188-Ceremony of the Second Demon Lord

 A few days later--

 In a room in the Demon King's Castle of Delsogade, there was a huge crystal with a remote clairvoyance (limnet).
 It showed the figures of Merhayth and the Seven Demon Emperors.
 They were in front of the main gate. On the top of the stairs, the place where they were standing was richly decorated and served as an audience hall.

 Beyond the gaze of the Seven Demon Emperors, there was a huge crowd of people on the other side of the stairs. No matter how far they went, the demon clans formed an uninterrupted line and turned their gaze to the audience platform.

 The ceremony for the second coming of the Demon King.
 Melhayes was explaining in an exaggerated manner that the tyrannical demon king, who had been reincarnated from two thousand years ago, would be appearing here.

 The ceremony was originally scheduled to take place a month later, but because of the history of the occupation of Midhayes by Avos Dilhevia and the domination of many demonic tribes, it was decided to hold the ceremony in a hurry.

 <The magic of the had been lifted, and the people of Dirheid were in turmoil. The tyrannical demon king who was yossing also disappeared, and the imperial faction and the unification faction became even more acrimonious.
 Although the royalists were aware that they were not in their right mind, they could not make excuses since they did not know the situation.

 The ceremony was a way to bring the situation to an end before the conflict between the two sides was brought to light and escalated into conflict.

 Melheis did not conceal the fact that Avos Dyrhevia was not hidden, but told his people.

 He said that his was a great spirit born of the rumors and lore of a tyrannical demon king that had been falsely passed down to Dirheid for the last two thousand years.

 This made many people aware of the existence of the Demon King of Tyranny, Avos Dilhevia, who was born from false rumors and lore.

 Having actually witnessed his appearance, they would have no doubt that a false Demon King existed.
 The imperialists could not deny it either, as it would create an escape route for their own insanity.

 Do they admit their own sins, or do they admit the existence of a false demon king? Before the ceremony, he negotiated with the Imperialist officials as a root cause, and they chose the latter.

 Avos Dilhevia was reincarnated as a spirit mass. Revealing it in detail would ensure that the rumors and lore would remain. It would also mean that he would no longer have to worry about the mass going down.

 Eventually, it would be recorded in the history books of Dirheid, and would be passed down to future generations.

 Furthermore, Melheis has been telling the people of Dirheid many things that have happened over the past two thousand years.

 I look around the room.
 One of the masses was lying on its face, looking nervous.


 I said to him, who was standing by my side.

'Reno tells me you haven't talked to Mass well enough yet.

I didn't know what to say to you because I'm a sword.

'Don't whine. How can you make that excuse in front of the kids?

 Singh shushed him.

'He's anxious. Talk to him.'

Yes, sir.

 Singh paced as he shot a swordsman's gaze at her.
 Once he was close enough, Misa slowly looked up.


''Yes ... yes ...''

 Hmm. Sin's guy is nervous as hell about the gala.

''Yes ... yes ...''

 Misa was nervous too.
 There was an awkward air between them.

 Misa laughs with no effort.

 She will now appear before her people as Avos Dilhevia.

 As a false demon king, she will swear allegiance to the tyrannical demon king in order to correct the ideas of the imperialists that have been born due to false lore.

 However, it is true that Avos Dilhevia has done atrocious things to the half-breed.
 There is no will of the masses there, and even though he has already fulfilled his incarnation, it is certainly unacceptable.

 Also, for the imperialist faction, he could be the object of recrimination as someone who was the catalyst for stripping him of his privileges and class.

I won't and...

 Singh listens to her words in silence.

 Laughing vaguely, Misa looks down as if she doesn't know what to do.

''It's okay........ya, I'll do it!

 This time Misa clenched her fists in an airy, energetic tone.
 Shin looked at her, thought about it, and then said, "It's a tough ordeal, Misa, but you're not a girl to be scared off by that.

'It's a tough ordeal, Misa, but you're not the kind of girl to let that scare you off.


I watched you the whole time... and I never saw you, even though I never saw you. That you joined the Unification Party to meet me. That you have made a further commitment to the friends you met there.

