Perhaps indignant at my words, Lao puts his hands on the floor and strains his legs.
 However, her body, which was ravaged by the blink of an eye, can't do what she wants and she still can't stand.


 Gritting his teeth, Lao glares at me.

'That's enough, Lao. You've lost.

 As I say this, Ledriano stands in front of me.

'He has excused me. Would you please excuse me and pull back here?

If you're going to apologize for your rudeness, I'm sure you have something to say.

 Then Ledriano said without any hesitation.

''As you said, the brave canon may not have defeated the tyrannical demon king. Because we have no way of knowing what happened two thousand years ago.''

 I was somewhat surprised.

'It's pretty easy to get out of hand, isn't it?

'That's what you want, isn't it? With such a power gap between us, we have no choice but to do as we say.

 He saw my power. I'm sober and collected.
 But it doesn't make sense to me.

 How could a man who is so quick to contradict himself be so hostile?

Where's your pride? Is that what a reincarnation of the brave canon is supposed to do?

"Nothing is more important to me than pride. If bowing down will make things whole, we'll bow down as often as we can.

 Hmm. Sounds plausible.

"Well, all right. Let's go, Sasha.

What ... is that enough? I thought you were going to be more violent.

You can't torture someone who is no longer hostile.

 We're headed for the door.

Yeah, just a moment.

 Ledriano calls out to me on my back.

'What is your name, if I may ask?'

Anos Voldigord.

 I opened the door and left the magic library.

'Wait, wait, wait...'

 And Eleonor comes after him.

'I'll walk you to the gate.

 She snapped her index finger up and said.

'Wasn't that right there?'

I don't care. Look, I put you in a lot of trouble and I apologize for that.

 With that, Eleonor followed me to the gate to see me off.

'I'm really sorry. I'm sorry we got into a fight. But, Anos, you are so strong. I was surprised.

 She said in parting after leaving the College of the Brave, she said.

There are hot and bothered people everywhere. It's troubling to think that everything can be done by force.

"...a totally unconvincing line...

 Sasha blurts out.

"Hmm. What do you mean, Sasha?

It's nothing. It's nothing.

 Eleonor chuckles as he watches our exchange.

'Anos-kun and Sasha-chan are good friends. Are they dating?'

It can't be... it can't be.

'Hmm? What's the rush?

 Eleonor says teasingly.

'Wha-what? I'm not in a hurry.

Yeah, right. Hmm. Yeah, you're right. I'm not in a hurry.

 Mmmm, said Eleonor, nodding.
 Sasha gave me a prying look and then looked down.


 Eleonor huffs and smiles.

'Come here for a moment, Anos,'

 Then she beckons me in a small way.

'What's up?'

 According to my side, she pursed her lips to my ear.

''Academy exchange, you'd better skip it. The Brave Academy hasn't changed in two thousand years.

 He whispered, and Eleonor quickly disengaged himself.

'What do you mean?'

 Smiling, she laughed.

'You'd better not know any more than that. 'Bye Bye,'

 Eleonor went back into the College of Heroes again.

''What did he say?''

 Hasn't changed in 2,000 years.


 <I force the lockdown wards to allow passage and I open the gate.

Hey, hey, hey, Anosk. What are you doing?

What? You're being quiet this time. Just enjoy the city.


 In spite of Sasha screaming, I hide my appearance with the magic of and eliminate the magic with .

 I walked straight into the gate.
 I go around from the garden and come to the outside of the magic library. Looking up, I see that the window on the second floor that Lao had just entered is open.

 He leapt lightly and went inside through it.
 Just then, I hear him talking.

'You've been entrusted with a losing role, Lao.

What the f*ck is wrong with you?

 Looking at the first floor, I saw that Laos was surrounded by the light of recovery magic.

''But the demons are really strong.

 He stood up as if nothing had happened.

'I wonder what level he's at now?'

 Ledriano said quietly.

'So far, there are five students who have arrived at Gailladite. He's probably one of them. He's probably one of the top-ranked students at the Demon King's Academy; he could be a third year student, or he could be from the generation of chaos, as usual.''

