75-Brave Academy Mystery

 When I came to the top floor, I found Melhayes there.

'We've been expecting you, Master Anos.

 He kneels in front of me and hangs his head.

'What about Gaius and Idle?'

"We were able to revive him successfully. It seems that someone attacked him 2,000 years ago and took over his body and roots.

 Just like with Ibis.
 I'm pretty sure the rest of the Seven Demon Emperors are the same.

''There are three of the Seven Demon Emperors from this side. I think it is possible to strengthen the Unification Faction's power...?

 Ivis is the only one who hasn't realized that Avos Dilhevia is alive and well at the moment.
 The three people who can act as my men on the surface and under my command are Melheis, Gaius and Idle. The other side's pawn, the Seven Demon Emperors, are also the remaining three.

 In a political sense, we can make the balance of power between the Unification Faction and the Imperial Family Faction compete with each other. That way, they could also check Avos Dilhevia's attempts to use the imperial family and the imperial faction.


''It's fine for me to continue as before. No matter how much the top may change, the consciousness of the demon race doesn't change that much. If you're not careful, Dillhade will split in two.

 The majority of power is held by the imperial family and the imperialist faction, which is why the mulattoes and the Unificationists are quiet. If the power of the two factions is in competition, the Unification faction will not be so silent. It's not surprising that someone like Emilia would run amok.

 It would be fine if I were to rule, but we are not in an era where power is everything. How many people do I need to kill to silence the Imperialists? Thus, if we unify the demon tribe, Avos Dilhevia might have a hard time finding a way out.

 If he escapes, there will be trouble later. They have no intention of losing, of course, but they have been preparing for this for two thousand years. I can't afford to wait another couple of thousand years for the opportunity to come along.

 I think it's best to go along with their wishes for now. If we let them think things are going their way, they'll reveal themselves eventually. That's when you'll get them.

Yes, sir. And I do have one more question about the other day.

'You mean, why didn't you get hijacked at the root?'

 Melhayes nodded with a divine look on his face.

''It is left-sama, sir. The other Seven Demon Emperors have all been fused to the root cause and taken over. However, in my case, I was only stabbed with the magical sword of servitude. Perhaps there's some significance to this difference.

'Maybe he thought I'd see through it the same way. Or maybe you didn't have enough pawns in your crew.

You don't have that many people working for you, do you?

If I'm going to allow you to be taken over, it has to be by my own good men. If they're disposable, there may be plenty of them, but if they're willing to take over, there aren't many.

 If you think about it, he has only three other people in his heart who are taking over the Seven Demon Emperors.

''Or maybe he wants me to believe that I only have three pawns left.

 At least Avos Dilhevia is not an idiot. Besides, he's careful. He'll be staking out double and triple traps and waiting patiently for me to fall into one of them.

'I have something to ask you as well, but I hear you're not the head of the Unificationists.

".........As expected of Anos-sama, he's grasped that much.......

 Melhayes says, sounding horrified.

'Who are you?'

''........That is what I don't understand......'' Of course, if you are an imperial family member, it is natural for you to try to hide your identity. If the Demon Emperor or someone in a position close to that, if they were known to be a Unificationist, they would be driven out of power. If that happens, they will be unable to continue their activities as Unificationists.

 There are reasons to hide their identities.
 On the contrary, you don't have to be the Demon Emperor or someone close to him to conceal your identity with impunity.

 For example, even if it's Avos Dilhevia.

''If you're not at the top, did that guy form the Unification Faction?''

''As far as I have been able to find out, it seems so. I had tried to find out who it was, but it had successfully erased all traces of its magical power and I couldn't get to it. At that point, I thought it was a demon race from the mythical era, just like me.

 It's not hard to believe that he was so depressed by the current situation in Dirhade that he formed the Unification Faction.

''But if that is the case, then now that Anos-sama has been reincarnated, he should appear before you.

 At least it's reasonable to assume that they're coming to see if I'm real.

 I turn on my heel and leave the Union Tower.

 But a selected class 'Gerga Canon'?
 Whether I have a memory or not, if the brave canon is reincarnated, I'd like to meet them.