185-Demon King's Truth

You are a foolish thing to do, brave canon.

 With a body that was fading from existence by the minute, Avos Dilhevia still smiled gracefully.

''Is it possible for you to plunge that holy sword into this chest? Can you just stand by and watch me disappear?

 Slowly, Avos Dilhevia pointed her slender fingertips at the mass.

''Even if the Spirit God and Human Sword breaks the fate and divides me into spirits and her into demons, its roots will not increase. It's just as you said. If one root source splits into two, she won't be able to live for long. It's the same with the masses.

 Just like with Sasha and Misha.
 The two of them lost half of their bodies and were soon doomed to disappear.

"Canon. Poor, brave man, who kept on sacrificing himself to save the world. Now you are going to sacrifice your loved ones for the sake of the world as well?

 Ray didn't respond to the words, but just stared back at Avos Dilhevia.

'Misa. Come back. You know what I mean. I am you and you are me. If this goes on, you will perish as well as I do.

 Misa turned her strong gaze to the false demon king and said clearly.

'So what is it?'

 It was an unexpected answer, or maybe it was an unexpected answer, and Avos Dilhevia's expression turns grim.
 Misa continues, telling her.

'You know that, don't you? I have lived to this day dreaming of a day when the half-breeds and the royal family can rightly hold hands, when the demon race is rightly unified. I will never forgive you.

 Mass strongly denounced Avos Dilhevia.

'This is a temporary life. You are born as a spirit to live according to the rumors and lore of a tyrannical demon king. Compared to this belief, which has been cultivated for 2,000 years, yours has only lasted 15 years. It's too fragile.

There's no such thing as a false start. I'm not vulnerable.

 With strong conviction, Misa replied.

'I have a group of Unificationists who pledged their ideals to each other. There is a real demon king who will never give in to unreasonableness. And then, I'm sure--

 Averting her gaze slightly, Misa saw Shin's back in the distance, fighting to the death.

'Waiting for the day you can meet me, my father.

 Besides," she continues.

'There's someone I love.'

'Think about it, fool. Would someone who loves you really try to destroy you? Would you make a choice that could destroy you, even for the slightest bit?

 Avos Dilhevia asked, as if to upset Mass.

'No, I can't if I love you. Kanon is still the same brave man he was two thousand years ago, just trying to save the world. He will never love you, just as he does not love me.

 But Mass was not at all moved, and spoke back.

'It's a little love you're talking about, isn't it?

 Avos Dilhevia glares at Mass, as if expressing her frustration.

"I never thought that saving my life would be good enough for me. Being alive is what makes me who I am.

 Clinging tightly to Ray, Misa tells her own half of her body.

''That's why you helped me, Ray-san. He couldn't stand to see me torturing all the half-breeds, even if only for a minute. He doesn't want to hurt anyone more than anyone else, and he hurt me for my sake.

 As if to reject her, Misa said loudly.

''You don't even understand such a simple, such a simple thought of Rei-san, you're not me at all!

 As if in agreement, Ray and Misa kicked the ground at the same time.
 Avos Dilhevia, who held up her palm and aimed the aiming at Ray, however, her gaze turned grim in the next moment.

 Misa stood there, as if she were a shield for Ray. Her magic power was weak. If she unleashed enough magic to damage Rey, she would not be able to escape death.

 If you destroy the mass, she will be destroyed.
 Without missing the momentary hesitation that arose in Avos Dilhevia, Ray was close to the false demon king.

 Blood trickled down her sword.
 The Evanthmana had been pierced by Avos Dillhevia.


 Along with the red blood, a faint voice spills out of her mouth.
 The body of the false demon king is enveloped by the light emitted by the Spirit God Human Sword.

 And then - it disappeared completely.


 As he screamed, Mass called his name.
 The jet-black sun was closing in directly behind Ray.


 As soon as he used the Spirit God Human Sword to cut down the in one swipe, he turned his gaze away.

''Do you think that I will be destroyed just because I destroyed the root cause?

 Avos Dilhevia was there.
 With rumors and lore that she had been defeated once by the Spirit God Human Sword, she was probably able to be revived by .

''I knew that would be the case though. That's why I cut your root source in half.

'What? If so, I'm sorry to hear that.

 Smiling, she smiles.
 At that moment, the magic letters that had been floating on the walls around her increased in number all at once.

'We've got it under control.'

 A grain of black light rises up and fills the room.

'Welcome, Venuzdnoa.

 In response to the call, the countless black particles that filled the room, all of them concentrated at her feet.
 What emerged was a dark shadow in the shape of a sword.
 There was no object projecting it, only a shadow.

 The sword of the shadow slowly floated up in Avos Dilhevia's hand.

 She takes the hilt in her hand.
 Instantly, as if the shadow is turned inside out, the dark-colored long sword appears in the hands of the false demon king.

The reasoning in front of my eyes is all but destroyed. Do you think that my body will be destroyed just because I am only half the source of it?

'Well, I don't know. At least, isn't it a temporary first life, just for as long as you have the Rational Destruction Sword in your hand?

 Holding up the Reishinjin Sword, Rei linked his hand with Misa's.
 The light of love flooded their entire bodies.

  Love is sublimated to the extreme, and that light raises Ray's abilities to the limit.

''It's all in vain.

 Slowly, Avos Dilhevia paces.

 One step, two steps--.
 The third step saw her leap forward in a wide gait, her gait completely dismissed, and Ray's figure disappeared from the false demon king's view.

 In the next moment, Rey had taken up the rear of Avos Dilhevia, and without pause, she had pierced its heart with her evanescent mana.

