591-Condition to retrain the sword

 Barzalondo chokes on his words.

 Surprise is evident on his face as he wonders if he hadn't expected Bellamy's answer.

''What do you mean by ... not being able to undertake it? You've just now mentioned that if you're going to fight Yvezaino, you'll need the Spirit God Man Sword.

 Bellamy sighs as Balzalondo complains of this.

'Mr. Balzalondo. 'I suppose it's your arbitrary decision to retrain Evansmana?'

 Barzalondo nodded emphatically, as if to say that he had nothing to be sorry about, even though that was pointed out to him.

It's a brave move, but as any hunter and aristocrat in Highforia will tell you, there is no problem. There is no problem.'

'I'm sorry, but your Holy King doesn't seem to think so.

 Barzalondo's face grew increasingly doubtful.

I agree with you. The more the merrier, the better. The more the merrier, the better," he said, "and I wouldn't want my Evans mana to remain rusty. As I told Mr. Lebrahard, the more men you have, the better.

Don't want it?

I'm not going to retrain myself if you don't want me to.

 Bellamy shrugs.

'Why would His Majesty the Holy King do that?'

You know what I'm talking about. If you don't understand you, brother, how can we possibly understand you?

 It doesn't make sense.

 The holy sword, which is said to be the symbol of Hyphoria, is not used against your sworn enemy, it seems as if you don't really intend to fight.

I'm sure Mr. Lebrahard has his own ideas. I'm not the kind of man who would say such things for no reason.

 I agree, but I'm curious to know what it means.

'That's why. You should go home. We've got three days to get Eavesino moving. I've been very busy.

 Bellamy waved his hand to get rid of him.

 But Barzalondo didn't move there and said with a look of determination.

''........there, somehow.......!

 For a moment, Bellamy was stunned by these unorthodox words.

Can't you do something about that?

What can I do to make it look like I'm going to do?

"Do something! We can't have that!

 Ha," sighed Bellamy, "I've known you and Mr. Lebrahard since you were a baby.

I've known you and Mr. Lebrahard since you were a baby. They're like my grandchildren. If you're not careful, I can accommodate you.

 Drawing a magic circle, Bellamy uses .

 They are probably giving instructions to the ironmongers in preparation for their battle with Eavesino.

But I, as the head of the organization, can't make a mistake in doing what His Majesty the Holy King himself told me to do. You can't do that, it would create a rift in the relationship between Badyloua and Hypoforia. You know that, don't you?


 Unable to argue, Baltzalondo gave an apologetic look.

''I'll keep it a secret from Rebrahard-kun that I came with Militia. Go home early and get ready for the hunt. I have high hopes for your skills.

 He couldn't bite off more than that, as expected, or Balzarondo stepped back.


 Bellamy gives me a look.

'Bellamy. How about if you stay out of it?

 For a moment, Bellamy twisted his head, looking like he didn't understand what had been said.

'If the others retrained Evans Mana on their own, then the excuse to Hyphoria stands.

That's better than me doing it myself, that's for sure.

''As for Badilure, it's more reassuring to have Evans Mana in a perfect state. If you can reforge it, it will increase the strength of our Demon King Academy. That will also allow us to protect the Iron Fireman from those phantoms, though?

 Bellamy raises himself off the back and puts his cheekbones on.

'Well that's not a bad story. Rebrahald, you may get a little snippy, but if I didn't do it, you'll find a way to drop it. It's a lot better than having my lovely apprentices eaten by a phantom beast, even if it's a bit of a mess.

 She looked up at me and said in a hoarse voice.

'If only there were another blacksmith who could do that.

Didn't you have a good heir?

 Bellamy rolls his eyes.

 Rebrahard and she had talked about it earlier.

"...if you're talking about silk, you're buying into it. It's not a bad skill, but it's not bad at all. It's just that they don't want to do it. I got kicked out of my own school the other day for being a little disobedient. I was excommunicated because I didn't listen to what they said," he said.

 The loudest sigh ever spills out of Bellamy's mouth.

''I can't believe I didn't listen to you... why would you let that talent rust away, you stupid kid, really...''

 His exhausted expression certainly showed his love for his apprentice.

'Then it is just as well. If the one who excommunicated you has retrained Evans Mana on his own accord, even Rebrahard won't come out so strong.''

 Bellamy shook his head from side to side, as if to say it was impossible.

You heard me. You heard me. Silk is getting a little complacent because there's no one who knows how to use the sword he struck. If you ask, you won't be motivated to do it.

Break his nose once, and he'll be motivated.

 Dumbfounded, Bellamy trailed off and put his weight on the backrest.

''Well you're a stubborn man, as are you, Mr. Lebrahard.

What's your last name?

Mueller. Cirque Mueller. Well, if you want to give it a try, sure. But I don't know where he is. I don't know if he's out of town. I don't think they've ever been out of town.

 Bellamy draws a storage magic circle and takes out a magic photo from it.

 I take it, which is flicked with my finger.

 A short girl is in the picture with Bellamy.

 She's wearing a matching bandana and goggles, thick gloves on each hand, and a placket.

