The five of us came first in the Geiradite expedition test. The other students hadn't even crossed the border with Dirheid yet, and Menou said in annoyance that they would be decisive.

 Expeditionary exams are graded on a relative basis. It seems that if the first-place finisher was to score 100 points, there was too much of a difference and the other students' grades would drop off. That's not a good thing, but it's hard to explain and follow up.

 It's not that I mind, but it's not easy to be a teacher either.

 I was shown to my room in the quarters and put my luggage there. The room was divided into women and men, with me and Ray in a double room. Misha, Sasha and Misa are in a room for three.

'Is it free time until ten days later?'

 Ray asks as he lies back on the bed as soon as possible.

'That's what you said,'

 After ten days, only those students who can reach Gailladite will be able to participate in the classes and exams at the heroic academy. They are free to do whatever they want until then.

''I'm going to go around the city a bit, what about you?''

That's all well and good, but I was thinking of going to the cafeteria.

 The dormitory cafeteria is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and we are told that we can go and eat at any time of the day at that time.
 Right now, that's just about the time for breakfast.

As usual, he eats well.

 I'm sure you've had breakfast before you came to Delzogade.

'I'm also interested in the food at Azation.

Well, I'll see you later.

 Ray raised his hand as he lay down.
 I left the room and headed for the exit of the quarters.


 I just bumped into Sasha.

"Going somewhere?

I'm gonna have a tour of the city. You wanna come with me?

'What...? Yeah ... okay ... but ...

 I left the quarters with Sasha.

What were Misha and Missa doing?

I've been in contact with the kids from the Fan Union on their leaks. It sounds like he's advising them on how to get to the Geiradite.

 I see. You're a good sport.

You should've brought him with you anyway.

'They're weak. It wouldn't be a bad idea to take an exam for real. Even if you only improve your grades, it won't do you any good if you don't have the ability to do so.


 Sasha looks at me meaningfully.

'What's up?'

I just thought, "Well, you're always reckless, but I didn't expect you to think like that.

What do you mean? I'm always thinking of the right thing to do.

 Sasha's face turned into a Noh mask.

'You tried to kill me multiple times in your own study...'

That's quite an accomplishment since he didn't die once.

 Sasha flicks her mouth as if she received an unexpected counterattack or was at a loss for words to return.

''Hoho, you don't think you can fool me with a compliment, do you? I'm sorry. I'm not that simple.

 With a twang, she pouted and turned away.

I'm not sure what you need to cheat. It's a good thing that you're able to do that because you're not going to be able to get your hands on any of these things. It's just that she has the same magical eye as me.

 Sasha turned over as if embarrassed.
 Her ears were red.

'So, you can't fool me with so much praise. You almost died.'

 Oh dear, what's the matter with you?
 I don't often get to give credit where credit is due.

"Sasha, Sasha. I wasn't lying when I said that your eyes are beautiful.


 Sasha turns around slowly.

"Kyu, what are you talking about all of a sudden?

It's not sudden. I've always thought. Your evil eye is calm and unblemished. After my self-study yesterday, I'm more and more convinced of that.

 The eye of a demon is to gaze at a demon. As you continue to do so, your skill level will increase and you will be able to look into the depths of the world, but before long, the evil eye will be tainted with evil.

 The serene and untainted eye of a demon means that it has a strong resistance to magic.
 Even if it's exposed to the ominous magic, it has a hidden power that is so strong that it will not be stained by it.

What are you thinking about while you're studying, you need to concentrate...?

There's nothing else to think about. I've spent all my time looking into your evil eye, into your depths.

 Her repeated attempts to block my magic have further refined her 'Magic Eye of Ruin'.
 And yet, the bottom of that magic eye's hidden power is yet to be discovered. Speaking of talent alone, it would lightly surpass even the demons of the mythical era.


 Sasha says while looking down in embarrassment.

''........show me your magic eye too.......''

 Hmm. You want to take a look at my magic eye as a reference.

Is this good?

 <With the Devil's Eye of Ruin in my eyes, I stared at Sasha.

''........I think your magic eye is more beautiful than mine.......''

I don't think so.

 Strongly assured, Sasha trailed off.

'You are more beautiful than I am. I will only say it once, so listen to me carefully, Sasha.

