79-Reincarnated person

Oh I'm sorry.

 Suddenly, Eleonor bowed his head apologetically.

'What are you talking about?'

 She asked, and a question appeared on her face.

'Huh? I thought I was too afraid to say the name of the Demon King of Tyranny's name.......?


 So that's the thing.
 Even though you've never interacted with them before, it seems you have a good amount of information on the demon race side.

 Who and where did they find out?
 What's that for?

Well, then, I still don't feel good about having someone else call me by my name, do I?

I don't mind, though, right?

 I look at Sasha.

''I don't mind it either, but I don't think it's best not to mention it during the academy exchange. It would be a pain in the ass if the royalists were to take notice of us.

 Then Eleonor let out a breath of relief.

'Thank goodness you two are the ones who don't mind. We were told in class not to ever mention it because it would be a big problem, but there's a lot of different kinds of demons?'


 After being warned to that extent, you seem to have quite a loose character, to speak so easily like this.

But I'm sorry. I didn't think it was possible.

 Eleonor sticks out his tongue lightly, as if to say he has failed.

'Oh, wait.'

 Suddenly she stopped.

'Sorry, I've gone too far. This room is where we're headed.

 Turning on his heel, Eleonor opened the door of the room he had passed.

 Inside was a vaulted, circular space.
 A staircase can be seen leading from the ground floor to the top floor, and all of the vast room is crammed with bookshelves, filled with books as far as the eye can see!

It's the heroic academy's pride and joy, the magic library. It's a collection of books on magic from all over Azation. If I can't find any lore that I can't look up here, I'll have to go to Dillhade or some other country.

 Eleanor walked through the library as if she knew what she was doing and arrived at a shelf.

'If it's the lore of the brave, is it in the books around here? 'Which heroic lore would you like to know?'

It's canon.

''Wow. After all, the brave canon is well known in Dillhade!

 But you don't look like you're having fun, even though you're not playing.

''Is it because you defeated the Demon King of Tyranny?''

 Hearing that, Sasha's gaze turned stern.

''Oh I'm sorry. I wish you'd forget about that one.......

 Eleonor says, apologetically.

'What do you mean by that? Are you saying that the brave canon defeated the tyrannical demon king?

 Sasha takes a step closer to Eleonor.
 Not long ago, she would have revealed the .

I'm sorry...

'I'm not sorry, I'm asking what it is. Is there a legend that says the brave canon defeated the tyrannical demon king?

 Eleonor nods apologetically.

'Who built the wall?'

...Uh, the wall?

"It's a raised wall. The wall that divides the world in four.

Maybe it's a reference to the Four Sacred Wards (Al Yent)?

 Sasha makes a quizzical expression.

'Wasn't that the wards that the heroic canon created to protect humans, spirits, and gods from the remaining demon tribe's attacks after the tyrannical demon king was defeated, but wasn't that the story?

Don't be silly.

 His voice was low, as if he was angry.
 Sasha glared at Eleonor with both of her eyes with a snap.

 Hmm. I'm in trouble.
 I lightly press down on Sasha's head to appease her.

"Hey ... hey ... hey ... anos ... hand, what?

Don't be so angry, Sasha. There's no mystery to it.

 When I said that, she turned away as if slightly flustered.

''Because............the wall you risked your life to build......''

 Sasha whispered, so that only I could hear her.

'I'm glad you feel that way. I'm sure you're not the only one. You can't stand to be taken seriously if you have to deal with every single one of them.

Let go of my hand..........

 When I quickly let go of my hand as I was told, Sasha lets out the words, "Oh," she says.
 I turn to look at her to see what's wrong.

''It's nothing...''

 She looked down.

'I'm sorry.'

 Once again, Eleonor apologized.

'Did they keep you quiet about that one too?

 She nodded, with a cursory nod.

'What does that mean in terms of Dillhade's history?'

'A tyrannical demon king gathered the brave men, great spirits and creator gods in Delzogade, and with the combined magical power of all of them, he built a wall that divided the world into four parts. Unable to withstand the enormous amount of magical power, the Demon King lost his vessel and was reincarnated two thousand years later, that is, in this age.

 Eleonor listens to my words with a blank expression.

'I don't care if you don't believe me. You have been told since you were born that a brave man has defeated the demon king.

 As he utters this, Eleonor is puzzled, but tries to nod his head.

'Do not be fooled, Eleonor.

 A cold, sharp voice came flying in.
 I turned my gaze to see a man dressed in a scarlet uniform, just like Eleonor, facing a desk and opening a book.

 He had blue hair and icy eyes peering out from behind the glasses he wore.

''It's the modus operandi of the demon race to deceive humans by manipulating words that seem legitimate.

 Hmm. Unlike Eleonor, you seem to have an air of hostility about you.
 Even though it's a brave academy, there are many different students.

''To begin with,''

 With a slam, the man closes the book and stands up.
 Then he slowly walked over to me.

''Why does the Demon King, who has gone to the extreme of tyranny, need to build a wall to protect humans, even if it means laying down his life? It's completely unreasonable. To worship your ancestors so much that you can't admit your defeat and can't even think properly is nothing short of foolish.

 The man stopped and turned to me.

''Don't you think so, guest from the Demon King Academy?''

