182-Revived love


 Letting out a dry laugh, Nowusgaria slowly picks herself up.

'Fear? You think you can scare them away? To me, God.

 His gaze turns quietly towards me.

'Oh, what pointless, worthless, useless words you spout, Anos Voldigord.

 He walks over to you leisurely as if he said there was no damage from the blow.

"God is order. It is the absolute existence of the demons, humans, spirits and everything else that lives in this world. This is the way of the world. You, life, is just order, life and death. It's pointless to be angry with God. And it's pointless to try to instill fear in him.

 Sternly, Nausgaria holds up her hands.

'I will give you wisdom, Mentor. We are nothing. There is no anger, no sorrow. God is immortal, and therefore does not live. Therefore, there is no fear, he is just the law of the land.

Hmm. Doesn't God have a head for words?

 I say the words as if to command the Heavenly Father God, who turns his arrogant gaze on me.

'I said I would not allow that to happen.

"What does order have to fear? What you're saying is that you resent things burning, and the logic of burning makes you cower in fear.

That's right. I will not allow you to burn in front of me just because I set fire to you. Whether it's reason or order, it's my way of carving out the fear.


 Nausgaria emits another dry laugh.

'Fools who spit in the heavens. Take your punishment for disobeying the order. Look up to God.'

 Like any other time, Nausgaria uttered the words of a miracle-working god.
 His body was enveloped in a dazzling light and his magical power swelled to an order of magnitude.

 Like the body of an eldom-made demon that he had taken over, his appearance changed, as if his body was flipped inside out.

 Golden hair and fiery red magic eyes.
 On its back, wings of light composed of magical particles appear.


 A tremendous amount of magical power poured out of Nowusgaria.
 It just existed, mixing the air and shaking the castle as well.

 It resembled Jelga's magical body, but it was decidedly nonetheless.
 It was as if a vast amount of magical power had taken on mass, shaping its divine body into the form of a true god.

''Avos Dilhevia has not been able to take control of the Rational Destruction Sword. However, the majority of the three-dimensional magic formula carved into the Delzogade has been rewritten, and it's not even in your hands now. Without the power of the God of Destruction, it is not possible to destroy a god.

 Standing in place in a peaceful manner, Nausgaria turned his red magic eye to me.

'Realize that all is in vain before order, Anos Voldigord.

What are you talking about?

 As he said this, Shin stepped in front of me.

'God and order are nothing but trivial rules of play before me. Nowhere near as much as you challenge me, Nowhere near as much as this right hand man.

 Shin cut the sky with his right hand and drew a magic circle.
 He pulled out the Slaying God Sword Gneodros from the center of it while wearing a rushing stream of evil magic power.

''My deepest thanks to you, my generous lord.

 Holding Gneodros loosely at the ready, Singh said.

'That I have been given the opportunity to avenge my late wife's death with my own hands.

Don't worry about the consequences. And don't worry about the consequences.

 Facing Nausgaria, Singh held the magic sword in one hand.


 There are two major things that must be done.

 We must destroy the Heavenly Father God Nausgaria without destroying the order of the world.
 Without destroying the Mass, we shall destroy Avos Dilhevia.

 In the rear, Rey and Avos Dilhevia are facing each other.
 But I will not join them, and with my two magical eyes, I will look into the depths of Nowsgaria.

 Carefully, lurking at the root of the abyss, it's as if I'm exposing everything.

"This is a message to the enigmatic demon king and his God-killing sword.

 A high-pitched Nausgaria raised her voice.

'To you, irreverent ones, may God destroy you.

 The voice that held the miracle struck us.
 With his left hand, Shin draws his plundering sword, Guilionoges, and faster than sound, he cuts off the word of God.

 Singh's figure kicks the ground, and in the next moment, he's already in front of Nausgaria's eyes.
 Faster than he could say anything, a slashing divine sword had pierced its heart.

 However, Nowusgaria didn't mean it at all, not even a drop of blood flowed from its body.

''God's body is absolute.''

 At that moment, Shin's magic power turned into nothingness.

''The Zanjin Sword--Secret Depths 2, .

 It is a blade that kills gods and destroys order.
 The sword barrel of the Zanjin Sword, which was clothed in rippling magical particles and dyed red-black, is pushed into Nausgaria's chest.


 Blood overflows from his heart and its root is gouged out by the .

 The blood of Nausgaria flowed out and dripped onto the floor.
 Suddenly, it was golden.

 No, it was burning.
 The blood that flowed became a golden flame and rose vigorously from the floor.

'Be judged by the fire of God.

 The several flames that erupted out of him clung to Shin, scorching his body.
 Although clothed in anti-magic, he was unable to prevent the divine flames, and his jet black armor melted away.

