593-Blacksmith pride

 Jill turned her gaze away, looking uncomfortable.

''.........I'm not lying.......that magic sword was indeed made by Silk Mueller.......''

'So you're saying you have the upper hand?'

 Jill is at a loss for a reply.

''Well your brother doesn't know what kind of sword Silk builds, does he?''

 Singh nodded.

'Only with a skilled blacksmith.

She's nothing like me.

 As he searches for words, he says, "My sword is just for show....

'My sword is just for show - sharp, strong, and contains enormous magical power. That's what it looks like. But this sword can't cut anything.

 Jill stared at the several magic swords in the workshop in the cave.

''Well these aren't all swords they're just ornaments...''

 Jill said in a self-mocking tone.

'I don't think so, do you?'

I don't know where to start to make you believe me...

 He looked up to the heavens as if in trouble.

'Me too, I was a craftsman in the Yorozu Workshop and an apprentice of the witch Bellamy... but that's what most of the blacksmiths are in Badyloua...'

What about now?

 With a forlorn look on his face, Jill looked down at him.

'I quit. I didn't have the talent.

 He spun around.

'We ironmongers have a good ear. Experienced blacksmiths can hear the sound of the swords they forge," he said. But I've been striking swords for hundreds of years and I've never heard it.

Is that why you don't have any talent?

 Jill nodded.

I never thought of making a sword. I only listened to the voice of magic steel and fire. They call to me. They said, "This is how I want you to make it, this is how I want you to be born," and I did just that. I'm just swinging my hammer like that.

 He walks over and touches the lump of metal on which it was placed, magical steel.

'But when it's finished and turned into a sword, the voices you heard will be gone.

 A sad voice fell out.

All this time I thought I was doing something wrong, and that if I could just get better, I'd be able to strike a proper sword...

 Stuck for words, Jill bit her lip.

''But in the end, I never got to build one...''

Can the Iron Fireman hear the material as well?

I guess it's just me and my witch master can't hear the magic steel.

 He laughs to himself.

'So I was told. I've been asked if I've ever struck a sword of my own volition. I was just following the voice of the demon steel.

 A voice, stifled by emotion, echoed in the workshop.

'The only thing I was able to make was a sword that consumed its wielder. Whether it's a holy sword or a magic sword, it's the same. If you wield the sword, the wielder will be destroyed....

 Jill speaks while keeping her eyes down.

He said I should build it to handle. I should adapt it to its user. A sword is a tool, and a tool that no one can handle is just an ornament. No one would even try to draw a sword that could be destroyed if wielded.

 He draws his lips together.
 The heavy tension lasted for a while.

'But I couldn't...'


I couldn't ignore the voices.

 Twitching his long ears, Jill tilted them up.

The voice of steel, fire, air, and many other voices are always ringing in my ears. I'm sure you'll be able to tell the difference.

 Jill clenches her fists.

 Hard enough to dig his nails into his skin.

"The sword isn't something I make for myself. Through my arms, I'm just shaping life as it should be, so...

Have you left the Yorozu Workshop?

 A small nod of approval from Jill.

'....I know what the witch master says.......I'm sure it's the right sword and I've tried it too........

 Jill was at a loss for words.

 With a voice that sounded like it was about to burst into tears, he let the thought out.

''But I just couldn't get it to work... I couldn't bear to twist the life that was supposed to be there...''

 His expression twisted and Jill gritted her teeth.
 She must be struggling to come to terms with her ideals and reality.

'I don't think you're wrong about that, do you?

 Singh stated frankly.

'You can do things your way and master that path, can't you?'

 Rolling her eyes, Jill shows her surprise.

 Then she smiled just a little.

'Thanks. "Thank you, but you don't have to be so concerned about it. I've never heard their voices when they were finished, after all, saying that life is what it's supposed to be.

 Stepping up to the decorated magic sword, Jill touched its hilt.

 Flames flooded out and burned his fingertips.
 However, without meaning to, he did not release his hand from the hilt.

"The result is already in. I'm not doing it right. I know that, but I can't help but think that another way is the right way and that's ego.

 Jill leaned back against the demon sword as she touched the blade and hugged the sword body.

