184-To break that fate

 A few moments later, just as Singh and Nausgaria were confronting each other -

 On the other side of the throne room, Ray was facing Avos Dilhevia.
 Ray gave her a sharp look, wary of the false demon king's every move.

 She smiled softly.

''I don't care which one you are facing. But, canon, do you have enough power left to play with me?

 The False Demon King points to Rey's Holy Sword, which has lost its luster.

''The Spirit God Man Sword Evans Mana is a holy sword blessed by God. Before the Heavenly Father's words, that sword has now lost its original power. That means it is no longer my weakness.

 Turning his face slightly to me, Avos Dilhevia said.

'Anos. Shouldn't you be the one to lend a hand?

I know you want attention, but I'm a little busy myself. Don't worry about it. You're no match for Rey without the Rikuzen Sword.

 As I say this, I look into the abyss of Nausgaria, where I am engaged with Shin.
 Deeper and deeper, as if diving to the bottom, I turn my evil eye to find the source of the Cutthroat King Erdmaed, whose body has been taken over by him.

 Hmm. Just as I suspected.

"Avos Dilhevia.

 Ray speaks quietly.

'I'm going to need my Mass back,'

 The light of the Sacred Love Area (Theo Ask) clothed Ray, who kicked the ground.
 He accelerated with a bang and ran in a straight line to the false demon king.


 <Ray swings down from the upper level of the Evans mana clad in the Sacred Love Area (Theo Ask).
 Avos Dilkevia defends against it by using her right hand as a shield.

 The moment the holy sword touched the wall, it changed its trajectory as if it were bouncing. With a flowing movement, Ray's body spun around on the spot and cleaved the left half of the false demon king's body.

 She tried to prevent it with the <4kai wall (Benno Yevhen)> in her left hand.
 However, the holy sword bounces again and changes its trajectory.

 A stab at the speed of light strikes Avos Dilhevia's left chest.

''I just told you that that holy sword has lost its power.

 The Evans Mana with all its strength, however, was not pierced by Avos Dilhevia's left chest.
 The aurora of darkness thinly clothed on the surface of his body, the , was blocking it.

''Your fighting style hasn't changed since two thousand years ago, brave canon.

 She ran the fingertips of her blackened hands along both of Ray's breasts as she gently stroked them. Then, she penetrated their bodies at the same time.


Two now. Together with the one I just mentioned, that makes a total of three. The root source you gave your alter ego has already been taken care of by Nowusgaria. You have one root source left.

 <The Holy Love Realm (Theo Ask) rose up from Ray's body even more violently, and it gathered on the Spirit Godman Sword.
 However, it still couldn't penetrate Avos Dilhevia.

''It's useless. No matter how deep a brave man's hand is, it's not my body that can cut with the holy sword, which has lost its strength. You should give up.''

I made a promise to you...

 At those words, the False Demon King's gaze turned stern.

''What are you talking about?''

"I told her that if she was really dead, I'd help her, no matter how heavy her fate was. I said I'd be there for her wherever she was, no matter what.

 Avos Dilhevia smiled lecherously as she heard this.

'Then you should think again. When you are mine, you will understand. Missa and I are like water that has melted and mingled. If you destroy me, you will be unable to serve your purpose forever.

So, I'll be yours.

 The moment the fake demon king showed a smile, Ray chuckled.

''--What did you think I would say?''

 For a moment she closes her eyelids.
 When she opens her eyes, her annoyance is clearly evident.

'You're lying.'

'What? It's outrageous. I want you so badly.

 Ray said firmly, trying to brush away the sticky, tangled words.

'Pretending to be attached to me is just stalling for time. Without the Ridiculous Sword, you can't beat Anos. If you defeat me, you will only be destroyed.

 Ray smiled briskly at Avos Dilhevia, who gave him a cold stare.

'Is that all you want to say? See for yourself. You don't even have enough magic left to use the Holy Love Realm (Theo Ask) anymore.