 Shin pulled the Slaying God Sword Gneodros out of Nausgaria and slashed away the golden flames that burned my body.
 Once again, the Gneodoros ran at the body of the god like a flash of light, but this time it slashed through the sky.

 As if in an instantaneous movement, Nausgaria appeared at a distance.


 Nausgaria's eyes emitted a red glow, and in the next moment, Shin's body burst into flames.
 It was a pale white and silver flame. His face contorted slightly.

'The divine flame bestows all the pains of this world upon sinners. It is the fire of compassion to make you repent of your sins. With every second the torment increases, and with every minute it ends its absolution. What awaits is the complete destruction of the root, or salvation.

Hmm. I see. It's a curse. I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work. It's quite a clever excuse to condemn a curse that takes a minute to complete.

 While scorching himself with silvery white flames, Singh instantly stuffed himself into Nausgaria and flashed his plundering sword, Guilionoges, into his demonic eye. The plunder sword would take away his sight if he cut his eye.

 But a golden flame rises up, blocking the sword as if it were a shield.

 As if to say it was all calculated, Singh took a further step and hooked Nausgaria's back with his right elbow. The flames blocked that as well, but at the same time Singh jumped into his blind spot.

 However, the silvery white flames on Shin's body did not disappear.

''There is no blind spot in God's demonic eye. This absolution is absolute.

 Golden flames gathered in Nowusgaria's hands, which burned Singh's body.
 As it was, the flames began to take the shape of a sword.

''And then the judgment will be rendered by the divine sword Lord Yuie. Remember that the God Killer's deadly sword, even the strongest swordsman of the demon race's arm, is no better than a child's play before the divine sword.

 The flames transformed into the golden divine sword Lord Yuie.
 It easily destroyed the jet-black armor, but Shin drew back on the verge and avoided the blade.

 A sheet of paper spilled out of the destroyed ceremonial armor, along with a few splatters of blood.

 It was the page of Fran, the love fairy that Reno had given him two thousand years ago.
 Quickly, Shin discarded the Slaying God Sword and reached for it.

 The divine sword Lord Yue fell with a stone-fall from directly above and skewered his hand on the floor, stitching it to the floor.


 Blood seeps from the back of Shin's hand.


 Gazing down at the page on the floor, Nausgaria let out a dry laugh.

'How foolish you are, O wicked sword. Did you want love so badly? Alas, your love is due to a divine miracle. When Avos Dilhevia was born, her role was long over.

 Still glowering at Singh's body with his red demonic eyes, Nausgaria said.

'Soon the time of absolution will be over. Pass on in penitence, the deadly sword of a god-killer. Your sin is that you did not thank God for that love.

 Seconds left.
 A silvery white flame burns out the source of Sin--

 Just before he was about to do so, he disappeared without a trace.

 Even though he had been pierced as if he were being sewn up by Lord Uyet, Singh had escaped from there with ease.

''-- I'm not stupid,''

 A voice, echoed.

 Nausgaria slowly turned to it and saw a single, hooded girl standing at the entrance to the throne room.

 Beside her was Singh.
 He gazed at the girl, stunned.

'It wasn't a miracle. I finally figured it out.

 Behind the hood, I could see a pair of amber eyes.
 Somewhere I saw the glow of an old great spirit somewhere sometime ago.

'My husband is the Demon King's right hand man. That sword has never once failed to cut your words. Your words never reached Singh. He never once heard the word of God!

 The pale green light enveloped it, and its hood was swept away by the wind.

 Her bare hair is as beautiful as a clear lake, and on her back are six wings.
 The girl, wearing an unblemished jade-colored dress, is the great mother spirit that has been passed down through the lore to this day.

 Reno was there.

Singh's love has always been in his heart. The love I taught you, the love you developed with me, has not been tainted by any divine miracle. It was your mistake. It wasn't a miracle!

 Nausgaria turned his gaze to Reno.
 The guy's eyes, which said there was no anger or sadness in them, seemed to emit some dark gleam.

 Singh stood there to protect her from that demonic eye's gaze.


 Reno smiled at Singh, who turned his back slightly, and smiled at him as if he had been there for sometime.

''........I came to keep my promise, Shin. I'm sorry, I made you wait two thousand years....

 Shaking his head quietly, Singh readied his plundering sword.

'Let's go get it back. Mass is not the Son of God.'

 Singh laughed, then said.

'It's our boy.'

 Reno nodded, and Shin kicked the ground.
 She held her hands in front of her eyes and drew a magic circle.

 After two thousand years, the great spirits have risen to share their love.
 At his side is his companion, the King of the Spirits.

 They challenge the source of the tragedy that stands before them without fear or hesitation.

 In order to reclaim their beloved child, once stolen by the gods, into their hands--