596-Dark clouds

 I saw a light on the ground.
 The Demon King train running in the sky above was illuminated by the light.

 It was probably for guidance.

 Misha projected the image captured by the magic eye chamber onto the crystal. It was a mountainous area. I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about it.

I will give you a detailed explanation in my hunting palace. Please follow that light.

 Duke Galungzest said, and the thought communication was cut off.

Barzalondo, what will happen if we go down like this?

 I ask Balzalondo, who has just entered the engine room.

The dock at the hunting palace is equipped with the art of intercepting ships. Some of them have a keen eye for detail. Even if you use cloaking magic, there's no guarantee you'll be able to hide it.

 With the approach of the Ewezeino, they are likely to be more vigilant about the ships coming into Hyphoria.

 It doesn't seem to be a good idea to keep Barzalondo and Silk on board as it is.

''But that's the Garunzest Hunting Palace. It's the home of the Duke. If Lord Garnzest has information about the previous king, there should be traces of it.''

 So Barzalondo added.

 If he could communicate with the former King Ordov, he may have kept a record.

 If not, it is possible that the Duke's men have the information.

''Silk. Which place would you prefer to reforge the Spirit God Human Sword?''

 Shin asks.

'We need the water from the Rainbow Lake, though, so that's where I'd prefer to be if possible. I've hardly ever been to Hyphoria either...

"The Rainbow Lake is at the foot of the mountain where Garunzest Hunting Palace is located.

 Balzarondo said, and the image of the magic crystal switched.

''It's ... right under my nose, but I wonder if they won't notice it...?''

 Sasha twisted her head as she turned her gaze to the lake below the Garunzest Hunting Palace.

 Light reflected on the surface of the lake, emitting a glittering rainbow-like glow.

''The Rainbow Water Lake is out of Lord Garnzest's jurisdiction. As long as you don't make any fancy moves, there's no problem.''

 Balzarondo assured him clearly.

'But I wonder if they can quietly retrain him? In Badyloua, the sound of swords striking echoed across the mountains.


 Balzalondo's expression twisted as if he hadn't been thinking about it.

'As long as we block out the sound, there will be no problem. Warding is not your strong suit?

Don't underestimate it. This Count Barzalondo, he would not have made a proper ward.

If you could, why were you in trouble?

 To Sasha's sharp pursuit, Baltzalondo replied proudly.

'Hunting is what the hunting nobles are all about. They don't wait for any other head than to hunt the beast.'

'I think you should have a little...'

 Sasha said in a daze.

''Then, the Spirit Godman Sword Team and Baltzalondo, get off here and head to Rainbow Lake to avoid being distracted by the Hunting Institute.

"As you wish.

 Singh said, and they headed to the tail end of the ejection chamber.


'Oh, yes. Yes, of course.

 Misa followed Shin and the others and lined up next to Ray.

''Well this time, we're going separate ways.

I'm not going into battle and I'll be back.

''Haha I'm not worried about it, but your father is there too... ah...''

 Misa bumped the head of her nose against Shin's back.

 Suddenly, he stopped and said with a sharp look in his eyes.

'Don't let your guard down. If you waste your time talking, you may be late getting home.'

 Misa and Ray look at each other with a bitter smile.

'Mass, it's about time,'


 As Misa extended her white fingertips above her head, an overflowing darkness enveloped her.
 There, a myriad of lightning struck.

 A betel nut black dress and six spirit wings on her back. Her hair grew out like the deep sea, revealing her true body.

 A water emblem appears, which Misa incorporates into the magic circle she drew, deepening it.

 Two shining feathers appeared on the chests of Shin, Ray, Silk and the others, and they stuck together tightly.
 One was a fairy's feather and the other was a hidden wolf's feather.

 If the was incorporated into the magic formula and became deep magic, the would be able to conceal itself reasonably well within the order of this holy sword world.

 When he reached the injection chamber, Shin stopped.

''Are you ready?''

 Silk nodded.

'Let's go.'

The Titejane will be deactivated when you reach the lake. Please be careful.

 The bodies of Singh and the others turned into mist and swooshed out through the doorway of the ejection chamber.

 Due to the presence of the Demon King Train, it is in a dead zone from the Garunzest Hunting Palace. <Since they are using the , they will not be noticed that often.

 They continued to slowly head towards the Rainbow Lake.

''Misa. Misha, Sasha. After arriving at the hunting palace, slip out of the way when you see an opening.

 Misha nodded persistently and Sasha said.