The reincarnation of a tyrannical demon king.

What if...

 A crystal-clear voice echoed in the magic library.

 The one who came was still a boy in a scarlet uniform.
 He has blond hair, red eyes and a well-defined face.

''Demons aren't our enemies, are they?

 Lao laughed to show his agreement.

'Yeah, totally. I've got a pretty good idea of what they're capable of. He is indeed strong. He is very strong. But strength is not always enough to win a battle. And I'm sure by now, the humans are probably pretty high on the tree.

"Fooled by your masterful performance, sir?

 Ledriano said, and Lao nodded.
 The blonde boy then said.

'I can't wait for the day of the exchange of colleges to arrive. I can see the astonished faces of the demons now.

 Hmm. You pretended to be beaten up by me on purpose in order to advance the inter-departmental examinations, huh? It seems that humans are as good at tricks as ever.

 But what does it have to do with these guys that they are the same as they were two thousand years ago, as Eleonor said?

 I'm sure the grudge against the demon tribe has not faded, but for now it looks like they are just excited about the exchange of schools.

I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this. Hey, Eleonor.

 When Eleonor returned, the blonde boy called out to her.
 But she was silent.


It's nothing.

 Eleanor went straight up the stairs, alone.

'As usual, I don't know what she's thinking.

 Ledriano said, and the blond boy chuckled.
 Eleonor came straight upstairs and walked straight to the window where I was.

 She stared out the window.

 No, no.
 She looked at me, and I looked at her.

 Hmm. Can you see it?


 Eleonor opened his mouth.
 He doesn't speak, but only moves his lips.

 --Oh, no, you can't--

 And so on.

 She smiles and points outside. Then she flies through the air with her  I followed her.

 Eleonor stopped in the shade of a tree a little way from the magic library.

'I told you not to come in here without permission. And I warned you.

 As expected, you can see it.
 <I'll be able to undo the magic of Reiner and reveal myself.

"Impressive. Not many people can see through this.

'Giggle, I can't see you or your magic at all. You can't hide the source.

 I see.
 That's true, but usually the root source is something that can only be seen because it has magical power. To be able to see the root source itself directly is not an ordinary magic eye.

 The brave canon who was skilled in root source magic seemed to be able to do so, though.

''Once you understand, you'd better leave now. It won't do you any good to get involved with the Brave Academy.

'Aren't you a student at the Academy for the Brave?

Yeah, but I'm not lying to you.

What proof do you have?

There's no such thing.

 Eleonor says without any hesitation.
 He's so imposing that I can't help but laugh.

'Oh, you don't believe me?'

'No, I just thought you were a pleasant fellow. I'm going to have to back off on your behalf today.

Really? So, can you tell me one thing in exchange for me?

 Eleonor asks me happily.
 Good grief, what a brazen fellow. I like it.

'Good. I'll tell you everything.

Anos, do you have any memories of your pre-incarnation days?


'You know about the brave canon?'

That's the second thing.


 Eleonor gave him a look that said, "Shucks.

'You were inadvertent,'

 She sticks her tongue out in embarrassment.

'I know all about canon. Before I was reincarnated, you made me one promise. I was reincarnated, so you came to see me.


 She gives him a curious look.
 He wondered why she had told him.

'It's incidental,'

Well, I'll let you in on it. But it's a secret between us.

 Eleonor holds up his index finger.

'I promise,'

 Then her relaxed expression turned serious.

'The brave canon is gone. At least the canon you're looking for.

Hmm. What does that mean?

'Two thousand years ago, he was killed. He may have his roots, but he's not the brave man he once was anymore. You'll only regret it if you look for him.

 Then I heard a voice in the distance.

"Hey, Eleonor! What are you doing in there? Heine told me to get together!

 Quickly hiding his appearance with .

''Gomen, I'm coming!

 She uttered that and headed towards the magic library.


 I called out to her and she turned to me.

'Who killed you?'

 She gives him a sad look.

''You're ... human.

 With that, Eleonor left.