183-Words torn

 Singh was running at high speed.

''You borrowed the body of the Love Fairy and gained a temporary first life, Mother Great Spirit. Even if your memories and form return, even if your memories and form return, you don't have much magic power in your dwarf love fairy body.

 Nausgaria exclaims in high spirits.
 Once he realizes that he is already dead and owes the body of the love fairy Fran, Reno will have no choice but to disappear. As if to confront him with that fact, he said.

 But Reno is not frightened.
 She must have already realized that. It was only a matter of time before she disappeared.

'No matter how many times I try, it's useless. There is no blind spot in God's magical eye. Know that you will never lose sight of that figure again.

 This was the moment when the Heavenly Father God stared at Shin with his demon eyes and invoked a divine miracle.
 Just like before, Shin's figure suddenly disappeared.

 It was as if he had been hidden by God.

''Even if God's evil eye doesn't have a blind spot, as long as you're looking at it, there are things in this world that don't exist!

 Reno said.

 It's the power of the Hidden Wolf Gennuru--
 The mysterious spirit's ability to disappear even its existence as long as he tried to see it with his eyes was now in Shin's body.


 Letting out a dry laugh, Nausgaria closed her magic eye.
 At that moment, Shin appeared and picked up the Zanjin Sword that was lying on the floor.

''God's power is absolute. Sealing one or two of these powers won't change your fate.''

 While Knowskalia was speaking, Shin caught him in time.

 The divine sword Lord Yueye intercepted the swung down Zanjin Sword.
 The difference in skill between the two sides was so great that Shin flicked the divine sword away with ease.

 The demon sword in Shin's hand turned reddish-black, despite Lord Yue who spun around and flew in the air.
 The two Zanjin Sword Secret Depths, , turned into a flash of light as if they were trying to cut the head of Nausgaria.

''The God's Sword Technique is at your disposal.

 The divine sword Lord Yuye, which should have been flying in the air, struck off Shin's Gneodros as if it had a will of its own.

''Fear and respect, this is the divine sword. Without this hand, my divine sword will slaughter the enemies who defy God. No sword of the demon race, which must rely on its arms, can match this miracle.

 Lord Yuet flies through the air.
 Shin knocks away the lightning-fast stab that was delivered, but he uses the momentum to spin around and slash him up from underneath.

 Shin takes a step back and sees it coming, but there is no pause or anything else for Lord Yuye.
 He moved away from Nausgaria and unleashed a lightning-fast stab incessantly.

 So fast that it was not even visible to the eyes.
 To the extent that he was not bound to his body, his attacks were at will.

 The fact that he is handling that divine speed blade with two magic swords is as expected of Shin.
 However, if it continues like this, it will be a bit of a drag.

''........please, everyone....... Please help us......... Everyone's magic power, everyone's power, to me and Shin--

 Reno put his thoughts into the magic circle he drew with both arms.
 With the body of Fran, the love fairy, even if you draw a magic circle, the magic power is not enough.

 However, the particles of magic power begin to gather there, and with a pop, her entire body glows green.


 Reno calls out the spirit's name.
 A small fairy with wings appeared beside Shin, who was striking with Lord Yuye.


Come on, old man with the sword.

I got him.

Come on, guys, let's play.

 Nausgaria glared at the spirits who had suddenly appeared.

'Dwarf spirits, you will be punished for defiling the presence of God.

 Lord Yue sliced through Fairy Titi.
 However, her body split into two like a mist and became two people.


He's been cut.

There will be more if you can cut them.

Common sense!

 Ignoring Titi, who was laughing at him with a kerfuffle, Lord Yuye closed in on Shin.
 Just as he was about to strike it away, golden flames erupted from the ground and bound its limbs.

''Be judged!''

 With the voice of Nausgaria, Lord Yue sliced Singh in half.
 But this time, his body split apart like a mist and became two people.

 Just like before, Titi's ability resided in Singh.


This way.

"A hand.


 The titties multiplied one by one, and in the next moment, all of them turned into Singh.

'Playing tag,'

Fearful gods and demons.

If I get caught.

I'm going to die.

 More than thirty Singhs appeared and disappeared in various places, closing in on Nausgaria.
 Lord Yue slashed through them, but his actions only added to the number of Singhs.

''That behavior that is so disrespectful to God. You will be burned at the stake.''

 As Nausgaria spoke, a huge magic circle was drawn on the floor.
 The magic letters turned into golden flames, setting up countless pillars of fire.


 As Reno raised her voice, the eight necks of the water dragon swiftly appeared behind her. Linyon turned its body into water itself and plunged headfirst into the golden flames.

 The dragon's power-infused water stream and the divine flame collided head-on, intertwined, and the two canceled each other out.


 The dwarf fairy appeared on Reno's shoulder and swung her gavel down.
 Then a bow of lightning and arrows appeared in Reno's hands.

 Reno drew the arrows to his bow and drew as hard as he could.
 When he released it, a fierce thunderclap sounded, and lightning shot through Nausgaria's body.

'Die, burned to death by the flames of the gods.

 Without taking the strike of lightning into account, Nausgaria utters a miraculous word.
 The eight-necked water dragon is entwined with an augmented golden flame and evaporates unilaterally with its divine power.


 Pop! Green light clung to Linyon.
 Then, as if the wound had healed, a great deal of water poured out of the water dragon's body.

Foolish spirits! Do you intend to defy God and perish?

"Spirits can't be beaten by the gods! I will protect Sin! I'm going to protect you!

There's no keeping or not keeping. This is order.

 The wings of light on the back of Nausgaria flapped gently.
 Instantly, everything in the place was engulfed in golden fire.