 Her ears were long and her hair was the color of steel.
 She would be the silk. She was standing next to Bellamy with a big smile on her face.

'No family, no relatives. I'm a lifelong loner. It won't be easy to find her.

When was this picture taken?

As I recall, it was more than 20 years ago. Well, the appearance hasn't changed much.


 I turn on my heel, looking around with Ray and Balzarondo.


 When I turn around, Bellamy is holding a shining mallet in her hand.

 She tossed it to me.
 I take it with one hand.

'White shining hammer Wiselhan. It's the holy grail that struck the Spirit God Human Sword. I'm not going to be able to get rid of it.

 The white glittering mallet in his hand glowed dazzlingly.
 Even without looking into the abyss, I could see that the magic power hidden there was extraordinary.

 Probably, there are no two of them in the blacksmithing world.

''Are you sure?''

Pretend you took it with you.

 With a slight wave of his hand, Bellamy turned on his heel.

 He was about to go straight to the back room, but a small hand tugged at his pants, stopping him in his tracks.
 It was Zesia.

'Hey, hey, Zecia. This grandmother is the head of the blacksmithing world, so she's a very nice person. Don't call her an old lady!

 Eleonor rushed over to him in a hurry.

'All right, details. What's your request, little girl?'

 Bellamy asked, loosening his eyes slightly, perhaps because he was dealing with a child.

 Then, Zesia pulls out the Holy Sword of Light, Enhale, from the magic circle.

''Zesia's ... holy sword ... is weak ... will it be strong ...?''

 Furthermore, Zecia took out the shell of the Child Disaster Tortoise from inside the magic circle and took out a red straw doll from her pocket.


Ingredients, Zecia, that's a Parrington!

 Eleonor screams in surprise.

 She bowed her head to Bellamy apologetically, chiding Zesia.

 Then she grinned.

I'd be happy to create something for you, if you'd protect my students.

I will protect....

Oh, well, don't you have to ask the head of state's permission?

At the Demon King's Academy the independence of the students comes first................

 Eleonor looked at me as if he was wondering what to do.

'I'll leave this place to you.

 I put the White Gleam Hammer Wiselkamp into my magic circle and jumped up with Ray and Barzalondo in the Flying Fresher.

 I'm going to be able to see through the chimney and through the magic line to Misha's magical eye.

 The place seems to be a hill on the outskirts of the city.

 Misha and others are standing in front of the stopped demon king train, looking at the streets of Badyloua, where smoke billows out.

 I send a picture of the magic photo via thought transmission (leaks).

As you've heard. As you've heard, I want you to find a blacksmith named Silk Mueller.


 As Misha replied, the silver watercraft that had been anchored jumped up.

 At Balzarondo's direction, his men would also go in search of Silk.

''Well, we can ask that girl Silk to retrain Evans Mana, right?

 Sasha confirmed, and Mass said.

'Yes. We're talking about the likelihood of him being in that city, so let's split up and look for him.

 Missa represented the true body and flew through the air.

 Misha flew north, Sasha flew south, Fun Union and Arcana flew west, and Misa flew east.

 They shared the magic eye with the girls and went in search of Silk Mueller.

 The city is quite large, though.
 If you're stuck at home, it's hard to find him.

 If he's so well known that he's the heir to Bellamy, he should be well known.
 It would be better to make progress by asking around.

 I wish I had an informant or something, but I'll have to check with Baltzalondo.

"My Lord.

 It's a from Shin.

 He couldn't empty the Demon King train, so he stayed there.

 When I turned my demon eyes, I saw that he was heading from the engine room to the freight room.

''The bandits have broken in. Do you want me to cut them off?''

"Find out who they are. "If he's some sort of thief, don't bother threatening him.

 Singh stops at the door.


 I opened the cargo hold door quietly and heard the sound of something being chewed.

 In the darkness, an ironworker was chewing on a ham of food.
 Apparently, Shin hadn't noticed him.

 Without question, Singh skewered that ham.


"A thief who sneaks into your train, who deserves to die.

 Singh thrust his iron sword at the Iron Fireman's throat.

 The bandit was a boy in a big hat.

'Identify yourself.'

 The boy cowered as if he was frightened.

''........Hey, I'll tell you my name, can you get this sword out of my way......?''

 Just as Shin was about to draw his sword, he quickly struck the flat of the sword with his fingertips.
 With a bang, the brittle iron sword shattered.

''You can't be such a namakra. I'm sorry.

 Kicking the floor, kicking the walls, kicking the ceiling, the boy bounced up and down the room, holding the food in his hands.

 Then, in a flash, he ran out the door.

'Bye, brother. Thanks for the food. Viva--

 The bandit who looked back at the Demon King train and was about to wave his hand stopped in a flash.

 Shin was already not there, and he had thrust the Flowing Sword Artocor Asta at the boy's neck.

 A cold sweat trickled down his cheeks.

''Tell me your name and purpose and I'll spare your life.

...Okay, okay, okay, okay...

 This time he relaxed, as if in contemplation, and the boy said.

'Jill Fawn. The purpose is, well........I'm hungry.......