With the sleeve of her dress, Jill wipes a tear away.

'....thanks... and then--'

 A magic circle was drawn on his hat.

 The hat floated up and light poured down from it onto Jill's body.

 It must be a magic tool.
 His hair color changed from brown to steel.

 The boy's body curled up and changed to that of a girl.
 To a familiar figure--.

I'm sorry I lied. My name isn't Jill. My real name is Silk.

 She looked straight at Singh.

'Silk Mueller.'

 The girl was indeed the very Silk Mueller in the picture.

'Why was she in the form of a boy?'

"...Old Mother the witch master sent someone to bring me back and I can't ask the craftsmen of the workshop to help me after I excommunicated him. from, and hired an outsider. So I tried to avoid detection...

 It would be difficult for an outsider to see through it once it changed its appearance, just as Shin had done.

 Looking into the abyss is meaningless if you've never seen the root of the problem.

'Did you think I was also employed by Bellamy?

 Silk nodded dully.

'....Philicia's scabbard is in a forest far away and I was thinking of running away to another place while I was looking for it...'

So what was it you said earlier?

That wasn't a lie.... it was all me.

 I guess I'm not a very good talker.

 He couldn't even come up with a lie on the spur of the moment and mostly told the truth.
 Did Shinn think he could get away with it, since he didn't know much about Silk?

 Of course, if he found out about Silk later, he'd find out, but he must have planned to darken his whereabouts before he did.

 As if guilty of trying to deceive her, she looked at Singh with a downcast stare and cut her off in a fearful manner.

 Despite the trembling words, she has strong, appealing eyes.



 Silk walked forward and slowly crouched down.

 Out of the corner of her eye, there was the tip of a broken winged swift sword.

''At first.........''

 Gazing at the broken sword barrel sadly, Silk muttered to himself.

 She touched her fingertips to the sword with a look of self-mockery.

'But I knew that no matter how good a sword I built, no matter how much praise I received, people didn't approve of it. No matter how much they say a sword with no user is a masterpiece.......because it won't actually cut a single piece of paper.......

 His plain words were filled with frustration.

''That's why I looked for a swordsman who could use my sword. When I called out to them, people came from many different worlds. I'm sure you'll find a lot of people who are very happy with the results. He's a head of state somewhere.

 With a dark expression and vacant eyes, she says nonchalantly.

''But none of them could swing my sword properly...''

 If you have a strong enough magical power to hold the magic sword or the holy sword, you can put them down.

 However, you can use it to throw away, but you can't use it to keep on using it.
 It's even more difficult when it comes to unleashing the true value of the sword.

It wasn't long before the witch master stopped me from using it. He said that no one is allowed to carry my sword until I give him permission to do so.

 If it's done poorly, the user will be destroyed.

 This is a measure to prevent the spread of bad news.

"I thought I didn't know any more swordsmen I know the value of my sword I just need to make a good sword, but...

 Looking up, Silk looked at the swords displayed in the workshop.

''I felt like those swords that didn't speak were making a silent protest to me... why won't you use them...''

 Silk hung there in a paragraph.

 It was as if she was bowing to the swords.

''........I'm beginning to think it's my ego.......when I think about what in the world these swords that are not used by anyone were born for......I feel sorry for them......I can't strike them anymore.......''

 So they thought Bellamy was unwilling to do it?

''My master scolded me.......There's only one wielder in this Silver Water Holy Sea. He said it's the Iron Fireman of Badilure who strikes a single sword for a swordsman who might appear at any moment...

You weren't convinced?


 His lips twitched and Silk expressed his frustration.

''........the sword is a tool. If you have any mercy on them, they'll eventually hurt you, that old lady........! What's that kind of language?

You have a point.

 Silk rolls his eyes at Singh's words.

'It's normal for a blacksmith to treat his sword with care, isn't it?

You are in danger of dying protecting your sword.

