357-17th visit

 Two thousand years ago--

 After the absence of Bomilas, the Midhays territory became a battle between powerful demons.

 The fertile land overflowing with magical power.
 A gentle and comfortable magical environment and climate.

 The resources that lay in the land, the vast territory, and the legacy left behind by Bomiras were all appealing to the demon tribe.

 Famous demon tribesmen from all over the world raised their troops to the Mid-Haze.
 The inhabitants of the Mid-Haze territory were threatened by them and worried about their own end.

 It would be a battlefield.
 A battle on an unprecedented scale was about to begin, with many demonic tribes clashing against each other.

 If they could escape, they would have already fled.
 They were prepared to be consumed by the fires of war.

 However, the future that the residents of Midhays territory were pessimistic about did not come.

 Demon King Anos was the first to come to Mid-Haze and built the Demon King's Castle Delzogade, a symbol of fear there.

 And so, he intercepted and destroyed the famous and powerful men who were advancing on him.

 It was so overwhelming that they were overrun in less than a day.
 Only one enemy was not allowed to tread the land of Mid-Hays. 

 The demon king's army led by Anos showed clearly that they are unrivalled by Dirhade, and their already known name of fear was once again thundered across the country.

 After the battle was over--

 In the throne room, Anos was just standing there.
 Or maybe he was saying a silent prayer for those who had died.

 How long has passed? The demon king opened his mouth.


 Behind him, the Demon King's right hand swordsman is kneeling.

''Many have lost their lives to get here. Not one or two of my men could not even be reincarnated.

 He had only lived.

 He followed his own path, and welcomed those who were attracted to his way of life under his command without distinction.
 He defeated demons he didn't like, and fought off people who attacked him and continued to do his will.

 As the number of people he protected increased, Anos became more and more ruthless and cruel.
 He found himself feared as the Demon King of Tyranny, and his name was known throughout Dillhade.

 That's fine, he thinks.
 The more notoriety he gets, the less hostile he will be, and the more he can protect his men.

 But the demons who oppose the rising young champion, the humans who plot to prevent the demon king from becoming the ruler of Dirheid, the spirits who cooperate with him, and the gods who try to eliminate Anos from disrupting the order.

 There were still many enemies left.

Averniu, the god of destruction, has fallen. The Sun of Ruin will no longer shine in the sky. The order of destruction is lost as she wished.

 At the Lord's words, Shinn remained on his knees, listening in silence.

'Having conquered Midhayes, half of Dillhade is now my territory. I would have hoped for no more, though.

 It wasn't something he originally wanted and got.

 Some gave up their own territory to take shelter of the Demon King, while others fell foul of him and had everything taken from them.

 Unable to leave the people who lived there behind, Anos became their king.

 In the militant Dirheid, having roughly half the territory is almost equivalent to ruling the country.

 Now everyone respected and feared the Demon King Anos.

''I've changed my mind. First, we'll drop the four evil royal families. Next, I will send the remaining powerful demon clans to the military gates, and all of this Dirheid will be under my control.

"As you wish.

 Hanging his head, Singh said.

'I will be your right-hand man and sword, and I will slay every obstacle that stands in my way.

 Anos turned and opened his mouth again.

'After we unify the Dillhade, I will look at the opportunity and talk to the creator god Militia, the great spirit Reno, and the brave canon.

 That would have been a surprising suggestion.
 But Singh listened in silence, his expression unchanged.

'Let's end this war,'

 There was still a long way to go.
 But Anos decided at that moment to start walking towards it.

'Nothing will change for the time being, though. We've been fighting for this long. I don't know when I'm going to end it, but I don't know when I will.

I'm sure you'll be able to reach that ambition.

 Anos smiled slightly at Singh's immense trust.

'Sin. Take it off for a while. Don't let anyone in.'

"As you wish.

 After answering that, he left in  After seeing him off, Anos turned around and looked into the void.

'I have paid my respects. You may come in.

 The space in front of me flickers slightly.

 <The man who has been transferred through the transference (Gatom) has become transparent with the Illusion Mimicry (Lynel) and is hiding his magic power with the Secret Magic Power (Nazira).

 It was Celis.

"You have corrupted the God of Destruction and turned him into a castle?

 He cut him off.

"Kid. What did you talk to the Creator about?

Hmm. It's always like this guy who walks in here and starts talking about things he doesn't know he wants, isn't it? Nothing has changed since I was a kid.

 Anos clearly turned his magical eyes on him, who hid himself with .

"It seems that the Magic King Bomiras was killed by someone, was that you?

You don't have to answer.

 Cerys said curtly.

'Ghosts. Is this the 17th time you've come to see me?

What about it?

I'm starting to get a handle on who you are. Why you have become a ghost. I had no idea when I first met you, but now I can read some of your thoughts.

 Ceris silently looks back into Anos' eyes.

'The world is going to change,'

 After a few seconds of staring at each other, Cerys said.

'It will not change. It has always been the same. Henceforth, ghosts are born. We will always roam the streets of Dirheid.

Then I will destroy you.

 Meaningfully, Anos says, "I will destroy the ghosts and change the world.

I'll destroy the ghosts and change this desolate world. I'll destroy the ghosts and change this world, so that no such fool will ever be born again.

 He quickly points to Cerys' face.

"I'm going to destroy you.

Kid. You think you're capable of such a feat?

'It is only in your power to think that this is a big deal. Hasn't the world been the same all this time? Of course. I've never been in the world before, you know.

 There is a difference between the world I am in and the world I am not in.
 With an arrogant pride, Anos declared that.

 The two of them also exchanged sparks of gaze, as if they were clashing their intentions.
 They stared at each other for a long, long time, and if you watched from the edge, it was almost as if time had stopped.


 Potentially, Ceris muttered.
 Anos loosened his steely gaze and looked at him as if to ask a question.

'You are a descendant of the Voldigord. My mother's name was Luna Voldigord.'

 Curious, the Demon King peeked out a slight smile.

''I haven't ruled Dillhade yet, you know.

I only revealed half of what I know.

 Anos, the Demon King, ruled half of Dillhade in his territory.
 Hence, of the names of his parents, he revealed only his mother. That's what he wanted to say.

''If you become the ruler of Dirheid, I will tell you the other half.

 Ceris drew a magic circle of
What can I do for you?

I thought I'd warn the fool, but he's even more foolish than I thought. It's too late for any such advice.

 Ceris' figure disappears.
 Anos followed his magic traces and sent his magic eye flying.

 It was the forest of demon trees behind the Delzogade Demon King's Castle.
 's magic circle seemed to have appeared, and then Celis shifted.

 When he turned his gaze, the Knights of the Phantom Name were waiting for him.
 They were Number 2 (Ed), Number 3 (Xeno), and Number 4 (Zed).

 They remained perched on tree roots and rocks when Celis appeared.

'What does the Demon King say?'

 Number two (Ed) asks.

'They say he will destroy the ghosts and change the world.

 They laughed at that.

'If you can, I'd like you to try it,'

 Sanban (Zeno) says.

'Ghosts are just that, ghosts. They don't change.

 Yes, followed by number four (Zed).

'There are three of you left?

 They nod.

"Let's go. It's the biggest game we've ever had. Demons and humans alike, we are all out for blood. Let's show that spoiled little boy that it's providence.

 Slowly, the three members of the Knights of the Phantom Name stood up.
 With Celis in the lead, they left the Demon Tree Forest.