186-Non-conforming person

 Avos Dilhevia's root source shatters.

 But in the next moment, a magic circle of is drawn inside her body and it is regenerated.

 Her hand weakly grabs my arm.

'........it's not over yet.......

You're not the one who doesn't know if you can't win.

 She giggled as her eyes flashed with mischief.

"I am Avos Dilhevia, the tyrannical demon king of the great spirit Reno's true son. And--

 Avos Dilhevia opens her clenched fist.
 There was a red gemstone there.

 The jewel of the treasure sword Eilalou, which contained Nausgaria.

'-I will destroy you, child of the gods.

 The red jewel is covered by a magic circle, and the magic of is activated.
 Immediately afterwards, the red jewel rises into the air.

I give the king of demons the wisdom of the gods. The plan of the gods is absolute. Avos Dilhevia has awakened here according to her predestined destiny and has become the son of a god, having received My word.

 The voice of Nausgaria echoed from the jewel.
 The plundering sword should have robbed him of his voice, but did he destroy his reason with Venuzdnoa?

'The Son of God carried things out according to the divine plan that was set forth, and he took possession of the Ri-Destroying Sword. Averniu, the destroying order and god of destruction, who was once corrupted in this land.

 Gradually, the red jewel cracked and shattered with a clinking sound.
 The one who appeared in its place, clad in a faint light, was Nausgaria.

 At the earliest, it is unable to maintain its divine body and has reverted to the body of an eldom-made demon race.
 However, his face showed an arrogance that said that everything was as he wanted it to be.

''Now is the time to wake up.''

 Nausgaria raises her arms.
 At the same time, Avos Dilhevia whispers.

'Anos Voldigod.

 She moved her right hand, which held the Ridiculous Sword, slightly.

''........I am still in control of everything.......''

 At the same time as the words were spoken, she was thrusting the sword into her own chest, into its source.
 Avos Dilhevia's magic power was being sent to the Ridiculous Sword.

 Goh, goh, goh, goh, goh, and Delzogade began to tremble.

''The Demon King of Tyranny has corrupted the God of Destruction who once illuminated the world with an order of destruction in this land. The God of Destruction, Averniu, was overwritten with the name of the Demon King's Castle Delzogade, and the miracle that condensed his divine authority, the order of destruction, was renamed the Rational Destruction Sword Venuzdnoa.

 Solemnly, as if to say, Nausgaria says, "Why didn't the Demon Lord destroy Averniu, the source of all death and destruction?

'Why didn't the peace-seeking demon king destroy Averniu, the god of destruction who was the source of all death and destruction? The answer is all too clear. Because it was impossible for even a tyrannical demon king to destroy Averniu, the very order of destruction.

 The Ridiculous Sword was blacker, more disastrous and darker than ever before.

'Anos Voldigord, in a bitter twist of fate, took the order of destruction away from the world by limiting the power of the god of destruction, Averniu, and changing its direction. Thus was born the miracle of the Rational Destruction Sword, which destroys all order and all reason.

 Nausgaria slowly grasped his raised hands.

'But that would be too foolish a choice. For it is impossible to keep the divine order in form forever. Order will return to its proper place. And when it does, what do you think will happen?

 He said it as if to ask a question, and Nowusgaria answered it herself.

'The repercussions of the destruction that was not done are rushing in. As if the waters of a dammed river would eventually break its banks. By taking away the power of the god of destruction, you may have thought you had redeemed the world, but you have merely postponed the problem.

 As if confronted with the facts, Nausgaria raises her voice in a high voice.

'No, for all the years of holding down the order, its power has swelled by an order of magnitude.

 The evil eye of Nowusgaria glows faintly red and shoots me a look.

''Avos Dilhevia, the rumor and lore of the Demon King of Tyranny. It's not to defeat you, but to awaken the God of Destruction, Averniu, with his immense magical power.

 With a clatter, as if almost all of his magic power had been used up, Avos Dilhevia fell on her back.

 The stabbed Ridiculous Sword pulled out by itself and slowly floated up in the air.
 The outline of the dark-colored sword distorted languidly, and along with a rush of mischievous magical power, it formed a spherical shape.

'Come on, look up to the heavens, you foolish ones! The miracle of the God of Destruction, the Sun of Destruction, Sergei Eldnave, who brought about all kinds of death and destruction in the age of mythology, is now revived here and now!

 Unable to withstand the aftermath of the intense magic, the ceiling of the delzogade had been blown off.