 Just like his words, at some point, the light of the that was clothed in Ray's body had disappeared.
 But still, he still says. 

''If you say differently, then stop talking and quickly destroy me. A brave man who has only one root source and has lost the power of the Spirit God Human Sword. If I were dealing with a real tyrannical demon king, I would have already perished ten times over.

 As if under Ray's provocation, her magical power shook violently.
 Delzogade shuddered with a rattling sound.

''Then, as you wish, I will destroy the root of it, every last shred of it, as you wish.

 Furthermore, deep into Ray's body, Avos Dilhevia put more force into her arm in an attempt to gouge out the fingers of the .

 But Ray retreated not an inch away from her arm as she pushed it out.
 Backpedaling, maybe that wasn't correct. He completely killed the force of the pushed out fingers.

 If that
 In a situation that was so close to death, Ray had completely seen through the false demon king's attack.
 It wasn't the warfare method of the heroic canon that made him slash flesh and cut off his bones just now.

 It was a mastery of foresight that he had acquired while crossing swords with Shin.

''Although that past is now gone--''

 Ray's magic power was completely reduced to nothingness.
 This is what he aimed to do to have the root source destroyed.

 Rey, who had seven roots, therefore had difficulty in reducing his own magical power to nothingness.
 That's why he dared to destroy them and make them one.

''Misa. I'm sure this is a technique your father gave me to save you. Even if he had no intention of doing so, his destiny was to save you.

 I call out to her.
 So that her mind, her consciousness, would be more clearly divided from Avos Dilhevia.

'So come back,'

 Thus, the root of Lei grabbed the root of the Spirit Godman Sword Evans Mana.

''The Spirit God Man Sword, the secret depth is one--''

 With a thud, a ringing of magic power roared out.
 It is the heartbeat of the Spirit God and Human Sword. Hidden deep within the holy sword, a root with tremendous magical power begins to awaken.

 The words of the God of Nowusgaria are rejected.

''........Is this the God's--?

 Avos Dilhevia rolls her eyes and tries to kick the ground.

 But it's a few moments too late.
 A pure white light gathers on Evans Mana, and it turns into a blade as if to reinforce the sword barrel.
 A dazzling ray of light was emitted from that cut end.


 <The thin film of the was pierced by the rays of Evans Mana, creating a wind tunnel in Avos Dilhevia's body.

 Her figure was enveloped in pure white light.

''-- .

 In the space of a single breath, countless sword flashes of light simultaneously slashed through Avos Dilhevia's body.
 Without even having to swing the sword, it struck countless of its sword blows, cutting off his fate.
 That was the Spirit God Human Sword, Secret Depths of One, .

 Avos Dilhevia's body was surrounded by divine light.
 And that radiance was cut in two by the Heavenly Fang Blade Cutoff.

 The two spherical lights flickered violently like stars.

''I will unleash you from the sad fate of being a tyrannical demon king. ''Yes, the Spirit God Human Sword taught me that.''

 Slowly, the pure white light subsided and then disappeared completely.

 Out of one light, Avos Dilhevia emerged, and out of the other, Misa.

 The two roots of the two melted and mingled together like water.
 As if to break the fate of never returning, it was completely divided by the Spirit God Human Sword in the secret depths.


 Immediately, Ray reached out to her.
 She had a huffy look on her face and started to run.


 Mass jumped at Ray.
 Holding the Spirit Godman Sword, he squeezed Mass with his left hand.

'I got it back, Avos Dilhevia. Your roots have been split in two. The demon's and the spirit's. Not much magic Mass had, but only half of your roots can't live for long.

 Unexpectedly, Avos Dilhevia's body becomes transparent.
 It faded away, as if she still had enough magical power left in her, but she couldn't sustain her existence.

 It was a similar phenomenon to the Spiritual Disease.

''As the rumors and lore goes, you will be destroyed by the Spirit God Human Sword of the Heroic Canon. You have lost, Avos Dilhevia.

 With Missa in one hand, Ray pointed the cutting edge straight at the false demon king.