 Being told frankly, she fumbles with her answer for a moment.

''I don't ... I don't ... I don't think ... that much ...''

 'Maybe....' added Silk, in a faint voice.

'Did you leave the Yorozu Workshop after being lectured by your master?'

It's kind of a sell-out.

 Singh shows his doubt with his gaze.

'If you feel so sorry for the sword, you should try building something that can handle it properly once in a while,' he said, 'so I dare you to build it then--'

 Silk looked at the broken winged swords again.

''I made this sword. It's not a sword that no one can handle, but a sword that can be used properly. It was the first time I defied the voices coming from the demonic steel and flames.''

 Silk says as he gently strokes the broken sword tip.

'I've created a holy sword that won't eat away at its wielder... my master says it's a decent sword. He also said it should be made to be handled well. I'm supposed to adapt it to its user.

 Maybe he wanted Silk, who couldn't strike a sword, to strike somehow.
 It appears that Bellamy was struggling quite hard to guide her, an inexperienced woman full of brilliance.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

'My friends said we're finally moving forward and that this is the right thing to do... but...'

 Her hands trembled. Tears welled up in the corners of her eyes.

'....I just have to...'

 Silk wipes her tears away with the sleeve of her clothes.

 Wiping and wiping again, the drops spill out without a stop.

 I make a sword that the user can use.

 As a blacksmith, he didn't do anything special or wrong.
 Rather, it would be a natural thing to do.

 But for Silk, it was a sin that should not be committed, twisting life as it should be.

"...If you say that's the job of a blacksmith, I didn't think I could do it... so I didn't build anything and I got excommunicated...

 She bites her lip slightly.

''But at least my master was right about one thing...''

 Silk turned his gaze to Shin and the corpse flame sword Galagudos in his hand.

 She stowed the broken winged swords in her magic circle and stood up.

''What's your brother's name?''

"Sin Reglia.

Okay, Sin.

 His red eyes, wet with tears, but with a strength in them.

''You wanted me to reforge one of my swords, right?

 Singh nodded.

''........Then please. I'll reforge any sword as you told me, so instead of that, you'll become my counterpart's sword.......!

 Silk bows her head deeply.

'What is a sibling sword?'

Oh, I see.

 She hurriedly began to explain.


 Silk looked for Singh's reaction.

'I have a lord to serve.


As long as you do not disobey my command, I will fight as your counter-sword.

 A gasp of surprise, then joy spread across her face.


''Yes. This Flame of Death Sword is a good magic sword. If it's a sword you make, it's worthy of your life.

 Silke stepped forward as if in desperation.

'Then what kind of sword shall I use? How many do you have for now?

''That's right. Various types of demonic swords. If possible - about a thousand of them.

A thousand?

 Surprised, Silk exclaimed.

'You're going to use that much!

 He can't seem to contain his happiness.

''........wait for me, I'll start right away.......!

 As he drew a magic circle under his feet, his silk clothing changed.
 The body was fitted with a front cover, gloves on each arm, and goggles on the head.


 Silk stopped dead in his tracks as he was about to start working immediately.

'I'll have to retrain you first.

"...Oh, that's right, I'm sorry. Do you have that sword with you now?

I don't have any on hand, but I think it's time.

 The sound of footsteps echoed.

'Looks like they're just getting here.'

 I turned around and saw me, Ray, and Balzarondo in Shin's vision.

 Silk's gaze is glued to the holy sword in Ray's hand.

 She stared at the magic eye and then listened for a long time.

''.........Is that.......could it be.......?''

This is the Spirit God and Human Sword Evans Mana.

 Shin said, and Ray held out his sword.

'I want you to be able to hear the voice of the Heavenly Life Spirit King Dionatek. Can you do that?''

 Silk draws a magic circle and places the Spirit Godman Sword on top of it.
 With a serious look on her face, she looks into the depths of the sword.

 She said.

''Well first of all, at least you can't do it here...''