I'm not sure if this is why my sword is not needed by anyone. I feel sorry for the sword if that's the case.

 An iron fireman has such a deep affection for the sword, doesn't he?
 Or is Jill special?

 As if he was repenting to his own child, tears spilled from his eyes.

''Unlike me, Silk Mueller's magic sword is properly made...''

 Releasing his hand from the flaming magic sword, Jill grabbed the winged swift sword Philicia made by Silk Mueller.

 He wielded it and showed it to the user, but it didn't bare its fangs at the user like Jill's magic sword.

''It's a sword that can be handled by a person properly...''

Is that so?


I think I can see the grief of that sword.

 Despite Jill's puzzled expression, Shin walked loosely and stood in front of the magic sword he had just held in his hand.

''--Corpse Flame Sword (Shienken) Galagudos.''

 Looking into the abyss, Shin sees the inscription.

''Do you know what this sword is asking for?''

 Thinking for a moment, Jill shook her head from side to side.

I don't know. I can't hear the sword, so...

 He stares at Singh.

'Can your brother hear you?'

No, sir. But I do know one thing.

 Shin reached out and grabbed the Corpse Flame Sword Galagudos.

 Immediately, flames overflowed and began to burn his fingertips.

'Swords seek the Lord. They will continue to wait for their wielder, worthy of wielding himself, no matter how many stars and frosts.

 Shin put his hand on the sheath of the Corpse Flame Sword.

 A moment later, flames flared up all over his body.

 Jill changes her blood color.

''No! Let me go now! That sheath holds the power of the magic sword! My brother's magical power will burn out the root of all of them!


 Singh grasped the sheath and hilt, scorching himself with the flames, but not moving as if he was unfazed.

 The boy gasped when he saw it.

 Anyone familiar with the sword would have been transfixed.

 It was a beautiful stance, as if the sword and the man had become one.

'I have never before seen a blacksmith who has such a deep love for the sword as you do. Let me pay tribute to that love and passion, and to the days of continuous study, and teach you.

All right, all right! Let go of me! Before you draw your sword, it's all right!

 Not listening to Jill's words, Shin quietly closes his eyes.
 He sharpened his full attention to that demonic sword - the Corpse Flame Sword Galagudos.

 Perhaps realizing that words can't stop it, Jill steps forward as if he was played out and swings the Winged Lightning Sword Phylicia.

 Magic power swirled and his body floated softly for a moment.

''--I'm sorry!

 With an unstoppable speed, the Winged Xun Sword Phylicia approaches. Her aim is Shin's right hand. He's probably planning to play off the Corpse Flame Sword.

 That blade is the moment the back of Shin's hand is injured.

 A red sword flash slices through space.

 With his eyes wide open and not even a word uttered, Jill just watched the scene.

 Cleanly severed from the base was the winged swift sword Filicia wielded by the boy.

 In front of him was the corpse flame sword Galagudos, which revealed a drawn blade.

 The demon sword that, when pulled out of its sheath, burns out the source of its user.

 Shin saw through the inevitable flames of destruction that overflowed and burned him, and he slightly missed the vital point. The root cause of his annihilation transcended the annihilation and at the same time wielded the Sword of Flame. 

 The flames of Galagudos disappeared in a huff as he acknowledged the demon race that governed him as the master.

 With a look of incredulity, Jill was staring at the Corpse Flame Sword in Shin's hand.

 His expression was filled with emotions other than surprise.

''Do you understand?''

 Zangsheng Singh stabbed Galagudos into the floor.

''The magic sword you have forged is superior to Silk Mueller's magic sword. There is nothing wrong with the path you have taken. It's just that you didn't have a suitable user, that's all.

 It's a good thing that you're not the only one.

 It's a good thing that you can't get away with it.


 Singh says.

'I have a favor to ask of you. Would you be willing to reforge one of your swords?

Can't you just get Silk Mueller to help you...?

 Gulping, Jill asked.

'You deserve it. The Winged Lightning Sword, Filicia, doesn't have a soul in it.'

 When Shin said this, he spilled a single tear.

 It was like someone who had been struggling in the depths of hell had finally been redeemed.