76-Gailadite Expedition Test

 The week after that--
 Delzogade, the second teaching field.

 All the gathered students had brought a lot of luggage with them.
 Aside from armor and magic equipment, they also have large leather bags and bags filled with food, clothes and water.
 As if it were a preparation for a journey.

 When the bell for the start of class rings, an owl jumps in through the window.

Good morning, everyone.

 What I heard was Menou's voice.
 He must be speaking through the medium of an owl by magic. 

It's time to leave for Azation today for the academy exchange. Our destination is the royal capital Gailladite. As I informed you beforehand, we won't be leading the academy on this expedition, I'm sure the third year students already know this, but I'll explain it again for the first year students.

 Another owl was in the third year classroom, and I suppose I could hear the same menorah in the same way.

''In Delzogade, most of the time we don't have a leader for these expeditions. When you're aiming for the Demon Emperor, it's no good if you can't even reach your destination on your own. Ah, but of course it's totally fine for students to help each other out.

 So getting to your destination is part of the lesson.

'There are many obstacles to getting to Azation from here. If you want to cross the sea, the Eluga Strait is the only way to get there, and if you take the land route, you have to cross the Deltest Mountains or go around and pass through the Torah Forest. Even if we fly through the air, it won't be easy because the magic field in the airspace of Azation is in disarray.

 It would be a test of wisdom to choose the right route for you, not to mention which route would be the quickest to get there.

'Azation isn't like Dillhade. I'm sure we'll all encounter many things we've never seen before. I hope this expedition will teach you how to deal with the unknown, not just what is taught in the academy.

 That sounds pretty interesting compared to the lessons I've had to learn so far.
 I regret to say that I've been to the Strait of Eluga, the Deltest Mountains, and the Torah Forest a few times.

 Well, I suppose things are different now than they were two thousand years ago.

"You have ten days to get there. The students who can't come to the third dormitory of the heroic academy in Gaillardite before that time will not be eligible to participate in this academy exchange. Of course, how many times you come in and how soon you come in will depend on your grades, so good luck with that.

 Ten days. Well, that's a reasonable amount of time.
 Even if you go overland, if you keep driving at a reasonable speed, you can arrive in plenty of time.

By the way, Sensei got there in two days, third year students should use this as a guide.

 Two days. You're only a teacher, but you're pretty fast.
 It's a good thing that you're a teacher, or maybe it's because you teach the third year students, but your magic power is probably higher than Emilia's.

It's a good idea to have a good time with your friends. Yay, don!

 At that signal, about half of the students in the second teaching field ran out in unison.
 The remaining guys were checking the map and discussing which route to take.

''Hey, Anos. I've been wondering about this for a while now, but you didn't bring anything with you.

 Sasha speaks to me.
 She has a small amount of luggage like that too. It's a good idea to have a few days to get there.

I'm sure you're aware of the fact that you're not the only one.

 I had to crush every single one of those humans whenever they made a small, clever move.

''A day trip.......as usual, that's absurd.......''

What route do you want to take?

 Misha said.

'The sky isn't good. The airspace of Azation can be managed just because the magic field is disturbed. I mean, someone disrupted my magic field, someone else did it to the point where I hated it in my own study...''

 Since Sasha likes to use the magic of , I made it a little harder for her to fly during her self-study. As a result, she was able to fly quite well even when she was not fit to use .

"What about Ray and Misa?

 Misha looks at them.

''Hahaha, I can't fly, but if you use the 'Fusca', I think you can just about keep up.

 <Missa can move freely within the range of . The efficiency is a bit low, but if you use it continuously, the movement speed will be reasonable.

''I'm rather faster when I run, though. <''I'm not really good at flying (freshies).''

Well, do you think we should take the land route? We just have to fly low. Then we can all go together.

 Sasha magically draws a map on the spot and shows three expedition routes with red lines.

The shortest route through the Torah Forest can be taken by these three routes. The fastest of these three is to pass through the Mireine Desert over here. Of course, that's if we can get through without incident, but if we manage to do so, we'll be there in a day.

 Menou told me to aim for two days for the third year, so I guess I'm sticking it out.
 That's typical of Sasha.

"If you're planning on walking, that's pretty accurate, Sasha. What are you going to do with all those maps and stuff to get to Gaeladite?


 Sasha gives him a pouting look.

'I told you I've been there. What kind of magic do you think I'm using when I go back home?