 Looking up, the moon was floating in the night sky.
 On the other side of it, there was one huge shadow.

 There, where there was not a cloud, the shadow of the sun had appeared, illuminated by the twinkling of the stars.
 Black particles began to gather around it.

 The moon faded into thin air, and the sky became brighter, as if day and night were reversed.
 The sun's shadow was even darker, coloring the sky with misery.

'Show order, Avos Dilhevia, son of the gods, who destroys the tyrannical demon king. Follow his reasoning and destroy the two tyrannical demon kings. With all life!

 The huge shadow in the sky reversed and a dark-colored sun-wheel appeared there.
  Surgieldnave, that black light of destruction, with the smell of cold death, descended on Delzogade.

'Embrace the light of Surgieldnave, the order of destruction you have been distorting for more than two thousand years, and atone for your great sin, demon king of tyranny.

 The whole of the Throne Room is enveloped in the light of destruction.
 It was the black sun of Surgieldnave, the Sun of Ruin, which blots out everything and destroys everything.

Those who do not keep order, and those who disrupt it, bring the world to ruin. Anos Voldigod, if you hadn't foolishly disobeyed the gods, Avos Dilhevia would not have been born. Neither the God-killing deadly sword nor the Mother Great Spirit would have lived in peace. You despise the gods, but they are an order. There is no will and no mind in it.

 As the world was filled with dark-colored light, only the voice of Nausgaria rang out.

'Just as things fall, just as the roots reincarnate, God just remains in order. Then it is you, Anos Voldigord, who has caused this to happen. God does nothing. It is always the work of the living and the foolish who cause the tragedy.

 A silence of light engulfed the area, and it was as if time had stopped.
 <The black sun of the < Sun of Doom> Serge Eldnave's black sun gradually diminished in its brilliance, and the throne room gradually regained its color.

Let me conclude with a final word to bring down the curtain on the long stage. Perdition is the salvation of God. Unless that which is to be destroyed is destroyed, there can be no successor. It was our own self-interest that distorted it in the first place. It is retribution.


 A grimness comes over the arrogant Nausgaria's face.

You pretend to be a bystander, that you have nothing to do with it, and you ridicule and abuse those who struggle to live from a place of safety. And yet you hold others responsible for the tragedies of the last two thousand years?

 At the sound of his voice, Nausgaria exclaimed.
 He looked astonished and swept his gaze.

'Such a god would have no place in this world.

 Next, the dark-colored light cleared and the scene of the place was revealed.


 Nausgaria froze at the sight of my face.
 It's not just me. Shin, Rei, Misa, and Reno, none of the people here had a single wound from the .

 That was true of all the people in Midgaze.
 <The only one who perished in the Sun of Doom was Avos Dilhevia.

Did you think that a god of destruction could destroy me?

"...the divine order is absolute. How could a god who controls destruction not be able to destroy a single demon tribe.......this can't be......this must not be.......

 Nausgaria repeats, as if half upset.

"You gods are subject to order. The Destroyer is capable of destroying all things. Surely, that is the order you gods have set. But I don't follow that order.

 <When I turned my gaze upon him, he couldn't stay afloat, he stumbled to the ground.

So your god's plan was a bust right from the start. God is not in order. You only pretend to be in order, the administrators of the world. If God is truly order, then I wouldn't be alive to see it.

"...how could it not perish....

Admit it. This is real.

''No matter how deviant you are, there is no way you can protect even the other demons. The Order of Perdition is absolute....

 I take a step forward.
 Nausgaria doesn't move from its spot, just turns both of its eyes to me.

''Did ... God ... the god ... the god of destruction, Averniu, side with you? Or is it that you have complete control over the order of the God of Destruction, even in the state of not being sealed by the Rational Destruction Sword...?

Well, maybe I'm just too strong.

 One more step, I tread.
 With a jolt, Nausgaria's body shuddered.

'Is the order afraid of me?'


 Nausgaria lets out a dry laugh.

'God has no fear. There is no mind, no will, only one order in this body.'

So get the hell out of here. I see you've got a new plan.

I will.

 I turned my two magical eyes to Nausgaria and walked straight ahead.
 However, he didn't move from his spot.


 The Heavenly Father God showed a puzzled expression.

''........impossible......what did you do.......? It's not moving... what are you doing...?

 When I didn't answer, he said, repeatedly, "What are you doing?

"What are you doing? What are you doing, tyrannical demon king?

"Don't you see, Nowusgaria?

 I took another step.
 His body didn't move as if it was rooted to the ground.

