595-What was entrusted

 Ray looks around the workshop in the cave.

'It looks like you have some fine equipment here, what kind of workshop would you like?'

 Silk shook his head from side to side.

'Any sword in Attah's workshop will do. The problem is order. The Spirit God Human Sword Evans Mana can only be struck in the Holy Sword World Hyphoria.''

Limited Order.

 At my words, she nodded.

'Yes, the Spirit God Man Sword has a limited order of blessing. It's a holy sword blessed by the Lord God of Hyphoria, Celebrating Holy Heavenly Lord Eife, which means it's her right.


 Ray directs his question.

'As I recall, wasn't the sword originally forged by the witch Bellamy?

 To this question Bartsalondo replied.

Bartsalondo replied: "The degree of authority depends on the Lord God. One of the powers possessed by the Celebrated Lord Eife is the blessing of St. Evans Mana. In this way, the sword forged by the witch Bellamy was transformed into a symbol of Hyphoria.

 It means that the object can only act as a power when it is blessed.

'Then Heavenly Life Spirit King Dionatek has the same blessing power?

'Yes and no,'

 Balzalondo explains.

As I mentioned above, Dionatek is a spirit born of a tradition that says he is the god of heavenly descent, as befits a person. Before long, Dionatek was rumored to be the second Lord God, and in fact possessed the power to do so. For a long time there were two principal gods in her world.

 A spirit that possesses the power of the Lord God?

 It's no wonder that the Spirit God Human Sword has so much power.

''The turning point came a long time ago when the Doomed Lion of Arzenon attacked her world, Cyraina.

 Sairaina is the world of the Water Counting Empress Lianaprina?

'The Heavenly Spirit King Dionatek has joined forces with the Holy Sword World Hyphoria and the Blacksmith World Badyloua to oppose Ewezeino.

 With a serious look on his face, Barzalondo says.

'I needed a weapon to completely slaughter those beasts that would be difficult to destroy. Hence, Dionatek gave himself a heavenly mandate. The Heavenly Order Spirit King resides in the Spirit God-Man Sword Evansmana.

 'I suppose it was a battle that had to be fought to destroy the lion of Arzenon's perdition at the expense of his own.

'And thereby a strange thing happened. Dionatek has a limited order of blessings, but at the same time has not lost its former power over heavenly life. That power is said to have communicated with the blessing of St. Evans Mana, and that some holy sword is said to cut off even the predestined destiny.

 Strange, to be sure.

 But spirits are supposed to cause mysterious things through rumor and lore.

 Considering that the Celestial Spirit King only dwells in them, it would be understandable why he doesn't interfere with the limited order of the Holy Sword itself.

''Big brother over there is right.''

 Silk said.

'Anyway, you'll have to go to Hyphoria to retrain yourself. In the rest of the world, no matter how many conditions you set up, you'll be interfered with by any order other than the Blessing.'

 Then Barzalondo opens his mouth again.

'Maybe if you want to build it from scratch, but if you just want to reforge it, isn't this Bardilua enough?

''An ordinary sword, yes. But the Spirit God Man Sword is the best masterpiece of Bellamy, the witch of the Yorozu Workshop. In the first place, an ordinary blacksmith can't even hold it. The only person who can reforge it here is the person who struck the sword.

 It would have been quicker if I could have asked Bellamy for help.

 Circumstances being what they are. It's the way of things.

What if I could get to Hyphoria?

 I asked, but Silk didn't answer immediately.

Next, ten mallets that are sturdy and suitable for holy swords. Because I'm sure some of them will break. Lastly, the Claws of Arzenon.


What's it for?

''The blade of the Spirit Godman Sword is too hard to be sharpened. So it was sharpened using the claws of his natural enemy, Arzenon. Enough to cut those claws off.

 Artzenon's Claws and the Spirit God Man Sword have attributes that are in conflict with each other.
 So you're using that to your advantage.

''........But the only way to get Artsenon's Claw is to fight the Lion of Perdition......and even if we had it in the first place, I can only say that we'll try......''

 Apologetically, Silk looked at Shin's expression.

''........Only the highest-ranking blacksmith of Badilure.......Old Lady San could strike the Spirit God Human Sword.......''

Hmm. Well, none of this seems to be a problem, then.


 I drew a magic circle and held out a red claw from it.
 It was the one I had taken from Bobonga.

 Silk took it in his hand, as if surprised, and stared into the abyss.

''What is this...?''

Artenon's claws. And,

 Furthermore, he put his hand into the magic circle and took the White Brilliance Hammer Wiselhan.

''They say it was struck by the Spirit God Man Sword. This one mallet will be enough for a great hammer.''

 Silk graciously accepted the mallet I offered him.
 Then, I looked into the abyss for sure.

 She spilled the words, becoming half-abandoned.

'This........how do you.......?'

He told me to give it to you if you're up for it.

''But we're about to go to war with Ewezeino...? If it wasn't for Wizelhan, even the old woman couldn't fight properly.......

 I suppose so.

 Even for a Vadilurean head of state, he is a blacksmith by trade.
 I don't think he's fit for battle.