"The Spiritual God and Man Sword, the secret is in one piece.

 A pure white sword flash slashed through Avos Dilhevia.

''-- !

 Slowly, she turned around and flashed the Ridiculous Sword Venuzdnoa.
 The blade that was released afterwards sliced through the Heavenly Fang Blade as if to reverse the cause and effect.

 At the same time, Ray's chest was slashed open and a great deal of blood flowed out.
 He crumpled to his knees and managed to hold on with the Reishinjin Sword for support.

''Did you think it would be faster to cut first?''

 Looking down at Ray at close range, Avos Dilhevia smiled lecherously.
 She didn't finish him off as it was, but headed straight for the masses.

'Stand still there and watch. Watch your beloved lover disappear this time.

 Loosely, Avos Dilhevia walks away.

 Misa took a step back and gingerly braced herself.
 The look on her face was filled with determination.

''Goodbye. My temporary beginning.''

 A single magic circle was drawn in her hand, and a jet black sun appeared there.
 When she pushes it out with the Ridiculous Sword, the is shot out with an unstoppable force.

 It made a devastating sound and the black flames flared up.
 If eaten properly, the firepower is enough to leave no bones behind. The masses turned to ashes in an instant and their roots were absorbed--!

 If he eats it right, that is.

Hmm. So you're finally getting serious, Avos Dilhevia.

 The black flames flare up.
 Avos Dilhevia's gaze caught me standing in front of the mass.

'But it's a little late, that one is settled.

 The false demon king shifted his gaze slightly at my words.
 With the treasure sword Eilalou, the sealed Nausgarian jewel was on the floor.

 Hmph, and Avos Dilhevia let out a laugh.

''Hmph, hahahahahahaha. 'Settled? Am I too late? What do you have in mind? Did you think that once the Heavenly Father was sealed, that would be the end of it?

 She turned Venusdnoa to me and said.

"Unfortunately, I am the king of demons. Anos Voldigord. Aren't you too quick to checkmate?

I told you. I don't know the rules of chess.

Oh, yes.

 Slowly Avos Dilhevia walks over to me.

"All reason is destroyed, the sword of reason destruction, Venuzdnoa. The greatest and most powerful sword that makes you a tyrannical demon king is now in your hands.

 With a lecherous smile, she says

'I told you in the beginning. You have been robbed of everything. You have been robbed of your name, your men, your castle, and now even the symbols of your power have been taken from you.

 She paused and held her Ridiculous Sword at the lower level.

''Do you think that a mere Anos Voldigord can defeat me, the Demon King of Tyranny?

"You have a lot of confidence in yourself after getting a piece of a stick in your hand, Avos Dilhevia.

 Avos Dilhevia responded with a generous smile.

'Oh? If you're the one who's confident, then show it with force, not words.

 That evil eye is glaring at me sharply.

"I'll end it for you in an instant.

 I said lightly, loosely marking my steps forward.

'Let's try it.'

 They turned their at each other and exchanged glances and gazes.

 Literally, sparks of gaze were flying.
 The magic power had risen to the extreme and the aftermath of the eruption made the delzogade shake with a rattling sound.

 Just by staring at each other, the pillars in the throne room were blown off and the ceiling collapsed.
 A hole appears in the wall, the wall, and a large chunk of the collapsed ceiling falls between me and him.

 My vision is blocked.
 At that moment, the Demon King and the false Demon King had taken a step forward at the same time.

 He fired the Hell Flame Eradication Cannon (Geo-Glaze) that he fired, and I intercepted him with the Hell Flame Eradication Cannon (Geo-Glaze) as well.

 The two jet-black suns are canceled out along with the huge rubble on the ceiling, and the next shot of the Demon Black Thunder Emperor is countered by the Four Realms Wall.

 Avos Dilhevia counteracts the black lightning that reflects off of it and comes towards her with the Magic Eye of Doom and she continues to move forward.

 A magic circle floats around me, and a chain-linked magic circle appears, which tries to bind my limbs, but I grab it with my gunslinger and rip it off.

 As we walked loosely, me and him got close enough to reach each other.

 We turn each other's hands jet-black and unleash a thrust of .
 Just as I grabbed Avos Dilhevia's fingers, the Rational Destruction Sword Venuzdnoa was being wielded.

 I turn my magic eye on it and grab the blade that has been swung down.
 With a grin, Avos Dilhevia laughed, as if she was sure of her victory.

"Did you think that using the Magic Eye of Doom would prevent it?

 The magic power is concentrated in the Ridiculous Sword, and its blade destroys all reason.

 <The magical eye of destruction and the four walls of the wall are no more than paper-thin defenses in front of Venuzdnoa.

 Just destroy it.
 That is the only and absolute truth engraved in the magic of that magic sword.


 A moan escaped.

 This hand that was dyed jet black, the fingertips of the had pierced the root source of Avos Dirhevia.

''...........'' .............Why? .....

 Bitterly, he uttered a voice.


 As if spitting blood and wondering what to do with it.

Venuzdnoa, indeed he has taken hold of this hand and...

Did you ever think you could stand against me if you held the Ridiculous Sword?

 Avos Dilhevia stares into my demon's eye, which is tainted with annihilation purple.
 At the bottom of that abyss, deeper and deeper--

".........why........I can't see it....... I can't see the bottom of you......... I am the Demon King of Tyranny....

That's the answer. It's all just rumor and lore.

 With the right hand of black annihilation, I crush the source of his root.
 With a thud, Avos Dilhevia's strength is released.

"You are a forgery, Avos Dilhevia.