74-Unique sword sigshester

 After a full day of meaningful self-study, and after the day is over--

 I was visiting the treasure house in the underground dungeon of Delzogade with Ray in tow.
 I'm sure you'll be surprised to see a lot of magic swords and magic tools on display.

''Are these all from Anos?''

It's 2,000 years old.

Yeah. I'm beginning to believe that the story about you being the Demon King of Tyranny is true.

 Ray says distractedly as he looks at the demon sword.
 To this man, the demon sword in front of him now is probably much more important than the Demon King from two thousand years ago.

''Choose whatever you want.''

 Ray ransacked the magic swords on the floor one by one.
 It's a good thing that you have a great deal of experience in this field.

 It is true that Initio is an excellent magic sword, but it's not actually that powerful. Although it is a magic sword that can slice through magic techniques, it is not able to counteract magic without question. You have to use your own skill to cut down the magic.

 For example, if a large amount of magic is shot at you that you can't deal with with the sword, you won't be able to cut through all of it. When Misa used it, she couldn't slash the
 If you make the magic formula redundant and release magic, it will still be that much more difficult to slash magic.

 And although it could slash through anti-magic and magic barriers, the magic sword itself was mediocre in its slashing ability. Its power is highly dependent on the user.

 However, when used by Ray, who possesses uncommon sword skills, it becomes a fearsome magical sword that can cut down all offensive and defensive magic. It is because of his skills that Ray was able to slay all of his opponents' magic swords in the sword tournament.

 It's not so good at magic other than the sword, but even for Ray, Initio, which can nullify the opponent's magic with the sword, was quite compatible with it.


 Ray stopped at a single sword placed in a corner in the treasure room.

'Can I pull it out?'


 He pulls out his magic sword from its sheath and releases it.
 The silvery white sword barrel is stunningly beautiful.


 Hmm. Eyes on it.
 It's a nice coincidence.

"Unique sword, Sig Shasta. This is a very nasty looking sword.

 I'm going to use the magic of Ibis and prepare a stone statue for a test slash in front of Ray.

Slash it.

 Ray takes a step forward.
 He swung the Sig Shester down from the top step with unstoppable speed.


 The sword blade passed through the stone statue as if to cut both sides from the head.
 But the stone statue was not slashed. It was completely unharmed.


 Ray smiled as if to say, "Interesting.

It's not just a matter of time before you get to the point where you'll be able to get your hands on it. This is a very important thing. I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make the most of it.

 If it was even the faintest miscellaneous thoughts, the unique sword would have no true value. Only when the mind, body, and demon are all focused on one thing can Sig Shasta become the magic sword it is meant to be. But that's easier said than done.

 It's not easy to achieve single-minded devotion. It's not only that, but it's also that you'll be the first to die if you only concentrate on it in the middle of a battle. In any case, you can't have a unique dedication just because you are prepared for the attack of the opponent.

Can you use Anos?

'It's not useless, but in my case, I'm just using all my strength to get them to do what I say. There's only one person I know of who has ever truly mastered Sig Shasta.

'If there's someone like that, though, I'd love to match up with them. If that person's magic sword is here, does that mean Anos is already here?

 I huffed and laughed.

''No, you said you were going to reincarnate. I originally gave you this demon sword, so you returned it to me here in a lawful manner.

 Sig Shasta was a magical sword that my right-hand man, Shin, liked to use 2,000 years ago.

You might be able to use that sword to your advantage.


You look a lot like him.

 Then Ray smiled briskly.

'Does that mean I'm the one that that person reincarnated?

I don't know yet. Do you even know what you're doing?

 Ray thinks, holding out his single-issue sword and trying to focus his mind.

'Somehow I feel like I was outside of this time period, though. I have no memory of it.'

 I'm sure.

"If you can master that sword, you might remember a few things.


"The Unique Sword is a sword that can change at will. It contains the memories of its former owner. If we have the same root cause, we may find ourselves in tune with it.

 Or maybe Shin had left the Unique Sword here in anticipation of that.
 Just as his post-reincarnation self would one day hold it in his hands.

''Well, when you find out about your past life, it doesn't matter what. I don't think there's any need to remember it either.

Yeah. But for now, I'll take this magic sword.

You don't need to see anything else?

It's because I like it.

 He was probably attracted to the magic sword.
 But you're still similar to Shin in choosing the most troublesome magic sword.

''Then let's go back.''

 We left the treasury.
 Once back on the ground, Ray and I parted ways, and I followed my footsteps to the Union Tower of the Anos Fun Union.

 We went inside and walked up the stairs.
 I have an appointment to talk to Melhayes.

 As I reached the second floor, a familiar voice sounded.

'Well then, if anyone has an opinion on the lyrics of the third song of the Anos-sama cheer chorus, raise your hand.

Yes! After all, I think it's better to make it look like a reference to a line Anos-sama often says this time!

What's that line you say so often?

''Oh, you know, like that thing they said in the Great Demon Sword Training, like, 'Did you think my head would crack open just because you cut the mountain range in two?''

Oh, yeah. That's a great idea.

That's it, isn't it? If you cut both sides of the mountain range, it would normally split at least the head, but in Anos-sama's case, it means it's nothing at all, so that's a good direction to take, right?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Thinking of putting that into a lyric, what would it look like to be like Master Anos?

 The girls in the Fun Union stare and think.
 They seemed unable to come up with any good ideas, but eventually one of them blurted out.

"'Did you think we were going out just because we kissed?'

 Kyah, the girls let out a yellow scream.

''Gaijin, Anos-sama Gaijin! But that's what I like about it! Gaijin looking good! I'm sure you'll say that, Master Anos.

 I won't tell you.

'Well, then, how about this? 'Did you think I took your heart just because I held you?'

'Oh no, devil! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

'Did you think that just because I wanted to see you at lunch that it wasn't for physical purposes?'

'Straight up! You're being too direct, Lord Anos! You're thriving in the daytime.

Well, here. What's this? 'Did you think you could marry me just because you love me?'

'I don't know what's going on here! It's so mysterious, my head is going to boil over!

The last one. The last one. "Did you think you couldn't be mine just because you threw it away?

Oh no, I want to get rid of it! Stop, stop, Anos-sama! If you say that, I'm going to become the girl of convenience........

 Hmm. What the heck is this?

Now that's a good one. Isn't the storyline of the lyrics perfect?

Yes, I think so. Then let's do the Anos-sama cheer chorus No. 3 with a sad love song!

'Wait a minute. But a love song isn't a cheering song, is it? How's that for singing when Master Anos is fighting?

Oh, okay.

'It's funny....isn't it....

Well, why don't you think of it this way? Anos-sama is so strong that battles are a trivial matter, so you think this represents Anos-sama's inner feelings that he wants to enjoy a night of burning love with that girl sooner than that!

 For a moment, there was silence in the place.
 And the next moment--

'Te, you're a genius! Hey, hey, hey, don't you think you're reading into Anos-sama's mind too much?

 You didn't see it coming.

Heh heh ... do you think just because it's a cheerful song, it's not a love song?

 Kyaaaahhhh, a yellow scream rang out in the Union Tower.

 Hmm. Well, that's that.
 I'll pretend I didn't hear it.

 It's good to see you enjoying yourself.
 I've got to talk to Melhayes about that, though.

 I walked up the Union Tower.