 Turning his eyes warmly, Shin said.

'You've grown up to be a gentle, strong child who reaches out to the tragedy that lies before you, without considering your own life.

 Tears welled up in Mass's eyes.

'I'm sorry I haven't been able to come for you for fifteen years,'


 Jumping into Shin's chest, Misa hugged him tightly.

I knew that my father would come for me, and I always thought that he would come for me... for a long time...

 Shin put his hand on Misa's back, as if he was scared to death.

'....I couldn't be there for you, but my heart will always be with Misa. The only thing left for me to live for was to see you grow up healthy and full of life.

 In Shin's chest, Misa sobs.
 As if to gently fill in the gap of fifteen years with those tears.

 Then, after a moment, she wiped her tears away and laughed, as usual.

''It's all right now. I can't stay nervous anymore, can I? Because now, at last, Dirheid will return to its proper form, where the half-breeds and the royal family can join hands. If that's what it takes, there's nothing to be afraid of!

 Shin nodded, as if accepting her feelings.

'Shall we go?'

 Putting a hand on her shoulder, Singh escorted her to the door.

'Hmm. It's about time.

 I look at them and Ray, Shin, and Reno nodded at me.
 Shin and Ray put their hands on the door.

 The other side of this leads to the audience platform in front of the main gate that was reflected in the .

 I stepped out loosely and walked to the other side of the open door.

 The one who jumped into my eyes was the Seven Demons Emperor who descended from the audience platform and straightened his posture to greet me. Behind him were the people of Dilheid.

 On either side of the audience platform, there was a noble seat set up, and there were the Demon Emperors and their relatives who ruled over Elio and the rest of Dirheid, as well as my father and mother.

 They had been seated earlier, but they all stood up as I emerged from the main gate.

 The seven Demon Emperors kneel in place at the same time.
 Then the Demon Emperors, and then all of the Dirheid people gathered here kneeled down, as if to swear an oath of allegiance to me.

 Melhayes said.

'We have been waiting for your return for two thousand years. 'Lord Anos Voldigord, the Demon King of Tyranny,'

 In the silence, Melhayes' voice echoed throughout the Midheys.

'Raise your masks, Descendants of the Demon Race.

 I said.

"Let me see the look on your faces.

 The demon race quietly looked up and stared at me.

''Two thousand years ago, we demon races were fighting with humans and spirits.

 Stepping out loosely, I sent a message to the people of Dirheid here, and then to the humans in Azation, and then to the rest of the world.

'Many have lost their lives. Killed, slain, destroyed, destroyed, a nation burned in the fires of hatred, and we have continued to fight.

 They're listening to my words without making a single sound.

What was that for?

 The question was always swirling in his chest.

'It was for my friends, for my children, for my parents, for my subordinates, and for my lord. The only thing I was certain of was that I took up the sword to protect it.

 Many of them did.
 That should have been the beginning of a sad war.

But that sword was getting bloodier every time it cut down an enemy. The demon sword, which had buried many lives in order to protect them, was tinged with a curse that would harm even the people it cared about. Whenever he used the blade to avenge his enemies, he would be rewarded for it. Demons, humans, and all kinds of people carried the cursed sword and swallowed everything in the fires of war without realizing it.

 The war continued to spread.

 As long as you keep killing, you will be killed.
 But if you don't kill, you will be killed.

"There is only one way for those who have the cursed blade in their hands to end the war. They must be brave enough to believe in each other and lay down their swords. But it wasn't easy for the two sides, both of whom hated each other and were in a state of doubt, to do that.

 Taking a deep breath, I said.

"And yet, they responded in kind.

 As if to welcome a hero, he loosely extended his right hand and turned his palm to the heavens.
 The one who stepped out was Rey, dressed in the formal attire of a hero from two thousand years ago.

 At his waist, he carries the Spirit Godman Sword.
 He is prepared and exposes his true face.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make your life easier. I am the hero of Azation, the hero of Azation, the heroic canon who defended humans to the very end.