 Ah," Sasha spilled her voice.

 Misha said.

'Can you use it for such a long distance?'

"In today's terms, 'transference' (gatom) is a magic developed for the busy demon race who have to travel long distances many times a day.

'Okay, but you don't have to say it like that.

 I've explained it to you in plain English.

Well, there you have it. This won't take more than a day. We'll be there in a second.

 I reach out to Sasha.
 We all joined hands and used the Gatom.

 The whitened landscape regained its color and we saw a vast lake. On the other side of the lake is the city wall, and behind the gate is the city.

 The royal capital, Gaillardite, is a fortified city built at the center of the lake.
 It is said that this holy water gushes out of this lake, which in itself plays the role of a natural magician's circle and has the power to seal out evil.

 It seems that the holy water is still flowing as it has been for two thousand years, but I wonder if there is anyone who can use it in this day and age.

It's a bit bland for such an easy arrival.

''The brave man says he's good with a sword, and it would be interesting to see him before the Academy exchange, though.

 Sasha returns a dumbfounded look at Rei as she utters that.
 She's probably wondering how she plans to challenge him to a sword match just because they met before the academy exchange.

''Ray is always all about the sword.

 Then he laughs briskly.

'Maybe so. As much as you're thinking about the Demon King all the time.

What are you... what are you...

 Sasha blushes.

''I don't think it's a problem if the students of the Demon King Academy are only thinking about the Demon King. You seem to be an honors student.''

 Sasha surely glares at Ray in frustration.

 Unusually, Sasha and Ray were having such a skirmish.
 We headed straight for the castle gates.

 The soldier standing at the entrance checked the uniforms and school insignia we wore and immediately let us in. On the way out of the gate, we heard a strange voice on our backs saying, "I heard you weren't coming yet today.

By the way, I wonder where the third quarters of the Brave Academy are?

Just east of the Academy of Heroes. By the Wall.

 Misha says.

'Hmm. Which of the brave academies are you referring to?

Doesn't Anos know?

It wasn't around 2,000 years ago.

 Then Misha pointed to a tall building in the distance.

''That. The brave academy Arklan Iska. It was in the document you gave me.''

 Hmm. You have turned the two thousand year old royal castle of Arklan Iska into a heroic academy?

 It's a military facility that has become unnecessary in this peaceful world, but it's a shame to lose its magical facilities. I guess they are making good use of it as a place for education. The fact that Delzogade has also become the Demon King's Academy, there is nothing unnatural about it.

 However, the fact that there are no seemingly unnatural points makes it seem counterintuitive.

Anyway, let's go. We're the first to arrive, we have to see Dr. Menou.

But are you here? You're right, you don't think he's coming today.

"...sure, I guess...

 Anyway, let's go, we turned our feet to the third dormitory of the heroic academy.
 We walked for a while, looking at the unfamiliar streets, and soon we saw a beautifully decorated stone building in front of us.

 It was quite large, with room for roughly nearly two hundred people.
 The gate said that it was Alkran Iska Third Quarters.

'There it was,'

 Misha pointed.
 Just then Menou came out of his quarters.

Hmm. Menou, we're here.


 Menou looked at us and stiffened, as if time had stopped.

'Well, that's a fair record, isn't it?'

 My words, however, Menow listens in stunned disbelief.
 And after a few seconds, she finally opened her mouth.

''Wait........lie, right.......? Because it hasn't even been a day... not a day, not an hour... how in the world did we get here...?

 Menou says in a tone of disbelief.
 I'm sure they've already seen through the owl's eyes that we were in Dillhade.
 There's no doubt about it.

I used the Gatom. I've been to Gileadite before.

''I heard you could use lost magic, but I can't believe you can connect spaces so far apart...''

 Menou, as he said, has a look of deepest astonishment on his face.

''.........I know you have a talent for magic....... I'm a teacher myself, so I've seen many kids who have been called geniuses in the past. I'm sure there are plenty of half-breeds who are magically gifted as well. But you're not at a level where such a genius can be put to rest with commonplace words.

 Staring straight at my face with his evil eye, Menou asked.

"Anos-kun, what are you........what the hell are you?

I've told you this many times. "I've said it many times before, but you will never arrive at the truth if you trust the words of others instead of your own evil eye.

 The Demon King of Tyranny.
 Whether the words had crossed his mind or not, Menou had to shut up.