597-Palace infiltration

 Garunzest Hunting Palace. The boat landing.

 In the engine room of the Demon King's train, Misa, Sasha and Misha were spying on the outside.

''There are a total of seven guards. The only entrance to the palace is the transfer magic circle. Four in all.

 Misha takes stock of the security of the landing area with his divine eye.

'All the windows of the palace are closed and warded.

Even if it atomizes, it's not going to get in through the window.

 While brushing her hair gracefully, Misa said.

''But even if you can fool the guard's magic eye with
 That's what Sasha ponders as she speaks.

 I'm sure the reason why the entrance is only a fixed magic circle is because it is a countermeasure to those who disappear.

 It's a very good idea to have a specific place to pass through to detect intrusion, even if it's a concealed magic that cannot be caught by the evil eye.

You're not going to take a turn at the guard?

'You mean, when someone uses the transference magic circle, we transfer together? If we get that close, wouldn't it be dangerous for us to be in danger, even if we're in the Deep Mischief Divine Hiding (Titejane)?

 It's a deep world.
 We'll have to be vigilant about that.

If it comes down to it, I'll do everything in my power to silence you.

'Misa can be very Anos-like when she's in her true body...'

 Sasha gives him a dumbfounded look.

'I wonder what they'll do after they shut him up?

An unconscious body is like a puppet. <You can use it to control the body through thought-parallel possession.

Won't they eventually notice that?

So we'll have to wait until then to find out what happened to King Ordoff the First.

 Sasha puts a hand to her head in annoyance.

'I don't know what Hyphoria will say to me later.

It was ordered that the top priority is to find out what happened to Ordoff. Since you are working in the territory of the Holy Sixth Academy, I'm sure Anos-sama will tolerate me to a certain extent.

That may be true, but don't you have a few more safeguards?

 Then Missa turned to Misha.

''The Demon King train is equipped with Eques, Maytiren's anti-magic. Even with the magic formula to interrogate the ship, and the magic eye of the hunting nobleman, we can't see completely inside.

 Misha explained matter-of-factly and started walking away.

 Sasha and Misa followed her as she proceeded from the engine room to another vehicle.

 Soon, they came to the turret room.

 The Fan Union girls who had been taking a break stood up.

'It opened on its own!

What do you mean?

 Controlling their magic, Missa and the others emerged.

'Oh, it's Misha and the others,'

I see. <Titaegene.

 Nodding curtly, Misha says.

'Get some rest,'

 Misha takes a few steps and stops.
 She turns her gaze to the floor.

'From the outside, this is the best blind spot.

 A silvery white moon appears in Misha's eyes.

 It is the divine eye of the source creation. Its gaze gently illuminated the floor, creating a door.

 Misha reached out and opened the door.

 On the other side of the door is the floor of the landing place.

''........There are wards on the floor as well.......''

 Mass says while turning the demonic eye on him.

'We'll make a hole in the wards and the floor. A hole so small it won't be noticed.

 Misha gives Sasha a look.

'I'll try,'

 Sasha floats the and stares at the warding.

 She controls the magic eye like a needle through a hole and drills a tiny hole in the ward.

 At the same time, Misha used the Divine Eye of Genso and looked through the tiny hole in the ward.

 The floor of the rooftop began to be reshaped, and the tiny holes began to appear slowly.

'You're not crazy.

 Misa kept her eyes on the guards outside.

 Misha and Sasha were concentrating all their attention on drilling the hole. If the force was too strong, they would be distracted, but on the other hand, if it was too weak, the hole would not be empty. If the direction of the demon's eye shifted even slightly, it would break out of the blind spot and would still be distracted.

 Without blinking, the two of them continue to work their Demon Eyes and Divine Eyes.

 And a few minutes later--.

I'm free.

 Relieved, the two of them patted their chests and turned off their demon eyes and divine eyes.


 Misha called, and Ellen ran up to her.

'I'll be back from here,'

Yeah, I get it! Just make sure we don't move the Demon King train from here, right?


I got it! We'll all do our best! 

 The girls of the Fun Union smile.

''Then I'll be on my way.

 Misa said, and the three bodies atomized.
 The fog was sucked into the hole in the floor that they had just made and descended as fast as they could.

 From the rooftop, they passed through the ceiling of the top floor and made their way into the interior of the Garungzest Hunting Palace.

 Slowly, the three of them put their feet on the floor.

''Where do you want to start looking?''

 Misa uses a thought transmission (leaks).

"I think I need a magic tool to communicate with the outside world.

''The magic of the external communication is not used by anyone at the moment. ''It seems that ordinary ships can't even enter and exit the small world, so you probably have to have the power of the Lord God in you.''

 Misha and Sasha said.
 ''A magic tool that bears the power of the Lord God, that would be the condition for the outside world communication.

''If you're hiding your communication with the first king, then a place that is not accessible to outsiders is the most likely place.''

Well, let's find out.

 The three of them proceeded cautiously through the palace, keeping an eye out for traps and detection magic.

 They moved away from the area of the guests and followed the magic of the weapons, magic tools, and fixed magic circle for battle.

 When they reached a certain passage, Misha stopped in his tracks.

 She turned around and found herself at a dead end.

''Based on the structure of the building, there's nothing ahead of us.''

I saw the magic in the back.

 Sasha and Misa give you a look.

"Let's go.

 Misha nodded.

 In the same manner as before, with the and the , she made a small hole in the wall and the warding.
 The three of them atomized and entered the other side of the wall.

 Just like Misa said, if you think about it from the structure of the building, what you get through is the sky.

 But what they arrived at was a room.
 There are a number of windows lined up, but it's dark outside.

 The fact that you can't even see the starlight means that some kind of magic has been used to treat the room.

 In the center of the room, there is a large rudder. This is probably the wheelhouse.

"Inside the ship.......right?

 Misha nodded in reply to Sasha's question.

''There may be a magic tool for external communications.''

 The ship is meant to go out of the small world. If it belonged to the Hunter's Institute of Justice, it would not be surprising if it had the facilities for outside world communication blessed by the Lord God.

 Misha, Sasha, and Misa went to check the wheelhouse for any communication magic tools.

 A few minutes passed.


 Misa and Sasha turned around to look at Misha.

 She shook her head shakily.
 'It looks like there are no magic tools here that we're looking for.

''In the meantime, let's look in other rooms--''

 Just as Sasha was about to say it, Mass released the and grabbed her body.

 The holy sword was thrust out from the wall and just barely passed the tip of Sasha's nose.

 <The fact that she noticed the did not mean that she caught it visually. If Misa hadn't pulled back her hand as quickly as possible, it would have hit her.

''This way.''

 Misha moves to the other room. 
 The two men quickly followed.

 As they were catching their breath in the next room, a man slipped through the wall of the wheelhouse and emerged.

 He's a hunting aristocrat.

 He wears sword-shaped earrings in his ears and carries a holy sword.
 The man takes a quick look around the wheelhouse and then raises his voice.

''I am Baron Leo Wolf! I know you're in there, crook. On the count of three, I want you to emerge and present yourself squarely. Or else--

 A moment later, the holy sword of LEOWOLF sparkled, and then the next room where Misha and the others were hiding
The door of the city was slashed down.

"-I will cut off your bare heads.