'That's the fear,'

 Gulping and rolling her eyes, Nowusgaria stared at me.
 Its gaze was threatening and its legs were completely cowering.

''There is no fear of ... God ... there is no fear of God ... God is immortal ... therefore, there is no mind. .....

 The Heavenly Father God rattled and trembled, unable to make a single movement.
 I easily walked up to him and placed my fingers on his chest.

''You cannot destroy me ... the order that creates order. If you destroy the Heavenly Father God, the world will only continue to collapse.......

Hmm. That's true.

... hahaha...

 Nausgaria let out a voice as if in relief.
 As if to mock it, I said.

'Did you expect me to utter such a word?'

 Instantly, a desperate expression appeared on his face, and Nowusgaria was in despair.
 His eyes looked as if he had fallen into an abyss.

'What's the matter, Nowusgaria? If you have no heart, I am not afraid of destruction. Or do you wish to live in order?

 If we destroy the Heavenly Father God, the world will continue to collapse.
 But that order means nothing in front of me.

 I've just destroyed even the order of the God of Destruction.

"Let's laugh.


'If you can laugh at the situation, you're an orderly. I mean you no harm. I'll deal with it in my own way, but I won't destroy it. But if you're so afraid of me that you can't smile, I won't be able to get rid of you.

 Nausgaria is staring at me with colorless eyes.

'I shall count to three seconds. In that time, you may show order. Three.

 Looking speechless, Nausgaria bites her back teeth gingerly.


 He turned over with a stern stare.


 Letting out a gasp, he strained his voice.


 Indeed, Nausgaria smiled.

'I see. 'You laughed, Nowusgaria.'

 I said, "You mean you want to live.

"You mean, you want to live. You've proved to yourself that there's no order in it.

 After a moment of exclamation, Nowusgaria raised her arms.
 His face had an expression of rage on it.

 I lightly ducked his hand sword and pierced its abdomen.


 Grabbing the divine source, I said.

I said, "Contract, Cutthroat King. If you refuse to obey me, I'll give you what you want.

 <When I sent the "Thought Communication (Leaks)" and "Contract (Zekt)" to the depths of the root, I received a reply from Eldmead.

''I've been waiting for your words, Demon King Anos.

 Draw a magic circle at the root of Nowthalia.

"...What...what...are you going to do, tyrannical demon king...?

 With scared eyes he says, "It's no big deal.

'It's no big deal. If you destroy the Heavenly Father's order, the world will fall apart. That's just too much trouble. Until you hand over all your divine power to the Cutthroat King.

'Hmm. Didn't you notice that? For two millennia, Eldmead had been concocting a magical formula to usurp the power of the gods at its own roots. It's still incomplete, however, but the wedge has already been driven in.

  While fighting Singh, he looked into the depths of the root of Nausgaria and analyzed the magic formula that Erdomade was developing.

'Now all we need to do is perfect it.

"....a foolish............................. You're trying to usurp the power of God........! Judgment....the judgment of the order....

I'm going to turn you into a flying insect. No matter how many times I try to reincarnate in the future.


'It's fun, you know, to have a heart. It's a much more exciting raw thing to be a worm than a tasteless thing like order. Of course, it can be a little painful.

 Sending magic power into the magic circle constructed within his body, usurping the divine order from Nausgaria and moving it to the Eldmaed.


 A fierce anger that seemed to come from the depths of his stomach.
 An emotion that was not very orderly was expressed in Nausgaria's words.

''Oh my............................!

 He said as he screamed out.

''Oh my God! A nonconformist who is out of order.... from the laws of the world...!

Hmm. You've become a bit of a worm, haven't you?

 I won't take him at his word, and I'll continue with my divinely empowering magic.

"You will repent. You will regret it, Anos Voldigod! You disturb the reason. It's not that God has a heart. You are only imbuing God with feelings and disturbing order! You will soon destroy the world and lead it to ruin. God's prophecy was a wh--!

 Nausgaria's body was engulfed in light.
 The next moment, as it popped up to swell, its roots were split in two.

 Cackling, a high-pitched laugh could be heard.
 The Fierce Death King was in front of him.

''That's as good as it gets, Demon King Anosu! <The fact that you have so easily perfected the magic formula of the Usurpation of Order (the Shens) and so easily usurped even the power of the gods, that's the absolute champion that this Cutthroat King has recognized!

 While releasing words in a good mood, the Cutthroat King Erdmead rose to his feet and stomped on a lone trash bug, which fled from the spot.