187-Rumors and lore

Looks like you're okay....

 Ray muttered as he held the Spirit God Human Sword Evans Mana at the ready.


 Next to him was Singh with the Slaying God Sword in his hand.
 He, too, was facing the sky, holding the God Killer Sword.

 Behind them, Reno was lying face down on the floor.
 In her chest was Misa. As if to protect her, Reno is holding her in a protective manner, pushing her down on the floor.

 At that moment, when the Surge Eldnave shone in the sky, the three of them were moving at the same time.
 And all of them quickly became the shield of the masses on the spur of the moment.

''........Are you okay?''

 Reno said in a gentle voice to his own child in his arms.
 Misa nodded slightly as he stared at her face, stunned.

''You've grown up...''

 When Reno gently touched Misa's cheek, her tears wet her fingertips.

''........Mother.......is it......?''

 Reno showed a compassionate smile to Mass, who uttered in a daze.

''Well yes, I finally got to give you a hug...''

 Then, squeezing, Reno hugs Misa.
 Her body is enveloped in light, becoming thin and transparent.

 There is no more time to borrow Fran's body, there is no more time to spare.

'I'm sorry. We're always passing each other...

 Reno's eyes fill with tears.

'I'm sorry. I haven't always been able to be with you...'

 Quickly, Misa said.

''Wait.......... Well, well.

 Tears trickle down from her eyes.

".........not yet.......oh.......

 The words were snatched away and the words were consumed by tears.

''Don't ... don't go away, just a little more ... just a little more ...''

 With a sad look on her face, Reno shook her head from side to side.
 Her figure faded even more again.

'Because I haven't... just... met... and... I've been... .....

'I love you, Misa. I'm sorry...

 Reno's tears fluttered down and wet Mass's cheeks.
 But they would not turn into tear flowers.

 The power of the Mother Great Spirit has long since been lost.

''I'm crushed now, but you're still here. I'm sure Anos will help you.

 Gulping and holding back tears, Reno then smiled.
 A gentle, tender, motherly face.

''........I'm so glad I had you.......''

 Suddenly, a particle of light rises up and it leaves the mass.
 Shin looked up at it, and for a moment, a grain of light took the form of the Mother Great Spirit.

'Thank you, Shin. Goodbye. And then--

 Reno reached for him.
 She smiled as Singh gently grabbed it and smiled at her.

'I was happy.'


 Spilling a single tear, Singh tells her.

'I love you,'

 A warm breeze blew, and as if carrying light, Reno's figure disappeared in a huff.
 What was left in Shin's hand was the tears of the Mother Great Spirit..........................A single white teardrop flower that he offered to the tombstone.


 Tears poured out of Misa's eyes endlessly.
 It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get your hands on it.

'.........please.........I'll do it.......flan......

 Sobbing, Misa spoke up.

''Please let me see your mother again. You can do that, can't you? Because if you've just done it, then why not a little more....

 Mass picks herself up and appeals to the love fairy who must be somewhere in there.
 As if she were a child, just crying.

 It would not be her who could not see that it was impossible.
 And yet, still, the sorrow was deep.

 But the Love Fairy does not appear.
 Fran will only lend her body to me once.

 Only until she tells him of that love and recognizes that she herself has been crushed.

'Don't be unreasonable, Misa. The thing doesn't have much power. At best, it can put an end to the tragedy.

 Mass looked at me as I walked loosely, and she looked at me with a sullen look.


 As if to squeeze it out, Mass says.

"........it's my fault.......

 With a potpourri of tears spilling out of her eyes, Misa vented her sorrow.

''........If I hadn't been born, my mother wouldn't have.......crumbled......''

That's not true.

Because what's the difference between...? When I was born, my mother died because I disobeyed rumors and lore...

 Waking up as Avos Dilhevia must have brought back memories of those two thousand years ago for Mass.

"If it wasn't for me...

Mass, do I ever say anything to make you feel better?


 Mass rolls her eyes as she spills large tears.

It's a good thing that you are the cause of this. No matter what you say, your grief will never be healed.

 Mass stares at me, stunned.

'By different, I mean not crushed.

It's true?

 As soon as Misa raises her voice, Singh flies a strong look at us.

'Yeah, but before we save her,'

 As soon as she said that, a faint light began to leak out of Misa's body.

 If you turn your demon eyes on her, you can see that the root source of her body is about to collapse.
 Cut off from Avos Dilhevia and only half of her root source, she could not continue to live on.

I must save you first.

 I said to the brave man standing beside me.


 He stepped forward.

'As rumour and lore has it, you may destroy the mass with the Spirit God-Man Sword.

 Missa exclaimed, unable to hide her surprise.

'I would explain it to you, but there isn't much time for that. Your roots will crumble and perish at any moment. Are you ready for that?

 I ask them both.
 Ray and Misa looked at each other and nodded their heads in agreement.

''.......I believe.......''

 Ray directs the cutting edge of Evans Mana to Mass's chest.
 A divine light emanates towards her, obliterating her as if it were purifying the source of her roots.

 I point my fingertips and simultaneously draw a magic circle at the source of her roots.

 Like a burst of light, Missa's body seemed to shine in one large way, and in the next moment, it suddenly disappeared.
 There was not a shadow or form of Misa's figure.

'The great spirit Avos Dilhevia, the great spirit that arose from the rumors and lore of the tyrannical demon king, had formed half of the root of the mass.

 Ray turned to me.
 Behind him, Shin was listening to my words.