You'll need the Evanescence Mana because you'll be fighting the Eavesino. Bellamy's pact with the Holy Sword World does not allow him to forge it himself. Therefore, I have entrusted you with Wiselhan.

 The meaning is obvious without question.

'Silk Mueller. I know you trust your skills.

 By the time of the engagement with Ewezeino, Silk would definitely be able to reforge the Spirit Godman Sword.

 It was because of this conviction that he had given up his own weapon and left it to her.


 Silk bites her lip.
 Her expression shows her mixed feelings.

 Even in his own absence, he was always complaining when it came to the subject of silk.

 Although he approved of his skills, he didn't try to praise them outright.

 Because he thought he had talent, he was probably treating her more harshly than others.
 He didn't want them to be satisfied with this stuff.

 But the intent of his severity didn't seem to be well understood by his young apprentice.

 Silk was growing, Bellamy had said, but the truth was different.
 Maybe there's a difference of opinion between the two of them.

 Bellamy must have had his head in his hands if he didn't come back easily after excommunicating him.

"I'm endorsed by the best blacksmith in Vadilua. Don't tell me you can't?

 Silk puckered her lips.

 She muttered that to herself and looked up.
 She spun the white bright hammer Wiselhan around and stowed it inside the magic circle.

 A magic circle was drawn all over the cave and the workshop was contained within it.

 Magic furnaces, blacksmithing tools, magic steel, magic swords and holy swords disappeared in the blink of an eye, turning it into a simple cave.

''Well, let's go. Hyphoria.

 We left the cave and headed back to the landing site.

 We were going to send Misha and the others to Hyphoria anyway to get information on Ordoff.

 If Singh and Ray could go too, it would be convenient.

'We'll lead them to Hyphoria,'

 Barzalondo says.

 The silver water ship Nepheus takes off, and the Demon King's train departs in pursuit of it.

 I used my Thought Transmission (leaks). 

"Eleonor. "Eleonor, the situation has changed. We're heading to Hyphoria.

"What? What do you mean? I'm having Zetia's sword made right now, you know?''

No problem. You can meet me there.

What am I supposed to do about the ship?

The Vádyloua will be coming to Hyphoria. Get him a ride.

"Uh, all right. I'll ask.

 The Silver Water Ship and the Demon King Train rose and fell through the black sky.

 The Silver Water Ship and the Demon King's Train rose quickly and passed through the blackness of the sky, advancing at full speed through the silver sea in the direction of Hyphoria.


 Through the silver-light rail, I send a to Pablo Hetara this time.
 The Cutthroat King's voice came back.

"I have permission to enter Hyphoria.

What are the terms?

That's nothing! Lebrahard's gone back to Hyphoria, looking like he's got no time for us. No, no, no, what's going on here?

Get back to me when you know something.

 <The thought transmission (leaks) was cut off.

 After a few hours of running the Demon King train, a single silver bubble could be seen ahead.

 The light from the silver lamp and several pure white rainbows were clearly visible.

''We've arrived.''

'Barzalondo. Back in the Holy Sword World you will not be free, will you?

 As of now, it has been decided that Barzalondo is working solely on his own for the sake of the Spirit God Man Sword, which means that he is working on his own.

 Although the situation is not yet such that he can be brought back, but as expected, the Holy King and the other five Holy Lords will not leave him alone if he returns to High Forbia.

''Unless you enter with a silver water boat, the Hunting Academy won't be able to understand you. ''Nepheus didn't enter the realm, but hid in the nearby sea. I'll take the Demon King's train to Hyphoria.


 I say, and she nods her head.

'Ejection chamber, open the door.'

 With Misha's voice, the door of the last carriage opened.

 Barzalondo flew in alone from the silver water ship and entered the Demon King train from there.

'Can I get off?'

''No problem. As long as you've got permission to enter, you won't be caught off guard by the Hunting Academy. Even if they contact us from over there, it will take some time.

 Barzalondo answers Misha's question.

'Then we will be at the appropriate landing place and split into two groups, the Spirit Godman Sword and the investigation of Ordoff. Neither of them should be known to the Holy King. Get out of the Demon King's train before the Hunting Institute comes in contact with you.

 I gave that instruction.

'Commence descent.'

 At Misha's signal, the demon train enters straight into the Hyphoria. The silver-lit rail is extended and it is secured inside the High Foria.

 The demon king train came off the rails and descended down the black sky.

 Eventually, the field of vision was replaced by the night sky, and a bright white rainbow was reflected in my eyes.


"Attention, ships of the Pablo Hetara family.


 Barzalondo raised his voice.

 Unlike his explanation, a
This is the hunting academy, Eishaku Garunzest. Can you disclose your affiliation, head's name and purpose?

"I am Anos Voldigordo, Head of Militia, Reincarnated World. As I previously reported, I'm here to help.

 Yes, I respond to the leaks.

"Duly noted. We have placed Hyphoria on high alert. For the duration of your stay, you will need to drop your ship off at the designated location for safekeeping.

 Hmm. It's going to be a little hard to move.

''There should still be some time before we engage Eavesino, but has there been any movement in the phantom agency?

We do not know what the phantom agency is doing. However, the silver bubble is moving.

 In a serious voice, Garnzest said.

'Ewezeino itself is approaching this Hyphoria.