'O foolish spirits who do not understand God! Know the truth of this world.

 When the flames were extinguished, the spirits collapsed on the spot.
 They staggered back up, but their bodies were so thin and transparent that they looked like they were about to crumble.


 --It's okay, Reno--

 A voice rang out.
 A familiar voice.

 A translucent tree appeared behind Reno.
 It was Miguelonov, a tree from the Great War that was surely supposed to have been crushed two thousand years ago.


Well that's what you are. I borrowed Fran's body and came back. I forgot to tell my darling, darling granddaughter something.

 The leaves of the Miguelonov tree fluttered down.
 It landed on Reno's chest and quickly disappeared.

'Get off of us, Reno, we're not interested in you. "We love you, Reno. We love the one you love. Your path is the path we should be on.

 Miguelonov turns into a particle of light, which draws a magic circle on Reno's palm.
 It's as if he's giving her the last bit of wisdom.

"Come on, let's protect it together. It's time to repay the debt of gratitude to the spirit king who has protected us for two thousand years!

 Nodding her head, Reno invoked the magic formula she had acquired from Miguelonov.
 Many spirits gathered at her side and poured their magic power into her magic circle.

 The six wings on her back begin to glow, faintly, faintly.

 The spirits gathered to Singh, clothed in green light.

 Titi, Gennuru, Rinyon, Gigadeath, and Reno had become nebulous magical bodies that emitted light in the greenery, giving him power.

''...Reno. To you, thank you.

 With the Slaying God Sword and the Looting Sword in hand, Shin once again charged into Nausgaria.

''Perish, all you mongrel spirits, you god-killing vicious swords!

 Nausgaria flapped its wings of light.
 Golden flames enveloped the area, but Shin's twin swords were slicing through it.

 Droplets of water dripped from its cutting edge.
 The power of the eight-necked water dragon Linyon dwells in it, strengthening the magic sword.

 Earlier, Shin's use of Gennuru's and Titi's abilities was probably a glimpse of the .

 The moment Nausgaria glared at Singh, he turned into a mist and his figure was divided into countless numbers.
 With the ability of the prankster fairy Titi, Singh surrounded Nowusgaria.

 Wings of light fluttered again, and all the Singhs flared up.
 When the golden flames were extinguished, however, he was nowhere to be found.

'You fools who use the same trick again and again against the gods.

 After closing the Demon Eye, Nowusgaria flew the divine sword Lord Yuie.
 The effect of the divine concealment wears off and Shin's figure is revealed.

 As it was, he stabbed Gneodoros into the ground.
 Then, a tree grew out of it neatly.

 The moment Lord Yue stabbed into the tree, the tree becomes like a hard cocoon and covers the divine sword in multiple layers. It was Enyi Yuen's ability.

''Then how about a thousand of them?''

 As he uttered this, Nausgaria flapped his wings and countless feathers were ejected.
 They all transformed into the divine sword Lord Yueye and turned into a thousand swords, attacking Shin.

 It was impossible to avoid them or shoot them down with the swords.
 However, the moment Shin kicked the ground, his body literally turned into a bolt of lightning.

 With a thunderous roar, it zigzagged through the gaps in the divine sword and shot through the heart of Nausgaria.


 Zsaa, with a sound, Shin returned to his original form and turned around.

 Immediately after, he thrust out his Zanjin Sword at high speed.
 Wings of light closed in, as if to protect Nausgaria.

 But it was slightly slower.
 A moment after both wings closed completely, in that moment when both wings were completely closed, Shin passed Gneodros through a gap so slight that it could pass through a needle hole, and gouged the body of the god.

 Fresh blood is scattered, and wings of light flutter in the air.
 Nausgaria, whose body was pierced, yet carried a smile.

''Destroy. God Killer's deadly sword........''

 Sinn didn't care and pushed Gneodros even deeper into Nausgaria's body.


 And Nowusgaria let out a dry laugh.

'I give you the wisdom of God, O Mongrel. The Word of God is absolute. As you have won love, as you have raised Avos Dilhevia, you will never escape my words. Farewell, God-killing wickedness--

 A crack appeared in Nowusgaria's body.
 The red-black sword barrel of the Zangshin Sword piercing him began to spiral, and the particles of the evil magic power began to rise up.

''The three Zanjin Sword Secret Depths--''

 The root of Nausgaria was cut in half in a moment.
 As Shin removes his hand from the Zanjin Sword, the Heavenly Father God steps on the tatara.

 However, he immediately looks up.


 The revived Nausgaria was ripped in two at the root source by the Zanjin Sword that was still stuck in its body, and it was split into four pieces.

''........God is un--goho.......!

 Singh looks at the screaming Nausgaria with a cold stare.

''Muima'' is the hell of the blade that divides the root cause. That's the punishment the Zanjin Sword imposes on God.

 The root source that was split into four pieces was split into eight, which became sixteen, and then split into thirty-two in the next moment. It's a divine root source that will never be destroyed, therefore, the secret depths of the Slaying God Sword will split the root source without limit.

 He will continue to suffer the blame of having his root source sliced open until he can no longer split it.

''At that time, I thought I had failed to cut it open.

 Shin slashed at Nowusgaria's throat with his plundering sword as he followed his knees to the spot.
 Without a moment's pause, he pulled out his treasured sword Ailurou and released it.

''But was Reno right?''

 A pentagram sword flash runs through Knowthalia's body.
 He is sealed off with the Zanjin Sword stabbed into the source of the root.

 Nowusgaria's body disappears, leaving only the red gemstone that sealed him in.

''Your words, indeed, no matter how many times I try them, they will not fail to cut me down.

 Now and then...
 Shinn was indeed cutting through the words of God that were released.