78-Legend of the Brave Academy

 In front of me was the Heroic Academy Arclan Iska.

 It was a beautiful and majestic castle, and above all, it possessed strong magic power. There must be some old magic tools and magic circles inside.
 The power felt from the outside is comparable to that of two thousand years ago.

''Speaking of which, I came here on the spur of the moment, is it okay for me to come in without permission?''

I don't know if it's good or bad, but there isn't a place in the world I can't get into.

 Sasha makes a dumbfounded expression.

''Well you know what... can you stop trying to cause problems before the academy exchange?''

Don't worry about it.

 I walk straight ahead and stand in front of the gate of the heroic academy.
 I lightly push the gate, but it doesn't open.

It's the magic of the Locked Wound (Digit). The only people who can enter are those who have been authorized to do so.

 The gates would not be opened except for students, teachers, and other people involved in the heroic academy. But it's not much of a magic.

"If you try to force your way in, the report will probably be sent to you, so it's impossible after all--


 When I commanded that, the sound of the magic key being removed could be heard with a click. The magic-laden words forced the magic of the locked ward (digit) that was cast to allow me to pass.

I'm not going to be able to get it right. It looks like they're going to let you through.

Opening the lockdown wards without using magic is just as crazy as ever...

 How in the world did he do it, Sasha turned his evil eye to the gate.
 I just opened the gate.

'Hey, are you serious about this? What if they find you?

Do you want me to show you what I'm good at?

What is it?

It doesn't say anything.

 Sasha gave me a very uncomfortable look.

'Don't look at me like that. I'm only half joking.'

Can you stop being half serious? If you do that, you'll never have a chance to interact with the academy again. You don't need to go to the heroic academy now to look up the lore of the heroes. Anyway, I'll be coming in ten days time.

Don't be so uptight. It's more manageable than you might think if you keep your head up.

 I put my hand on the gate again.
 Just then, I hear a voice behind me.

'Yes, you two over there, be quiet.

 With a start, Sasha shuddered and stared at me. See, it's as if to say, look at me.

 I turned around, not particularly paying attention, and there was a woman in a scarlet uniform. Her black hair was longer than her waist and she carried a spare, soft expression. More than anything else, what caught my attention were the two bulges that the uniform had just ripped off.

 Hmm. It's huge.
 Never in 2,000 years has there been such big tits.

 Was it due to the changes in the human food situation and sleeping hours?
 Two thousand years ago, man was in a harsh situation. With the exception of a few humans, they did not have enough to eat and could not even sleep at night in peace.

 But today, we have nutritious food and a safe place to sleep. It can be said that growth is no longer stunted.

 In other words, this is the nature of human life.
 It's a sign of the peace I was seeking.

Don't do it. The Brave Academy is off limits to outsiders.

 The woman said in a slightly laid-back tone.

'Hmm. I didn't know that. I'm afraid I've just arrived from Dillhade.


 As if she noticed something, the woman looks at me and Sasha's uniforms.

''Oh, could it be that they're from the Demon King's Academy?


Oh, right. Nice to meet you. I'm Eleonor Bianca, a third year student at the Academy for the Brave. I'm sure we'll be doing some sort of academy exchange as well.

 Then Eleonor holds out his hand in a friendly manner.

'I'm Anos Voldigord,'

'I'm Sasha Necron, a first year at the Demon King's Academy. So is Anos.

 They introduced themselves easily and shook hands.

'By the way, what are Anos and Sasha doing here? Didn't the academy exchange happen a little later?

I'm a bit interested in the lore of the brave men.

Wow. You're a good student, Anos. Shall we go inside?

 Eleonor points towards the gate.

'Didn't they say that outsiders are not allowed in here?'

Yeah. Outsiders only. You can't be blamed for this if you're with me.

 Before he could reply, Eleonor already had his hand on the gate.


 She looked at me curiously as she stared into my magical eyes. She must have noticed that I broke through the
 Eleonor turns around to look at me.
 Sasha made an awkward expression.

''Hey there. I'll shut up for you today, but I'm not doing it again, okay?''

 She says as if she were chiding a child.

'Hmm. I'll let Sasha tell you.

'Ha, ha! What are you blaming others for? I didn't do it!

 'Haha,' I laughed.

'Just for fun. I just thought it would be nice to have a change.

Why do you try to trick me with your little games?

'I've never met Eleonor before, you know. I thought I was trying to appeal to this mischievousness of mine?

Wha...? It's only appealing to me that you're so natural and blame-shifting like that, doss blackness.

 Eleonor looked at the exchange between the two of us as if he was dumbfounded.
 But his expression quickly turned into a smile.

'Giggle, Anos-kun, you shouldn't do that. You need to be nice to the girls.

Unfortunately, demons don't have such values.


 Without pause, Sasha said.


No, I'm not asking. It's there.

Hmm. But unlike humans, demons don't have any differences in ability based on gender. Why is there such a thing?

'I don't know what humans are, and I don't know more about what they are, but those manners are normal.

 Hmm. It wasn't there two thousand years ago, but times change.

'Could it be that one?'

 Eleonor says as he opens the gate and proceeds into the College of Heroes.

''Anos-kun, are you a reincarnate or something?''


 I replied as I followed her.

''Wow. I knew there were reincarnations among the demon race too.

 She said in a light tone.
 By the looks of it, it seems that reincarnators aren't that unusual.

 Humans shouldn't have known the magic of , but is the situation different in Gailladite? Or is it just a matter of the heroic academy?

''Are reincarnations not uncommon here?''

''All the 'Gerga Canons' in the selected class are like that. Ah.........!

 Eleonor raises his voice as if to say, "Sheesh," he says.

'What's wrong?'

Oh, just so you know, I've been instructed not to talk about reincarnation to outsiders. You see, I still think it would be creepy to a normal person.

 I see.
 But I don't think that was the only reason.

But, you know what? You'll be able to get a chance to talk to the Demon King's Academy and exchange ideas with them, and they also have reincarnations. It's not a problem. It's all right.

 Eleonor clenches his fists tightly.
 It's as if he's saying to himself.

'Well, I wouldn't tell the others otherwise.

Really? Thanks. Glad to hear it.

 She said with a smile like a flower blooming.

'Is that at the Demon King's Academy? Do you get excited about who's reincarnated or something? In our house, the reincarnation of the heroic canon is the most popular one.

 Popularity is a very human thing.

''There's a reincarnated brave canon?''

Yeah, there are four of them. Oh, that's another secret.

 Sasha nodded her head curiously.


''The brave canon had seven roots. If every one of them was incarnated in a separate body, then it wouldn't be surprising if there were four of them.

 Eleonor nods at my words.

''That's what I'm talking about. But the brave man is well known even in the Demon King's Academy. Oh, or is it because Anos-kun is a reincarnated person?

Well, that's what you get at the Demon King's Academy.

 You don't actually know, but I'll answer that appropriately.

''Oh, that's right. Continuing on from earlier, I wanted to ask the people of the demon race, I wonder if the demon king's reincarnation is the most popular in the demon king academy? Look at that guy.

 Eleonor snaps his fingers up.

'The Demon King of Tyranny, Avos Dilhevia, maybe?

 Sasha looks at me silently.

 Hmm. The name has changed to the lore of the Academy for the Brave?
 I'm not sure yet, but it's not as if only humans are planning something.