 Ray drew his Spirit Godman Sword Evans Mana and showed himself to be a canon with his blessed light.

 To the other, I extended my left hand.
 Slowly, it was Reno who walked through the door.

''The mother of all spirits and the queen who rules the great spirit forest Ahartheln. Two thousand years ago, she is the Great Spirit Reno, who cared for, nurtured and protected the spirits.

 Furthermore I reached out my right hand again and pointed.
 Shin walked over and lined up next to Reno.

''My right hand, the strongest swordsman of the demon race who protected Ahartheln without Reno. He is the spirit king Shin, who showed the friendship between the demon race and the spirits and took mother great spirit Reno in marriage.

 Finally I extend my hand to introduce the other one.
 Looking straight ahead, Mass came in, wearing the cloak and mask of Avos Dilhevia.

 The mask and cloak disappeared as a magic circle was drawn at her feet.
 Underneath, she was clad in a black dress with a hint of blue.

''Avos Dilhevia, the great spirit and son of God, who arose from the rumors and lore of the tyrannical demon king. She was reincarnated by the holy sword of the brave canon, and she also housed her contraption and gathered here. Her present name is Mass.

 Ray flashed his Spirit Godman sword and stabbed it into the center of the audience table. Shin, then Reno, then Shin, then Reno, finally, stabbed the swords that Misa had drawn and released, stacking them on top of each other and stabbing them into the floor.

 I continued.

I continued, "Two thousand years have passed. The world is at peace and the conflict is over. But we must not forget. But we must remember that it took great courage to see this day. And unless each one of us carries that in our hearts, a great war will burn our country again someday.

 At the same time as the words, I thrust my drawn sword into the same place as their stacked swords.

'No more blades of hate. These hands are to join hands with your neighbors.

 I reach out my hand, and the three of them lay their hands on it.
 A human, a demon race and a spirit are indeed holding hands.

 After the passage of two thousand years.
 Here, at last, the wish has been granted.

 The people of Dillhade bowed deeply on the spot, as if to show their agreement with my words.

''I issue an edict. All those who live in this Dilheid, whether demons, spirits, or humans, are equal and fair.

 The Seven Demon Emperors and the Demon Emperors all shouted in unison.

''As you wish,''

"I swear to my people. I grant you an audience. If there is a tragedy that cannot be overturned, come to me with your pride and your whole being. I will grant you one wish, one for each of you.

 When I said that, the place slightly buzzed.

''........Oh, I'm afraid, Demon King-sama.......!

 One of the men spoke up.

'Raise your face, stand up and identify yourself.

 The man stood up quietly, with a stubble and a slightly disheveled look on his face.
 But there was a faint glimmer of hope in his eyes.

''My name is Leon Grizel. I would like to ask your permission to speak at the risk of punishment...''

Good. Talk to me.

 Bowing his head politely, Leon said.

'My daughter, who is ten years old this year, has a heart condition that no magic can cure and probably won't last until next year. ...

Bring him to me.

 With the words, tears spill from Leon's eyes.

'I will save you.'

Thank you....happily....thank you...

 Leon bowed his head and then quickly moved away from the scene.
 He must have gone to his daughter.

'My people,' he said, 'I am not for politics. My people, I am not a political person. But I'm proud to say that we have some excellent Demon Emperors in this country. Their daily struggles are the reason why so many cities are still in peace. There's no need for an outdated Demon Lord to interfere with this and that now,''

 After uttering that, I turned my magic eye to tickle the faces of all the Dillhade people, each and every one of them.

'But remember this,'

 I hold up my index finger.

'One thing, this country will not tolerate a cripple.

 Then he raises his middle finger.

'One thing, this country will not tolerate malice.'

 Finally, I hold up my ring finger.

"One thing, this country will not tolerate tragedy.

 Loosely, he held out his hands and gently grabbed this country.

'When these are invaded, whatever their opponents are, the Demon King of Tyranny will fight and destroy them with his life.

 It's a vow I could never fulfill.

 It was a promise he could never make as king over his people.