away, LEOWOLF swings down the holy sword.


 He cuts down the black sun that was released, and he cuts it down beautifully.

 Perhaps that holy sword will melt with everything. If it melts and mixes, the two will be of the same quality.
 Then even if it is the light of doom, the rest can be cut with the skill of the sword.

''You seem to be quite adept at it. Three against one will break your bones.

 Leowulf tried to send a
 A dome-shaped darkness covered the inside of the ice castle.

 <It's a good thing that I'm not going to be able to get my hands on any more of them.

''With this, you are now a caged bird. You won't be able to escape.

I see.

 Holding the holy sword, Leo Wolf exhales a small breath.
 Then, he holds the fusion sword with his right hand and draws a three-dimensional magic circle with his left hand.

 A line of magic extended from beneath his feet.
 It branched out and built many paths in the room.

'My martial arts, no one will stand in the way.

 A piercing glare pierced the mass.

 Leowulf lowered his posture and carved out a large step. When he unleashed his special sword, the magic power of the fusion sword swelled by an order of magnitude.

 That's when.

 A circle of light illuminated the dome of darkness.


 LEOWOLF, who had noticed something and was about to pounce, stopped on the verge.

 Immediately after, a circle of light erased the and melted the inside of the ice castle created by Misha in the blink of an eye.

 In the blink of an eye, the area returned to its original cabin.

 I felt a great magical power.
 It wasn't a person, but of the god race.

 It was no ordinary god either.
 The one who walked in from behind the door without making a sound of footsteps was a girl dressed in pure white vestments.

 On her back are two wings that shine with the brilliance of a rainbow. A circle of light floats on her head.
 And her entire body emits a divine light that can only be described as clean.

''........Lord of Heaven......''

 Leowulf stood in front of the girl, protecting her.

'Draw your sword, Leowulf. These women are my guests, therefore, I welcome them.

 Although he rolled his eyes slightly, Leo Wolf tucked the holy sword into the magic circle and erased the .

''As the Heavenly Lord wills,''

 After taking a glance at Misha and the others, Leo Wolf turned on his heel and left.

 It's not good to miss, and Sasha quickly glares at her with , but the light emitted by the girl's wings extinguishes the black sun.

 Then, multiple footsteps could be heard from the wheelhouse.


Didn't we just hear a weird noise?

 A voice rang out.
 A group of hunter nobles must have sensed that something was wrong and gathered there.

''There are no crooks. There is no need to report to Lord Galungzest. Tell the others so.''

Yes, sir!

 Leowulf and the hunting nobles left the wheelhouse.

 Soon, the sound of their footsteps disappeared completely and the cabin was silent.

'LEOWOLF is a faithful hunter. Rest assured that he will never disobey the command of the Lord God.

 A sacred voice spilled out of the girl's mouth.

 Misha turned his divine eye to her.
 She looked into the abyss and asked softly.

''Are you the Celebrated Holy Heavenly Lord Eife?''

 Misha asks.


 Misa and Sasha look around cryptically.

 She is the main god of this Holy Sword World Highforia.
 There's no doubt about it from her magical power and the behavior of Baron Leo Wolf.

''Why did you help me?''

"Good Spirit, good God, I thought.

 Aife returns a calm expression to Misha, who directed her question at her.

''For........such a reason?''

 Sasha wonders.
 I'm sure she has a hunch that he has some other agenda.

I'm not sure if he's right or wrong. The rainbow path is the correct path for the inhabitants of my world to follow, and it is the embodiment of their conscience. And a good person has a glimpse of the rainbow path, even if he or she is from another world. They will see it in their hearts. That is, the proof that you have not disobeyed your conscience until today.

 Eife said with a tender smile.

'I have been waiting for a long time for a glimpse of a form to visit me. And they have come here.

 Slowly, the Celebration Saint Heavenly Lord stepped out and walked over to Misha and the others.

''Please, I would like to know your name.''

 Misa and Sasha looked over at Misha.

 She nodded dully.


It's a mass.

It's Sasha.

 She said as she took each name in stride.

'Misha, Sasha, Misa. I have a favor to ask of you. If you will accept, I will not blame you for entering this hunting palace. And I will give you the blessing of the Blessed Holy Heavenly Lord Eife.

 Misha turned her divine eyes to guess what was on Aife's mind.
 'You don't seem to be lying,' she said.

'In lieu of a blessing, I want you to tell me something.

What does that mean?

I need to know where Ordov, the Prior King of Hyphoria, is.

 Then, Celebration Saint Heavenly Lord Eife rolled his divine eyes and expressed his surprise.

''.........Oh my God.......''

 After muttering that, Aife looked at the three of them.
 She said.

'My wish is also to see Ordoff.'

 Misha blinks twice.

'I need to see him again, to make sure.'


 With a face full of sorrow, Eife said.

''I........Celebrating Holy Heavenly Lord Eife's heart is truly worthy of the Lord God of Highforia.