'If Avos Dilhevia is destroyed, Mass cannot survive. For the two cannot be completely separated, no matter how you try, you can't completely separate them.

 With the Spirit God Human Sword, Ray had split the girls in two, but it wasn't something that could be left in place forever. Even if they were to become two, Misa was Avos Dyrhevia, and Avos Dyrhevia was Misa.

'Then change Avos Dilhevia to a different spirit with the same name, and Misa will be able to coexist with the spirit's mind that dwells within her. If rumor and lore change, the spirits will change accordingly. But the problem here is that we are most affected by the rumors and lore of our first birth.

 This is what Reno explained to me when I went there two thousand years ago.

 Suppose, for example, that in the distant future, rumors and lore spread that the Mother Great Spirit Reno was not the Mother of Spirits. That would be synonymous with her being crushed.

 Rumors and lore that contradict the rumors and lore that are the foundation of spirits, will only shorten the spirits' life span.

''Spirits, unlike demons and humans, do not reincarnate. In other words, they have no concept of being reborn as a different person. Therefore, rumors and lore that contradict that spirit can only cause harm.

 Born as a tyrannical demon king with imperial supremacy and a grudge against humans, Avos Dilhevia has no choice but to continue living as an evil being.

Even if we could manage that, the total amount of lore we could create would be absolutely insufficient to create a completely different lore than the one that now pervades this world.

 Trying to get Igareth to spread the rumor that Avos Dilhevia was a kind-hearted spirit would have been far more voluminous than the original rumor.

 There was a way to save the masses, despite the seemingly all-or-nothing situation.

''Then what should we do?''

 The answer is terribly simple once you come up with it.

''Just continue the lore of the Demon King of Tyranny. The tyrannical demon king is destroyed again by the Spirit God Human Sword Evans Mana, who is resurrected. And Avos Dilhevia will be reincarnated. With the blessing of the holy sword, he will be restored to his original form, not as a half-spirit, half-demon, but as a spirit mass,

 The lore of the Demon King of Tyranny tells us about the past, but nothing about the future has been determined.
  Spirits are creatures that do not reincarnate, but the Demon King of Tyranny arose due to rumors and lore that he would reincarnate after two thousand years.
 In fact, this is the root of the most widespread tradition.

 If that was the case, there was no contradiction between the rumors and lore about the reincarnation of the tyrannical demon king.

 What would happen in the final reincarnation was something that hadn't happened yet, so no one was talking about it. There are gaps to fill in the lore. That's why he ordered the lore to be spread to Igareth.

 Mission accomplished, he said.

 The more humans felt the fear of the tyrannical demon king, the more strongly the lore of Avos Dilhevia's reincarnation into a good spirit was supported by Evans Mana and would remain for a long time.

 And when Ray had taken the life of Mass with the blessing of the Spirit Godman Sword, I had used the magic of
'But it is not certain if a spirit that does not reincarnate originally can reincarnate and gain life through rumor and lore alone. This is because reincarnation is as good as a new spirit being born, not Avos Dilhevia.

 In Shin's direction, I quickly reach out my hand.
 When I sent my magic power, the white teardrop flower he was holding flew through the air and came to me.

The teardrop flower gives birth to spirits. This flower was born from the tears of the Great Spirit Reno, who wished for the happiness of Shin and Misa.

 When he sent his magic power, the teardrop flower turned into a particle of light.

'Here rise, crushed, great spirit. After two thousand years, the time has come for sorrow to turn to joy.

 I don't cry when I'm sad, Leno said.
 Still, the tears that helplessly spilled out at that moment made this flower bloom.

 The light slowly took on the shape of a person.
 The figure of a mother and child embracing each other.

 One figure clearly materializes.
 Six feathers like crystals on its back. Her hair is blue like a clear lake, and her eyes shine like amber.


 Shin mutters.

'The Mother Great Spirit disobeyed her own rumors and lore for giving birth to the demon race and was crushed. But the Great Spirit Avos Dilhevia has now followed the rumors and lore and has regained her original spirit form.

 Avos Dilhevia is not a half-spirit, half-demon.
 It has changed to the fact that she was originally a spirit called Misa.

''Then there is no reason for Mother Great Spirit Reno to be crushed anymore.

 The fact that Reno disobeyed rumor and lore was a fact that never happened.
 As long as the rumors and lore are not destroyed, the spirits will rise again and again, even if they are destroyed.


 The light that Reno held in his arms clearly materialized.
 A girl with habitual chestnut hair that reaches to her shoulders and big, round eyes - Misa was there.


 Reno gently stroked the head of Misa, who hugged her tightly.
 Misa looked happy and spilled tears.


"....don't cry it's okay. Your mother is here, Misa. From now on I'll always be here for you...

 As he said this, Reno was also shedding tears.

 A teardrop flower that bloomed with sad tears.
 But now it had definitely turned into a flower of joy.

Hmm. So that's all.

 Turning on my heel, I said to Eldmead, who was watching us casually.

'We'll deal with you later. You'll be dealt with later.'

 With a grin, Erdmeade bowed condescendingly.
 <As long as there is a "contract (zekt)," it will not be possible to do anything carelessly, but he is a troublesome man.

 It's necessary to keep an eye on him.

 I leave this place quietly.
 A little bit of melancholy remained, but I got it back.

 If you wish from the bottom of your heart, they will always respond to you.
 No matter how desolate or how widespread the conflict is, this world she created is warm and welcoming.

 This world she created is warm and full of love and hope.
 I'm going to prove it to you again and again.

 I'm sure she's out there somewhere.

 Hey, Militia--