Hmm. I'm with you, human. Then you should try to think straight. Was that the wall that divided the world into four parts, the Four Sacred Wards? Can a magical barrier that can be sustained on that scale and for that many years really be made by a human's magical power?

 The man put his index finger on his glasses and said absentmindedly, "It's impossible.

'Impossible. But the fact that it's impossible is precisely the work of a brave man. No wonder you and the demon race are not convinced. That the thoughts of the brave man, that we humans' desire for peace, have worked a miracle.


 A laugh escapes from the bottom of my stomach.

"Hahahahahaha, it's a miracle, to say the least. "Ha ha ha ha! What a miracle! There is no such thing as a miracle of convenience as a wish that comes true.

I wouldn't expect you to understand.

 The man says as he shuts down.

'Be careful. Don't let the gods deceive you.'

 The man reacts, "What are you talking about?

'By the way, are you a reincarnation?'

 Without losing his cold expression, the man said.

''Second place in the Brave Academy pecking order. Belonging to the selective class 'Jelga Canon', reincarnation of the first root source of the Heroic Canon, Redriano Canon Azethchen, Guardian Knight of Holy Water.

 A reincarnation of the first root of the brave canon?

Hmm. I don't think so.

 Ledriano's expression turns grim.

'What are you talking about?'

'I said I don't believe you are a reincarnation of the canon. Or that six of the seven roots are outliers.

 The seven roots of the canon were originally gathered from other sources.
 The original canon has one root source.

 It would not be surprising if the remaining six could not fully inherit the existence of canon and were transformed during the reincarnation.

''........You may wish to withdraw it.

What do you mean?

The statement that I am not the heroic canon, sir. You may not know this, but it is a proud thing for us humans to inherit the roots of the legendary heroes. Not all of us can remain silent when we are denied in a bad way.


You don't understand. If you want to be proud, be proud of yourself. If you want to be proud, be proud of yourself. You can't give a d*mn about your ancestors, or about a legendary hero.

 Ledriano sighs.

'Let me just reiterate for your sake,'

 He put his fingertips to his glasses and said coldly and threateningly.
 That's when.

'It's too late, Ledriano.

 I heard voices coming from upstairs.
 I looked in that direction and saw someone coming in from outside, just sitting on the edge of the window.

 It's a red-haired man in a scarlet uniform.

''I came over because I detected a demon-like magical force, but oh dear, what's this all about?''

 The red-headed man jumped down from the second floor and landed just in front of Ledriano.

''Let me go ahead and tell you my name. Fourth place in the order of the heroic academy. Belonging to the selective class 'Jelga Canon', I'm the third root reincarnation of the heroic canon, the Destructive Knight of the Holy Flame, Lao Kanon Zilfour.

 Lao takes a step forward.

'What's your name?'

Hmm. Looks like you're off the hook.


 Blatantly unhappy, Lao frowned.

'What did you just say?'

You have a deaf ear. I said you're not a canon either.

Hey, you're a nameless demon.

 Lao speaks out angrily.

'You don't mean to say you don't know who did this to you and your master, do you?

Is that why you're so chic? If you want to believe in false history, go ahead and do what you want, but look at them and say things.

 Lao looked annoyed.

Hey, it's not too late. I'm not a demon. Mistakes can happen to anyone.

 Lao said, letting the magic power rise up from his entire body in a threatening manner.

'Admit that the tyrannical demon king was defeated by a brave man and that the wall was built by a brave man. I forgive you for that.

 I have to laugh at that statement.

'Heh. Now you're licking it, aren't you?

Hmm. You've learned well.


'A brave man slays a tyrannical demon king? How can you speak with such blind faith about something you haven't seen?

 Lao stared at me. His gaze was killing me.

"Fine. In that case, I'll tell you. The power of the heroic canon that defeated the tyrannical demon king. And then you will understand.

'Lao, don't do this. He's a guest. If you hurt him, you'll get in trouble.

 Redriano said as he tried to restrain them.

You know, I'll keep the holy sword. It's just that the other side doesn't seem to know anything about us. I just want to show you the power of a brave man as a greeting.

Stop it. You shouldn't be messing around in here.

 I laughed and said.

"I'd love to hear what you have to say. "and the power of your bravery.

Look at this guy. He looks like he's going to do it.

 Ledriano sighs as if he's given up.

'Be prepared to get rid of it,'

 Not paying attention to his words, Lao stepped forward.
 He grasped his fists, and a glowing fire clung to them.

Don't blink. I'll show you something amazing!

 Lao thrust his fist out as hard as he could on the spot.
 The sacred flame struck me with great force.

''Hmm, when I say blink--''

 I close my eyes.
 The next moment, the holy flame was extinguished and Lao was blown backwards.
 He finally stopped, slumping into the wall, reaping several bookshelves.

''Is this how it works?''

"...but........... ...What...?

 Lao doesn't even seem to understand why he was beaten.

''....What........did he do.......?

What? I just blinked.

 The wind pressure of the magic-infused blink of an eye blew out the holy flame and tore Lao's anti-magic to shreds.

''There is.........e.......ne......! This is such a stupid.........!

 Laos doesn't even seem to be able to move at the moment.

'You'll add that to the history books. "The descendants of the brave were killed in the blink of an eye.