Hearing the boy's name, Shin glared at his innocent face.
 Then he dropped his hat with the tip of his sword.

'Whoa! Hey, what are you doing?

 His long ears and brown hair were laid bare.

'Excuse me. I had to remember the face of the thief.

 With that said, Singh flung the hat into the air in a heap with his magic sword and slashed away the dust with his sword.

 The hat fell off and landed on his head.
 Jill pulled it off with both hands and put it on with her eyes deep.

''If only I had my sword, I could smash through a catfish like that...''

Without a wielder, any great sword is no better than a namakura. I don't see how they can fall behind those who keep them out of their skin.

 Singh kicked off the defeat with that.

 He looked down at his eyes in frustration.

''Well I'm not a swordsman I'm not a swordsman...''

I know. Then you wouldn't have been stealing.

 With an exasperated look on his face, Jill shrugged.

'What about your parents?'

That's not going to happen.

Don't you have more than yourself?

 Jill turned away, closing her mouth as she fumbled for an answer.

''Well what is the point of asking that?''

'You will assume the identity. It would be a disservice to the inhabitants of this city to let a thief go unchecked.

 Singh says sternly.

 He's planning to give a hard time to those who try to steal the Lord's possessions.

 Jill muttered in a small voice.

 But it's a little suspicious.
 It doesn't look like he's speaking his mind.

'Well, I'll give you two options. Either you can speak the name of the house now, or you can parade around the city with the charges hanging in the air.

Oh no! Don't do that! I don't want to bother the house anymore--

 A sharp look pierced the boy's face.

 Jill made a look of shame.

''Oh, well...''

You shouldn't have been stealing.

Look, I'll do anything else you want...

 Jill squeezes out the words despite being frightened by Shin's cold stare.

'What can you do?'


 The boy shuts up and thinks about it.

"Well I have a magic sword that's more useful to you than that sword because it's not stolen.

This is not the time.

 He assured me tersely, and again Jill fell silent.

 He looked down and thought about it, but he couldn't seem to think of anything good to say.

I don't have time to be bothered by you. If there is nothing else--

Well my brother you're looking for Cirque Mueller... aren't you?

 Singh looked at Jill in puzzlement for a moment.

'How did you know that?'

Because we talked about it. Ironmongers have a good ear.

 So he was listening to the conversation of Misha and the others.

 The Iron Fireman of Badyloua said that he could only rely on the sound of the hammer echoing across the country to determine his current position. No wonder they were able to do that.

''Do you know?''

 Immediately, Singh asks.

'I don't know where she is I don't know right now, but if you have a clue...'

What are the clues?

And if I tell them, they'll let us off the hook for stealing food?

If I know for sure.

 Shin tucked the magic sword into the magic circle and took out a cloth bag instead. Then he sent a to Misha.

''I may be able to get a clue to Silk Mueller. I'll have to vacate the Demon King train?

"No problem. Lock it up, I'll be right back.

 With a slam, the door of the demon train closed and locked automatically.
 Misha did the magic control remotely.

 Singh picked up the fallen food and put it in a cloth bag.

''I'll give it to you.''

 Jill asked dubiously, looking at the food held out to her.


'You can't go home, can you? My lord will not leave a hungry man behind.

''Well then you could have let me steal it....''

 A small blur and Jill's lips twitched.

'That's another story. 'Because I can't afford not to let you know what happens to those who mess with my property.

 Jill muttered to Singh, who was giving off a swordsman's killing intent, ".......troublesome guy.......

What is it?

Uh-uh-uh, everything!

 The boy shook his head broadly, as if in a panic.

'Well, then, will you follow me?'

Don't do anything foolish. If you are going to conspire.

 Singh's eyes grow sharp.

'Wow, I know!

 With that uttered, Jill walked off.

 Shin followed close behind.

''What about
There's too much smoke in the air today.

 The smoke filling Badyloua is violently disturbing the magic field. Since it takes time to use to reach the destination, it would be faster to walk.

''Is it okay to run?''