''Um ... yes ...''

 Sasha's gaze seemed to be drawn straight into my eyes.

"I thought I wanted your magic eye.


It's not every day that I utter a line like that.

 That's how talented Sasha is.
 <As far as the magical eye of doom is concerned, her power may one day surpass mine.

 That is if you continue to work hard and look into the depths of magic.

You know what I mean?

"...uh...uh...wait a minute...I'll think about it...

 Sasha looks puzzled.
 Even if it was only partly true, it was not unreasonable since she was told that she might be able to surpass the power of the Demon King of Tyranny.

Yeah, that's the way it is, isn't it?

 Sasha asks meaningfully.
 I guess he's afraid to even say the words "beyond me".

'That's what I'm talking about,'

 I assured him in no uncertain terms.

''You ... you ... Anos can't say that ...''

Don't believe me?

 Curtly, Sasha nodded.
 It's a cute thing to do, despite the fact that you usually have such a winning attitude.

I'm not going to be able to say that I've done anything.......................

"The surface does not count. I'm looking into the depths of your soul. I have been blinded by the light that lies deep within you, deep in the depths of your soul, and above all, by a sublime light.

 Sasha was immensely disappointed.
 The that should have been able to control it appeared in her eyes as if she was going out of control, violently making the surroundings tremble.

''Look at my eyes.''


Don't look away.



More than that, I'm afraid...

Come closer.

 Sasha does as she is told and approaches me.
 Sasha's , which was going out of control at close range, is suppressed by my .

 Hmm. If I wasn't at this distance, you couldn't completely suppress it.
 I'm sure that her magical eye hides a tremendous amount of power.

Do you understand?

 Sasha nodded shyly.

''But, um, didn't Anos date Misha before?''

 Date? You mean when we went out together.

What about it?

"...well, that's why, Anos, Misha...

 Sasha held her tongue, as if she was having trouble saying it.

''Well, you know. Misha's magic eye, didn't you want it...?

 So that's what happened.
 Sasha must have seen through Misha's talent.

I'm sure Misha has a good magic eye as well. I'm not even as good as you.

 Fearlessly, Sasha looked up at me.

''.........which one is better.......Anos......?''

It's not a choice.

 You'll be wondering which one is better.
 Especially if they're close to each other.

 However, the two magic eyes have different qualities. It's not something that can be judged superior or inferior.

''You mean........you're confused?''

 Hmm. That's a confusing thing to say.

"I mean, I want us both.

'What...? Huh, you two?

 Surprised, Sasha raised her voice.

'You don't like it when we both do?'

Because it's weird...?

 I huffed and laughed.

'Hey, why are you laughing? I don't think it's such a funny thing to think the best...?

No, I thought it would be pretty cool. Good job, Sasha. Go to the top. And you'll shine brighter if you compete with each other.

...I see...

 It was a murmur, both relieved and disappointed.

'You know,'

 Sasha says boldly.

''Well I'll only say it once...''

 Hearing those words, I looked back at Sasha with a serious expression.

''If you want it, I'll give you this magic eye.

 Hmm. It's true that the magic eye is not something that can be taken away, but the light will not return to those who have it. It's a healthy way to show your loyalty.

 But I don't think we can take it from you.

Then you have my word.

 Sasha asks with a look.

"There may come a time when things are out of my control. A time when I can't protect what I want to protect.

'I don't think that's possible but...'

Well, I don't think so. But there is no such thing as an absolute. So, Sasha, if something goes wrong, you'll have to protect yourself. Your magic eye is that powerful.

 Sasha stared and thought, then said.

'Then if I keep my promise, you'll listen to me too...?

You can say whatever you want.

 She grinned happily and nodded.
 Then, as a reminder, she said.

'I promised, didn't I?'

Do we need a contract?

 Then Sasha shook her head.

'No need. I'd rather have a promise than a contract.'


 <It seems that the magical eye of doom has been stopped.
 When I let go of her body, Sasha walks away in a good mood.

"By the way, where was I going?

We're just trying to find out what the lore is about with the heroes.

Yeah. Then, hmmm, if we go to the Academy for the Brave, we'll find out more...?

 Sasha pointed to a fork in the road ahead.

'Let's go.'


 We walked towards the heroic academy Alkranisca in the distance.