'We can sneak into the hunting palace and look for clues about Ordov, can't we?


 Misa used again to attach the feathers that appeared to them.

 The demon train continued its descent, stopping at a landing pad set up on the roof of the hunting palace.

 According to Balzalondo, the train is equipped with a magic formula for intercepting ships.

 <Even though he's using the , it's probably a question of how far he can hide it.
 It's not so much the magic, but rather the people with keen instincts.

"Arcana, come with me!

 Opening the door to the engine room, me and Arcana got off the Demon King train.

 There are many silver water ships docked at the landing area.

 A line of hunter nobles in formal attire lined up to greet us.
 One person in the center stepped forward.

 He is a man with hairy hair, like a gentleman. He has three holy swords at his waist and is wearing a feather hat.

I don't believe we have met. I am the Duke of Eire Garunzest, charged by the Holy King with the protection of this hunting palace.

 Taking off his feather hat, Galnzest bowed politely.

'I am Anos Voldigord. This is my sister, Arcana.

Nice to meet you, little featherweight.

 After a moment's sharp glance into the depths of Arcana, Garunzest smiled back.

'Come on in. I will explain the situation to you.

 A fixed magic circle glowed underneath Garunzest's feet.

 Once me and Arcana were on top of it, my vision turned completely white.

 In the next moment, the one that transitioned was a room with several large mirrors lined up.

 The one in front of the large mirror in the center was the Holy King Rebrahard.

''Thank you for the help of the Demon King Academy.

 He turned around and said, as if it were a social call.

'Is it because you're aware of what's going on that you came here so early?

No, it's an accident.

 The reflection in the large mirror is a silver bubble wrapped in a huge dark cloud - the Disaster Abyss World Eavezeino.
 It was too huge to discern, but it was definitely moving every second.

''How is this image being projected?''

These are images from the reconnaissance ship. In its current inter-world comms configuration, it's 15 to 30 minutes behind schedule.

 Garunzest replies.

'When is the last time you'll be in contact with Hyphoria?

'Ewezeino is picking up speed a bit. Probably three or four days, sir.

 Just around the deadline Izak offered.

 I don't think he was threatening to destroy Hyphoria when he said he was going to destroy it.

'I was going to intercept them, but now I can't just wait.

 Lebrahard says, trying his best to be calm.

'If we collide like this, neither Ewezeino nor Hyphoria will be safe.

 Hyphoria and Ewezeino are natural enemies of each other, and if Holy King Rebrahard's assessment is correct, there isn't that much difference in the strength of the two sides.

 If the battlefield is Hyphoria, the hunter nobles will win, and if it's Ivezeino, the plagues will win.

 Hence, they were prepared to attack the people in Highforia, knowing that they would be putting them in danger.

 In other words--.

'You mean there was originally no way to run the small world?

'If you try to touch the silver bubble from the outside, it will slip through, because that's the order of things. If you push it from the inside with a strong force, it will break the world before it can move.

We need to find out how they're running Eavesino, huh?

 If you know how to move it, you can stop it.
 Otherwise, both worlds will disappear into the gravel of the Silver Sea.

In an ideal world, that would be the case.

In my opinion, it would be faster to destroy Ewezeino.

 Garunzest says.

 It's certainly a reasonable idea.
 If you have the time, though, the grace period is three days at the earliest.

“There must be at least one plague man involved in the movement of the disaster abyss world. If we hunt him, we have a good chance of stopping it.

But for that, you will have to go to Eavesino.

 If Ewezeino is a battlefield, they have the advantage. It would be like going to die in vain.

''At worst, it would be. But if we continue to clash, we will fall together. The plague will not stand for us and will be waiting for us to jump out first.

 Garnzest says in a polite tone of voice.

'We should be brave and draw them away. The plagues are beasts. If you put them in front of the Prey Spirit Cup, their instinct is to not wait.'

Hmm. So you want me to send the decoys to Ewezeino to catch those baddies?

 Garnzest nodded at my question.
 Then he advised Rebrahard.

'What do you think, Your Majesty the Holy King? If you command it, I, Garnzest, will gladly go to my death--

Don't do it.

 Galungzest glares at me.

"It's not a test of courage if they're ready to crush you.

''The beast's fangs will never reach Hyphoria. This world is a sanctuary protected by the Celebrated Saint Heavenly Lord Eife.

 Revrahard said plainly.

'You can tell me which is higher, the hunter's reason or the beast's instincts.

 Garunzest bows deeply to that order.

''I will certainly live up to your expectations, Your Majesty.