Come in.

 Jill began to run with a tattered and bouncy gait.
 Singh didn't leave and gave chase.

 Eventually they entered the forest.
 They walked through the dense trees and continued onward.

 A boy in front of them turned around, showing them a cloth bag.

Can I eat this? I'm hungry.

Be my guest.

 Jill took a ham out of the bag and bit into it. I don't know if he was so hungry, but he quickly flattened it out, followed by a bite of bread.

'By the way, big brother, you're not from Badyloua, are you?


Where did you come from?

"From the world of transmigration, Militia.

"...Militia? Hmmm....

 Jill has an expression on her face that she has never heard of.

 She has only just entered the St. Upper Sixth Academy.
 If you're not familiar with Pablo Hetala, it's not surprising that you don't know.

''Why are you looking for Silk? I thought you were asked to do it by the Yorozu Workshop?

Why do you come to the All Souls Studio?

'It's well known among blacksmiths that the master witch excommunicated Silk. It was only supposed to be a mockery, but she ran away from home. The witch master didn't want us to bow down to her because of the face of the workshop, and it wouldn't be an example to the other students. That's why they asked someone from another world to search for her.

'Does the witch Bellamy want Silk to come back?

 Singh asks.

'I don't know if I want you to come back, or if I'm just not that auspicious,'

So you're not going to let him go?

I think he's just mad at me for being so stupid. A disciple who's been excommunicated from school and walks out with a straight face is going to lose face.

 For a moment, Singh thinks.

'I see.'

...Well, no?

'Yes. I just want to give Silk Mueller a job.

 Jill looked at him.

'What job?'

I have a sword for you to reforge.

Well ... yeah.

What is it?

Uh-uh. It's nothing.

 After a while, a cave came into view ahead.

 A chimney protruded from the top of the rugged rock surface.
 It must have been built by magic. It seems to be one with the cave.

Here it is.

 Following behind Jill, Singh entered the cave.

 Once the boy sent his magic, the lamps hanging on the inner wall were lit up.

 In addition to the path we're walking down now, we can see several tunnels.
 There were also several places where the wall surface looked like it had been carved out.

'Is it a mine?'

That's true. I'm the only one who uses it.

 Moving deeper, we came to a living room.

 There were desks, chairs, and dishes on the floor.
 Furthermore, on the other side of the room, there was a large magic furnace with a hammer, an anvil, and other blacksmithing tools on the other side.

 Several weapons, including swords, spears, axes and bows, were politely displayed a short distance away from the workshop.

 Shin stepped out and reached for one of the magic swords as if he was being drawn to it.


 With a change of blood, Jill ran up to Singh and grabbed his arm.

''I'm sorry.''


 The boy patted his chest, relieved.

'You are not to touch the weapons here.

May I ask why?

 Squeezing, Jill bit her lip.

 In a thin voice that seemed to disappear at any moment, he said.

Some people died just by pulling it out of its sheath........

 Shin stared at the demon sword in front of him and looked into its abyss.

''Did you make it?''

Yes, I am. I'm a terrible dancer, you know.

 As he said it, Jill stood in front of a single magic sword.

 It was decorated with a design that resembled wings.
 It had no scabbard and was unplucked. He took it in his hand.

'My purpose is this. The winged swords (welljinken) Filicia. It's a sword forged by Silk Mueller. She should have the scabbard. In Birdilure, the sword and the scabbard attract each other, so I think this will help us find Silk.

 Jill held out the Winged Lightning Sword Phylicia.

 With a glance at it, Shin looked at the boy's face.

 He said.

''It doesn't look like a magic sword made by Silk.

Well ... but really ...

'From what I've heard, Silk Mueller is quite skilled. The only person who can beat her in blacksmithing is Bellamy, the witch from the Allied Workshop. But her swift-winged sword, Filicia, is inferior to all the other magic swords in the castle.

 Singh shot Jill a sharp look.

''To the magic sword you say you're bad at,''

 The boy gasped at the words.

'What on earth do you mean by that?'